Health News February 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Another reason to worry about overcrowded emergency rooms – Fox News 2/28/18

The Spice Diet: A diet that explodes with flavor … and happens to be healthy – Fox News 2/28/18

After a deadly year, the race to outsmart an ever-mutating flu virus – Chicago Tribune 2/28/18

Bad genes are a problem you can live with – Chicago Tribune 2/28/18

What’s in the IV bag? Studies show safer option than saline – Chicago Tribune 2/28/18

C-Sections and Gut Bacteria May Contribute to Overweight Kids – The New York Times 2/28/18

You Get Thirsty and Drink. How Does Your Brain Signal You’ve Had Enough? – The New York Times 2/28/18

‘Obesity Paradox’ Fails to Hold Up in Study – The New York Times 2/28/18

Bill Banning Circumcision in Iceland Alarms Religious Groups – The New York Times 2/28/18

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Olympian? – The New York Times 2/28/18

Don’t know how to poach foods? It’s worth learning. – The Washington Post 2/28/18

U.S. to file ‘statement of interest’ in lawsuits agains opioid makers, distributors – Fox News 2/27/18

Aerobic exercise slows cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease – Fox News 2/27/18

Standing desks may be harmful to your health, according to a new study – Fox News 2/27/18

Too much tech: Today’s kids struggle to hold pencils, study says – Fox News 2/27/18

Teen sexting may be more common than you think – Fox News 2/27/18

National Sleep Awareness Month calls for dreamy ways to snooze – Chicago Tribune 2/27/18

Swallowing problems can be a serious health risk. And treatment options are rough. – Chicago Tribune 2/27/18

Ground Control to Major Mom – The New York Times 2/27/18

Sneeze Into Your Elbow, Not Your Hand. Please. – The New York Times 2/27/18

Need a Date? First, Get a Dog – The New York Times 2/27/18

Why you should stop trying to lose weight – The Washington Post 2/27/18

Pediatricians issue new guidelines for depression screening for teens – Fox News 2/26/18

Childhood obesity is worse among 2-5 year olds – Fox News 2/26/18

Xanax, Valium looking like America’s next drug crisis – Chicago Tribune 2/26/18

Nothing worked for my depression — until I tried meditation – Chicago Tribune 2/26/18

Why some yogis get wrist pain and what to do about it – Chicago Tribune 2/26/18

Inside Wounded Flies, Fat Cells Race to the Rescue – The New York Times 2/26/18

More Fitness, Less Fatness – The New York Times 2/26/18

What Happens When You Let Babies Feed Themselves? – The New York Times 2/26/18

Tourist infected with measles went to New York art museum, area hotels, health officials say – Fox News 2/25/18

F.D.A. to Expand Medication-Assisted Therapy for Opioid Addicts – The New York Times 2/25/18

New medical advances may provide doctors with life-saving information about your health – Fox News 2/24/18

Contortion That’s No Circus Act – The Wall Street Journal 2/24/18

At the Doctor’s Office, Expect Better, More Reliable Flu Tests – The Wall Street Journal 2/24/18

Inside Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s $500M action plan after Parkland shooting – Fox News 2/23/18

Florida shooting shows we can’t ignore problems of troubled kids — Let’s help them before it’s too late – Fox News 2/23/18

Young men’s drinking tied to later liver disease risk – Fox News 2/23/18

One-third of millennials brush teeth just once a day, study shows – Fox News 2/23/18

Fake urine: Mississippi in legislative push to flush it away – Fox News 2/23/18

Olympian Dorothy Hamill reveals life after breast cancer battle, being named America’s sweetheart – Fox News 2/23/18

Lesbian couple sues feds for thwarting their chance to foster refugee children – CNN 2/23/18

You don’t need to give up cheeses, milk and coffee creamers to go vegan – Los Angeles Times 2/23/18

He lost 40 pounds in six weeks by going vegan – Los Angeles Times 2/23/18

This couples workout will help you stay motivated – Chicago Tribune 2/23/18

Patients Eagerly Awaited a Generic Drug. Then They Saw the Price. – The New York Times 2/23/18

