Health News February 2019

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Parents, please stop freaking out over the Momo Challenge – CNN

Healthy tips to get the most out of Mardi Gras – CNN

Pop Warner football bans traditional three-point stance – CNN

After five months in ICU, the world’s tiniest baby boy has left the hospital – CNN

Semi-identical twins are rare, and doctors say they’ve identified the second case ever – CNN

US pedestrian deaths are highest in three decades, report says – CNN

87 more lots of blood pressure and heart medicine recalled for probable carcinogen – Miami Herald

Premature babies are often covered in wires. A Northwestern scientist’s new invention could change that. – Chicago Tribune

How ‘completely avoidable’ measles cases continue to climb – Chicago Tribune

Testicular cancer treatment doesn’t always doom fertility – Chicago Tribune

Starboard Details Opposition to Bristol-Myers Deal for Celgene – The Wall Street Journal

F.D.A. Says Canadian Company, CanaRx, Sells Unsafe Medicines to U.S. Buyers – The New York Times

Trans Fat Bans May Be Good for the Heart – The New York Times

How the Icefish Got Its Transparent Blood and See-Through Skull – The New York Times

These Mice Sing to One Another — Politely – The New York Times

My Afterlife on the Body Farm – The New York Times

What is multiple sclerosis? – CNN

Herbalist sentenced after death of diabetic boy advised not to use insulin – CNN

Flu shot will not cause a pregnant woman to miscarry, study says – CNN

There’s a rise in shark attacks, but the risk is low, study finds – CNN

Chicago marks 1st pediatric flu death as Arlington Heights middle school sees high number of cases – Chicago Tribune

‘Miraculous’ stem cell therapy has sickened people in 5 states – Chicago Tribune

Haunting ‘Roma’ scene shines a rare spotlight on stillbirths – Chicago Tribune

Long workweeks may lead to depression, especially for women – Chicago Tribune

New Cancer Drugs Aim to Offer Alternatives to Chemo – The Wall Street Journal

What Can Science Tell Us About Dad Jokes? – The Wall Street Journal

How to Support a Friend of Loved One Who Has Been Sexually Abused – The New York Times

High Blood Pressure in Teens Tied to Kidney Failure in Adulthood – The New York Times

The Best Type of Exercise to Burn Fat – The New York Times

Cancer patient’s treatment leaves radiation contamination in crematory – CNN

Elderly aren’t getting enough help study says – Chicago Tribune

Anti-vaxxers face backlash as measles cases surge – Chicago Tribune

Senators Press Drug-Company Executives Over Prices – The Wall Street Journal

House Democrats Reveal Plan for Medicare for All – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Plans Multifaceted Response to Combat Opioid Abuse – The Wall Street Journal

Selma Blair Shares Her M.S. Story, and Many Hear Their Own – The New York Times

‘Executing Babies’: Here Are the Facts Behind Trump’s Misleading Abortion Tweet – The New York Times

When the Bully Is the Boss – The New York Times

Taking Back ‘Hysterical’ – The New York Times

State launches mobile wellness vehicle to combat addictions – The Washington Post

After taking a painful tumble, this doctor and runner is learning the best way to fall – The Washington Post

What ‘Medicare for All’ means, politically and practically – CNN

They had abortions late in their pregnancies. These are their stories – CNN

Facebook to get tougher on anti-vaxers – CNN

Hearings on ‘sky-high’ drug prices show how little has changed in 60 years – CNN

Humans are frogs in hot water of climate change, research says – CNN

Another company recalls blood pressure and heart medicine for cancer-causing ingredient – Miami Herald

Why crying over a terminal patient made me a better doctor – Chicago Tribune

More Americans are paying mortgages on time – Chicago Tribune

A Guide to Sleep Apnea – The New York Times

CBD Is Everywhere, but Scientists Still Don’t Know Much About It – The New York Times

Falls Can Kill You. Here’s How to Minimize the Risk. – The New York Times

The Challenges of a Child’s Report Card – The New York Times

Split-Sex Animals Are Unusual, Yes, but Not as Rare as You’d Think – The New York Times

Doctors and Racial Bias: Still a Long Way to Go – The New York Times

Celery juice will not work miracles, no matter what you read on Goop – The Washington Post

Considering a medical alert device? Here’s what you should know before buying. – The Washington Post

No shortage of patients who want facial plastic surgery, or facial plastic surgeons – Miami Herald

Basketball player lands ‘awkwardly’ on jump, now suffers knee pain, weakness – Miami Herald

New drugs, vaccines don’t seem to stop deadly sexually transmitted infections – Miami Herald

