Health News 2021

Health News December 2021

-Synthetic Alcohol Promises to Make Drinking Safer. But Experts Are Wary – TIME
-Abortion by mail: FDA permanently eases abortion pill restrictions, allowing direct shipment to patients in many states, including Illinois – Chicago Tribune
-As Omicron Spreads, What It Means to Be Fully Vaccinated Is Changing – The Wall Street Journal
-How Exercise Affects Metabolism and Weight Loss – The New York Times
-House Democrats find in three-year investigation that drug prices are ‘unsustainable, unjustifiable and unfair’ – The Washington Post

Health News November 2021

-How to wake up early, even if you’re not a morning person – NPR
-Wuhan Wet Market Worker Is Now the 1st Known Case of COVID-19, According to New Study – TIME
-Breastfeeding and vaxxed: Parents delay weaning children to pass on COVID-19 antibodies – Los Angeles Times
-Instagram’s Effects on Children Are Being Investigated by Coalition of States – The Wall Street Journal
-750,000 Americans dead as many families feel unity in pain but division in mourning – The Washington Post

Health News October 2021

-Cigarette sales went up last year for the first time in 20 years – NPR
-COVID cases are falling across the country — but there are signs of trouble ahead – Miami Herald
-Study of Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients Shows Vaccination Is Better Guard Than Prior Infection – The Wall Street Journal
-Mix-and-Match Covid Boosters: Why They Just Might Work – The New York Times
-Inaction on climate change imperils millions of lives, doctors say – The Washington Post

Health News September 2021

-Obesity Rates Rise During Pandemic, Fueled by Stress, Job Loss, Sedentary Lifestyle – NPR
-Juul Is No Longer U.S. Teenagers’ Preferred E-Cigarette. Puff Bar Seems to Have Taken Over – TIME
-News Analysis: Supreme Court signals Roe v. Wade will fall after allowing Texas to ban most abortions – Los Angeles Times
-NW Indiana health professionals, vets decry attempts to treat COVID-19 with ivermectin: ‘This is garbage’ – Chicago Tribune
-Covid-19 Deaths in Delta Surge Trend Younger in U.S. – The Wall Street Journal
-The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays, leaving patients with big bills. – The Washington Post

Health News August 2021

-Sports Science Is Changing How Female Olympians Train. It Could Help You, Too – NPR
-The Delta Variant Increases Your Chances of Being Hospitalized With COVID-19, Study Finds – TIME
-Long COVID’s daunting toll seen in study of pandemic’s earliest patients – Los Angeles Times
-Illinois expansion of health coverage for older adults regardless of immigration status is expected to benefit thousands of essential workers at risk – Chicago Tribune
-Number of Americans opposed to getting a COVID vaccine reaches new low, poll finds – Miami Herald
-Those Anti-Covid Plastic Barriers Probably Don’t Help and May Make Things Worse – The New York Times
-Pandemic will push U.S. mortality up through 2023, new government report predicts – The Washington Post

Health News July 2021

-Sugary drinks and increased colon cancer risk linked in study involving nurses – Fox News
-Flossing your teeth may protect against cognitive decline, research shows – CNN
-Cold-weather virus in summer baffles docs, worries parents – Los Angeles Times
-Skin inflammation could indicate serious health problems. Here’s how to tamp it down – Miami Herald
-Illinois reports zero COVID-19 deaths for first time since start of pandemic – Chicago Tribune
-Hospitals Often Charge Uninsured People the Highest Prices, New Data Show – The Wall Street Journal
-How does the Delta variant dodge the immune system? Scientists find clues. – The New York Times
-15 million people in the U.S. have missed their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, CDC says – The Washington Post

Health News June 2021

-Study unpacks how LSD lowers brain’s barriers – Fox News
-A fatty heart puts your health at risk, regardless of your weight. Here’s how to avoid it – CNN
-Florida protected OB-GYNs from paying for their mistakes. They handed taxpayers the tab – Miami Herald
-The Covid Vaccine Is Free, but Not Everyone Believes That – The New York Times
-Your ability to focus may be limited to 4 or 5 hours a day. Here’s how to make the most of them. – The Washington Post

Health News May 2021

-If Your Brain Feels Foggy And You’re Tired All The Time, You’re Not Alone – NPR
-Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Have Come to the U.S. Will They Work? – TIME
-Risk of dying from Covid-19 40 times the risk of rare blood clot after receiving J&J vaccine – CNN
-Most kids with coronavirus infections lack typical symptoms of COVID-19, study says – Los Angeles Times
-Moderna Says Its Covid-19 Booster Shots Show Promise Against Variants – The Wall Street Journal
-Experts Call for Sweeping  Reforms to Prevent the Next Pandemic РThe New York Times
-Why young people are using preventive Botox, and what they need to know – The Washington Post

Health News April 2021

-3 behavioral psychology tips for weight loss – CNN
-Why are COVID-19 numbers heading up again? It could be that the public is following ‘recipe for a surge.’ – Chicago Tribune
-FDA Authorizes First Covid-19 Tests for Repeat, at-Home Screening – The Wall Street Journal
-How to Spot Depression in Young Children – The New York Times
-Is it covid or just allergies? Your questions about symptoms and vaccines, answered. – The Washington Post

Health News March 2021

-‘Tip Of the Iceberg’: Interpol Says Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Were Smuggled Across Continents – TIME
-US to screen travelers from countries with Ebola cases: CDC – Fox News
-5 fruits and veggies daily to live longer, but not all kinds – CNN
-It’s ‘premature’ and ‘unrealistic’ to think COVID-19 will end soon, WHO warns – Los Angeles Times
-Biden Says U.S. to Have Vaccines for All Adults by End of May – The Wall Street Journal
-New standards for everyday masks will help people pick covid-19 face coverings – The Washington Post

Health News February 2021

-CDC orders face masks for US travelers – Fox News
-Those who had Covid-19 could get reinfected if the variants become dominant, Fauci says – CNN
-COVID-19 vaccines contribute to drop in coronavirus cases at U.S. nursing homes – Los Angeles Times
-Millions of Counterfeit Masks Flooded U.S. Customs Facilities Last Year – The Wall Street Journal
-Had Covid? You May Need Only One Dose of Vaccine, Study Suggests – The New York Times
-Nap time is the new coffee break. Here’s how to make the most of it. – The Washington Post

Health News January 2021

-The science of how to stick to New Year’s resolutions and truly change your habits – CNN
-COVID fatalities in U.S. top 350,000. Refuting Trump, Fauci says deaths are ‘not fake’ – Los Angeles Times
-Why you should apply certain skin products in the morning, others in the evening – Miami Herald
-What Is Known About Virus Variants – The Wall Street Journal
-Coronavirus vaccine has arrived, but frustrated Americans are struggling to sign up – The Washington Post