Health News December 2019

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Her Mom Was Lost In Dementia’s Fog. Singing Christmas Carols Brought Her Back – NPR

Vaping Nicotine Linked To Increased Risk Of Chronic Lung Disease – NPR

Here’s Why You Really Need A Flu Shot – NPR

Researchers Explore A Drug-Free Idea To Relieve Chronic Pain: Green Light – NPR

A Construction Company Embraces Frank Talk About Mental Health To Reduce Suicide – NPR

Eat For 10 Hours. Fast For 14. This Daily Habit Prompts Weight Loss, Study Finds – NPR

Holiday Parties Make You Squirm? Here’s How To Conquer Social Anxiety – NPR

Meet The Womanikin, The Breasted Vest Working To Close The CPR Gender Gap – NPR

Hair Dyes And Straighteners Linked To Higher Cancer Risk, Especially For Black Women – NPR

Half of the U.S. Population Will Be Obese by 2030 – TIME

Why Your 2020 New Year’s Health or Fitness Resolution Might be Proven Outdated by 2030 – TIME

Activists and LGBTQ Groups Say These Facebook Ads Spread Dangerous Misinformation About HIV Drugs – TIME

Up to 43% of Antibiotic Prescriptions in the U.S. Are Unnecessary or Improperly Written, Analysis Finds – TIME

California Is Weighing Whether to Lable THC a Risk for Pregnant Women – TIME

Low-Dose Aspirin May Not Reduce Heart Risks for Black Americans, Study Finds – TIME

Common Chemical Used in Plastics May Be Far More Prevalent in Humans Than Previously Thought, says New Study – Time

Flu Season Is Off to an Earlier-than-Normal Start, Raising Fears of a Severe Year – TIME

AI Can Now Make Medical Predictions from Raw Data. But Can Deep Learning Be Trusted? – TIME

A New Type of Migraine Drug Treats Pain During an Attack – TIME

Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Cholesterol Earlier – TIME

How Rising Temperatures Due to Climate Change are Shortening Pregnancies – TIME

1 in 4 people with Parkinson’s disease misdiagnosed, given wrong treatment, study claims – Fox News

Brain injuries gave these people new abilities – Fox News

Marijuana legalization in Illinois, Michigan could trigger interstate tangling – Fox News

Should you pop a pimple or let it heal on its own? – Fox News

Hospitals across US investing in real estate to help with homelessness, mental health – Fox News

Can you catch a cold and the flu at the same time? – Fox News

Fasting diets may add years to your life as well as help you lose weight, new study suggests – Fox News

Trader Joe’s egg salad, potato salad products recalled amid Listeria concerns – Fox News

At least 5 US airports have exposed travelers to measles, health officials warn – Fox News

Texas resident with measles could have exposed others to virus: officials – Fox News

Prison cancels Christmas Eve visits over flu – Fox News

More than 1,000 pounds of pork sausage recalled over plastic contamination concerns – Fox News

To battle opioid crisis, some track overdoses in real time – Fox News

How common is meningitis in college? – Fox News

CDC confirms black market THC vaping products main source of deadly outbreak – Fox News

Does anemia make you cold? – Fox News

Popular nerve drugs could cause ‘serious’ breathing problems, FDA says – Fox News

Hard-boiled eggs eyed in Listeria outbreak that’s killed at least 1, CDC says – Fox News

FDA approves first-ever Ebola vaccine – Fox News

Whooping cough outbreak closes Texas school despite 100-percent vaccination rate: officials – Fox News

Losing weight could reduce breast cancer risk for women over 50, study finds – Fox News

Idaho school’s moldy bread hand washing experiment goes viral after ‘disgusting’ results – Fox News

Tennessee dental patients should get HIV, hepatitis tests after dental equipment not properly sterilized: officials – Fox News

3 children in Colorado hospitalized with measles; Denver airport travelers could be at risk: officials – Fox News

E-cigarette use increases risk of chronic lung disease, study claims – Fox News

Flu causes more than 300 Minnesota middle school students to call out sick – Fox News

Flu deaths in US reach 1,300, CDC estimates – Fox News

Chicken soup recalled over undeclared allergens: officials – Fox News

OxyContin maker’s foreign affiliate selling overdose cure – Fox News

Reasons behind bad breath and how to get rid of it – Fox News

Tapeworms: How to tell if you have one – Fox News

Norovirus outbreak closes Washington school; more than 100 students, staff sickened – Fox News

Oregon school closes after ‘flu-like symptoms’ sicken nearly half of staff – Fox News

