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UK coronavirus variant now accounts for 10% of US cases, CDC director says – Fox News

Annie’s removing a chemical in mac and cheese linked to fertility issues – Fox News

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial in kids ages 12 to 17 hits full enrollment – Fox News

FDA eases Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shipping, storage temperatures – Fox News

FDA warns against feeding infants homemade formula after illnesses – Fox News

Coronavirus antibodies offer protection from reinfection, study suggests – Fox News

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 94% effective in real-world conditions: study – Fox News

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US – Fox News

Common cold outbreaks to be expected as schools reopen, CDC warns – Fox News

Beware of COVID-19 vaccine scams, CDC warns older adults – Fox News

Johnson & Johnson says it can produce 20M doses of COVID-19 vaccine by late March – Fox News

Coronavirus less likely to infect glasses wearers, study suggests – Fox News

Moderna plans to increase COVID-19 vaccine doses in each vial from 10 to 15 – Fox News

Fauci cautions against dining out, even when vaccinated – Fox News

Developing potent antivirals targeting COVID-19 ‘direction of the future,’ Fauci says – Fox News

Dr. Fauci: It’s ‘very likely’ safe for vaccinated family members to hug – Fox News

Pfizer files to ease COVID-19 vaccine temperature storage requirements – Fox News

New coronavirus variants ‘not magic,’ mitigation measures will work, expert says – Fox News

Amid coronavirus, when to avoid ‘double masking,’ according to the CDC – Fox News

CDC director worries over ‘pandemic fatigue’ come spring: ‘This could go bad so fast’ – Fox News

What happened to coronavirus, flu ‘twin-demic’? Experts weigh in – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine rollouts may be way around variant issue, expert says – Fox News

Millions of fake N95 masks shipped to multiple states, feds say – Fox News

How will we know we’ve reached herd immunity? – Fox News

Study names animals most likely to cause next big COVID outbreak – Fox News

Vaccine delays leave grocery workers feeling expendable – Fox News

Winter storm power outages and food safety: Refrigerated foods unsafe to eat after 4 hours, CDC warns – Fox News

US administering 1.7M COVID-19 vaccine doses daily, White House says – Fox News

Some coronavirus patients left with nodules on eyeballs, study finds – Fox News

UK aims to infect healthy volunteers with COVID-19 for medical research – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine rollout sees uptick in demand for safe, low-cost needle disposal – Fox News

Who should get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over the mRNA vaccines? – Fox News

Coronavirus lockdowns saw rise in alcohol use, study finds – Fox News

Common cold antibodies won’t prevent coronavirus infection, study finds – Fox News

California to boost COVID-19 vaccine rollout with Blue Shield contract – Fox News

Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning highest during winter months – Fox News

CDC warns Hispanic-style fresh, soft cheeses linked to listeria outbreak – Fox News

Seven new highly contagious COVID-19 variants found across US – Fox News

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine sent for EU regulatory approval – Fox News

Kids’ weight gain tied to idle virtual learning, disrupted sleep, pediatricians warn – Fox News

Hospitals still ration medical N95 masks as stockpiles swell – Fox News

These 3 COVID-19 vaccine side effects are common, CDC expert says – Fox News

Oxford-AstraZeneca testing COVID-19 vaccine in children as young as 6 – Fox News

‘Breakthrough’ COVID-19 reported in 4 fully vaccinated individuals – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccines might be tweaked if variants get worse – Fox News

Average new US coronavirus cases below 100K for 1st time in months – Fox News

UK coronavirus variant found in US could be deadlier, scientists say – Fox News

Coronavirus patient believed to be world’s first reinfected by South African variant is in critical condition – Fox News

Disability groups plead for COVID-19 vaccine: ‘I put my life on hold’ – Fox News

Guinea declares new Ebola epidemic, first resurgence of disease since 2016 – Fox News

CDC Director: Schools can open without teacher vaccines ‘even in areas of the highest community spread’ – Fox News

