Health News August 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Why You Should Write More Thank You Notes – TIME 8/31/18

Cluster of HIV cases in North Seattle prompt concern of potential outbreak – Fox News 8/31/18

Hospital outbreak linked to eye exam killed newborn, family’s lawsuit claims – Fox News 8/31/18

10% of US children diagnosed with ADHD, study finds – CNN 8/31/18

He lived in a crack house. Now he’s guiding people out of addiction, with meditation – CNN 8/31/18

Back pain in children: Warning signs to watch out for – Miami Herald 8/31/18

Storytelling connects children with history, families and each other – Miami Herald 8/31/18

A recalled weight machine has paralyzed at least one person and broken a spine – Miami Herald 8/31/18

A Debate Over ‘Rational Suicide’ – The New York Times 8/31/18

From 0 to 10 Million: Vaping Takes Off in the U.S. – The New York Times 8/31/18

Got Milk? Or Was That Really a Plant Beverage? – The New York Times 8/31/18

You’ll Never Guess Which Company Is Reinventing Health Benefits – The New York Times 8/31/18

When Is a Baby Fully Protected by Vaccines? – The New York Times 8/31/18

How Modern Medicine Has Changed the Supreme Court – The New York Times 8/31/18

Too Many Chinese Children Need Glasses. Beijing Blames Video Games. – The New York Times 8/31/18

Washington bans shellfish harvesting after high levels of toxins found – Fox News 8/30/18

Last remaining heart transplant doctor leaves Oregon hospital – Fox News 8/30/18

Pennsylvania woman says contact lens caused rare infection that led to ‘stabbing’ pain, possible blindness – Fox News 8/30/18

Nearly 1,400 NYCHA kids tested positive for lead – Fox News 8/30/18

11 sickened, 1 dead in New Hampshire Legionnaires’ outbreak – Fox News 8/30/18

Former California college student charged after pretending to be doctor, diagnosing man, officials say – Fox News 8/30/18

FDA warns of serious genital infection linked to certain diabetes drugs – Fox News 8/30/18

South Carolina student hospitalized with meningitis – Fox News 8/30/18

Delaware reports first rabies death since 1941 – Fox News 8/30/18

Mom’s prenatal opioids may stunt kids’ learning, study finds – Fox News 8/30/18

What makes chocolate chip cookies so addictive? – CNN 8/30/18

FDA investigation into heart drug valsartan may lead to more recalls – CNN 8/30/18

Technology is changing the way you see a doctor, but is that good for your health? – CNN 8/30/18

Pediatricians drop age limit for rear-facing car seats – CNN 8/30/18

Publix recalls ground chuck products after 18 people get sick – CNN 8/30/18

South Korea bans coffee in schools — even among teachers – CNN 8/30/18

Rule change tries to cool players in ‘nightmare’ heat at US Open – CNN 8/30/18

FDA issues warning about food prepared with liquid nitrogen – CNN 8/30/18

FDA: Do not use hundreds of drug products from King Bio Inc. – CNN 8/30/18

Detroit schools shut off drinking water over lead and copper concerns – CNN 8/30/18

The dangers of eating raw fish – CNN 8/30/18

6 easy ways to lose weight — when you love carbs – Los Angeles Times 8/30/18

For nursing home residents with breast cancer, surgery actually may hasten death – Los Angeles Times 8/30/18

Doctors reckon with high rate of suicide in their ranks – Chicago Tribune 8/30/18

Chicago, surburban libraries brace for the question: Can I print out a 3D gun? – Chicago Tribune 8/30/18

New wrinkle in heart health: Furrowed brow may bode ill – Chicago Tribune 8/30/18

Know what to say when postpartum depression hits a loved one – Chicago Tribune 8/30/18

Crispr Used to Repair Gene Mutation in Dogs With Muscular Dystrophy – The Wall Street Journal 8/30/18

A Fertility Doctor Used His Sperm on Unwitting Women. Their Children Want Answers. – The New York Times 8/30/18

England Proposes Ban on Selling Energy Drinks to Children – The New York Times 8/30/18

Climate change could render many of Earth’s ecosystems unrecognizable – The Washington Post 8/30/18

A High Blood Pressure Medication Is Being Recalled After a Potentially ‘Life-Threatening’ Labeling Mistake – TIME 8/29/18