Trump Blames Video Games for Mass Shootings. Researchers Disagree. – The New York Times 2/23/18

For Executives, Addiction Recovery in the Lap of Luxury – The New York Times 2/23/18

U.K. Moves Toward Making Adults Presumed Organ Donors – The New York Times 2/23/18

Can Being Cold Make You Sick? – The New York Times 2/23/18

Olympic Cross-Country Skiers Eat 8,000 Calories a Day. It’s Exhausting. – The New York Times 2/23/18

Measles Cases in Europe Quadrupled in 2017 – The New York Times 2/23/18

YouTube star who claims veganism healed her breast cancer dies from disease – Fox News 2/22/18

Vegan yogurt recalled for containing milk – Fox News 2/22/18

Florida shooting shows the need for more mental health programs – Fox News 2/22/18

Trump’s language on school shooter’s mental health could be harmful, experts say – CNN 2/22/18

A powerful letter captures a teacher’s existential crisis: Would I die for my students? – CNN 2/22/18

Multistate salmonella outbreak tied to chicken salad – CNN 2/22/18

New findings paint picture of Neanderthals as artists – CNN 2/22/18

Sharing stories of miscarriage helps women grieve, fight for change – CNN 2/22/18

Tools to encourage kids’ creativity – CNN 2/22/18

Harsh flu season hits senior-living firms with more pain to come – Chicago Tribune 2/22/18

Doctors in India successfully remove man’s 4-pound brain tumor – Chicago Tribune 2/22/18

8 stories about drinking and health: The good, bad and ugly – Chicago Tribune 2/22/18

Can having a drink with dinner turn into problem drinking? – Chicago Tribune 2/22/18

Rotating night shifts may be a path to diabetes, study suggests – Chicago Tribune 2/22/18

Opening Mental Hospitals Unlikely to Prevent Mass Shootings, Experts Say – The New York Times 2/22/18

How Our Beliefs Can Shape Our Waistlines – The New York Times 2/22/18

Eating Fast May Raise Obesity Risk – The New York Times 2/22/18

Black Lung Disease Comes Storming Back in Coal Country – The New York Times 2/22/18

Why some yogis get wrist pain — and what to do about it – The Washington Post 2/22/18

Tired of covering grays? Silver hair is the hot new trend – Fox News 2/21/18

Healthy food blogger almost died from dieting obsession – Fox News 2/21/18

Pacemakers can be hacked, new research shows – Fox News 2/21/18

Walk while counting backward to diagnose this type of dementia – CNN 2/21/18

Can you vaccinate yourself against cancer? – CNN 2/21/18

FluMist set to return for next flu season – CNN 2/21/18

Excessive alcohol use linked to early-onset dementia risk – CNN 2/21/18

Florida lawmakers refuse to debate assault rifles, but say porn is dangerous – CNN 2/21/18

Hot baths, saunas can relieve pain, may help heart – CNN 2/21/18

‘Access+Ability’ exhibit showcases designs for, and by, those with disabilities – CNN 2/21/18

My son was so sick with the flu. Here’s what I learned. – Chicago Tribune 2/21/18

Medical mystery: Suddenly, she couldn’t walk straight – Chicago Tribune 2/21/18

How Exercise May Help the Memory Grow Stronger – The New York Times 2/21/18

Working Nights May Raise Diabetes Risk – The New York Times 2/21/18

Opioids Tied to Risk of Fatal Infections – The New York Times 2/21/18

Limiting the Influence of Tech When You Report on It – The New York Times 2/21/18

9 ways millennials are changing the way we eat – The Washington Post 2/21/18

Woman says she was paralyzed after doing a sit-up at the gym – Fox News 2/20/18

Bad heart? Don’t forget your flu shot – CNN 2/20/18

The least and most dangerous countries to be a newborn – CNN 2/20/18

After #MeToo, why isn’t there more focus on domestic violence? – CNN 2/20/18

28 sick in salmonella outbreak linked to kratom, CDC says – CNN 2/20/18

Iceland’s proposed ban on male circumcision upsets Jews, Muslims – CNN 2/20/18

Common products like perfume, paint contribute to air pollution – CNN 2/20/18

Preventive treatment for peanut allergies succeeds in study – Chicago Tribune 2/20/18

