Health News August 2019

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Why European Restaurants Are Much More Vigilant About Food Allergies – NPR

When Temperatures Rise, So Do Health Problems – NPR

Addiction Clinics Market Unproven Infusion Treatments to Desparate Patients – NPR

Do You Need All Those Meds? How To Talk to Your Doctor About Cutting Back – NPR

Fresh Starts, Guilty Pleasures And Other Pro Tips For Sticking To Good Habits – NPR

Pain Rescue Team Helps Seriously Ill Kids Cope In Terrible Times – NPR

How The CDC’s Reluctance To Use The ‘F-Word’ — Firearms — Hinders Suicide Prevention – NPR

Alcohol Producers Tout Wellness Benefits. Health Experts Say Don’t Swallow Claims – NPR

Bringing Together Young and Old To Ease The Isolation Of Rural Life – NPR

Confused About Sunscreen Ingredients? Here’s What We’ve Learned – NPR

Sesame Allergies Are Likely More Widespread Than Previously Thought – NPR

Irritating Compounds Can Show Up in ‘Vape Juice’ – NPR

Yet Another Health Problem Linked to Air Pollution: Eye Disease – TIME

Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Safe? A New Study Reignites a Long-Standing Debate – TIME

How to Avoid Vehicle Pollution When You’re Stuck in Traffic – TIME

Why Parents Are Turning to a Controversial Treatment for Food Allergies – TIME

Social Media Hurts Girls More Than Boys – TIME

There Could Be a Chlamydia Vaccine In the Coming Years, A Promising New Study Suggests – TIME

How Exercise Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s by Changing Your Brain – TIME

Why Drinking Water All Day Long Is Not the Best Way to Stay Hydrated – TIME

The Best Sports and Exercises to Avoid Injury – TIME

CRISPR Gene Editing Is Being Tested in Human Patients, and the Results Could Revolutionize Health Care – TIME

Politicians Keep Blaming Mass Shootings on Mental Health Issues. Doctors Say They’re Wrong – TIME

‘They Need to See the Families.’ Loved Oness of Overdose Victims Rally at Purdue Pharma Hearing – TIME

Is Sugar as Bad for Kids as It Is for Adults? – TIME

Red wine is good for gut health, study finds – Fox News

Your tattoo is leaking metal into your lymph nodes, study claims – Fox News

Contigo recalls kids water bottles over potential choking hazard; 5.7 million products affected – Fox News

Cuddle therapy latest in self-care, but does it work? – Fox News

Signs you may be infertile, and what you can do about it – Fox News

Drug-resistant salmonella linked to soft cheese, beef sickens hundreds: CDC – Fox News

Blood test can predict if you’ll die in the next 10 years, researchers claim – Fox News

AI may detect AFib in just 10 seconds – Fox News

Cat allergy vaccine in the works could be game-changer for pet lovers – Fox News

Drug-resistant superbug ‘highly adapted’ to spread in hospitals, contaminate food, study finds – Fox News

New procedure that postpones menopause could also lead to longer fertility – Fox News

‘Vaginal steaming’ leaves woman with second-degree burn: report – Fox News

Dole recalls baby spinach over salmonella concerns – Fox News

San Francisco saw 150 percent spike in fentanyl-related deaths last year, report say – Fox News

Why we don’t know more about rare polio-like illness – Fox News

Upping caffeine intake could trigger migraines, study finds – Fox News

What are tonsil stones — and how do you know if you have them? – Fox News

Breast cancer risk reduced by swapping red meat for poultry, study finds – Fox News

Measles exposure at Union Station in Los Angeles confirmed: health officials – Fox News

What happens to your body when you hold your breath – Fox News

Potentially fatal mosquito-borne EEE virus detected in Delaware: state officials – Fox News

For stroke treatment, even 15 minutes can make a difference in outcome – Fox News

Ohio city’s ban on hiring smokers, vapers could be ‘slippery slope,’ some fear – Fox News

When it’s not sunburn: What to know about sun rashes – Fox News

FDA approves Keyruda as treatment for specific type of esophageal cancer – Fox News

7 myths about infertility – Fox News

Disney, Eddie Bauer brand incline infant sleepers recalled – Fox News

Mom’s herpes warning after son contracts virus, possibly putting unborn baby at risk – Fox News

The US eliminated measles in 2000. The current outbreak could change that – CNN

Pinterest searches about vaccines will surface content from public health organizations – CNN

9 tips for living with heart failure – CNN

Fast food may contribute to teen depression, study says – CNN

1 in 3 teens breathe secondhand e-cigarette vapors, new research says – CNN

Blaming mass shootings on mental illness is ‘inaccurate’ and ‘stigmatizing,’ experts say – CNN