Is Hypnosis Real? Here’s What Science Says – TIME 8/29/18

Why STD Rates Are Higher Than They’ve Ever Been – TIME 8/29/18

1 in 20 American Adults Are Using E-Cigarettes, New Study Finds – TIME 8/29/18

Ketamine May Ease Depression By Acting Like an Opioid, Study Suggests – TIME 8/29/18

Texas nurse fired after allegedly posting about toddler’s measles diagnosis on anti-vax page – Fox News 8/29/18

Man loses left arm after contracting flesh-eating bacteria infection from sushi – Fox News 8/29/18

British mom dies after ‘Brazilian butt lift’ procedure in Turkey, reports say – Fox News 8/29/18

Botched procedure by woman accused of posing as dentist allegedly sent patient to hospital – Fox News 8/29/18

Cargill recalls 25,000 pounds of possibly contaminated beef – Fox News 8/29/18

West Nile virus victim’s family calls for more mosquito control – Fox News 8/29/18

Slow down and live long with the ancient practice of qigong – CNN 8/29/18

Study will pay people to eat avocados every single day for 6 months – CNN 8/29/18

Mom charged after drugs in breast milk killed baby, prosecutors say – CNN 8/29/18

‘Fake meat’ is at the center of food fight in Missouri – CNN 8/29/18

Guards, inmates, and nurses were overcome by an unknown substance at an Ohio prison, officials say – CNN 8/29/18

Kosher chicken linked to deadly salmonella outbreak – CNN 8/29/18

Why butt lifts can be so dangerous – CNN 8/29/18

9-year-old died by suicide after he was bullied, mom says – CNN 8/29/18

Why extracurriculars make parents miserable – CNN 8/29/18

Trump’s Supreme Court pick signals skepticism over GOP’s latest bid to repeal Obamacare – Los Angeles Times 8/29/18

Gonorrhea could soon become resistant to antibiotic treatment – Chicago Tribune 8/29/18

Suicide by opioid: New research suggests overdoses should be classified as self-harm. – Chicago Tribune 8/29/18

Is Getting ‘Hangry’ Actually a Thing? – The Wall Street Journal 8/29/18

Scotland to Provide Free Sanitary Products to Students – The New York Times 8/29/18

Posters Suggesting That Women Can Drink While Pregnant Stir Backlash – The New York Times 8/29/18

Putting Their Eggs, and Hopes, on Ice – The New York Times 8/29/18

A Little-Known Windfall for Some Hospitals, Now Facing Big Cuts – The New York Times 8/29/18

Exercise Now, Sit in Front of the TV Later – The New York Times 8/29/18

Pollution May Dim Thinking Skills, Study in China Suggests – The New York Times 8/29/18

FDA pushes for development of non-opioid pain medications – The Washington Post 8/29/18

Could increased antidepressant use be contributing to the global obesity problem? -The Washington Post 8/29/18

California mom bitten by ‘kissing bug’ warns others about danger of ‘silent killer’ parasitc disease – Fox News 8/28/18

Long Beach Fire Department investigating after several members treated for overdose at wedding, report says – Fox News 8/28/18

Parents of baby misdiagnosed with terminal braian condition in utero left fate ‘in God’s hands’ – Fox News 8/28/18

Girl, 2, left partially paralyzed after freak accident with drinking glass – Fox News 8/28/18

How a hangover affects your brain the next day – Fox News 8/28/18

She expected to die young. Then came the call that offered new life – CNN 8/28/18

Bubble gum-flavored children’s Advil recalled – CNN 8/28/18

Rates of three STDs in US reach record high, CDC says – CNN 8/28/18

12 Mississippi inmates die in custody this month – CNN 8/28/18

Recall of heart drug valsartan continues to expand – CNN 8/28/18

Gun-related homicides, suicides kill more people than war, study says – CNN 8/28/18

In some countries, the odds of getting shot are 1 in a million. In the U.S., it’s 100 times higher – Los Angeles Times 8/28/18

‘Survival of the laziest’: Finally, a scientific reason to stay on the couch – Chicago Tribune 8/28/18