Cuba’s tobacco growers confront climate change – CNN

A state with some of the country’s strictest gun laws could not stop this shooting – CNN

An Elite Ice Climber’s Year-Round Workout – The Wall Street Journal

When an Injury Sidelines a Runner – The New York Times

These states have been hit the hardest by America’s opioid epidemic – CNN

Trump administration inches closer to defunding Planned Parenthood – CNN

FDA official says ongoing blood pressure drug investigation will probably uncover more tainted pills – CNN

Dove is offering $5,000 grants for dads without access to paid paternity leave – CNN

Ice climbing helped her out of addiction; now, she’s pulling others up – CNN

‘Extinction crisis’ threatening global food supply, UN report warns – CNN

Doctors have been speaking up for gun control, but study finds medical PACs give more to pro-gun candidates – CNN

How the daredevil sport of parkour can help aging adults fall better – CNN

Peter Frampton says a rare disease means he has to go on a real ‘Farewell’ tour – Miami Herald

As you age, so do the valves around your heart. New treatments are much less invasive – Miami Herald

New treatments are getting AFib, leading cause of stroke and heart failure, under control – Miami Herald

Want to manage your blood pressure and cholesterol? Then, exercise – Miami Herald

Trump Administration Blocks Funds for Planned Parenthood and Others Over Abortion Referrals – The New York Times

UnitedHealth Loses Case to Health Venture Begun by Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase – The New York Times

Why Do We Yawn? – The New York Times

Japan Battles Worst Measles Outbreak in Years – The New York Times

FDA proposes new sunscreen regulations – CNN

Poison control calls for kratom increased from one a month to two a day, study says – CNN

Could squid protein be an eco-friendly answer to our plastic problem? – CNN

Why would anyone lie about being a victim of a crime? – CNN

Health agencies to assess chemical exposure in 8 US communities near military bases – CNN

Leprosy still lurks in the United States, study says – CNN

What parents need to know about girls’ stress and anxiety – CNN

Did your father have a heart attack? Knowing your family history can save your life – Miami Herald

It took a heart attack for him to exercise and eat healthy. He’s now 75 pounds lighter. – Miami Herald

Kids love e-cigs and hookahs — but they won’t love what they’re doing to their hearts – Miami Herald

One number determines who gets an organ transplant, and it’s horribly unfair – Chicago Tribune

WHO Reacts to Chinese Gene-Edited Twins With Plan for Global Guidelines – The Wall Street Journal

Sackler Testimony Appears to Conflict With Federal Investigation – The New York Times

DNA Gets a New — and Bigger — Genetic Alphabet – The New York Times

Sepsis Is a Common Cause of Hospital Deaths – The New York Times

China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise – The New York Times

Build Your Own ‘Medicare for All’ Plan. Beware: There Are Tough Choices – The New York Times

What’s Covered Under Medicare? A New App May Leave You Still Wondering – The New York Times

The Financial Toxicity of Illness – The New York Times

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder at Issue as U.S. Subpoenas Company – The New York Times

$375,000 price leads diabled mom to ration meds – CNN

FDA chief: Federal government might step in if states don’t change lax vaccine laws – CNN

For nearly 2 decades, Grand Canyon tourists were exposed to radiation beyond the federal limit, safety manager says – CNN

Young blood company stops unproven anti-aging treatments after FDA warning – CNN

FDA may recommend overdose reversal drug alongside opioid prescriptions – CNN

Researchers hope experimental 2.5-minute sepsis test could save lives – CNN

Work out like Chris Hemsworth: ‘Avengers’ actor has a new health & fitness app – Los Angeles Times

It’s known as the ‘Silent Killer.’ How high blood pressure is impacting the black community – Miami Herald

Hispanics are more likely to get diabetes. And that’s not good for their hearts – Miami Herald

Heartburn may not be your problem. It could be a heart attack, especially for women – Miami Herald

Discharged, dismissed: ERs often miss chance to set overdose survivors on ‘better path’ – Chicago Tribune

Pinterest Blocks Vaccination Searches – The Wall Street Journal

Investor Starboard Unhappy With Bristol-Myers’ Deal to Buy Celgene – The Wall Street Journal

Is the Hospital I.D. Bracelet Going Away? – The Wall Street Journal

Measles Outbreak: Your Questions Answered – The New York Times

Teenagers Say Depression and Anxiety Are Major Issues Among Their Peers – The New York Times

The Medical Tech that Helps You When Your Doctor Can’t – The New York Times

Sleepless Flies Lived Long Lives. Why Not Us? – The New York Times

Legalize Pot? Amid Opioid Crisis, Some New Hampshire Leaders Say No Way – The New York Times