Study: For those over 90, alcohol better than exercise for longevity – Chicago Tribune 2/20/18

Caution: Cleaning this way is like smoking a pack a day, study says – Chicago Tribune 2/20/18

Children’s deaths from flu rise sharply amid signs that season may be hitting plateau – Chicago Tribune 2/20/18

Trial Tests FTC’s Power to Referee Drug Makers’ Fight Against Generics – The Wall Street Journal 2/20/18

The Key to Weight Loss Is Diet Quality, Not Quanity a New Study Finds – The New York Times 2/20/18

Albertsons Is Buying Rite Aid. Walmart’s Stock Falls. There’s a Common Rival. – The New York Times 2/20/18

Inside food cravings: How to deal when you’re just dying to have that cookie – The Washington Post 2/20/18

CDC warns about salmonella infections traced to kratom – The Washington Post 2/20/18

More U.S. babies dying of suffocation, often in bed – Fox News 2/19/18

2 children died from the flu over the weekend, adding to the 84 pediatric deaths this season – Fox News 2/19/18

Mom saves daughter’s life by Googling her symptoms, coming up with rare cancer – Fox News 2/19/18

Why heart attack symptoms are sometimes missed in women – CNN 2/19/18

Blood and urine test for autism could enable earlier diagnosis, scientists say – CNN 2/19/18

How biometrics is giving identities to ‘invisible citizens’ – CNN 2/19/18

A $17,850 urine test: Industry boom amid opioid epidemic – CNN 2/19/18

As Some Got Free Health Care, Gwen Got Squeezed: An Obamacare Dilemma – The New York Times 2/19/18

Doctors Said Immunotherapy Would Not Cure Her Cancer. They Were Wrong. – The New York Times 2/19/18

Contraception for Teenagers – The New York Times 2/19/18

Finding Closed-Caption Content Online – The New York Times 2/19/18

How Dental Inequality Hurts Americans – The New York Times 2/19/18

Most Sunscreens Can Harm Coral Reefs. What Should Travelers Do? – The New York Times 2/19/18

America at Home: Grandparents in the Attic, Children in the Basement – The New York Times 2/19/18

Promising Ivy League student, 19 killed in opioid crisis – Fox News 2/18/18

Other viruses cause Zika-like damage to fetuses, study finds – CNN 2/18/18

Where kids help the elderly live longer – CNN 2/18/18

Dog food brands recalled over possible euthanasia drug – CNN 2/18/18

After a scary diagnosis, uncertainity can be the hardest part – Chicago Tribune 2/18/18

Teens raised on lockdown drills feel the weight of the Florida shooting – CNN 2/17/18

K-beauty is red hot: Where to shop skincare at the source in L.A. – Los Angeles 2/17/18

In Hospitals, Pneumonia Is a Lethal Enemy – The Wall Street Journal 2/17/18

What’s the Best Way to Make Sure You Get Sleep When You Have the Flu? – The Wall Street Journal 2/17/18

How an Amputee Excels on the Slopes – The Wall Street Journal 2/17/18

Still Talking After All These Years – The New York Times 2/17/18

8-year-old boy rescues his classmate during gummy bear choking fit – Fox News 2/16/18

The Florida shootings remind us of how medical advances save lives – Fox News 2/16/18

After Florida shooting, we must do something — Students need mental health screenings – Fox News 2/16/18

Flu now blamed for 84 child deaths this season, CDC says – CNN 2/16/18

Aetna inquiry widens over ex-medical director’s comments – CNN 2/16/18

Healthiest office snacks, as chosen by nutritionists – CNN 2/16/18

Time is up for timeouts – CNN 2/16/18

Will a signal from the tope mean more gun violence research? – CNN 2/16/18

The epidemic of gun violence is treatable – CNN 2/16/18

Infant death rates are higher in rural America — but not for all causes – Chicago Tribune 2/16/18