Eating before early workout helps burn carbs – Chicago Tribune 8/28/18

S.T.D. Diagnoses Reach Record 2.3 Million New Cases in U.S. – The New York Times 8/28/18

Inside a Neonatal Clinic in South Sudan: ‘In Some Ways, It Felt Wrong to Be Here’ – The New York Times 8/28/18

Study Causes Splash, but Here’s Why You Should Stay Calm on Alcohol’s Risks – The New York Times 8/28/18

Florida’s unusually long red tide is killing wildlife, tourism and businesses – The Washington Post 8/28/18

There’s not enough evidence that mushroom tea is magic – The Washington Post 8/28/18

John McCain Hated the Affordable Care Act. He Also Saved It – TIME 8/27/18

Why Getting Back Together With Your Ex May Be Bad for Your Health – TIME 8/27/18

North Dakota woman dies from hantavirus after possible contact with rodent droppings – Fox News 8/27/18

Scientists discover a sixth species of Ebola virus — in bats – Fox News 8/27/18

Girl, 4, needs surgery after trampoline park accident, parents say – Fox News 8/27/18

Can using weed killer give you cancer? – Fox News 8/27/18

Cancer survivor left crippled by treatment undergoes life-saving surgery – Fox News 8/27/18

‘Conversion therapy’ hits the big screen while laws play out in states – CNN 8/27/18

Marijuana study finds THC in breast milk up to 6 days after mom’s use – CNN 8/27/18

Congo Ebola outbreak: Two recover after experimental treatment; cases top 110 – CNN 8/27/18

In assisted living, a smiple culprit for hearing issues and vertigo: Earwax – CNN 8/27/18

Has gun violence become a public-health epidemic? – Miami Herald 8/27/18

Hospitals battle for control over fast-growing heart valve procedure – Chicago Tribune 8/27/18

Eyes could be window to predicting Alzheimer’s – Chicago Tribune 8/27/18

New pot study raises concerns about smoking marijuana while breastfeeding – Chicago Tribune 8/27/18

Did Juul Lure Teenagers and Get ‘Customers for Life’? – The New York Times 8/27/18

China Has Withheld Samples of a Dangerous Flu Virus – The New York Times 8/27/18

The Heartbreakers at Chain Restaurants – The New York Times 8/27/18

How to Tame Health Care Spending? Here’s a One-Percent Solution – The New York Times 8/27/18

Women Struggling to Get Pregnant Turn to Fertility Apps – The New York Times 8/27/18

The Dark Side of the Male Fitness Internet – The New York Times 8/27/18

The sweet truth about coconut and date sugar — there are some benefits – The Washington Post 8/27/18

Eye twitches are usually harmless, but here’s what you can do about them – The Washington Post 8/27/18

High school football player collapses during Mississippi game, then dies – Fox News 8/26/18

Gliobastoma, which killed McCain, is ‘complex’ and ‘aggressive’ disease, brain tumor group says – Fox News 8/26/18

They pledge. Get hazed. The cycle continues – CNN 8/25/18

At America’s toughest kayak race, goin’ with the rapid flow – CNN 8/25/18

Turns out your kitchen (not the bathroom!) is the grossest place in the house – Los Angeles Times 8/25/18

Noise causes stresss. Here’s why you need to seek out some silence – Los Angeles Times 8/25/18

The Scan That Save My Life – The Wall Street Journal 8/25/18

A College President’s Spin on Fitness – The Wall Street Journal 8/25/18

England to Allow Women to Take Early Abortion Pill at Home – The New York Times 8/25/18

Blood-sucking ‘kissing bugs’ spreading dangerous parasitic disease in US, health officials warn – Fox News 8/24/18

Will baby poop bacteria become the new probiotic? – Fox News 8/24/18

Woman claims sucking balloon air left her paralyzed – Fox News 8/24/18

Boy with autism will likely get to keep therapy ducks, report says – Fox News 8/24/18

Former inmate blinded in prison settles for $2.6M plus cash for house – Fox News 8/24/18

How an unsolved murder mystery changed our pill bottles – CNN 8/24/18

Under cover of goodness: How pillars of the community can prey on kids – CNN 8/24/18

To stop treatment in the face of death, families should talk with loved ones early – CNN 8/24/18

