About Us

Ashley is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and 13 years of nursing experience. Most of this time has been spent in the Emergency Room.

It is thanks to this experience that Ashley was able to see first hand the importance of speaking to patients in a manner that is understandable and reassuring. When someone comes to the hospital, particularly the ER, it is a very scary time and can be stressful/difficult to understand everything that is happening.

This is why it has always been Ashley’s goal to ensure that patients and their families know vital information using words that they understand. This is can be critical when an emergency is taking place.

Ashley realized that this was not just a problem related to the ER, but to healthcare in general. So, in order to ensure that all patients understand important medical information not only in times of an emergency but everyday health issues, she decided to use her professional knowledge and breakdown the information that everyone should know into an easy to understand format.​