Loneliness Is Bad for Your Health. An App May Help. – The New York Times

How Many Push-Ups Can You Do? It May Be a Good Predictor of Heart Health – The New York Times

Heart attacks are on the rise among young women, study shows – CNN

New recommendations say not all women need genetic testing for cancer. Critics say it could cost lives – CNN

‘Alarming’ number of people received restricted fentanyl, study says – CNN

Give me some skin: A nighttime ritual to bond parent and child – CNN

Here are parenting tips to learn how to raise a reader – Miami Herald

‘I hit my head.’ Let’s talk about traumatic brain injury – Miami Herald

Swapping ultra-processed foods for unprocessed may help you lose weight – Miami Herald

For Parents of Ill Children, a Growing Recognition of PTSD – The Wall Street Journal

Kaiser Permanente’s New Medical School Will Waive Tuition for Its First 5 Classes – The New York Times

Spinning With My Shrink – The New York Times

Why you should be wary of some digestive enzyme supplements – The Washington Post

Can you eat your way to better mental health? Study says yes – CNN

The argument for playing video games with our kids – CNN

Screen time for kids under 2 more than doubles, study finds – CNN

Traveling with someone with Alzheimer’s is doable. The key is preparation – Los Angeles Times

Miami ostomy group helps patients adjust to their new lifestyles – Miami Herald

The Link Between Menopause and Alzheimer’s – The Wall Street Journal

The Case Against Cough Medicine – The New York Times

Having Anesthesia Once as a Baby Does Not Cause Learning Disabilities, New Research Shows – The New York Times

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness – The New York Times

How an anti-inflammatory diet can help tame an autoimmune condition – The Washington Post

Herbal water for babies with tummy discomfort recalled for possible choking hazard – Miami Herald

Voter Initiatives, Including Medicaid Expansion, Could Get Harder to Pass – The Wall Street Journal

Embryo ‘Adoption’ Is Growing, but It’s Getting Tangled in the Abortion Debate – The New York Times

Immunotherapies could change kidney cancer care, studies suggest – CNN

How I got my 89-year-old dad to crush it in the gym – Los Angeles Times

Unplug and reboot: Indulge in a wellness weekend close to home – Los Angeles Times

The Fitness Plan for Serious Schmoozers – The Wall Street Journal

A Mother Learns the Identity of Her Child’s Grandmother. A Sperm Bank Threatens to Sue. – The New York Times

‘Everything is a fight to get medications’: How the quest for lower drug prices is hurting chldren with asthma – CNN

In the NBA, fake-meat diets are changing the game – Los Angeles Times

Miami-Dade restaurant worker found with hepatitis A, health department announces – Miami Herald

Breast surgeons say all breast cancer patients should be offered genetic testing – Chicago Tribune

What ‘dope sick’ really feels like – Chicago Tribune

Dialysis Is a Way of Life for Many Older Patients. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. – The New York Times

8 Ways to Avoid Buying a Bad Mattress – The New York Times

A Tree Grows in — Well, You Don’t Want to Know – The New York Times

Could the U.S. Get Paid Family Leave? It’s Looking Better Than Ever – The New York Times

Do You Want to Be Pregnant? It’s Not Always a Yes-or-No Answer – The New York Times

Can You Get Over a Food Intolerance? – The New York Times

Common weed killer glyphosate increases cancer risk by 41%, study says – CNN

This year’s flu shot is less than 50% effective in preventing infection, CDC says – CNN

Weakest sperm left behind at ‘gates’ along reproductive path, study finds – CNN

The ‘Salt Queen’ working to transform the health of a nation – CNN

Two crises in one: As drug use rises, so does syphilis – Los Angeles Times

Slow start, but it’s not over yet: 5 things to know about this year’s flu season – Chicago Tribune

Too much TV may raise odds for early-onset colon cancer – Chicago Tribune

They’ve Taken America’s Temperature — and It’s Running High – The New York Times

The Instant, Custom, Connected Future of Medical Devices – The New York Times

How Self-Compassionate Are You? – The New York Times

For Valentine’s Day, Try Being Nice to Yourself – The New York Times

Avoid these ‘ultraprocessed’ foods and you might live longer – CNN

‘Extreme’ exercise no danger to middle-aged hearts, study finds – Chicago Tribune

Is It Healthy to Study in Bed? – The Wall Street Journal

Behavior at Age 6 May Predict Adult Income – The New York Times

Inflammation in Midlife May Lead to Memory Problems – The New York Times

Can Big Science Be Too Big? – The New York Times

Exercise May Help to Fend Off Depression – The New York Times

Teen gets vaccinated despite parents’ concerns: ‘I was doing it for my safety and the safety of others’ – CNN

