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Biden, reversing Trump order, announces tougher car pollution standards – Los Angeles Times

L.A. will consider requiring vaccine proof at restaurants, gyms, indoor sporting events – Los Angeles Times

Masks back in demand as Illinois announces statewide mandate in schools. ‘We are going to be selling masks like crazy.’ – Chicago Tribune

Less than 2 months after lifting most COVID-19 orders, Gov. J.B. Pritzker issues mask mandates for schools and vaccine requirements for some state workers – Chicago Tribune

Chicago now asks unvaccinated travelers to quarantine — even with a negative COVID-19 test — and advises against Labor Day travel for unvaccinated kids – Chicago Tribune

Cannabis smoking lounges off to successful start in Illinois. ’60- and 70-year-old dudes walking in with their tie-dye.’ – Chicago Tribune

Illinois expansion of health coverage for older adults regardless of immigration status is expected to benefit thousands of essential workers at risk – Chicago Tribune

Marijuana drug tests in the workplace would follow same standard as DUI, under proposed change in Illinois law – Chicago Tribune

Chicago mandates masks indoors as new COVID-19 cases top 400 a day; no plans for state to follow suit – Chicago Tribune

McDonald’s will require US office employees get the COVID-19 vaccine – Chicago Tribune

Moderna says its COVID vaccine’s protection holds through 6 months, but anticipates boosters will be needed before winter – Chicago Tribune

As COVID admissions spiral, Memorial Health in South Broward suspends elective surgeries – Miami Herald

In COVID feud, DeSantis takes shot at Biden: ‘I don’t want to hear a blip … from you’ – Miami Herald

Broward school district says mask mandate still in place, as it reviews DeSantis’ order – Miami Herald

Number of Americans opposed to getting a COVID vaccine reaches new low, poll finds – Miami Herald

Florida changed its COVID-19 data, creating an ‘artificial decline’ in recent deaths – Miami Herald

Florida judge rules DeSantis overreached on school mask mandate – Miami Herald

Disney, Royal Caribbean will require proof of COVID-19  vaccination for cruises – Miami Herald

South Florida healthcare giant mandating COVID vaccines for workers and volunteers – Miami Herald

Biden administration says it will help school districts defying DeSantis’ mask orders – Miami Herald

DeSantis says reporting local COVID data on daily basis ‘may not be a bad idea’ – Miami Herald

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Trump let this pesticide stay on the market. Under Biden, EPA is banning its use on food. – The Washington Post

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