Study, work, retire? How to prepare for a 100-year-life – CNN 8/24/18

How glioblastoma is treated – CNN 8/24/18

Scientists blast EPA effort that would discredit health research in the name of ‘transparency’ – Los Angeles Times 8/24/18

Young-onset Parkinson’s patients defy stereotypes – Chicago Tribune 8/24/18

Nasal spray flu vaccine gets green light from CDC this year – Chicago Tribune 8/24/18

Big Tobacco’s Global Reach on Social Media – The New York Times 8/24/18

Russian Trolls Used Vaccine Debate to Sow Discord, Study Finds – The New York Times 8/24/18

A Leader in the War on Poverty Opens a New Front: Pollution – The New York Times 8/24/18

Heart Risks Tied to Parkinson’s Disease – The New York Times 8/24/18

Do Collagen Supplements Help Skin, Hair Nails and Joints? – The New York Times 8/24/18

Measles Is Returning to a Range of Places — But Not for the Same Reasons – TIME 8/23/18

More Teenagers Than Ever Are Getting the HPV Vaccine, CDC Says – TIME 8/23/18

People Are Now Taking Placebo Pills to Deal With Their Health Problems — And It’s Working – TIME 8/23/18

Texas middle school football player, 13, dies after medical emergency during practice – Fox News 8/23/18

Texas mom spreads warning after toddler dies napping in car seat – Fox News 8/23/18

‘American Ninja Warrior’ athlete with Parkinson’s turns obstacles into relief – Fox News 8/23/18

Family sickened from eating wild ‘vomiter’ mushrooms – Fox News 8/23/18

Dad wrongly diagnosed with terminal cancer sues doctors – Fox News 8/23/18

States with most serious cases of West Nile virus this year – Fox News 8/23/18

Texas man bitten by shark has flesh-eating bacteria related to attack – Fox News 8/23/18

More than 500 sick from outbreak linked to McDonald’s salads – CNN 8/23/18

From ‘screw you’ Aetna to Sweet 16, teen celebrates her surgery — and new life – CNN 8/23/18

Why Russian trolls stoked US vaccine debates – CNN 8/23/18

First case of deadly MERS virus in five years diagnosed in England – CNN 8/23/18

“Breast Is Best”: local moms & healthcare providers share paths to breastfeeding – Miami Herald 8/23/18

Teens are anxious and depressed, and turning to the school nurse for help. But most Illinois schools don’t have one. – Chicago Tribune 8/23/18

Salads, fruit and cereal have sickened diners this year. This lab is on the front lines of the fight against food poisoning. – Chicago Tribune 8/23/18

Children, teens should not be on a paleo or gluten-free diet – Chicago Tribune 8/23/18

Purveyors of Juice-Box Style, Nicotine-Filled E-Liquids Quit Seling the Products – The New York Times 8/23/18

When Your Heart Fails You – The New York Times 8/23/18

E-Cigarettes May Raise Risk for Heart Attack – The New York Times 8/23/18

The Camaraderie of the Long-Distance Relay Runner – The New York Times 8/23/18

Talking Sex With Dad (in the Ford Taurus) – The New York Times 8/23/18

Want to be healthier? Pick up the pace of your walk. – The Washington Post 8/23/18

Here’s why rural independent pharmacies are closing their doors – The Washington Post 8/23/18

HPV-realted cancer rates are rising. So are vaccine rates — just not fast enough. – The Washington Post 8/23/18

‘His Entire Body Was Shutting Down.’ New State Rankings Show Gaps in High School Athlete Safety – TIME 8/22/18

Is Guacamole Healthy? Here’s What the Experts Say – TIME 8/22/18

More Than Half of Teens Think They Spend Too Much Time on Their Phones – TIME 8/22/18

This Is the Age When Your Self-Esteem Is Highest – TIME 8/22/18

Family sues Dum Dum lollipop maker over son’s alleged choking incident – Fox News 8/22/18

VA wrongly denied benefits for victims of military sexual trauma: report – Fox News 8/22/18

Man who severed hand in meat grinder won’t have it reattached, wife says – Fox News 8/22/18

Constipated man nearly died after feces-filled bowel burst – Fox News 8/22/18

Gut bacteria enzyme can transform a blood cell’s type – Fox News 8/22/18

Toxin at heart of drug recall shows holes in medical safety net – Fox News 8/22/18