5 holiday gift ideas for health and fitness gurus – Fox News

Feds to set up 3-digit suicide hotline number to try saving lives – Fox News

Loneliness ‘epidemic’ in older adults may be due to increasing population, studies find – Fox News

Wisconsin elementary school sees chickenpox outbreak: health officials – Fox News

Woman conscious during surgery after anesthesia mishap: ‘The nightmares have been horrendous’ – Fox News

Boy, 1, nearly dies after choking on peanut, report says – Fox News

Toddlers with unexplained bruising had ‘pork tapeworm’ larvae in bodies – Fox News

UK sees first bird flu outbreak since 2017; 27,000 chickens to be culled: officials – Fox News

Fresh Express salad kits linked to E. coli outbreak in 3 states, CDC says – Fox News

New Jersey company recalls cut fruit over salmonella concerns – Fox News

Scarlet fever outbreak in UK sickens hundreds: report – Fox News

White Castle frozen burgers, cheeseburgers recalled over listeria concerns – Fox News

Which meat is healthiest to eat? – Fox News

Why is your stomach making noises? – Fox News

Hepatitis A outbreak linked to blackberries spreads to 6 states: officials – Fox News

Once-a-month birth control pill? Experiment works in animals – Fox News

Fuji recalls sushi sold at Trader Joe’s, 7 Eleven over listeria concerns – Fox News

In-use makeup products, namely blending sponges, crawling with infectious bacteria: study – Fox News

Is it safe to eat roadkill? – Fox News

Automotive plant closures may be linked with a rise in opioid overdose deaths, new study says – CNN

The FDA can’t prove its opioid strategy actually worked, study says – CNN

People using illicit opioids face higher risk of death from these causes, study finds – CNN

Events promoting vaccination called off in Nevada after harassing comments were posted on social media – CNN

New Year’s resolutions, for couples – CNN

Volunteering and other good deeds reduce physical pain, a study finds – CNN

Top 10 health questions America asked Dr. Google in 2019 – CNN

The good, the bad and the ugly in global health in 2019 – CNN

The US officially raises the tobacco buying age to 21 – CNN

Hangovers: Why you get them and how to fight them off? – CNN

Year-long resolutions don’t work. Here’s how to make 12 ‘micro-resolutions’ instead – CNN

Exercise advice on food labels could help reduce obesity, researchers say – CNN

There have been at least 1,300 flu deaths in the US so far this season, CDC estimates – CNN

One hospital had 9 flu cases at this time last year. This year, it has more than 1,400 – CNN

Flu is getting an early start in the US this season – CNN

Border agency says it’s doing all it can to stop children from dying from flu. Others aren’t so sure. – CNN

After arrests of protesting doctors, border agency digs in on refusal to vaccinate migrants – CNN

Lawmakers call lack of vaccinations at the border ‘unconscionable’ in letter to CBP – CNN

Cold and flu won’t attack you simultaneously, study says – CNN

Eating chilies cuts risk of death from heart attack and stroke, study says – CNN

Vaping linked with long-term risk of respiratory disease in new study – CNN

Scientists develop superbug-resistant, self-cleaning plastic wrap – CNN

Top 10 health questions America asked Dr. Google in 2019 – CNN

Medicine in motion: How Tai Chi heals body and mind – CNN

The FDA is investigating 3 separate E. coli outbreaks – CNN

Exercise advice on food labels could help reduce obesity, researchers say – CNN

More than 140,000 people worldwide died from measles last year, most of them younger than 5 – CNN

No single e-cigarette brand linked to vaping-related lung injuries, CDC says – CNN

6 ‘probable’ vaping-related lung injury cases linked to Massachusetts dispensaries – CNN

Walking while texting and other cell phone related injuries are on the rise, especially for the young – CNN

More than 6 million US middle and high schoolers used tobacco products in 2019, report says – CNN

Trump’s plans to strip clean water protections leave New Mexico fearing pollution and health risks – Los Angeles Times

Lead paint, banned for decades, still make thousands of L.A. County kids sick – Los Angeles Times

California is still stuck in the past on medical malpractice payouts – Los Angeles Times

Rawanda avoids U.S.-style opioid crisis by making its own morphine – Los Angeles Times

‘Vast majority’ of vaping illnesses blamed on vitamin E acetate – Los Angeles Times

Why shamanism is red hot right now: 12 things you need to know – Los Angeles Times

By 2030, nearly half of all U.S. adults will be obese, experts predict – Los Angeles Times

