Health News April 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Goodbye, ketchup: 5 healthy condiments you’ve probably never tried –  The Washington Post 4/28/16

Do children in France have a healthier relationship with alcohol? – The New York Times 4/28/16

Clues to a family’s heart disease –  The Wall Street Journal 4/25/16

​Avoiding peanuts to avoid an allergy is a bad strategy for most – The New York Times 4/25/16

Maintaining fitness–not resting–maybe key to recovering from an injury – The Washington Post 4/25/16

​U.S. suicide rates surge to a 30-year high – The New York Times 4/22/16

Loneliness may be bad for your heart – The New York Times 4/19/16

Crawling experience helps infant gauge drop-offs –  The Wall Street Journal 4/18/16

​From sleep to sushi: guidance for confused parents – The New York Times 4/15/16

Simple dental treatments may reverse decay – The Wall Street Journal 4/11/16

​People who avoided illness could be key in treating those who didn’t – The New York Times 4/11/16

Are there health benefits to being overweight? – The Wall Street Journal 4/10/16

Should all teens be screened for depression? – The Wall Street Journal 4/10/16

​The female Viagra, undone by a drug maker’s dysfunction – The New York Times 4/9/16

​Flu shot during pregnancy may reduce risk of stillbirths – The New York Times 4/7/16

Are those popular meal-kit delivery services actually good for you? –  The Washington Post 4/6/16

New Ebola case confirmed in Liberia; Guinea tries a vaccine – The New York Times 4/1/16