Lassa Fever Erupts in Nigeria – The New York Times 2/16/18

Do I Get Enough Vitamin D in the Winter? – The New York Times 2/16/18

The Flu Vaccine Is Working Better Than Expected, C.D.C Finds – The New York Times 2/16/18

Here’s what you should know about the flu season this year – The Washington Post 2/16/18

Alzheimer’s pervasive plaque contained when key enzyme is removed in mice, study finds – Fox News 2/15/18

Flu vaccine just 36% effective this season, CDC reports – CNN 2/15/18

World’s first human case of H7N4 avian flu reported in China – CNN 2/15/18

As marijuana use rises, doctors warn pregnant women – CNN 2/15/18

The hottest new yoga workouts in L.A. – Los Angeles Times 2/15/18

Gwyneth Paltrom does it. But do you really need a vitamin IV? – Chicago Tribune 2/15/18

FDA opens new path for Alzheimer’s therapy as failures mount – Chicago Tribune 2/15/18

After polyps are detected, patients may no longer qualify for free colonoscopies – Chicago Tribune 2/15/18

In Allergy Bullying, Food Can Hurt – The New York Times 2/15/18

Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation – The New York Times 2/15/18

A Challenge Race Shakes Up the Running Routine – The New York Times 2/15/18

A Cancer Researcher Takes Cancer Personally – The New York Times 2/15/18

Broken heart syndrome: Could it happen to you? – Fox News 2/14/18

The Ash Wednesday diet – Fox News 2/14/18

Study: US personnel suffered ‘symptoms resembling brain injury’ in Cuba – CNN 2/14/18

Flu warfare may look different next year – CNN 2/14/18

Ultra-processed foods linked to increased cancer risk – CNN 2/14/18

Sex and finances are better for married people. Don’t worry, singles — you win sleep – CNN 2/14/18

Tampons in the mail? Just the beginning of the change we need – CNN 2/14/18

Measles tripled in Europe in 2017, European CDC reports – CNN 2/14/18

New Dutch law to make all adults organ donors unless they opt out – CNN 2/14/18

Want to keep the VD out of Valentine’s Day? Miami has the condom for you – Miami Herald 2/14/18

Therapy successfully reverses Alzheimer’s in mice, researchers report. What doees that mean for humans? – Chicago Tribune 2/14/18

Cravings for sure, but can sugar cause addiction? – Chicago Tribune 2/14/18

Idaho Insurer to Sell Plans at Odds With Federal Health Law – The Wall Street Journal 2/14/18

F.D.A. Approves First Blood Test to Detect Concussions – The New York Times 2/14/18

A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive – The New York Times 2/14/18

Using Art to Tackle Obesity and Diabetes in Youth – The New York Times 2/14/18

How to Talk With Teenagers About Vaping – The New York Times 2/14/18

Olive oil options can be dizzying. Which is best for you? – The Washington Post 2/14/18

A mom turned to a controversial ‘treatment’ for her daughter’s autism — feeding her bleach – The Washington Post 2/14/18

Is Social Security to blame for so many men dying at 62? – Fox News 2/13/18

Are you susceptible to brainwashing? – CNN 2/13/18

Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s how you can spread the love around – CNN 2/13/18

A school catches flak for telling girls they can’t say no if a boy asks them to dance – CNN 2/13/18

Parents want custody to stop transgener teen having hormone treatment – CNN 2/13/18

Psychiatric illnesses share similar gene activity, study suggests – CNN 2/13/18

Kidney stones on the rise in US, study suggests – CNN 2/13/18

After 70 years of universal health care, is the NHS at a crisis point? – CNN 2/13/18

He saw a little black dot. A brain-eating worm was pulled out of his eye – Miami Herald 2/13/18

How to treat and prevent head lice infections in children – Miami Herald 2/13/18

In soil-dwelling bacteria, scientists find new weapon to fight drug-resistant superbugs – Chicago Tribune 2/13/18

Obesity Tied to Survival in Men With Melanoma – The New York Times 2/13/18

How to Break Up With Your Phone – The New York Times 2/13/18

American Fertility Is Falling Short of What Women Want – The New York Times 2/13/18