Number of high school seniors ‘hooked’ on vaping more than doubled in the last year – Los Angeles Times

U.S. proposes new rules to increase organ transplants – Los Angeles Times

After fatal school shootings, antidepressant use spikes among student survivors – Los Angeles Times

Kaiser touts medical health gains, but patients still struggle to get timely treatment – Los Angeles Times

L.A. diet gurus share 8 secrets for avoiding weight gain during the holidays – Los Angeles Times

Some are getting new California health insurance subsidies. Others get shut out. – Los Angeles Times

More Americans are dying at home instead of in hospitals, report says – Los Angeles Times

Two new drugs show rare promise against advanced breast cancer – Los Angeles Times

Obamacare insurers may win a $12-billion claim in Supreme Court – Los Angeles Times

Obamacare study proves that having health insurance reduces U.S. death rates – Los Angeles Times

Officials list pot vape brands reported in U.S. outbreak – Los Angeles Times

Drug helped dementia patients curb their hallucinations and delusions – Los Angeles Times

Eating only during a 10-hour window improved health for those with metabolic syndrome – Los Angeles Times

Trump again promises a plan to reduce drug prices. It won’t work – Los Angeles Times

My lips are looking thin and old. What can I do? – Miami Herald

A knee fracture may be treated with a brace and crutches, depending on the severity – Miami Herald

Children who have cancer don’t have much fun. This group is trying to change that. – Miami Herald

Prescription medicine used mainly for kids recalled after contamination found – Miami Herald

UM doctor develops minimally invasive surgery for back fractures in young people – Miami Herald

How to find a healthy eating plan that will work for you in 2020. You can do it. – Miami Herald

What happens if you swim in contaminated water? You’ll need paper and a toilet – Miami Herald

Another prescription-strength Zantac recall for, maybe, having too much of a carcinogen – Miami Herald

It’s time to declutter your makeup bag. Bacteria can grow inside your cosmetics – Miami Herald

How to navigate step-parenthood. Hint: Create new family traditions. – Miami Herald

Here are the things to watch out for when choosing a surgeon for a nose job – Miami Herald

Knee strain from slip on ice may not be picked up by X-ray – Miami Herald

Getting a good night’s rest is critical to your health. How to improve your sleep habits – Miami Herald

What can cause a $5,200 bicycle to be recalled? Wheels coming off and a broken back – Miami Herald

Flu season off to a faster, ‘unusal’ start in Florida. Here’s what you need to do now – Miami Herald

It’s OK to indulge at the holidays. Just eat nutrient-rich foods the other days of year – Miami Herald

Here’s how to deal with dry skin itch and dandruff under your beard – Miami Herald

Reports of patients’ deaths linked to heart devices lurk below radar – Chicago Tribune

Should you avoid meat for good health? How to slice off the facts from the fiction – Chicago Tribune

Children need measles protection before international travel – Chicago Tribune

What if you knew a cookie would take 20 minutes to run off? – Chicago Tribune

‘Food pharmacies’ in clinics: When the diagnosis is chronic hunger – Chicago Tribune

New drug appears to slow effects of cystic fibrosis, offering hope to long-suffering patients – Chicago Tribune

In campaign to stop teen vaping, states turn to tried-and-true remedy: Taxes – Chicago Tribune

Teens vaping marijuana more — but using other drugs, drinking and smoking less, NIH says – Chicago Tribune

Among US states, New York’s suicide rate is the lowest. How is that? – Chicago Tribune

Patient-induced trauma: Hospitals learn to defuse violence – Chicago Tribune

Clothing study aims to help people with Down syndrome – Chicago Tribune

Medical device failures brought to light now bolster lawsuit and research – Chicago Tribune

3 drugs for severe epileptic seizures shown to be equally effective – Chicago Tribune

Eating only during a 10-hour window improved health for those with common syndrome – Chicago Tribune

How Germany averted an opioid crisis – Chicago Tribune

Destigmatizing mental health treatment this holiday season: ‘Seeking help is not a sign of weakness’ – Chicago Tribune

Brain differences may be tied to obesity, kids’ study says – Chicago Tribune

More evidence that marijuana might offer relief from migraine pain – Chicago Tribune

‘Forest bathing’ walks encourage deep connection to nature to benefit mind and body – Chicago Tribune

Hair dye and straighteners may increase breast cancer risk, especially for black women: Study – Chicago Tribune

Efforts to move the needle on flu shot rates get stuck – Chicago Tribune

Nearly 1 in 5 kids age 12-18 are prediabetic — at risk of diabetes, kidney and heart disease, and stroke. Doctors say parents need to act early to prevent the problem – Chicago Tribune

