Health News February 2020

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Good Medical Care Can Suffer Late In The Day – NPR

How The Brain Teases Apart A Song’s Words And Music – NPR

Researchers Step Up Efforts To Develop A ‘Universal’ Flu Vaccine – NPR

How To Give Advice: Less Fixing, More Listening – NPR

A Guide To Navigating Birth Control – NPR

Parents: Teens Are Still Vaping, Despite Flavor Ban. Here’s What They’re Using – NPR

Survival Of The Friendliest: How Our Close Friendships Help Us Thrive – NPR

Taking Zinc Can Shorten Your Cold. Thank a 91-Year-Old Scientist For The Discovery – NPR

Real Orgasms And Transcendent Pleasure: How Women Are Reigniting Desire – NPR

Researchers Link Autism To A System That Insulates Brain Wiring – NPR

For Kid’s Coughs, Swap The Over-The-Counter Syrups For Honey – NPR

As Out-Of-Pocket Health Costs Rise, Insured Adults Are Seeking Less Primary Care – NPR

Feeling Anxious? Here’s a Quick Tool To Center Your Soul – NPR

How to Manage Your Anxiety About Coronavirus – TIME

Report: South African State Hospitals ‘Forcibly’ Sterilized Women With HIV – TIME

The Bad Economics of the U.S. Health Care System Shows Up Starkly in its Approach to Rare Diseases – TIME

Will Warmer Weather Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus? Don’t Count on It, Say Experts – TIME

Coronavirus Cases Outside China Are Accelerating Rapidly. Here’s What to Know – TIME

Here’s How Effective the CDC Says the Flu Vaccine Has Been for Kids This Season – TIME

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Pick the Best Depression Treatments for You – TIME

How AI Can Predict Heart Attacks and Strokes – TIME

How Companies Teach Their Employees First Aid for Mental Health – TIME

New Study Shows That When It Comes to Pesticides and Kids, the EPA Has Looked the Other Way – TIME

‘It’s Insidious’: How Juul Pitched E-Cigs to Native American Tribes – TIME

Early Detection Is Key to Combating the Spread of Coronavirus – TIME

The Pandemic of Xenophobia and Scapegoating – TIME

Are pregnant women at risk for coronavirus? – Fox News

What is Disease X? – Fox News

Juul’s vape marketing under investigation by 39 states – Fox News

What is acne? What to know about the skin condition that affects more than just teens – Fox News

Coronavirus fits criteria for ‘Disease X,’ WHO expert says – Fox News

‘Winter blues’ or something more? When to seek help for Seasonal Affective Disorder – Fox News

Some human coronaviruses can live on surfaces for 9 days, study finds – Fox News

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma launches campaign for opioid victims to file claims – Fox News

What is skin cancer? How to spot the signs and when to seek help – Fox News

The flu has killed more than 100 kids this year: CDC – Fox News

What is frostbite and who is at risk? – Fox News

What is asthma? What to know about the respiratory condition – Fox News

What causes a bunion and do you need surgery to fix it? – Fox News

Is chicken thigh fat good for you? – Fox News

Should you drink alkaline water? – Fox News

What is athlete’s foot and how do you treat it? – Fox News

‘Broken heart’ syndrome linked to cancer and brain’s reaction to stress, research finds – Fox News

WHO gives new coronavirus a name – Fox News

What are the most common STDs? – Fox News

Migraine vs headache: How to tell the difference and when to seek help – Fox News

How to get rid of ear wax – Fox News

Heart attack symptoms can be more than chest pain – Fox News

How some states are taking unusual action to lower prescription drug prices – Fox News

Choosing a neti pot: How often can you safely use it? – Fox News

These 6 jobs are linked to poor heart health for women – Fox News

‘No known effective’ treatments for coronavirus despite reports, WHO says – Fox News

Sinus infection or common cold: How to spot the difference – Fox News

How past outbreaks shaped coronavirus response in US – Fox News

China sees bird flu outbreak near coronavirus epicenter: report – Fox News

Burnout linked to potentially lethal heart condition – Fox News

Energy drinks: What are the health risks? – Fox News

The CDC has changed its criteria for testing patients for coronavirus after the first case of unknown origin was confirmed – CNN

Health, easy snacks that kids will love – CNN

Smartphones, warm weather and SUVs are all to blame for the highest number of pedestrian deaths in more than 30 years, report says – CNN

Cutting salt likely to prevent future heart disease, even if you’re not at risk now – CNN

Mediterranean diet scores another win for longevity by improving microbiome – CNN

Poor quality Western diet kills sperm count and lower males testosterone, study says – CNN

Does having boys or girls run in families? New study says it’s down to chance – CNN

A later bedtime linked with obesity for children under 6, study says – CNN

Marijuana use is rising sharply among seniors over 65, study says, and there are serious risks – CNN

Playing golf may help older adults live longer, study says – CNN

Another win for optimism! Recovery after stroke – CNN

Keep your teen moving to reduce risk of depression, study says – CNN

CDC and hospital errors lead to US coronavirus patient being sent back to military base, health official says – CNN

WHO says Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is not yet a pandemic – CNN