FDA grants Moderna permission to increase doses in each vial from 10 to 14: report – Fox News

Zinc, Vitamin C have no impact on coronavirus symptoms: study – Fox News

Test that detects coronavirus, flu gets FDA emergency use authorization, company says – Fox News

Is there a limit to coronavirus mutations? – Fox News

California coronavirus variant spreading across US, threat unclear: study – Fox News

South Africa eyes selling or swapping AstraZeneca vaccines – Fox  News

Congo officials confirm 2nd death from Ebola in the east – Fox News

Firefighters introduce new technology to quell cancer risk – Fox News

AstraZeneca expects updated COVID-19 vaccine by autumn – Fox News

Dementia patients more at risk for coronavirus infection, hospitalization, study finds – Fox News

Don’t schedule mammogram near COVID-19 vaccine, doctors warn – Fox News

Johnson & Johnson CEO says COVID-19 vaccine could be annual jab – Fox News

FDA greenlights Eli Lilly COVID-19 combo therapy – Fox News

Most Americans unhappy with COVID-19 vaccination process, poll finds – Fox News

Coronavirus safety also pushing other diseases into ‘hiding,’ experts say – Fox News

Despite pandemic lockdowns, some experience ‘post-traumatic growth’ – Fox News

Very little spread of COVID found at summer camps: study – Fox News

Is the COVID-19 vaccine effective if you don’t have a reaction to it? – Fox News

Daily coffee may help lower heart failure risk, study suggests – Fox News

US to send COVID-19 vaccines directly to ‘community health centers,’ White House says – Fox News

To fight coronavirus variants, do we need new COVID-19 vaccines? – Fox News

Many first report peanut allergy symptoms in adulthood, study finds – Fox News

Living near street lamps could increase risk of thyroid cancer by 55%, study claims – Fox News

Congo braces for potential Ebola spread amid coronavirus – Fox News

Washington hospitals pulling fake N95 masks off shelves: ‘We’re horrified’ – Fox News

COVID-19 patients with gum disease 9 times more likely to die, study says – Fox News

Coronavirus death risk increases for those with prior cases of pneumonia, study suggests – Fox News

Second dose of COVID-19 vaccine ‘widens breadth’ of protection, Fauci says – Fox News

UK coronavirus variant cases doubling every 10 days in US, study finds – Fox News

Daily coronavirus cases in US drop below 100,000, data shows – Fox News

The sneaky way the coronavirus mutates to escape the immune system – Fox News

As coronavirus variants spread, FDA drawing up guidance for adjusted vaccines, diagnostics – Fox News

Plant-based antiviral drug may help beat COVID-19, research shows – Fox News

This COVID-19 vaccine side effect could be confused for breast cancer, doctor warns – Fox News

Fauci: ‘No red flags’ for pregnant women taking COVID-19 vaccine in trials ‘thus far’ – Fox News

FDA warns Pfizer’s arthritis, colitis drug raises risk of heart issues and cancer – Fox News

Uneven global COVID-19 vaccine supply could have ‘deadly effect,’ Red Cross warns – Fox News

Cases of ‘COVID arm’ following vaccination being documented by dermatologists – Fox News

Rapid coronavirus breath tests to roll out in the Netherlands – Fox News

AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine drops virus transmission rate, sustains protection: study – Fox News

Denmark to develop digital passport proving vaccinations – Fox News

GSK, CureVac to make COVID-19 vaccines aimed at new variants – Fox News

China to provide 10M COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine distribution hits hurdle at nursing homes with staff refusing shots, CDC report finds – Fox News

CDC orders face masks for US travelers – Fox News

Nearly half of US coronavirus cases, vaccination race/ethnicity data is missing – Fox News

Pregnant women with coronavirus pass antibodies to newborns, study finds – Fox News

With coronavirus variant cases on rise, get the COVID-19 vaccine ‘as soon as possible,’ Fauci says – Fox News

