Health News December 2017

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

NFL revises concussion protocol after Texans QB’s injury – Fox News 12/30/17

You Can Be 66 and Still Love Pogo Sticks – The Wall Street Journal 12/30/17

Why Children Play With Fire, and How to Stop Them – The New York Times 12/30/17

Flu outbreak already reported in 36 states, CDC says – Fox News 12/29/17

Frostbite: Know the signs and symptoms – Fox News 12/29/17

Got the flu? Here’s what leads to recovery – CNN 12/29/17

8 resolutions for better parenting in the New Year – CNN 12/29/17

Stay warm! Your life may depend on it – CNN 12/29/17

Our makeup tests free of cancer-causing asbestos (so far), fashion chain says – Miami Herald 12/29/17

Tips for avoiding a New Year’s hangover, and what to do if you get one – Chicago Tribune 12/29/17

A Hearty Salad for a Month of Healthy Eating – The New York Times 12/29/17

Does a ‘Strong’ Immune System Ward Off Colds and Flu? – The New York Times 12/29/17

Trump administration fires all members of HIV/AIDS advisory council – The Washington Post 12/29/17

Will your diet start Monday? Try the ‘non-diet diet’ – CNN 12/28/17

‘Drynuary’: Could you give up alcohol for a month? – Los Angeles Times 12/28/17

13 ways to become a runner in 2018 – Los Angeles Times 12/28/17

Want smarter kids who sleep through the night? Feed them fish, a new study says. – Miami Herald 12/28/17

Gratitiude and child development: the importance of grateful thinking – Miami Herald 12/28/17

Blind travelers can get around an airport more easily with new app – Miami Herald 12/28/17

Appeals Court Orders E.P.A. to Update Lead Paint Rules, Quickly – The New York Times 12/28/17

10 ways ideas about healthy eating have changed, and why that’s good – The Washington Post 12/28/17

Claire’s pulls 17 makeup products that tested positive for asbestos – Fox News 12/27/17

WHO to recognize gaming disorder as mental health condition in 2018 – CNN 12/27/17

After #MeToo, more women feeling empowered – CNN 12/27/17

Chinese firm clones gene-edited dog in bid to treat cardiovascular disease – CNN 12/27/17

These annual checkups help seniors not only survive but thrive – Chicago Tribune 12/27/17

Which New Year’s Resolutions Are More Likely to Stick? – The Wall Street Journal 12/27/17

The Year in Fitness: Exercise, Add intensity, Live to See Another Year – The New York Times 12/27/17

F.D.A. Leaves Tainted Foods on Shelves Too Long, Report Finds – The New York Times 12/27/17

Air Pollution Contributes to More Than 20,000 Deaths a Year – The New York Times 12/27/17

What We Mean When We Say Evidence-Based Medicine – The New York Times 12/27/17

‘Nobody Thought It Would Come to This’: Drug Maker Teva Faces a Crisis – The New York Times 12/27/17

Want to set your child up for lifelong health? Go with your gut – Fox News 12/26/17

US funding can save millions of lives through public health programs in 2018 – Fox News 12/26/17

More pregnant woimen are using pot, study finds – CNN 12/26/17

One Man’s Stand Against Junk Food as Diabetes Climbs Across India – The New York Times 12/26/17

Fish May Be Good for the Growing Brain – The New York Times 12/26/17

Freed From the iPhone, the Apple Watch Finds a Medical Purpose – The New York Times 12/26/17

How Big Tech Is Going After Your Health Care – The New York Times 12/26/17

Measles Deaths Fall to a Record Low Worldwide – The New York Times 12/26/17

Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body – The New York Times 12/26/17

How to make a New Year’s resolution that will actually work – The Washington Post 12/26/17

Calcium and vitamin D supplements may not protect against bone fractures – The Washington Post 12/26/17

A New Year, new food resolution: More fruits and veggies – CNN 12/25/17

A New Year, new food resolution: Water – CNN 12/25/17

A New Year, new food resolution: Cook at home – CNN 12/25/17

A New Year, new food resolution: Mindful eating – CNN 12/25/17

Cancer Drug Prices Rises 1,400% With No Generic to Challenge It – The Wall Street Journal 12/25/17

When Cancer Strikes Twice – The New York Times 12/25/17

5 things to do now for New Year’s resolution success – Chicago Tribune 12/24/17

Six Health Stories to Watch in 2018 – The Wall Street Journal 12/24/17

Trump Administration Eases Nursing Home Fines in Victory for Industry – The New York Times 12/24/17