Video games unlikely to cause real-world violence, experts say – CNN

How to spot the toxic algae that’s killing dogs in the Southeast – CNN

He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. Now, he’s seeing his wish for a safety net come true – CNN

Vaping linked to marijuana use in young people, research says – CNN

FDA investigating 127 reports of seizures, neurological symptoms related to vaping – CNN

Food will be scarce, expensive and less nutritious, climate report says – CNN

Rosacea treatments: 10 creams, lotions and salves that promise to save your skin – Los Angeles Times

Purdue Pharma could pay $10 billion to settle 2,000 opioid lawsuits – Los Angeles Times

Federal judge blocks Missouri’s 8-week abortion ban – Los Angeles Times

Santa Ana man gets 17 1/2 years for selling ‘massive amounts’ of opioids – Los Angeles Times

Johnson & Johnson helped fuel opioid crisis in Oklahoma and must pay $572 million, judge rules – Los Angeles Times

Trump is proposing to reduce the employer health insurance system to utter chaos – Los Angeles Times

Vaping and lung disease: This doctor saw the link four years ago – Los Angeles Times

Skin Camp: Where your face goes to get rejuvenated over summer vacation – Los Angeles Times

The 10 worst things Trump has done to harm your healthcare – Los Angeles Times

More women should consider BRCA test to assess breast cancer risk, new guidelines say – Los Angeles Times

Here’s what can go wrong when you shop in Mexico and Canada for cheap drugs – Los Angeles Times

A drug called buprenorphine saved me from heroin addiction. It could save millions more — if we let it – Los Angeles Times

A water workout so hard that just standing up is an accomplishment – Los Angeles Times

Decline in opioid deaths is tied to growing use of overdose-reversing drug, CDC says – Los Angeles Times

Two L.A. County residents are sick with West Nile — the county’s first cases of 2019 – Los Angeles Times

Health insurance companies are useless. Get rid of them – Los Angeles Times

Alarmed by dense wildfire smoke, Californians are snapping up home air purifiers – Los Angeles Times

Charity becomes a lifeline even for Americans with health insurance as deductibles soar – Los Angeles Times

Why we’re flocking to obstacle races and ultra marathons – Los Angeles Times

How the hospital lobby derailed legislation to protect you from surprise hospital bills – Los Angeles Times

Vested interests are already mounting dishonest attacks on ‘Medicare for all’ – Los Angeles Times

These six things can stave off weight gain, even if your genes boost your risk of obesity – Los Angeles Times

As kids return to school, don’t forget the most important school supply — vaccines – Miami Herald

Stem cell industry ‘fleecing,’ sometimes harming patients – Miami Herald

Think your child sits too much? Ways to get your child moving and make it fun – Miami Herald

Don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally splurge on a hot fudge sundae, food experts say – Miami Herald

If you have acne, it’s best to avoid oral antibiotics – Miami Herald

Comedian/TV host Jay Leno on how eay it is to prevent high cholesterol – Miami Herald

Two Miami-Dade cities support legalizing marijuana. But pot still has a long way to go – Miami Herald

Mosquito-borne illnesses growing in Florida as West Nile virus crops up in chickens – Miami Herald

Migraine headache drug recalled after company finds possible microbial contamination – Miami Herald

Cream and gel used for tattoos and hemorrhoids recalled for microbial contamination – Miami Herald

Second case of local dengue fever confirmed in Florida this year — both in Miami-Dade – Miami Herald

When you try to bounce, this trampoline might break. That’s why it’s been recalled. – Miami Herald

Drowning is the leading cause of death in young children. Water safety steps you can take – Miami Herald

Too hot? Eat a peach to hydrate. Memory issues? Eat cherries. – Miami Herald

As school nears, tame acne by avoiding these products and limiting stress – Miami Herald

Brain-eating amoeba. Flesh-eating bacteria. Climate change will raise Florida’s risks – Miami Herald

UM researcher studies genetic clues on why Alzheimer’s affects women more than men – Miami Herald

Florida just declared a public health emergency over its ballooning Hepatitis A cases – Miami Herald

Thousands of kidneys are thrown away by U.S. transplant centers every year – Chicago Tribune

Last year, 176 cases of West Nile virus were reported in Illinois. This year, there have only been 3. Here’s why. – Chicago Tribune

Among hurdles for those with opioid addictions: Getting the drug to treat it – Chicago Tribune

Caught between kids and a parent with Alzheimer’s, I found a lifeline on the playground – Chicago Tribune

Could fluoride be bad for your baby during pregancy? – Chicago Tribune

Too much napping may signal Alzheimer’s – Chicago Tribune

Depression, Alzheimer’s might be part of the same process in some aging brains: Study – Chicago Tribune

