Health News 2020

Health News December 2020

-WHO updates coronavirus face mask guidance, says face shields are inferior alternative – Fox News
-Data show Americans couldn’t resist Thanksgiving travel – Los Angeles Times
-Gene Editing Shows Promise in Sickle-Cell Disease – The Wall Street Journal
-Virus May Have Arrived in U.S. in December, but Didn’t Spread Until Later – The New York Times
-Coronavirus deaths will probably surge around Christmas – The Washington Post

Health News November 2020

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Health News October 2020

-Big contact tracing study shows role of kids and superspreaders in coronavirus pandemic – CNN
-Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Need Only a Fraction of People to Get Sick – The Wall Street Journal
-Laughter May Be Effective Medicine for These Trying Times – The New York Times
-The coronavirus pandemic has hurt Medicare’s hospital program – The Washington Post

Health News September 2020

-First coronavirus reinfection case in US being investigated by Nevada scientists – Fox News
-Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be ‘colossally stupid’ – CNN
-New U.S. Coronavirus Infections Slow to Lowest Level in More Than Two Months – The Wall Street Journal
-‘Sudden’ Cardiac Arrests Often Aren’t So Sudden – The New York Times
-Covid-19: A bad flu season colliding with the pandemic could be overwhelming – The Washington Post

Health News August 2020

-US death toll climbs as Trump claims coronavirus under control – CNN
-California is still showing how to make Obamacare work, even with COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times
-Four new Dengue fever cases have been confirmed in the Florida Keys – Miami Herald
-‘The Biggest Monster’ Is Spreading. And It’s Not the Coronavirus. – The New York Times
-Health illiteracy is nothing new in America. But the pandemic magnifies how troubling it is. – The Washington Post

Health News July 2020

-Reopening the economy doesn’t mean Covid-19 is getting better. It just shifts more responsibility to you – CNN
-Scientists say WHO ignores the risk that coronavirus floats in air as aerosol – Los Angeles Times
-Three Months In, These Patients Are Still Ravaged By Covid’s Fallout – The Wall Street Journal
-Amid Virus Surge, Republicans Abruptly Urge Masks Despite Trump’s Resistance – The New York Times
-‘Cries for help’: Drug overdoses are soaring during the coronavirus pandemic – The Washington Post

Health News June 2020

-Why So Many Doctors Are Supporting Protests in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic – TIME
-Grocery stores and universities should reopen first, liquor stores and gyms should reopen last, new research says – CNN
-U.S. food makers stock up on ingredients in case of another coronavirus surge – Los Angeles Times
-Coronavirus Patients Lose Senses of Taste, Smell — and Haven’t Gotten Them Back – The Wall Street Journal
-How Do You Decide if Children Can Play Together Again? – The New York Times
-7 in 10 Americans would be likely to get a coronavirus vaccine, Post-ABC poll finds – The Washington Post

Health News May 2020

-Coronavirus to likely last two years, new report says – Fox News
-The coronavirus lockdown is miserable. Rushing herd immunity could be worse – Los Angeles Times
-Researchers Explore Using Common Blood-Plasma Treatment to Fight Coronavirus – The Wall Street Journal
-Find a Vaccine. Next: Produce 300 Million Vials of It. – The New York Times
-Excess U.S. deaths hit estimated 37,100 in pandemic’s early days, far more than previously known – The Washington Post

Health News April 2020

-Reported disinfectant poisonings in children on the rise during pandemic – CNN
-Florida medical examiners were releasing coronavirus death data. The state made them stop – Miami Herald
-Coronavirus Testing Capacity Is Going Unused – The Wall Street Journal
-U.N. Warns World Hunger Could Double as Global Economy Crashes – The New York Times
-Pandemic anxiety is making us sleepless, forgetful and angry. Here are tips for coping. – The Washington Post

Health News March 2020

-Coronavirus death toll climbs to 9 in U.S. as global mortality rate increases to 3.4% – Los Angeles Times
-Are You Lonely? You’re Not Alone. – The Wall Street Journal
-Fatal Car Crashes Rise With Spring Clock Reset – The New York Times
-Stop touching my face? Why the easiest way to prevent coronavirus is so hard. – The Washington Post

Health News February 2020

-Burnout linked to potentially lethal heart condition – Fox News
-Another win for optimism! Recovery after stroke – CNN
-Caloric counts on nutrition labels may not be as precise as you think – Los Angeles Times
-Patients Often Get Antibiotics Without a Doctor Visit, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal
-Why Fruits and Vegetables May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk – The New York Times
-Being obsessed with being productive…is unproductive – The Washington Post

Health News January 2020

-Only a few drugmakers even try to fight superbugs — a growing threat – Los Angeles Times
-Where you live might affect your brain: Study – Chicago Tribune
-Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records – The Wall Street Journal
-No More Excuses Not to Exercise – The New York Times
-Is this the secret to getting teens to reject junk food? – The Washington Post