She took a self-defense class for blind women; now she’s a judo champion – CNN 8/22/18

To avoid extinction it’s about ‘survival of the laziet,’ study suggests – CNN 8/22/18

At what age do kids start smoking cigarettes? – CNN 8/22/18

Vitamin D: Deficiency, food sources and what you need to know – CNN 8/22/18

Company recalls 32 children’s medicines after finding a “microbial contamination” – Miami Herald 8/22/18

‘We are the invisible cancer generation’: Young people with cancer face extra hurdles – Chicago Tribune 8/22/18

Immunotherapy Drugs Slow Skin Cancer That Has Spread to the Brain – The New York Times 8/22/18

How You Felt About Gym Class May Impact Your Exercise Habits Today – The New York Times 8/22/18

Frequent Home Moves May Increase a Child’s Risk of Psychosis – The New York Times 8/22/18

Air Pollution Is Shortening Your Life. Here’s How Much. – The New York Times 8/22/18

Take a Look at These Unusual Strategies for Fighting Dementia – The New York Times 8/22/18

Tracking Cancer and Ancestry, With Mysteries in Each – The New York Times 8/22/18

Children and teens should not be on a paleo or gluten-free diet. Here’s why. – The Washington Post 8/22/18

Has Medicaid expansion helped or hurt the program? Depends which of these Republicans you ask – The Washington Post 8/22/18

How a Healthy Heart Can Help Lower Risk of Dementia – TIME 8/21/18

Georgia dad’s touching dance with 2-year-old daughter battling cancer goes viral – Fox News 8/21/18

Consumer baby monitors may get vital signs wrong – Fox News 8/21/18

Pregnant women turning to pot for morning sickness, study finds – Fox News 8/21/18

Many doctors skip meningococcal vaccine talks with teens – Fox News 8/21/18

Their dad killed himself on the farm where he was born. They hope his story will save others – CNN 8/21/18

New cervical cancer screening recommendations include more options – CNN 8/21/18

Students learn lifesaving techniques once reserved for military – CNN 8/21/18

When students were bullied because of dirty clothes, a principal installed a free laundromat at school – CNN 8/21/18

Rookie vegetarianism and the junk food trap – CNN 8/21/18

Some EpiPen expiration dates get extended on heels of shortage – CNN 8/21/18

The more you do to promote your cardiovascular health, the lower your risk of dementia – Los Angeles Times 8/21/18

It’s come to this: Your kid’s pediatrician visit may soon include a prescription for play – Chicago Tribune 8/21/18

What Does Knee Surgery Cost? Few Know, and That’s a Problem – The Wall Street Journal 8/21/18

The Healthier Your Heart, the Healthier Your Brain May Be – The New York Times 8/21/18

Cost of New E.P.A. Coal Rules: Up to 1,400 More Deaths a Year – The New York Times 8/21/18

Honeybees Are Hurting. What Else Can Pollinate Our Food? – The New York Times 8/21/18

Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for You? – The New York Times 8/21/18

If Food Is Medicine, These Are the Labs – The New York Times 8/21/18

You’re Getting Very Sleepy. (So Is Everyone Else.) – The New York Times 8/21/18

This Republican congressman released an ad touting his vote against Obamacare repeal. Yes, against. – The Washington Post 8/21/18

Want to live a longer life? Research says you should do these five things. – The Washington Post 8/21/18

A Third of Teenagers Don’t Read Books for Pleasure Anymore – TIME 8/20/18

‘Fire challenge’ leaves Michigan girl, 12, with severe burns over half her body – Fox News 8/20/18

Police officer praised for breastfeeding malnourished baby while on duty at hospital – Fox News 8/20/18

86-year-old drag racer Chris Karamesines sets NHRA record with 305 mph run – Fox News 8/20/18

Dying boy asks for racing stickers to cover casket – Fox News 8/20/18

Paralyzed veteran on 1,500-mile handcycling journey to raise awareness on mental health – Fox News 8/20/18

Family of girl declared tumor-free after kiss from pope donates $50G to Philadelphia hospital – Fox News 8/20/18

What is hand, foot and mouth disease? – Fox News 8/20/18

Iron lung keeping woman alive for decades now one of last remaining in US – Fox News 8/20/18

