Health News February 2017

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Child poisoned? Don’t use home remedies or check the internet. Call a doctor – Miami Herald 2/28/17

5 strategies to end late-night snacking – The Washington Post 2/28/17

​Colorectal cancer rates rising sharply among Gen X and millennials – The Washington Post 2/28/17

How to Get Patients to Take More Control of Their Medical Decisions – The Wall Street Journal 2/28/17

Feeling Burned Out at Work? Join the Club – The Wall Street Journal 2/28/17

Deadly, Drug-Resistant ‘Superbugs’ Pose Huge Threat, W.H.O. Says – The New York Times 2/27/17

Doctors Consider a Last Best Hope for Obese Teenagers: Surgery – The New York Times 2/24/17

Flu virus shifting east, hitting older adults hardest – CNN 2/24/17

Rise in mumps outbreaks prompts U.S. officials to weigh third vaccine dose – The Washington Post 2/23/17

Diabetes testing at the dentist’s office – The New York Times 2/23/17

The 7 numbers you need to know to keep your heart healthy – Miami Herald 2/23/17

With allergy season around the corner, educate yourself now – The Washington Post 2/22/17

​​Tips for protecting your teen from an abusive relationship – Miami Herald 2/21/17

How to lose weight and keep it off – Time 2/21/17

Acupuncture shows promise in migraine treatment, study says – CNN 2/21/17

Tips for treating teething babies – Chicago Tribune 2/21/17

Wearable fitness devices don’t seem to make you more fit – The New York Times 2/20/17

Stop freaking out about body fat – The Wall Street Journal 2/17/17

The Sleep Cure: The Fountain of Youth May Be Closer Than You Ever Thought – Time 2/16/17

Going gluten-free might increase risk of arsenic, mercury exposure, study finds – Chicago Tribune 2/16/17

Why exercise is good for the heart – The New York Times 2/15/17

​Gut check: how efficient or sluggish is your kids’ digestion? – The Washington Post 2/15/17

Door opens to gene editing in embryos – The Wall Street Journal 2/14/17

​You may have to give up some pleasure, if you want to live longer – Miami Herald 2/14/17

No drugs for back pain, new guidelines say – The Wall Street Journal 2/13/17

Doctors see gains against ‘an urgent threat,’ C. Diff – The New York Times 2/10/17

New instructions at high schools: take a nap – The Wall Street Journal 2/8/17

Step away from the scale: It’s not all about how much weight you lose – The Washington  Post 2/7/17

Many high-risk patients with breast cancer aren’t getting genetic testing… – The Washington Post 2/7/17

​Turning the tide against Cholera – The New York Times 2/6/17

A new device may mean fewer breast-cancer surgeries –  The Wall Street Journal 2/6/17

Pregnant women turn to marijuana, perhaps harming infants – The New York  Times 2/2/17

Swing of hydrogen peroxide–promoted by alternative-health devotees–can kill you – The Washington Post 2/1/17

Hormone blockers can prolong life if prostate cancer returns – The New  York Times 2/1/17