Health News December 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Why do so many people regain weight after going on a diet? – The Washington Post 12/30/16

The head of the FDA defends the importance of drug effectiveness – The Washington Post 12/29/16

In cancer trials, minorities face extra hurdles – The New York Times 12/23/16

Hypertension an increasing concern among overweight, sedentary children – Miami Herald 12/23/16

A diet that helps relieve irritable bowel sufferers’ pain (finally) – The Washington Post 12/22/16

Mystery of the spike in deaths between Christmas and New Year’s gets… – The Washington Post 12/22/16

Ebola vaccine shown to be ‘highly protective’ against deadly virus in major trial – The Washington Post 12/22/16

When awe-struck, we feel both smaller and larger – The Wall Street Journal 12/22/16

Out of sorts around the holidays? It could be family jet lag – The New York Times 12/21/16

As millennials flock to high-intensity workouts, hip pain follows – The Washington Post 12/21/16

Drinking on antidepressants – The New York Times 12/20/16

GlaxoSmithKline’s new drug challenges HIV treatment orthodoxy – The Wall Street Journal 12/20/16

Pregnancy changes the brain in ways that may help mothering – The New York Times 12/19/16

The cough that doesn’t go away – The New York Times 12/19/16

Study tied to food industry tries to discredit sugar guidelines – The New York Times 12/19/16

New concerns about anesthesia for young children – The Wall Street Journal 12/19/16

How to fall back in love – The Wall Street Journal 12/19/16

Female doctors’ hospital patients may have an edge – The Wall Street Journal 12/19/16

Depression, weakness as you age signal a problem – Miami Herald 12/19/16

Flu vaccine is important if you have heart issues – Miami Herald 12/19/16

America’s Next Defense Against Zika and Other Foreign Invaders – The Wall Street Journal 12/16/16

FDA drops stringent warning on smoking-cessation drug Chantix – The Wall Street Journal 12/16/16

The Children of the Opioid Crisis – The Wall Street Journal 12/15/16

Brains that are still getting wired in babyhood – The Wall Street Journal 12/15/16

Pharmacies miss half of dangerous drug combinations – Chicago Tribune 12/15/16

Is it possible to make a less allergenic peanut? – The New York Times 12/15/16

Scientists say the clock of aging may be reversible – The New York Times 12/15/16

Botox may have new use: treating depression – Yahoo News 12/14/16

Autism linked to Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy – Yahoo News 12/14/16

Running as the thinking person’s sport – The New York Times 12/14/16

What do teenagers want? Potted plant parents –  The New York Times 12/14/16

Go to the wrong hospital and you’re 3 times more likely to die – The New York Times 12/14/16

Winter running just isn’t for you? Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong – The Washington Post 12/14/16

Anesthesia may harm the brains of children under 3, FDA warns – The Washington Post 12/14/16

Birth defects are common for Zika-infected pregnant women in the U.S. – The Washington Post 12/14/16

​Sorry, Pokemon Go addicts, playing the video game doesn’t count as a real workout – Los Angeles Times 12/14/16

New Zika findings reveal how the virus does its damage, and two weapons… –  Los Angeles Times 12/14/16

If you take Ibuprofen often, read this – TIME 12/14/16

Eat this protein at breakfast and you’ll be fuller longer – TIME 12/14/16

Why Zika is so dangerous during pregnancy – TIME 12/14/16

Abortion doesn’t negatively affect women’s mental health: study – TIME 12/14/16

Deep brain stimulation fails to improve memory in new study – The Wall Street Journal 12/13/16

How new mothers can avoid injury when starting to exercise again – The Washington Post 12/13/16

The first real proof that your outlook affects longevity – TIME 12/13/16

Lessons from the informed patient – The Wall Street Journal 12/12/16

Some people who get Ebola don’t show symptoms: study – TIME 12/12/16

How to cut calories, fat and sodium from your favorite recipes – Miami Herald 12/12/16

Teens are cutting back on drugs, alcohol, smoking and even electronic cigarettes – Los Angeles Times 12/12/16

Why doctors still worry about measles – The New York Times 12/12/16

When bathroom runs rule the day (and night) – The New York Times 12/12/16

One weight-loss approach fits all? No, not even close – The New York Times 12/12/16

Rise of infant drug dependence is felt most in rural areas – The New York Times 12/12/16

Want to feel less time-stressed? – The Wall Street Journal 12/11/16

The worst kind of insomnia – The Wall Street Journal 12/11/16

A tough mudder learns to listen to her pain – The Wall Street Journal 12/10/16

A severe birth defect linked to Zika quadrupled in Colombia this year – The Washington Post 12/9/16

The nutrient you didn’t know you were missing –  The Washington Post 12/9/16

One-third of long-term users say they are hooked on prescription opioids – The Washington Post 12/9/16

Optimistic women are less likely to prematurely of cancer or heart disease, study says – Los Angeles Times 12/8/16

Surgeon general calls youth e-cigarette smoking ‘a major public health concern’ – The Washington Post 12/8/16

Heroin deaths surpass gun homicides for the first time, CDC data shows – The Washington Post 12/8/16

Life expectancy in U.S. declines slightly, and researchers are puzzled – The New York Times 12/8/16

What donkeys know about autism – The New York Times 12/8/16

Yoga has a surprising health benefit – TIME 12/8/16

Forget the eggnog and grab champagne instead (and other smart holiday swaps) – The Washington Post 12/7/16

Can cannabis treat concussions? UM researchers are trying to find out – Miami Herald 12/7/16

Carbs during workouts may fend off colds – The New York Times 12/7/16

Why scientists are still flummoxed by Alzheimer’s – TIME 12/7/16

Flickering lights may illuminate a path to Alzheimer’s treatment – Los Angeles Times 12/6/16

In a test, cancer hospital customizes diet to help patients – The Wall Street Journal 12/6/16

A handful of nuts is good for your health – The New York Times 12/6/16

Children’s headphones may carry risk of hearing loss – The New York Times 12/6/16

Can you get too much protein? – The New York Times 12/6/16

Sleep-deprived drivers have plenty in common with drunk drivers –  The Washington Post 12/6/16

Bloomberg expands effort to curb tobacco use world-wide – The Wall Street Journal 12/5/16

Mumps outbreaks are worst in a decade – The Wall Street Journal 12/5/16

When is it ok to brag? – The Wall Street Journal 12/5/16

Nerve treatment when drugs fail – The Wall Street Journal 12/5/16

Forget those occasional cigarettes: there is no safe smoking level – The Washington Post 12/5/16

Did you just forget, or is it something more serious? – The New York Times 12/5/16

Why parents and doctors should think about A.D.H.D. in preschool – The New York Times 12/5/16

Cold hands may signal Raynaud’s phenomenon – The New York Times 12/5/16

Can a death-predicting algorithm improve care? – The Wall Street Journal 12/2/16

The perils of empathy – The Wall Street Journal 12/2/16

Older adults are still skipping vaccinations – The New York Times 12/2/16

Sunlight may reduce risk of nearsightedness – The New York Times 12/1/16

Three cancer patients explain how a psychedelic drug eased their fears – The Washington Post 12/1/16

​The annoying truth about holiday weight gain – TIME 12/1/16

The new bottom line on your daily Aspirin – TIME 12/1/16