Children and gun violence: Solutions to reducing the epidemic – Miami Herald

For survivors, breast cancer can threaten another part of their lives: sexual intimacy – Chicago Tribune

Beer before wine, always fine? Not according to hungover study participants. – Chicago Tribune

New Mothers at Risk of Depression to Get Counseling Services, Covered by Insurance, Under New Guidelines – The Wall Street Journal

F.D.A. Panel Recommends New Depression Treatment – The New York Times

Eating Processed Foods Tied to Shorter Life – The New York Times

A Distant Husband Becomes Caretaker and Falls Madly in Love Again – The New York Times

Depression During and After Pregnancy Can Be Prevented, National Panel Says. Here’s How. – The New York Times

Crystal Meth Is North Korea’s Trendiest Lunar New Year’s Gift – The New York Times

Why Do South Asians Have Such High Rates of Heart Disease? – The New York Times

Need a Breath of Fresh Air? Hotels to the Rescue – The New York Times

The Best Exercises to Prevent Falls – The New York Times

In a bad mood? Exercise can help. Here’s the best way to do it. – The Washington Post

10 ways to get healthier after 60 – CNN

FDA targets illegally marketed dietary supplements – CNN

Why opioids hit white areas harder: Doctors there prescribe more readily, study finds – Los Angeles Times

Woman’s foot problem limits her lifestyle. What’s the next step? – Miami Herald

Woman says one eye is ‘bigger’ than the other. Can plastic surgery help? – Miami Herald

Frail seniors find ways to live independently – Chicago Tribune

Your Company Wants to Know if You’ve Lost Weight – The Wall Street Journal

Despite Prevention Efforts, Hot-Car Casualties Are Rising – The Wall Street Journal

Medicare for All Bill Puts Pressure on Democrats’ 2020 Field – The Wall Street Journal

Everywhere in the Animal Kingdom, Followers of the Milky Way – The New York Times

A.I. Shows Promise as a Physician Assistant – The New York Times

F.D.A. Warns Supplement Makers to Stop Touting Cures for Diseases Like Alzheimer’s – The New York Times

A New Treatment for a Painful Penis Curvature – The New York Times

Sometimes, Parenting Is Boring – The New York Times

Can’t stomach bread? Alterations to the carbs, gluten and fiber in wheat could change that. – The Washington Post

Even in best-case scenario, opioid overdose deaths will keep rising until 2022 – Los Angeles Times

His Gym Class Turns Into a Bollywood Musical – The Wall Street Journal

A Rare Bird Indeed: A Cardinal That’s Half Male, Half Female – The New York Times

‘Object’: British Lawmaker Blocks Bill Against Female Genital Cutting – The New York Times

How messiness, self-criticism and screens cause you to eat poorly – CNN

OB-GYNs remain conflicted about abortion, survey shows, but pills may be changing attitudes – Los Angeles Times

Democrats Say Some States’ Medicaid Programs Aren’t Complying With Abortion Rules – The Wall Street Journal

Does Sunlight Through Glass Provide Vitamin D? – The New York Times

With Abortion in Spotlight, States Seek to Pass New Laws – The New York Times

Pea-sized pill delivers insulin shot from inside the stomach – Chicago Tribune

A High-Tech Pill to End Drug Injections – The New York Times

The Prescription Drugs That Rich People Buy – The New York Times

Instagram Bans Graphic Images of Self-Harm After Teenager’s Suicide – The New York Times

Beaked Whales Are the Deepest Divers – The New York Times

The Patient Had Bone Cancer. The Diagnosis Arrived 240 Million Years Too Late – The New York Times

Living Alone Can Be Deadly – The New York Times

U.K. Doctors Call for Caution in Children’s Use of Screens and Social Media – The New York Times

Measles Outbreak in Philippines Spreads Beyond Capital – The New York Times

Key West Bans Sunscreen Containing Chemicals Believed to Harm Coral Reefs – The New York Times

Trump Administration to Target Hotspots to End U.S. HIV Epidemic – The Wall Street Journal

A New Prognosis for Pain Care – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Turn to Biometrics to Identify Patients – The Wall Street Journal

Virtual Reality May Reduce the Pain of Childbirth – The Wall Street Journal

Better Hearing Can Lead to Better Thinking – The Wall Street Journal

Do E-Cigarettes Do More Good Than Harm? – The Wall Street Journal

Wellness Category Isn’t So Niche Anymore – The Wall Street Journal

Online Psychotherapy for the Elderly – The Wall Street Journal

Utah Lawmakers Seek to Curb Voter-Passed Medicaid Expansion – The Wall Street Journal