More than half of younger patients skip or quit blood pressure meds – Chicago Tribune

Are you an ‘extremely early bird’? – Chicago Tribune

Lots of gluten during toddler years might raise odds for celiac disease – Chicago Tribune

Obesity-related cancer rates are rising in middle-aged Americans but falling in seniors. What’s going on? – Chicago Tribune

Tailbone pain often goes away without medical treatment – Chicago Tribune

Hepatitis A is racing across the U.S. Here’s what you should know. – Chicago Tribune

Two experimental Ebola drugs seem to be saving lives, early study results show – Chicago Tribune

Walgreens to close 200 U.S. stores, starting this fall – Chicago Tribune

Plant-based diet leads to fewer heart problems – Chicago Tribune

Treating athlete’s foot and avoiding bigger problems – Chicago Tribune

In heat waves, fans have potential to do more harm than good – Chicago Tribune

Heartburn drugs might bring allergy woes – Chicago Tribune

VeggieRX provides free vegetables to low-income people and patients in Chicago food deserts – Chicago Tribune

Even when HIV prevention drug is covered, other costs block treatment – Chicago Tribune

Students, bored by cafeteria fare, love food delivery services; schools don’t. – Chicago Tribune

Teen sexting may be less common than you think – Chicago Tribune

New Concerns Emerge About Long-Term Antidepressant Use – The Wall Street Journal

Bristol-Myers Moves Closer to Buying Celgene – The Wall Street Journal

The Drive for More Living Liver Donors – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Focuses on Novartis Delay in Reporting Drug-Test Data Manipulation – The Wall Street Journal

Can Dancing Prevent Dementia? – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Pushes for Graphic Health Warnings on Cigarette Packs – The Wall Street Journal

The Trendist Fitness Class Now: Working Out Alone at Home – The Wall Street Journal

Deals Give Drugmakers Rights to DNA Data – The Wall Street Journal

Drug Shortage Leaves Patients Without Immune-Disorder Treatment – The Wall Street Journal

Medicare Moves to Cover Costly Cell Therapies – The Wall Street Journal

Child Advocates Team Up with PETA on Hot-Car Deaths – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Says ‘Data Manipulation’ Occurred in Trials of World’s Priciest Drug – The Wall Street Journal

The Search for an Easier Way to Stop Taking Sleeping Pills – The Wall Street Journal

White House Weighs September Rollout of Health Plan – The Wall Street Journal

Many Genes Influence Same-Sex Sexuality, Not a Single ‘Gay Gene’ – The New York Times

Surgeon General Warns Pregnant Women and Teenagers Not to Smoke or Vape Marijuana – The New York Times

W.H.O. Warns of ‘Dramatic’ Rise in Measles in Europe – The New York Times

Babies Display ‘Werewolf Syndrome’ After Getting Anti-Baldness Drug by Mistake – The New York Times

The Great Fortune of Ordinary Sadness – The New York Times

Tattoo Needles May Trigger Allergic Reactions – The New York Times

Peloton Is a Phenomenon. Can It Last? – The New York Times

For a Longer Life, Get Moving. Even a Little. – The New York Times

The Deadly Toll of Air Pollution – The New York Times

Fish Oil Supplements Show No Benefits for Diabetes – The New York Times

Dog Owners May Have Healthier Hearts – The New York Times

Inside North Carolina’s Big Effort to Transform Health Care – The New York Times

Helping Children Learn to Eat Well – The New York Times

Why Doctors Still Offer Treatments That May Not Help – The New York Times

Alternatives to Surgery for an Enlarged Prostate – The New York Times

Malnutrition Case Stirs Debate About Vegan Diets for Babies – The New York Times

Your Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Spiked. Now What? – The New York Times

This Daily Pill Cut Heart Attacks by Half. Why Isn’t Everyone Getting It? – The New York Times

How to Help Your Child Study – The New York Times

Vaping Sicknesses Rising: 153 Cases Reported in 16 States – The New York Times

Opioid Treatment Is Used Vastly More in States That Expanded Medicaid – The New York Times

How Many Steps Should You Take a Day? – The New York Times

Exercise May Boost Mood for Women With Depression. Having a Coach May Help. – The New York Times

Touch Football, Sold as Safer, Now Requires a Helmet – The New York Times

The Keto Diet Is Popular, but Is It Good for You? – The New York Times

Planned Parenthood Refuses Federal Funds Over Abortion Restrictions – The New York Times

