Your Health ToGo! 2021

Sjögren’s Syndrome – Podcast

Why are your eyes and mouth so dry? Over the past several weeks, you notice that your eyes have been feeling gritty and burning. In addition, your mouth is dry to the point that it’s hard to swallow because you don’t have enough saliva. You decide to go to the doctor...

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Hashimoto’s Disease – Podcast

Why do you have a lump on your neck? One morning, you’re getting dressed as you adjust your shirt, you notice that your neck seems swollen. It’s not hurting and your throat isn’t sore, so you decide to continue with your day. Over the next several weeks, you...

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Graves’ Disease – Podcast

What does it have to do with your thyroid? For a couple of weeks, you notice that you have a slight tremor to your hands and have been feeling more anxious than usual. One morning after waking up, you realize that your neck seems to have a large lump in it, so you go...

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