Think You’re Seeing More Drug Ads on TV? You Are, and Here’s Why – The New York Times 12/24/17

E-bikes help you get in a workout — and a breezy commute – Los Angeles Times 12/23/17

You’ll avoid a New Year’s hangover with these spirits – Los Angeles Times 12/23/17

Yes it’s winter, but you still need your sunscreen – Los Angeles Times 12/23/17

How to know when holiday drinking is hurting your brain – Chicago Tribune 12/23/17

A Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Work Morale – The Wall Street Journal 12/23/17

Gyms Ditch Machines to Make Space for Free Weights – The Wall Street Journal 12/23/17

A boy’s basketball-size tumor is slowly suffocating him. Doctors will attempt a risky removal. – The Washington Post 12/23/17

War Horses for Veterans helps returning soldiers in innovative way – Fox News 12/22/17

Eating fish weekly raises IQ by almost 5 points in children, study finds – Fox News 12/22/17

Dogs bring ‘a little light’ into ‘nightmare’ of childhood cancer – CNN 12/22/17

Language prohibitions denied amid health groups’ protest – CNN 12/22/17

The psychology of sycophants – CNN 12/22/17

Use tampons? Don’t panic about toxic shock syndrome – CNN 12/22/17

Delhi tests water cannons to combat deadly air pollution – CNN 12/22/17

Theses two foods could help ex-smokers’ lungs heal – Chicago Tribune 12/22/17

Women’s hearts may be more vulnerable to stress – Chicago Tribune 12/22/17

A Teenager Said She Had Been Raped in Her Home Country. The U.S. Opposed Her Abortion – The New York Times 12/22/17

Greater Access to Donated Livers Promised to Transplant Patients – The New York Times 12/22/17

A Better Kind of Nursing Home – The New York Times 12/22/17

Should You Shower in the Morning, or at Night? Yes. – The New York Times 12/22/17

Is It Better to Cook With Coconut Oil or Olive Oil? – The New York Times 12/22/17

Why this may be a bad flu season, especially around the holidays – The Washington Post 12/22/17

Cosmetic skin fillers rise in popularity, and complications – CNN 12/21/17

Opioids now kill more people than breast cancer – CNN 12/21/17

US life expectancy drops for second year in a row – CNN 12/21/17

Are reduced-calorie wines worth it? – CNN 12/21/17

New year, new start for your skin – Miami Herald 12/21/17

Flu shot safe, even with an egg allergy – Chicago Tribune 12/21/17

CDC releases grim new opioid overdose figures: ‘We’re talking about more than an exponential increase’ – Chicago Tribune 12/21/17

Major initiative seeks to combat U.S. soldiers’ weight problems and injuries – Chicago Tribune 12/21/17

Marriage may make heart disease a little less dangerous – Chicago Tribune 12/21/17

Obamacare Sign-ups at High Levels Despite Trump Saying It’s ‘Imploding’ – The New York Times 12/21/17

Can a Fitness Tracker Help You Run a Better Race? – The New York Times 12/21/17

For Sore Throat, Xylitol and Probiotics Offer No Benefits Over Placebo – The New York Times 12/21/17

Requiem for the Individual Mandate – The New York Times 12/21/17

Michigan cities, counties’ opioid lawsuit targets drug companies, pharmacies – Fox News 12/20/17

Teen, young adult cancer patients fall through the cracks: Can technology help? – CNN 12/20/17

U.S. and Cuban researchers join forces to bring lung cancer patients new hope – Miami Herald 12/20/17

A Salad a Day May Be Good for Brain Health – The New York Times 12/20/17

Why Sitting May Be Bad for Your Heart – The New York Times 12/20/17

Can a Cup of Hot Tea a Day Help Preserve Eyesight? – The New York Times 12/20/17

This model lost her leg because of toxic shock syndrome. Here’s what she wants you to know. – The Washington Post 12/20/17

Allergic to eggs? You can now get the flu shot, new guidelines say – CNN 12/19/17

This is why a third of antidepressants are prescribed for something else – CNN 12/19/17

The future of treatment for glioblastoma – CNN 12/19/17

What those new blood pressure guidelines mean for you – Chicago Tribune 12/19/17

With Children’s Health Program Running Dry, Parents Beg Congress: ‘Do the Right Thing’ – The New York Times 12/19/17

A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted – The New York Times 12/19/17

Too Many Older Patients Get Cancer Screenings – The New York Times 12/19/17

E.P.A. Delays Bans on Uses of Hazardous Chemicals – The New York Times 12/19/17

She finally had a baby naturally — with a 24-year-old frozen embryo – The Washington Post 12/19/17