Premature Babies Lag in Vaccinations – The New York Times

Flavonoids in Plants May Help Protect Against Major Killers – The New York Times

Why Warning Pregnant Women Not to Drink Can Backfire – The New York Times

Developing New Guidelines on Lyme Disease – The New York Times

Getting the Right Care for Painful Autoimmune Conditions – The New York Times

Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn’t Help, Study Finds – The New York Times

Older People Need Rides. Why Aren’t They Using Uber and Lyft? – The New York Times

Ebola Outbreak Spreads to 3rd Province in Eastern Congo – The New York Times

The Challenges of Home Dialysis – The New York Times

Why Do We Hiccup? – The New York Times

Dozens of Young People Hospitalized for Breathing and Lung Problems After Vaping – The New York Times

Lead Crisis in Newark Grows, as Bottled Water Distribution Is Bungled – The New York Times

Scientists Discover New Cure for the Deadliest Strain of Tuberculosis – The New York Times

Football May Take a Toll on the Brain, Even Without Concussions – The New York Times

Why Doesn’t America Have Universal Health Care? One Word: Race – The New York Times

‘Juul-alikes’ Are Filling Shelves With Sweet, Teen-Friendly Nicotine Flavors – The New York Times

Drinking Bleach Won’t Cure Autism or Cancer, F.D.A. Says – The New York Times

Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Improve Dental Health of Babies – The New York Times

Screen All Adult Patients for Drug Abuse, National Panel Urges – The New York Times

Ads Pitching CBD as a Cure-All Are Everywhere. Oversight Hasn’t Kept Up. – The New York Times

How to Reduce Exposure to Air Pollution – The New York Times

Why Sexually Transmitted Infections Can’t Shake Their Stigma – The New York Times

Eating Red Meat Tied to Increased Breast Cancer Risk – The New York Times

Is Your Sleep Cycle Out of Sync? It May Be Genetic – The New York Times

The Impact of Racism on Children’s Health – The New York Times

Why Are These Medical Instruments So Tough to Sterilize? – The New York Times

Do Older People Have a Different Smell? – The New York Times

What Experts Know About People Who Commit Mass Shootings – The New York Times

In Echo of Flint Lead Crisis, Newark Offers Bottled Water – The New York Times

Tech Meets Health Care, Sometimes Shakily – The New York Times

Exercise During Pregnancy May Have Lasting Benefits for Babies – The New York Times

Arthritis Tied to Heart Disease. Pain Relievers May Be to Blame. – The New York Times

Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns – The New York Times

Statins Provide Heart Benefits Past Age 75 – The New York Times

States Clash With Cities Over Potential Opioids Settlement Payouts – The New York Times

When Vacation Means Coming Back for More – The New York Times

Sickle Cell Disease Still Tends to Be Overlooked – The New York Times

Cancer Treatment at the End of Life – The New York Times

Tainted Pork, Ill Consumers and an Investigation Thwarted – The New York Times

Top Kidney Charity Directed Aid to Patients at DaVita and Fresenius Clinics, Lawsuit Claims – The New York Times

A Brain Scan May Predict Alzheimer’s. Should You Get One? – The New York Times

Got Impossible Milk? The Quest for Lab-Made Dairy – The New York Times

After an Injury, Stay Comfortable and Productive With This Gear – The New York Times

A Blood Test for Alzheimer’s? It’s Coming, Scientists Report – The New York Times

Years After Latest Ebola Outbreak, New Cases Emerge in Congo – The New York Times

Why Standing Often Feels Even Harder Than Running – The New York Times

How to Give Your Therapist Feedback – The New York Times

The ‘follow-up appointment’ – The Washington Post

The window for Congress to do something on drug prices won’t be open forever – The Washington Post

Is alkaline water really better for you? – The Washington Post

Be like Serena and Roger: Older amateurs offer tips for maintaining your athletic edge. – The Washington Post

Food and activity trackers can have downsides. Here are three signs to watch out for. – The Washington Post

A primer on whole grains: What they are, why they’re important and how to find them – The Washington Post

Mermaiding is trendy. I hit the water in a monofin and tail to see if it’s also a workout. – The Washington Post

Medicare-for-all opponents claim hospitals would shutter. But it depends where they’re located. – The Washington Post

Medicare will cover pioneering cancer treatment nationwide – The Washington Post

Trump blamed mental illness for mass shootings. The reality is more complicated. – The Washington Post

Doctors urge probe of child migrant deaths: ‘Poor conditions’ at border increase risk of spreading flu – The Washington Post

Herring and pumpernickel, anyone? Introducing the Nordic diet. – The Washington Post

Sugar, fiber, pasteurization: Here’s what you need to know about juice – The Washington Post

What are ‘hormone diets’ — and can they really help you lose weight quickly? – The Washington Post