Where Will Drug Overdoses Hit Next? Twitter May Offer Clues – The Wall Street Journal

What Is Late-Term Abortion? Trump Got It Wrong– The New York Times

Safe Injection Site for Opioid Users Faces Trump Administration Crackdown – The New York Times

China Investigates Reports of H.I.V.-Tainted Blood Plasma Treatment – The New York Times

What ‘Anna Karenina’ Taught Me About Living With Depression – The New York Times

Can You Get Too Much Exercise? What the Heart Tells Us – The New York Times

How to have a sweet Valentine’s day without blowing your diet – CNN

Sanders to Gables pharma firm: Why are you charging $375,000 for life-saving drug? – Miami Herald

Little evidence pain creams work – Chicago Tribune

10 things to know about fentanyl, the potentially deadly drug – Chicago Tribune

Boot camp after 60: 10 steps to turn around unhealthy habits – Chicago Tribune

Flip the Script: Drugmakers Blame Middlemen for Price Increases – The Wall Street Journal

Texas Hospital Giants Cancel Plans to Merge – The Wall Street Journal

Bacteria May Offer New Hope for Treating Skin Disorders – The Wall Street Journal

How to Lose Weight, With the Help of Technology – The Wall Street Journal

Making New Drugs With a Dose of Artificial Intelligence – The New York Times

New York City Cracks Down on CBD Edibles, Saying the Cannabis Derivative Is Unsafe – The New York Times

How Trump’s Latest Plan to Cut Drug Prices Will Affect You – The New York Times

Screen Use at Bedtime May Impair Children’s Quality of Life – The New York Times

When Religion Lead to Trauma – The New York Times

The Hummingbird as Warrior: Evolution of a Fierce and Furious Beak – The New York Times

Morning or night? With food or without? Answers to your questions about taking supplements. – The Washington Post

A few nutritious aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day – Miami Herald

How to avoid bad lip fillers and dreaded ‘duck lips’ – Miami Herald

Valentine’s Day represents tragedy, loss for Parkland shooting survivors – Miami Herald

‘Gigantic Gaps’ in health system show up in crowdfunding, GoFundMe CEO says – Chicago Tribune

Almost 2 percent of high schoolers say they are transgender – Chicago Tribune

Doctors Surprised by Scope of Adult-Onset Food Allergies – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Expected to Announce Plan to Stop Spread of H.I.V. in the U.S. by 2030 – The New York Times

Pills to Protect Against and Apocalypse – The New York Times

Bud Light Picks Fight With Corn Syrup in Super Bowl Ad – The New York Times

Schools in England Introduce a New Subject: Mindfulness – The New York Times

Vitamin or Mineral Supplements Don’t Prevent Dementia – The New York Times

Demand for IUDs and Birth Control Implants Rose After Trump’s Election Amid Insurance Concerns, Study Shows – The New York Times

Italian Alpine Spas, Where Sports Are an Afterthought – The New York Times

Time to Put Fluffy and Fido on a Diet? – The New York Times

Giant Strides in World Health, but It Could Be So Much Better – The New York Times

The Challenge of Managing Other People’s Pain – The New York Times

Obesity Tied to Higher Cancer Rates in Younger People – The New York Times

Paleo and veganism have given birth to peganism. But is this new diet any good for you? – The Washington Post

Greece, 10 Year Into Economic Crisis, Counts the Cost to Mental Health – The New York Times

Linda Ronstadt can no longer sing. But there is still so much music left in her life. – Miami Herald

His Top Fitness Challenge: Dodge the Charging Moose – The Wall Street Journal

Debunking the Myths About Male Sexuality – The Wall Street Journal

Get fit and remotivated with a new moon workout, or a wine-and-yoga class – Los Angeles Times

Nearly half of U.S. adults have heart or blood vessel disease – Chicago Tribune

LB Equity Finds Beauty in Cannabis With $50 Million Fund – The Wall Street Journal

Two Sisters Bought DNA Kits. The Results Blew Apart Their Family. – The Wall Street Journal

McKinsey Advised Purdue Pharma How to ‘Turbocharge’ Opioid Sales, Lawsuit Says – The New York Times

Clash of Giants: UnitedHealth Takes On Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase – The New York Times

When Is the Surgeon Too Old to Operate? – The New York Times

An Inmate’s Death in Jail and a Journalist’s Search for Why – The New York Times

Shortage of Anxiety Drug Leaves Patients Scrambling – The New York Times

Are ‘Natural Flavors’ Really Natural? – The New York Times

How One Woman Changed What Doctors Know About Heart Attacks – The New York Times