High blood pressure? Potssium could help. – The Washington Post 2/13/18

The easiest, cheapest thing you can do to avoid getting the flu – Fox News 2/12/18

A smile will improve your run, research finds – CNN 2/12/18

Israel develops pocket-size device to test for heart attacks – CNN 2/12/18

Senate report says patient advocacy groups get kickbacks from opioid manufacturers – CNN 2/12/18

Critics jump on ultrasound and autism connection – CNN 2/12/18

Marijuana’s 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes – Chicago Tribune 2/12/18

How Skype is helping kids with autism – Chicago Tribune 2/12/18

Sex while pregnant? Get in touch with your body – Chicago Tribune 2/12/18

The importance of talking openly with kids about marijuana – Chicago Tribune 2/12/18

Ovarian Cancer Doesn’t Begin in the Ovaries, Researchers Say – The Wall Street Journal 2/12/18

He Took a Drug to Prevent AIDS. Then He Couldn’t Get Disability Insurance. – The New York Times 2/12/18

The First Step Toward a Personal Memory Maker? – The New York Times 2/12/18

A Perfect Storm for Broken Bones – The New York Times 2/12/18

High Blood Sugar Levels Tied to Memory Decline – The New York Times 2/12/18

Caring for Siblings of Sick or Disabled Children – The New York Times 2/12/18

Heart Stents Are Useless for Most Stable Patients. They’re Still Widely Used. – The New York Times 2/12/18

An American says she fell asleep with a headache — and woke up with a British accent – The Washington Post 2/12/18

She thought the weird sensation was a stray eyelash. It was eye worms. – The Washington Post 2/12/18

OxyContin maker says it will no longer market opioid to doctors – Fox News 2/11/18

California launches investigation following stunning admission by Aetna medical director – CNN 2/11/18

F.D.A. Chief Goes Againts the Administration Stereotype – The New York Times 2/11/18

Even Australia’s Medical Marijuana Poster Boy Can’t Get the Drug – The New York Times 2/11/18

When Skiing Isn’t Fast Enough, Bring in the Horse – The Wall Street Journal 2/10/18

Kentucky Rushes to Remake Medicaid as Other States Prepare to Follow – The New York Times 2/10/18

West Virginia calls in National Guard to tackle opioid crisis – Fox News 2/9/18

Human eggs grown in lab for first time, creating hope for young females with cancer – Fox News 2/9/18

Pediatrician: ‘Flu just spread like wildfire’ – CNN 2/9/18

Norovirus: How to protect yourself at the Olympics or at home – CNN 2/9/18

Flu still on the rise, hospitalizations high, CDC says – CNN 2/9/18

4 ways to level up your love game this Valentine’s Day – Los Angeles Times 2/9/18

A real pain in the butt could signal hamstring injury – Miami Herald 2/9/18

Is a facelift needed to remove extra skin and fat from under the chin? – Miami Herald 2/9/18

The flu season’s not over — so people are reaching for this household item – Miami Herald 2/9/18

A long history of athletes using performance-enhancing drugs – Miami Herald 2/9/18

2 elderly women dish their secrets for aging gracefully – Chicago Tribune 2/9/18

Could the deadly 1918 flu panjdemic happen again? – Chicago Tribune 2/9/18

Lower Drug Prices: New Proposals Carry Lots of Promises – The New York Times 2/9/18

Promising Malaria Drug Has a Striking Drawback: Blue Urine – The New York Times 2/9/18

Are Hand Dryers Actually Full of Bacteria? A Viral Photo Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story – The New York Times 2/9/18

Do I Have a Fever? My Temperature Is 98.6 but I Feel Feverish – The New York Times 2/9/18

Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem. – The Washington Post 2/9/18

Here’s what you should know about the flu season this year – The Washington Post 2/9/18

She survived her first bout of the flu — but not the second – The Washington Post 2/9/18

Many people take dangerously high amounts of ibuprofen – Fox News 2/8/18

Dr. Marc Siegal: Yes, you CAN get the flu twice – Fox News 2/8/18

Maryland’s among a handful of states that allow rapists parental rights. That’s about to change – CNN 2/8/18

