Health News August 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

U.S. Funding for Fighting Zika Virus Is Nearly Spent, C.D.C. Says – The New York Times 8/31/16

Study Finds Increase in Temporary Paralysis Accompanied Zika Outbreaks – The New York Times 8/31/16

How 12 Epipens saved my life – The New York Times 8/30/16

In reaction to Zika outbreak, echos of Polio – The New York Times 8/29/16

Playing with a concussion doubles recovery time – The New York  Times 8/29/16

The decline of tube feeding for Dementia patients – The New York Times 8/29/16

FDA: All U.S. blood donations should get Zika screening – The Chicago Tribune 8/26/16

A guide to help pregnant women reduce their Zika risk – The New York Times 8/26/16

‘Healthy’ sweeteners, protein-powerhouse quinoa and other nutrition myths… – The Washington Post 8/25/16

​Can a short, high-intensity workout replace your longer, more moderate routine? – The Washington Post 8/23/16

​Genetic studies’ lack of diversity may lead to misdiagnosis, researchers say – The Wall Street Journal 8/17/16

Death by medical error: adding context to scary headlines –  The New York Times 8/15/16

Extreme heat isn’t necessary for heatstroke, as this athlete’s harrowing story… – The Washington Post 8/13/16

The anger of cancer – The New York Times 8/11/16

The power of fantasy in a relationship – The Wall Street Journal 8/8/16

The merits of reading real books to your children –  The New York Times 8/8/16

Coming soon to a doctor’s office near you: prescription for vegetables – The Washington Post 8/4/16

Weight has a greater impact on Diabetes than Heart Disease – The New York Times 8/4/16

Scientists get closer to harnessing the health benefits of red wine – The Wall Street Journal 8/1/16