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President Trump Says COVID-19 is ‘Well Contained’ Among WH Staff Before Abruptly Leaving Press Conference as Study Indicates that an Enzyme Makes Men More Vulnerable to the Virus

In a press conference today, President Trump addressed questions from reporters regarding the fact that three of the top officials of the Coronavirus response have decided to self-quarantine after coming into contact with a member of Vice-President Pence’s staff that...

Scientists Dispute Claim COVID-19 Mutation Made It More Contagious as White House Coronavirus Task Force Will Be Phased Out and Cases Spike in India After Restrictions are Loosened

In the past few days, there was a study released, that hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, but claims that a mutation of COVID-19 created a new strain that seems to be more contagious and, possibly, more deadly. This mutation first appeared in Europe in February and...