There are now 11 confirmed casese of the coronavirus in the US – CNN

US travel restrictions go into effect to combat coronavirus spread – CNN

Report that said Wuhan coronavirus can spread before symptoms was flawed – CNN

What it means to be under a federal quarantine – CNN

Yarn made from human skin could soon be stitching up your wounds – CNN

Searching for the ‘perfect’ meditation to fight perfectionism – CNN

Wuhan coronavirus is already in the US. The strategy for now isn’t to stop it, but to slow it – CNN

Babies are willing to give up food, showing altruism begins in infancy, study says – CNN

‘Parentese,’ not traditional baby talk, boosts a baby’s language development – CNN

How daily life in the U.S. will change as the coronavirus outbreak enters a new phase – Los Angeles Times

With most drug ingredients coming from China, FDA says shortages have begun – Los Angeles Times

Medical experts decline to endorse cognitive screening for older adults – Los Angeles Times

Got zits? Three new teen acne products from L.A. might offer relief – Los Angeles Times

New California school vaccine rules have left nurses, doctors and parents confused – Los Angeles Times

Health insurers don’t want you thinking about all their cash – Los Angeles Times

A look behind California’s mixed record on lung cancer – Los Angeles Times

The cure for healthcare? An end to selfishness – Los Angeles Times

Medical report underscores the limits of screening travelers for coronavirus – Los Angeles Times

California loosens its individual mandate for health insurance – Los Angeles Times

Supermarkets stumble in notifying us of food recalls – Los Angeles Times

Finding patients where they live: Street medicine grows, along with homeless population – Los Angeles Times

SARS killed hundreds and then disappeared. Could this coronavirus die out? – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus death toll surpasses SARS but new cases fall – Los Angeles Times

5 things you need to stay dry and warm in the snow – Los Angeles Times

Juul bulks up its science staff as FDA vaping deadlines nears – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus memes fill social media feeds. Here’s why it’s making young people so anxious – Los Angeles Times

What happens if the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic? – Los Angeles Times

Caloric counts on nutrition labels may not be as precise as you think – Los Angeles Times

Are you drinking before bedtime, eating chips? How this hurts your skin while sleeping – Miami Herald

Yes, a diet rich in fruits, veggies boosts our health. It can boost sperm count, too – Miami Herald

Your overweight/obese child may be heading to heart disease – Miami Herald

Want to be a weekend warrior? Start off slowly, doctors say – Miami Herald

This disease increases heart failure risks for blacks, Caribbean communities – Miami Herald

Are you vaping and smoking? That boosts the likelihood of a stroke, study says – Miami Herald

Drooping, upper eyelids can be fixed. And it’s not too complicated -Miami Herald

Do your hands show your age? Here’s how to keep them looking young – Miami Herald

5.8 million water bottles recalled. The new nipples are winding up in kids mouths, too – Miami Herald

Hispanics face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease. It starts with the diet – Miami Herald

Eating a plant-based diet will cut your cardio risk. So why aren’t more doing it? – Miami Herald

Should I trust my Apple Watch to monitor my heart? – Miami Herald

‘It never occurred to me I was having a heart attack.’ Women often overlook key symptoms – Miami Herald

Legionnaires’ outbreak at Florida prison adds 5 cases — and now they have scabies, too – Miami Herald

‘Looking weird without wrinkles’ is not an option when using Botox and facial fillers – Miami Herald

Cyberbullying: 1 in 5 kids in UM study say they were victims. Here’s what to do about it – Miami Herald

A catcher’s helmet might fail to protect your head. That’s why it’s been recalled. – Miami Herald

10 people test positive for coronavirus on board Carnival’s Diamond Princess cruise – Miami Herald

‘Flu-like symptoms’ temporarily shut down a Florida school – Miami Herald

Publix announces Washington company’s recall of seven softgel products – Miami Herald

Comics aren’t just for fun — they can help prevent teen depression too – Chicago Tribune

Religious exemption for vaccines would be dropped for kids in Illinois schools under proposed law. 2nd bill would require HPV shots. – Chicago Tribune

Study finds many youth living with undiagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome — and black and Latino children are twice as likely to suffer – Chicago Tribune

Nurse practitioners have nearly tripled in Illinois, where they can now practice independently. Some even use the title ‘doctor.’ Should you be worried? – Chicago Tribune

Pharmacists at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens are struggling with understaffed and chaotic workplaces – Chicago Tribune

FDA Cites Shortage of One Drug, Exposing Supply-Line Worry – The Wall Street Journal

Masks Run Short as Coronavirus Spreads – The Wall Street Journal

Drugmaker Ships First Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine for Human Tests – The Wall Street Journal

An Unexpected New Diagnosis in Older Adults: ADHD – The Wall Street Journal

Physicians, Hospitals Meet Their New Competitor: Insurer-Owned Clinics – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Clears New Type of Cholesterol Drug – The Wall Street Journal

Stalled Initiatives to Cut Drug Prices Frustrate Trump – The Wall Street Journal

New Help for Dementia Patients, Delivered Via Games and Puzzles – The Wall Street Journal