7 nutrition trends you’ll see in 2018 – The Washington Post 12/19/17

FDA approves first gene therapy for an inherited disease – The Washington Post 12/19/17

7 harmful houseplants that are a danger in disguise – Fox News 12/18/17

Seasonal affective disorder: It’s more than the winter blues – Fox News 12/18/17

5 warning signs your appendix might burst – Fox News 12/18/17

Company recalls salami, prosciutto over possible salmonella contamination – Fox News 12/18/17

More money can mean Scrooge-like pride, study says – CNN 12/18/17

When kids lose hair, wigs transform them into princesses, superheros – CNN 12/18/17

Children’s playthings can be fun and educational, but stay away from toys with screens – Miami Herald 12/18/17

Good friends might be your best brain booster as you age – Chicago Tribune 12/18/17

FDA to start targeting high-risk homeopathic remedies – Chicago Tribune 12/18/17

Cancer clinical trials exclude many desperate patients – should that change? – Chicago Tribune 12/18/17

Eating too much sugar can hurt your health. For some it’s actually addictive – Chicago Tribune 12/18/17

Police are divided over naloxone, the anti-overdose drug – Chicago Tribune 12/18/17

Why New Blood Pressure Guidelines Could Lead to Harm – The New York Times 12/18/17

5 things to do now for New Year’s resolution success – The Washington Post 12/18/17

University president: We know your kids are drinking and we need your help – Fox News 12/16/17

This Freediver’s Advantage Is All in His Mind – The Wall Street Journal 12/16/17

Uproar Over Purported Ban at C.D.C of Words Like ‘Fetus’ – The New York Times 12/16/17

Viral skin-cancer selfie boosted online searches – Fox News 12/15/17

Mom claims Hatchimals bath bomb gave daughter chemical burns – Fox News 12/15/17

Babies born near fracking wells more likely to be underweight, says study – Fox News 12/15/17

Mom claims cryotherapy left her with severe burns, permanent scarring – Fox News 12/15/17

Feds issue alert over deadly contaminated cocaine in Florida – Miami Heral 12/15/17

When your knee ‘pops out,’ you’ll need a brace and rehab or surgery – Miami Herald 12/15/17

Six Lessons in Helping African Women Avoid H.I.V. – The New York Times 12/15/17

A Last Push for Obamacare Sign-ups — and Worries About Who Got Hurt – The New York Times 12/15/17

Easing the Burden on Caregivers – The New York Times 12/15/17

High Glucose Levels in Pregnancy Tied to Heart Defects in Babies – The New York Times 12/15/17

Study sheds light on how Zika causes nerve disorder – Fox News 12/14/17

Health Department says the flu is running rampant in New York – Fox News 12/14/17

As Zika Babies Become Toddlers, Some Can’t See, Walk or Talk – The New York Times 12/14/17

Vigorous Exercise Tied to Macular Degeneration in Men – The New York Times 12/14/17

Teva Pharmaceuticals to Cut 25% of Jobs in Huge Reshaping – The New York Times 12/14/17

Marijuana and Vaping Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Teenagers – The New York Times 12/14/17

In U.K., Bigger Wine Glasses for Bigger Thirsts – The New York Times 12/14/17

The most germ-infested places you encounter every day — and how to avoid getting sick – The Washington Post 12/14/17

The debate on fertility supplements: Do they help? – Fox News 12/13/17

The very real health dangers of virtual reality – CNN 12/13/17

ADHD drug use in pregnancy increases risk of heart defects, study finds – CNN 12/13/17

Why cold air makes your nose run – CNN 12/13/17

What is meningitis and how can I protect my child after two kids die at daycare? – Miami Herald 12/13/17

New treatments restoring sexual pleasure for older women – Chicago Tribune 12/13/17

Can the Weather Make Bones and Joints Ache? – The New York Times 12/13/17

A ‘Game Changer’ for Patients With Irregular Heart Rhythm – The New York Times 12/13/17

Exercise May Aid Parkinson’s Disease, but Make It Intense – The New York Times 12/13/17

2 new studies show that even light activity is healthier than previously thought – The Washington Post 12/13/17

EU health and food safety experts warn of stubborn salmonella – Fox News 12/12/17

America’s healthiest and least healthy states – CNN 12/12/17

Laid up with ‘man flu’? It’s real, researcher says – CNN 12/12/17

The brain benefits of your child’s dinosaur obsession – CNN 12/12/17

Why am I not losing weight? – CNN 12/12/17

Girl has blunt message for Aetna after her brain surgery request was denied – CNN 12/12/17