Drowsy driving is a factor in almost 10% of crashes, study finds – CNN 2/8/18

House passes scale-back of Obama-era menu calorie count rules – CNN 2/8/18

Is this stuff cocaine? These college kids can tell you real fast – Miami Herald 2/8/18

Sexual harassment can make victims physically sick, studies reveal – Chicago Tribune 2/8/18

Colonoscopy may be linked to increased risk of appendicitis – Chicago Tribune 2/8/18

New treatment could be ‘breakthrough’ for vitiligo – Chicago Tribune 2/8/18

Two Prostate Cancer Drugs Delay Spread of the Disease by Two Years – The New York Times 2/8/18

Waiting to Treat the Cancer – The New York Times 2/8/18

How to Fit in Exercise While You Travel – The New York Times 2/8/18

Norovirus Cases at Olympics More Than Double, Moving Beyound Security Staff – The New York Times 2/8/18

Tide Pods must be changed to be less delicious looking, lawmakers say – Fox News 2/7/18

Physician: We need a universal flu vaccine — No more excuses – Fox News 2/7/18

Herpes rates decline across US – CNN 2/7/18

Weight loss interventions that work: Surgery – CNN 2/7/18

Weight loss interventiions that work: Lifestyle changes – CNN 2/7/18

Weight loss interventions that work: Medications – CNN 2/7/18

‘Inoculate yourself with the word of God’: How religion can limit medical treatment – CNN 2/7/18

Safe injection sites in San Francisco could be first in the US – CNN 2/7/18

For the first time in its history, the Gerber spokesbaby is a child with Down syndrome – CNN 2/7/18

Fake doctor suspected of infecting at least 33 people with HIV – CNN 2/7/18

Your relationship has hit a ‘rough patch.’ Now what? – CNN 2/7/18

LGBTQ health care: How to get what you need as concerns rise over new division at HHS – Chicago Tribune 2/7/18

During mumps outbreak, third dose of the vaccine can help – Chicago Tribune 2/7/18

Early prostate cancer kept at bay in 2 studies for high-risk men – Chicago Tribune 2/7/18

When Your Workout Is Also Your Vacation – The Wall Street Journal 2/7/18

In Sweeping War on Obesity, Chile Slays Tony the Tiger – The New York Times 2/7/18

How to Know When a Child’s Flu Turns Serious – The New York Times 2/7/18

Standing for 6 Hours Burns an Extra 54 Calories – The New York Times 2/7/18

Lift Weights, Eat More Protein, Especially if You’re Over 40 – The New York Times 2/7/18

Acne Can Increase the Risk for Depression – The New York Times 2/7/18

A hospital refused a new liver to a woman because she was undocumented. Then it found its heart. – The Washington Post 2/7/18

Robin Williams’s suicide was followed by a sharp rise in ‘copycat’ deaths – The Washington Post 2/7/18

The ‘SlimCado’ has less fat than your average avocado. But is it really better for you? – The Washington Post 2/7/18

Hot tead tied to higher cancer risk for smokers and drinkers – Fox News 2/6/18

Some flu vaccines may work better than others, but public could use better guidance – Fox News 2/6/18

Can you die of a heart attack caused by smoke? – CNN 2/6/18

The centenarians dominating one region of Sardinia – CNN 2/6/18

More US teens are rejecting ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ gender identitites, a study finds – CNN 2/6/18

Hypochondriacs in the age of Google: When worry becomes its own illness – Chicago Tribune 2/6/18

A Breakthrough Stroke Treatment Can Save Lives — If It’s Available – The Wall Street Journal 2/6/18

Far More U.S. Children Than Previously Thought May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders – The New York Times 2/6/18

A Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists Report – The New York Times 2/6/18

Norovirus Sidelines Security Staff at Pyeongchang Olympics – The New York Times 2/6/18

The Death of the Doctor’s Dog – The New York Times 2/6/18

These skeptics are using science to fight a wave of bad nutrition advice on the Internettics are using science to fight a wave of bad nutrition advice on the Internet – The Washington Post 2/6/18