Boca Raton issues rabies alert after bat tests positive – Fox News 8/20/18

Trump’s coal emissions rollbacks will be bad for country’s health, experts say – CNN 8/20/18

Lockdown curtains and drill bags. Preparing for school shootings is now just another part of a teacher’s day. – CNN 8/20/18

A photographic treatment for people with dementia – CNN 8/20/18

Measles cases reach record high in Europe – CNN 8/20/18

A few easy ways to ease your child’s separation anxiety – Miami Herald 8/20/18

Kids don’t live in a bubble, so give them honest advice about drugs and alcohol – Miami Herald 8/20/18

A rare genetic aversion to sweets could be key to fighting obesity – Chicago Tribune 8/20/18

‘GoFundMe felt demeaning,’ but Illinoisans are turning to it as a health care lifeline – Chicago Tribune 8/20/18

Indiana woman had a loud, nonstop clicking — sometimes crunching — noise in her head that doctors couldn’t quiet – Chicago Tribune 8/20/18

The Exercise That Helps Mental Health Most – The Wall Street Journal 8/20/18

The Secret to Keeping Black Men Healthy? Maybe Black Doctors – The New York Times 8/20/18

What Twins Can Teach Us About Nature vs. Nurture – The New York Times 8/20/18

Let Kids Play – The New York Times 8/20/18

This Drug Is Safe and Effective. Wait. Compared With What? – The New York Times 8/20/18

A Chinese Pharmacist Found Out He Had Cancer. Then He Vanished. – The New York Times 8/20/18

Your Spit Might Help You Learn to Eat Your Greens – The New York Times 8/20/18

I come to the gym for a workout. Please stop telling me to smile. – The Washington Post 8/20/18

Colorado boy, 4, battling stage-four cancer, celebrates end of chemo as honorary police officer – Fox News 8/19/18

Baby boom ahead? Arizona hospital has 16 pregnant nurses – Fox News 8/19/18

Tackle this: NFL players benefit from regular yoga practice – Fox News 8/19/18

Colombians urged to stop having sex because it’s too damn hot – Fox News 8/19/18

Before You Flush Your Contact Lenses, You Might Want to Know This – The New York Times 8/19/18

What is K2? – CNN 8/18/18

It took 4 years, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots to make this baby – CNN 8/18/18

Synthetic pot seen as a public health danger – Chicago Tribune 8/18/18

This Training Tweak Keeps Him Running at 70 – The Wall Street Journal 8/18/18

This E.R. Treats Opioid Addiction on Demand. That’s Very Rare. – The New York Times 8/18/18

In San Francisco, Opioid Addiction Treatment Offered on the Streets – The New York Times 8/18/18

Lead may be making Newark’s water poisonous – Fox News 8/17/18

Doctor wrongly removed kidney during botched procedure, lawsuit claims – Fox News 8/17/18

Popular baby foods contain ‘worrisome levels’ of heavy metals, study finds – Fox News 8/17/18

Proponents of pot-infused coffee tout ‘medical and health’ benefits – Fox News 8/17/18

DEAFinitely Dope: Handing rap music to the deaf – CNN 8/17/18

Congo Ebola outbreak: 78 cases, 44 deaths, 10 health workers infected – CNN 8/17/18

Why does alcohol give you the munchies? – CNN 8/17/18

Low and high carb diets increase risk of early death, study finds – CNN 8/17/18

Record overdose deaths in U.S. shows danger of fentanyl, other synthetic drugs – Chicago Tribune 8/17/18

A Retirement Community Turned Away These Married Women – The New York Times 8/17/18

For Babies, Solid Food at 3 Months May Lead to Sounder Sleep – The New York Times 8/17/18

How Do You Die From Leukemia? – The New York Times 8/17/18

How to Use Dating Apps Without Hurting Your Mental Health, According to Experts – TIME 8/16/18

Eating This Many Carbs Is Linked to a Longer Life – TIME 8/16/18

Girl with rare condition gets wish to swim with mermaids – Fox News 8/16/18

Chipotle illnesses linked to unsafe food storage temperatures – Fox News 8/16/18

Autism risk may increase if child’s mother has high DDT exposure, study finds – Fox News 8/16/18