How to get through the cookies, pastelitos and sweets of the holiday season – Miami Herald 12/12/17

The growing toll of our ever-expanding waistlines – Miami Herald 12/12/17

Sickle-cell disease gets rush of gene-based research – Chicago Tribune 12/12/17

America’s other big drug problem: Older people take too many pills – Chicago Tribune 12/12/17

When a Sibling Dies, or Has a Serious Illness – The New York Times 12/12/17

The Disabled Flaneur – The New York Times 12/12/17

‘Phenomenal’ trial results may lead to a treatment for Huntington’s disease, experts say – The Washington Post 12/12/17

6 foods and drinks that will get you through the holidays healthfully – The Washington Post 12/12/17

I’m not in the mood to celebrate Christmas this year after a death of a close family member – The Washington Post 12/12/17

8 reasons why your wound won’t heal – Fox News 12/11/17

Opioid painkiller prescriptions may run in families – Fox News 12/11/17

Baby milk maker orders global recall over salmonella fears – Fox News 12/11/17

How to stay calm through the holidays – Fox News 12/11/17

When kids get their first cell phones around the world – CNN 12/11/17

Two kids are injured every day by window blinds, study finds – CNN 12/11/17

Transgender patients need better doctors – Chicago Tribune 12/11/17

Birth Control Pills Protect Against Cancer, Too – The New York Times 12/11/17

The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health – The New York Times 12/11/17

An Obamacare Surprise in the Mail: New Insurers and New Costs – The New York Times 12/11/17

People Don’t Take Their Pills. Only One Thing Seems to Help. – The New York Times 12/10/17

Treating Anxiety in ChildrenTreating Anxiety in Children – The New York Times 12/10/17

Birth Control and Breast Cancer: Putting the Risk in Perspective – The New York Times 12/10/17

A healthful lifestyle start with diet-friendly snacks: 4 to tray – Los Angeles Times 12/9/17

To Work All His Muscles, He Gets the Ax – The Wall Street Journal 12/9/17

Prescription Drugs May Cost More With Insurance Than Without It – The New York Times 12/9/17

How to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs – The New York Times 12/9/17

Outbreak of norovirus on North Carolina college campus confirmed, officals say – Fox News 12/8/17

How to hit your brain’s ‘kill switch’ — before it’s too late – CNN 12/8/17

Avocados: History of an unlikely but legitimate healthy food craze – CNN 12/8/17

Blood test may help predict which breast cancers will recur – Miami Herald 12/8/17

Could balding signal heart trouble for men? – Chicago Tribune 12/8/17

Tips for avoiding workout injuries – Chicago Tribune 12/8/17

Some Older Smokers Turn to Vaping. That May Not Be a Bad Idea. – The New York Times 12/8/17

Supplements Claiming to Ease Opioid Addiction Come Under Scrutiny – The New York Times 12/8/17

Under New Tax Plan, the Cost of Aging Could Rise – The New York Times 12/8/17

The New Flu Pandemic Will Appear When You Least Expect It – The New York Times 12/8/17

Sugary Diet During Pregnancy May Increase Asthma Risk in Children – The New York Times 12/8/17

Sleep vs. Exercise? – The New York Times 12/8/17

Breast cancer symptoms to look out for – Fox News 12/7/17

A better mammogram? Huge study putting 3-D scans to the test – Fox News 12/7/17

Gas station installs blue lights to combat drug use – CNN 12/7/17

Increase in accidental deaths follows spike in gun sales, study finds – CNN 12/7/17

Pollution putting millions of infants at risk of brain damage, UNICEF says – CNN 12/7/17

Keep seasonal sickness at bay with these foods that boost immunity – Chicago Tribune 12/7/17

Roche’s Immunotherapy Drug Tecentriq Extended Patients’ Lives in Study – The Wall Street Journal 12/7/17

Should You Be Worried About the Arsenic in Your Baby Food? – The New York Times 12/7/17

A Comeback for the Gateway Drug Theory? – The New York Times 12/7/17

A mother got the flu from her children — and was dead two days later – The Washington Post 12/7/17

Flu cases double last year’s total, CDC says – Fox News 12/6/17

Maternal gatekeeping: Why moms don’t let dads help – CNN 12/6/17

Protein powder pros and cons: What to know, what to watch out for – CNN 12/6/17

Balding, premature graying tied to higher heart disease risk – CNN 12/6/17

Flu vaccine may be only 10 percent effective this year, experts say – Chicago Tribune 12/6/17