Suicides and overdoses among factors fueling drop in US life expectancy – Chicago Tribune

Taking several prescription drugs may trigger serious side effects – Chicago Tribune

‘Designer babies’ a long way off – Chicago Tribune

Affordable mental health care? It’s getting even tougher to access – Chicago Tribune

Is Your Phone or Watch Constantly Buzzing? It Could Be in Your Head. – The Wall Street Journal

Amgen Tasks Its Labs With Finding New Blockbusters – The Wall Street Journal

Congrats on the New Baby. Welcome to CrossFit. – The Wall Street Journal

Drugmakers Turn to Data Mining to Avoid Expensive Drug Trials – The Wall Street Journal

Court Rules Individual Insurance Mandate Is Unconstitutional – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Advances Plan to Allow Imports of Some Drugs in Bid to Cut Prices – The Wall Street Journal

Diabetes Data Outage Blamed on Cloud Provider Switch – The Wall Street Journal

ALS Drug Works in Study, Researchers Say – The Wall Street Journal

Kentucky’s New Governor Ends Medicaid Work Requirement – The Wall Street Journal

Breast Implant Recall Creates Difficult Decision for Women – The Wall Street Journal

Research Fuels Debate Over E-Cigarettes as Smoking-Cessation Device – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Approves Expanded Use of Fish-Oil Derived Drug – The Wall Street Journal

House Passes Bill to Reduce Drug Prices – The Wall Street Journal

New Ways to Battle Procrastination – The Wall Street Journal

White House Applauds Bipartisan Congressional Deal to Curb Surprise Medical Bills – The Wall Street Journal

The Surgical Complication That Can Damage Your Brain – The Wall Street Journal

Biogen Details Case for Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug – The Wall Street Journal

Sage Therapeutics Shares Plummet on Depression-Treatment Study Results – The Wall Street Journal

Hospital Groups Sue to Block Price-Transparency Rule – The Wall Street Journal

Senate Health Committee Approves Texas Doctor to Lead FDA – The Wall Street Journal

As Suicides Rise, More Attention Turns to the People Left Behind – The Wall Street Journal

Diabetes Patients’ Blood-Sugar Data Aren’t Being Shared – The Wall Street Journal

A Prescription of Poetry to Help Patients Speak Their Minds – The Wall Street Journal

F.D.A. Failed to Ensure Safe Prescribing of Opioids, Documents Show – The New York Times

Chinese Scientist Who Genetically Edited Babies Gets 3 Years in Prison – The New York Times

Make 2020 the Year of Less Sugar – The New York Times

For Better Brain Health, Preserve Your Hearing – The New York Times

Move Your Body, Bolster Your Brain – The New York Times

Crisis Looms in Antibiotics as Drug Makers Go Bankrupt – The New York Times

A Sleep Reset for the New Year – The New York Times

How to Talk to Someone With Alzheimer’s – The New York Times

Long-Term Insecticide Exposure Tied to Heart Disease – The New York Times

Certain Foods May Help Postmenopausal Women Sleep Better – The New York Times

The Watch Is Smart, but It Can’t Replace Your Doctor – The New York Times

How to Communicate Better With Your Children in the New Year – The New York Times

Having a Dog as a Child Is Tied to a Lower Risk of Schizophrenia as an Adult – The New York Times

Tackling Inflammation to Fight Age-Related Ailments – The New York Times

Five Tips for Living Longer in 2020 – The New York Times

Alzheimer’s Tests Soon May Be Common. Should You Get One? – The New York Times

Vaping Patients May Be Prone to Relapse, C.D.C. Warns – The New York Times

My Friends Serve Underage Kids Alcohol. Should I Speak Up? – The New York Times

Boys Born Small at Higher Risk for Infertility – The New York Times

3 Legal Experts on What the Obamacare Ruling Really Means – The New York Times

A Lonely Plea: ‘Anybody Need a Grandma for Christmas?’ – The New York Times

Indonesia Lets Plastis Burning Continue Despite Warning on Toxins – The New York Times

Obamacare Insurance Mandate Is Struck Down by Federal Appeals Court – The New York Times

E-Cigarette Posts on Instagram Struck Down by U.K. Watchdog – The New York Times

The More Processed Food You Eat, the Higher Your Diabetes Risk – The New York Times

Poor Sleep Tied to Heart Disease and Stroke – The New York Times

Trump Administration Takes First Steps to Allow Drug Imports From Canada – The New York Times