‘What did we do?’ Families anxious about chemicals found in tap water – CNN 8/16/18

FDA warns of pet owners using animals to get opioids – CNN 8/16/18

Clearer skin, fewer vitamins: How a vegan diet can change your body – CNN 8/16/18

Why pancreatic cancer is so deadly – CNN 8/16/18

Life expectancy drops in the US and the UK, rises in Australia, a new study finds – CNN 8/16/18

Florida’s toxic algae problem and your health: ‘Red tide’ and ‘green slime’ – CNN 8/16/18

Measles outbreak affects 21-states, including Illinois, CDC says – Chicago Tribune 8/16/18

Smokers are better off quitting, even with weight gain, study says – Chicago Tribune 8/16/18

Heart monitoring a must for breast cancer patients on Herceptin – Chicago Tribune 8/16/18

How Karate Helped an Aging Expert Age Better – The New York Times 8/16/18

FDA approves first generic version of EpiPen – The Washington Post 8/16/18

Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says – The Washington Post 8/16/18

Senators to grill HHS official on agency’s alleged failures to keep tabs on unaccompanied migrant kids – The Washington Post 8/16/18

How People With Type 2 Diabetes Can Lower Their Risk of Health Problems – TIME 8/15/18

Can an App Prevent Pregnancy? – TIME 8/15/18

Is Oatmeal Healthy? Here’s What the Experts Say – TIME 8/15/18

This Habit Will Make You Better At Your Job – TIME 8/15/18

Death from a dog lick? Veterinarian explains rare infection triggered by pets’ saliva – Fox News 8/15/18

Teen football player dies after complaining of headache – Fox News 8/15/18

Virginia girl’s love of dolls helps save baby when aunt unexpectedly gives birth in bathroom – Fox News 8/15/18

Artist says parasitic worm in eye ‘guided’ his work – Fox News 8/15/18

E-cigarette vapor tied to changes in lung cells – Fox News 8/15/18

Thyroid medications recalled due to risk of impurities – CNN 8/15/18

When insurance wouldn’t pay, parents funded cancer patient’s $95,000 lifesaving treatment – CNN 8/15/18

Violent crime is like infectious disease — and we know how to stop it spreading – CNN 8/15/18

How to design a school in the era of mass shootings – CNN 8/15/18

Over 20 people overdosed in one New Haven park today – CNN 8/15/18

A contact lens was embedded in woman’s eyelid for 28 years – CNN 8/15/18

Unsafe levels of a weed killer chemical in oat products, report says – CNN 8/15/18

How to build a better butt – CNN 8/15/18

Advocates: We need to do better teaching our kids about sex – Miami Herald 8/15/18

Exercise can help those with depression — to a point – Chicago Tribune 8/15/18

What’s the Remedy for Car Sickness? – The Wall Street Journal 8/15/18

Report Finds Traces of a Controversial Herbicide in Cheerios and Quaker Oats – The New York Times 8/15/18

Any Weight Loss Can Be Healthful, but More Can Be Much Better – The New York Times 8/15/18

Why Sitting May Be Bad for Your Brain – The New York Times 8/15/18

For Online Daters, Women Peak at 18 While Men Peak at 50, Study Finds. Oy. – The New York Times 8/15/18

Overdose Deaths Reached a Record Level of 72,000 in 2017, New Estimates Show – The New York Times 8/15/18

Singing With My Grandbaby – The New York Times 8/15/18

Senate Democrats stay focused on health care even during short August recess – The Washington Post 8/15/18

How to eat mindfully in the real world — and that doesn’t mean distraction-free – The Washington Post 8/15/18

Georgia teacher donates kidney to 12-year-old student – Fox News 8/14/18

Mosquito bite sends North Carolina boy, 6, to ICU – Fox News 8/14/18

Teen baseball star paralyzed in diving accident – Fox News 8/14/18

Historic face transplant give suicide survivor a ‘second chance’ – CNN 8/14/18

Can ‘detox teas’ like Teami help you lose weight? – CNN 8/14/18

41 deaths from Ebola in Congo; health officials ‘worried’ – CNN 8/14/18

Typical kid behavior or a mental-health problem? It can be hard to decide. – Chicago Tribune 8/14/18

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