Medicaid Standoff: Trump Plan to Tighten Oversight of States Draws Objections – The Wall Street Journal

States Spurn Drug Industry’s Opioid-Settlement Offer – The Wall Street Journal

Gilead Sciences Scrambles to Supply Experimental Coronavirus Drug – The Wall Street Journal

Lilly, Roche Drugs Fail to Halt Inherited Form of Alzheimer’s – The Wall Street Journal

N.J. Jury Orders J&J to Pay $750 Million in Punitive Damages – The Wall Street Journal

Patients Often Get Antibiotics Without a Doctor Visit, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal

The Flu Is Hitting Children Especially Hard This Season – The Wall Street Journal

New Genomic Tests Aim to Diagnose Deadly Infections Faster – The New York Times

Debating the Value of PSA Prostate Screening – The New York Times

When a Teenager’s Irregular Periods Are Cause for Concern – The New York Times

Milk and Juice Are Not as Needed as You Might Think – The New York Times

At Walgreens, Complaints of Medication Errors Go Missing – The New York Times

How Common Mental Shortcuts Can Cause Major Physician Errors – The New York Times

How to Raise Siblings Who Get Along – The New York Times

Can Hearing Aids Help Prevent Dementia? – The New York Times

Macrolide Antibiotics Early in Pregnancy Tied to Birth Defects – The New York Times

Super Cushioned Running Shoes Are All the Rage, but Aren’t Foolproof – The New York Times

Why Teenagers Reject Parents’ Solutions to Their Problems – The New York Times

How to Build Healthy Habits – The New York Times

Hidden Beneath the Hospital Gown – The New York Times

Video Game Makers Want to Get Players Off the Couch – The New York Times

Payout From a National Opioids Settlement Won’t Be as Big as Hoped – The New York Times

Ink Rx? Welcome to thee World of Paramedical Tattoos – The New York Times

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting – The New York Times

Is Coffee Good for You? – The New York Times

Why Doctors Dismiss Dizziness – The New York Times

Coronavirus Cases Seemed to Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore. – The New York Times

Juul Bought Ads Appearing on Cartoon Network and Other Youth Sites, Suit Claims – The New York Times

Combining Aerobics and Weights Tied to Optimal Weight Control – The New York Times

He Had Trouble Breathing, and Inhalers Didn’t Help. What Was Going On? – The New York Times

How Morning and Afternoon People Can Get Along at Work – The New York Times

Excess Vitamin B12 May Be Deadly – The New York Times

A Daily Aspirin for Pregnancy? – The New York Times

You’re Not Listening. Here’s Why. – The New York Times

An Alzheimer’s Treatment Fails: ‘ We Don’t Have Anything Now’ – The New York Times

Half of Us Face Obesity, Dire Projections Show – The New York Times

The Marketing of Stimulants for Children With A.D.H.D. – The New York Times

Why the New Coronavirus (Mostly) Spares Children – The New York Times

Another H.I.V. Vaccine Fails a Trial, Disappointing Researchers – The New York Times

Meat Increases Heart Risks, Latest Study Concludes – The New York Times

Would Your Wages Rise Under ‘Medicare for All’? – The New York Times

Could a Keto Diet Be Bad for Athletes’ Bones? – The New York Times

The Heavier the Baby, the Fitter the Young Adult? – The New York Times

Why Fruits and Vegetables May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk – The New York Times

How Monkeys Taught Me to Appreciate Teen Sleepovers – The New York Times

The Internet has strong feelings about these skin-care products. We asked pros to weigh in. – The Washington Post

Tired of biking in the gym? Virtual reality lets you cycle in Iceland, instead. – The Washington Post

The biggest cosmetics health risk? User error. – The Washington Post

Bilingual people may make different choices based on the language they’re thinking in. Here’s why. – The Washington Post

Why you don’t need to splurge on a pricey hand soap – The Washington Post

No, soy doesn’t give men breasts: A dietitian answers her 10 most commonly asked questions – The Washington Post

Helping Teenagers With Menstrual Pain – The New York Times

Eye cream is an anti-aging skin-care staple. But how well does it work? – The Washington Post

Artificial intelligence use is growing in the U.S. health-care system – The Washington Post

Drugmakers are developing a coronavirus vaccine. That’s a sign the disease will be around a long time. – The Washington Post

The fastest way to cut carbon emissions is a ‘fee’ and a dividend, top leaders say – The Washington Post

Patients overdosed on opioids in a clinical trial. Now Virginia is suing. – The Washington Post

Washington is at war over block granting Medicaid – The Washington Post

Being obsessed with being productive…is unproductive – The Washington Post

What you need to know about air purifiers, including little evidence of health benefits – The Washington Post

Yes, women experience thinning hair, too. Here’s why, and possible treatments. – The Washington Post

A guide to the confusing and sometimes controversial ingredients in your cosmetics – The Washington Post

Trump has scant results to show on lowering drug prices. So he’s mostly attacking Democrats in last night’s State of the Union address. – The Washington Post

Some athletes’ rivals include the weather. Here’s how to beat the cold (or heat). – The Washington Post

All-in-one shampoo has become a meme for the apathetic man. But it can get the job done. – The Washington Post