Health News 2017

Health News December 2017

-8 reasons why your wound won’t heal – Fox News
-Is this what the doctor’s office of the future will look like? – Los Angeles Times
-The Mentality of Sexual Assault and Harassment, a Q&A – The Wall Street Journal
-Fewer Pain Pills May Be Best Bet After Surgery – The New York Times
-The moral differences between pro- and anti-vaccine parents – The Washington Post

Health News November 2017

-What happens when you get a vasectomy — and then change your mind – Fox News
-How marriage might be linked to lower dementia risk – CNN
-How to Age Well – The New York Times
-Concerned about inflammation? These foods may help. – The Washington Post

Health News October 2017

-7 things that might be causing your infertility – Fox News
-More phthalates banned in children’s toys by US government – CNN
-Ditch the headlines telling you what to eat, not to eat. Here’s how to live healthier. – Miami Herald
-Failure to vaccinate is likely driver of U.S. measles outbreaks, report says – Chicago Tribune
-High Blood Pressure in Midlife Tied to Later Dementia – The New York Times

Health News September 2017

-Feeding your baby this peanut powder may help prevent a peanut allergy – Fox News
-Why today’s teens are taking longer to grow up – CNN
-Education is key to avoid being traumatized by natural disasters – Miami Herald
-Opioids Aren’t the Only Pain Drugs to Fear – The New York Times
-Want your kids to have healthy bones? It will take more than a milk mustache. – The Washington Post

Health News August 2017

-There might be dangerous chemicals in your tap water — here’s how to stay safe – Fox News
-Consistency is key for weight loss, study says – CNN
-Is Specialized Fitness Getting Less Special? – The Wall Street Journal
-Moderate Drinking Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk – The New York Times

Health News July 2017

-‘Stem-cell tourism’ needs tighter controls, say medical experts – Fox News
-The Mediterranean diet doesn’t benefit everyone, study says – CNN
-Is it safe to take anti-inflammatory meds for a long time? – Miami Herald
-Diet drinks are associated with weight gain, new research suggests – Chicago Tribune
-​Want to slow down your aging process? Mind-set can be key, oldest seniors say. – The Washington Post

Health News June 2017

-Predicting hair loss no matter your gender – Fox News
-Tick tock: Men have biological clocks too – Chicago Tribune
-Nutrition experts warn coconut oil is on par with beef fat, butter – Chicago Tribune
-Can Air-Conditioners Cause Sinus Congestion? – The New York Times
-WHO creates controversial ‘reserve’ list of antibiotics for superbug threats – The Washington Post

Health News May 2017

-​Births to older moms rise as teen birth rate drops – CNN
-​Sun safety today essential to protect children’s skin in the future – Miami Herald
-Magic diets don’t change behavior. Tips to lose, keep off weight – Chicago Tribune
-​For Bad Backs, It May Be Time to Rethink Biases About Chiropractors – The New York Times
-​Keep these healthy snacks at your desk to stave off midday hunger – The Washington Post

Health News April 2017

-Want to be happy and successful? Try compassion – CNN
-Does Parkinson’s disease begin in the gut? New research suggests it does – Los Angeles Times
-Oral cancer among reasons doctors urge HPV vaccine for kids – Chicago Tribune
-How to Find Your Missing Keys and Stop Losing Other Things – The New York Times
-The DASH diet is proven to work. Why hasn’t it caught on? – The Washington Post

Health News March 2017

-​Chronically stressed people more likely to gain excess weight, study says – Fox News
-The genius in people with learning disabilities, mental health disorders – CNN
-Parenthood can boost your longevity, if you don’t die from the stress first – Miami Herald
-Frequent, Brisk Walks May Aid Those With Early Alzheimer’s – The New York Times
-Want a productive work day? Watch what you eat. – The Washington Post

Health News February 2017

-Acupuncture shows promise in migraine treatment, study says – CNN
-The 7 numbers you need to know to keep your heart healthy – Miami Herald
-No drugs for back pain, new guidelines say – The Wall Street Journal
-​Rise in mumps outbreaks prompts U.S. officials to weigh third vaccine dose – The Washington Post

Health News January 2017

-Whole grains: what you need to know – TIME
-The surprising link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease – Los Angeles Times
-Conquering negative thinking – The New York Times
-Yes, it’s possible to dine out and eat a healthful meal. Here’s how. – The Washington Post