Small changes could keep seniors driving longer – Chicago Tribune 12/6/17

Intense workouts may boost memory – Chicago Tribune 12/6/17

UnitedHealth to Buy Major Doctor Group For $4.9 Billion From DaVita – The Wall Street Journal 12/6/17

Birth Control Pills Still Linked to Breast Cancer, Study Finds – THe New York Times 12/6/17

UnitedHealth’s Deal May Point to Health Care’s Future – The New York Times 12/6/17

How Exercise Can Make for Healthier Fat – The New York Times 12/6/17

Fewer Pain Pills May Be Best Bet After Surgery – The New York Times 12/6/17

Gene therapy makes a big advance treating hemophilia B blood disorder – The Washington Post 12/6/17

Kroger recalls purified water for babies after mold discovered – Fox News 12/5/17

Working out on polluted streets bears minimal benefit for older people – CNN 12/5/17

Dating-violence study in young people adds to spanking debate – CNN 12/5/17

Smokers are 7 times more likely to use marijuana daily, study says – CNN 12/5/17

Helping your child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – Miami Herald 12/5/17

Food? Drug? The FDA says this capsule could cause deadly liver and lung problems – Miami Herald 12/5/17

Be wary about online sites that review physicians – Chicago Tribune 12/5/17

Despite Obamacare cost protections, most teens skip regular checkups – Chicago Tribune 12/5/17

Hug It Out, Man – The New York Times 12/5/17

The CHIP Program is Beloved. Why Is Its Funding in Danger? – The New York Times 12/5/17

Things I’ll Do Differently When I’m Old – The New York Times 12/5/17

Nine positive food messages to send yourself over the holidays – The Washington Post 12/5/17

Do you really need to stop drinking on antibiotics? – Fox News 12/4/17

Vomiting illness linked to longtime, regular pot smoking – Fox News 12/4/17

Drugmaker paid doctors with problem records to promote its pill – CNN 12/4/17

Cocaine deaths among blacks on par with opioid deaths among whites, study finds – CNN 12/4/17

Dengue vaccine found to worsen disease symptoms – CNN 12/4/17

Kentucky’s 20-week abortion ban: A ticking clock on a complex pregnancy – CNN 12/4/17

New mother’s thumb-to-wrist pain may be related to pregnancy – Miami Herald 12/4/17

Transgender community faces significant mental health issues – Miami Herald 12/4/17

Doctors still grapple with how to treat depression – Chicago Tribune 12/4/17

Sniffing out the best allergy treatment – Chicago Tribune 12/4/17

Which Heart Patients Need Stents? A New Study Stirs Debate – The Wall Street Journal 12/4/17

Does an A.D.H.D. Link Mean Tylenol Is Unsafe in Pregnancy? – The New York Times 12/4/17

Cataract Surgery May Prolong Your Life – The New York Times 12/4/17

Two Hidden Cancer Causes: Diabetes and Obesity – The New York Times 12/4/17

Why a Lot of Important Research Is Not Being Done – The New York Times 12/4/17

The moral differences between pro- and anti-vaccine parents – The Washington Post 12/4/17

North Korean nuclear tests sickening residents with ‘ghost disease,’ defectors say – Fox News 12/3/17

Why a CVS-Aetna Merger Could Benefit Consumers – The New York Times 12/3/17

‘The Woebot will see you now’ — the rise of chatbot therapy – The Washington Post 12/3/17

A women with a transplanted uterus just gave birth — a first for the U.S. – The Washington Post 12/3/17

Already hating everything (and everyone) this holiday season? This can help. – Los Angeles Times 12/2/17

Is this what the doctor’s office of the future will look like? – Los Angeles Times 12/2/17

The reason why race car driver Danica Patrick doesn’t drink — or eat sugar – Los Angeles Times 12/2/17

4 fitness and lifestyle devices to improve your health — at work – Los Angeles Times 12/2/17

Europe’s HIV epidemic growing at ‘alarming pace,’ WHO warns – Fox News 12/1/17

‘Do Not Resuscitate’ tattoo causes ER ethical dilemma – Fox News 12/1/17

Does chicken soup really help fight a cold? – CNN 12/1/17

Got food allergies? Add milk to the worries for your meal – Chicago Tribune 12/1/17

Hand-poked body art is going mainstream, worrying health experts – Chicago Tribune 12/1/17

The Mentality of Sexual Assault and Harassment, a Q&A – The Wall Street Journal 12/1/17

What Causes Bell’s Palsy? – The New York Times 12/1/17

Philippines Suspends Dengue Shots After Drug Firm’s Warning – The New York Times 12/1/17