Trump uses Britain’s protests to jump back into health-care fray at home – The Washington Post 2/6/18

FDA ramps up warnings about kratom, calling unregulated herb an ‘opioid’ – The Washington Post 2/6/18

Why car horns, planes and sirens might be bad for your heart – The Washington Post 2/6/18

Two drinks a day can help you fight Alzheimer’s, study says – Fox News 2/5/18

Philadelphia aims to become first US city to legalize safe injection sites – CNN 2/5/18

Paid parental leave elusive 25 years after Family and Medical Leave Act – CNN 2/5/18

New report details misuse of antipsychotics in nursing homes – Chicago Tribune 2/5/18

The Chase for a Permanent Flu Vaccine – The Wall Street Journal 2/5/18

Have You Heard? This Guy Has a Cold – The New York Times 2/5/18

Many Animals Can Count, Some Better Than You – The New York Times 2/5/18

The Importance of Infants’ Exposure to Micro-Organisms – The New York Times 2/5/18

Incredible new wearable medical devices can help millions of people and advance medical research – Fox News 2/4/18

Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built – The New York Times 2/4/18

Fentanyl Adds Deadly Kick to Opioid Woes in Britain – The New York Times 2/4/18

An Olympic Daredevil’s Uphill Battle – The Wall Street Journal 2/3/18

Unlocking Secrets of Sour Flavors With Something Found in Your Ears – The New York Times 2/3/18

Who’s Able-Bodied Anyway? – The New York Times 2/3/18

Flu hospitalizations are ‘the highest we’ve seen,’ CDC says – Fox News 2/2/18

Probiotic milk tied to lowered risk of some pregnancy complications – Fox News 2/2/18

Vaccine could prevent disease that causes facial ‘craters’ – Fox News 2/2/18

Opponents of California’s coffee-cancer warnings to face mediation next week – Fox News 2/2/18

‘Australian flu’: It’s not from Australia – CNN 2/2/18

Super Bowl controversies to talk about with your kids – CNN 2/2/18

4 guilt-free chocolates to indulge in this Valentine’s Day – Los Angeles Times 2/2/18

How to choose the right cosmetic treatments for younger-looking lips – Miami Herald 2/2/18

A low-inflammatory diet is in your best nutritional interest – Miami Herald 2/2/18

The verdict is in on whether standing desks help you lose weight – Chicago Tribune 2/2/18

What to know about going gluten-free – Chicago Tribune 2/2/18

Social egg freezing is a numbers game that many women don’t understand – Chicago Tribune 2/2/18

If Immigrants Are Pushed Out, Who Will Care for the Elderly? – The New York Times 2/2/18

Cancer Risk From Cellphone Radiation Is Small, Studies Show – The New York Times 2/2/18

Reported Cases of Sexual Abuse Against Men Triple in England and Wales – The New York Times 2/2/18

Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious? – The New York Times 2/2/18

Do Hangovers Get Worse as We Age? – The New York Times 2/2/18

More Girls Are Playing Football. Is That Progress? – The New York Times 2/2/18

5 things you need to know if you are considering freezing your eggs – The Washington Post 2/2/18

‘Mean girls’: How to help your daughter from becoming one – Fox News 2/1/18

Louisiana on track to having 1,000 flu-related deaths this season, officials say – Fox News 2/1/18

Ohio AG ‘encourgared’ by prospect of multi-state opioid settlement – Fox News 2/1/18

Tom Brady’s hydration method may be dangerous, nutritionist says – Fox News 2/1/18

Ethan Novek wants to caputre carbon and clean up fossil fuels – CNN 2/1/18

Fired for being pregnant: Another kind of discrimination women face at work – CNN 2/1/18

How to lose your love handles – CNN 2/1/18

Veterans aren’t always getting mental care they urgently need, report finds – CNN 2/1/18

10 health and fitness devices you’ll want to buy right now – Los Angeles Times 2/1/18

This ER nurse has some horror stories to tell about the flu in her viral video – Miami Herald 2/1/18

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