The Quiet Brain of the Athlete – The New York Times

Teen Marijuana Vaping Soars, Displacing Other Habits – The New York Times

A New Drug Scourge: Deaths Involving Meth Are Rising Fast – The New York Times

Teaching Teens to See Eating as Part of the Natural World – The New York Times

Purdue Pharma’s Payments to Sacklers Soared Amid Opioid Crisis – The New York Times

The Hidden Drug Epidemic Among Older People – The New York Times

Frail Older Patients Struggle After Even Minor Operations – The New York Times

A Research Nonprofit Shutters TB Vaccine Effort and Lays Off Scientists – The New York Times

To Prevent Deadly Infections, F.D.A. Approves the First Disposable ‘Scope’ – The New York Times

How to Help a Teenager Handle the Death of an Idol – The New York Times

South Carolina Is the 10th State to Impose Medicaid Work Requirements – The New York Times

N.J. Lawmakers Plan to Pass One of U.S.’s Strictest Pro-Vaccine Laws – The New York Times

Federal Watchdog Questions Billions of Dollars Paid to Private Medicare Plans – The New York Times

You Could Die Today. Here’s How to Reduce That Risk. – The New York Times

Sleeping 9 Hours a Night May Raise Stroke Risk – The New York Times

Questioning ‘the Newer the Better’ for Blood Transfusions – The New York Times

When Dad Turns Out to Be the Fertility Doctor – The New York Times

The Unexpected Freedom That Comes With Freezing Your Eggs – The New York Times

Why Women on the Pill Still ‘Need’ to Have Their Periods – The New York Times

Marathon Running May Be Good for Your Knees – The New York Times

For the Holidays, the Gift of Self-Care – The New York Times

C-Section Is Not Tied to Obesity in Children – The New York Times

When Drug Side Effects Pose Real Dangers – The New York Times

We Beat Sleep Apnea. It Should Be Easier for You to Do It, Too. – The New York Times

Even a Little Alcohol May Raise Cancer Risk – The New York Times

New Therapies Help Patients With Dementia Cope With Depression – The New York Times

Two New Drugs Help Relieve Sickle-Cell Disease. But Who Will Pay? – The New York Times

Denmark Raises Antibiotic-Free Pigs. Why Can’t the U.S.? – The New York Times

Health Spending Grew Modestly, New Analysis Finds – The New York Times

200,000 Uninsured Americans to Get Free H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs – The New York Times

Ban on Surprise Medical Bills May Pass After All – The New York Times

Premature Babies at Higher Diabetes Risk – The New York Times

Government Studying Widely Used Chemicals Linked to Health Issues – The New York Times

Dealing With Grown-Up ‘Mean Girls’ – The New York Times

Diabetes in Mothers Raises Heart Risks in Children – The New York Times

This Woman Wants to Help Regulate Your Period With Food – The New York Times

25 Again? How Exercise May Fight Aging – The New York Times

Fake Meat vs. Real Meat – The New York Times

The Beauty Myth for Boys – The New York Times

See How the World’s Most Polluted Air Compares With Your City’s – The New York Times

Teaching Resilience in the Face of Climate Change – The New York Times

If ‘Pain Is an Opinion,’ There Are Ways to Change Your Mind – The New York Times

Why millions of Americans — including men — will get a separate bill for abortion coverage starting in June – The Washington Post

Data Catch-22: How tech gadgets for exercise sometimes do more harm than good – The Washington Post

Trump administration takes steps to boost organs available for transplants – The Washington Post

Congress failed to pass a drug pricing overhaul. So it set another deadline. – The Washington Post

Does happiness in your 50s signal the end of ambition? – The Washington Post

She was pregnant and terribly itchy. Something was going very wrong. – The Washington Post

Congress is poised to approve paid family leave for federal workers – The Washington Post

Sheet masks are everywhere but do they live up to the hype? – The Washington Post

The Dutch have a name for doing nothing. It’s called niksen, and we need more of it – The Washington Post

Essential oils are potent, risky and promising, Here’s what you need to know. – The Washington Post

Five ways to enjoy online dating while improving your chances, according to a psychologist – The Washington Post

Global greenhouse gas emissions will hit yet another record high this year, experts project – The Washington Post

As the population ages, more home health-care companies are catering to travelers – The Washington Post

Brooding about not reaching a goal or resolution? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself – The Washington Post

Soy, oat, almond, coconut or another? How to find the healthiest milk for your needs – The Washington Post

8 tips for making fitness part of your family life (no home gym required) – The Washington Post