UK launches mass coronavirus testing in effort to contain South African variant cases – Fox News


Everything old is new again: Repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19 – CNN

Doomscrolling can steal hours of your time — here’s how to take it back – CNN

Is it time to delay second doses of coronavirus vaccines? – CNN

Night owls may be twice as likely as early risers to underperform at work, study suggests – CNN

Talking on the phone for 10 minutes could make you feel less lonely, study says – CNN

FDA advisers to consider recommending single-dose Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine this week – CNN

8 ways to fall back asleep after waking in the night – CNN

Educators may be more central drivers of Covid-19 in schools than students, CDC study finds – CNN

Almost a third of people with ‘mild’ Covid-19 still battle symptoms months later, study finds – CNN

Couple shares warning sign linked to Covid-19 after daughter’s death – CNN

The US has lost 500,000 lives to Covid-19. Now Americans face a serious crossroads in the pandemic – CNN

The new slang teens use to insult boys who are ‘too nice’ to girls – CNN

UK study finds one dose of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine reduces risk of infection by 72% – CNN

‘Absolutely defeated’: Black nurses struggle with mental health support while battling Covid-19 – CNN

Clinics are springing up around the country for what some call a potential second pandemic: Long Covid – CNN

The US is about to top 500,000 Covid-19 deaths. That’s why it’s critical to keep up safety measures, Fauci says – CNN

Food and food packaging highly unlikely to spread Covid-19, experts say – CNN

US will have to work double time to make up for Covid-19 vaccine weather delays, Fauci says – CNN

Here’s how long you can wait for a second Covid-19 vaccine dose if the winter storms delay it – CNN

The level of Covid-19 among children reflects cases in the community, not whether schools were open – CNN

Lowering Covid-19 cases is the best thing US can do to improve chances that vaccines will continue working, expert says – CNN

New standards will take the guesswork out of choosing the most effective masks – CNN

Coming to terms with chronic illness and grief over what’s lost – CNN

The Capitol riot and the danger of depicting rural America as only right-wing – CNN

The first Biden-era vaccine against Covid-19 is moving toward market, but new bumps could trip up the big launch – CNN

Lab studies suggest Pfizer, Moderna vaccines can protect against coronavirus variant – CNN

Did you survive Covid? Maybe you can thank your Neanderthal ancestors – CNN

People with multiple mental disorders may age several years faster, study finds – CNN

New CDC reports warn variants could lead to rapid rise in Covid-19 cases – CNN

The health benefits of a random act of kindness – CNN

Should children go back to school? Dr. Wen helps you decide – CNN

Rheumatoid arthritis drug reduces risk of death for severely ill hospitalized Covid-19 patients, researchers say – CNN

Double masking can block 92% of infectious particles, CDC says – CNN

CDC expected to release new guidelines for reopening schools – CNN

With coronavirus variants here, should I still get the vaccine? Dr. Wen weighs in – CNN

More Americans say they’re willing to take a Covid-19 vaccine, but supply issues remain – CNN

Biden slams Trump over Covid-19 vaccine rollout – CNN

Fully vaccinated people can skip Covid quarantines, CDC says – CNN

Diabetes drug can aid weight loss, study finds – CNN

What you need to know about face masks as protection against coronavirus – CNN

Global Covid-19 cases declined 17% worldwide last week, WHO says – CNN

Americans’ perceived risk of Covid-19 is lower than any time since October, poll finds – CNN

Don’t get cocky with these Covid-19 numbers. With new variants, easing restrictions now would be ‘incredibly risky’ – CNN

Couples: Here’s why you (or they) can’t ever find anything. It’s not your fault – CNN

Say ‘I love you’ by staying away, CDC says – CNN

Pay attention to your kids’ mental health – CNN

12 habits to reduce stress – CNN

‘Definitely getting better’: The United States is making vaccine progress on several fronts, and experts are encouraged – CNN

Worrying new coronavirus variants aren’t just imported — they can be home grown – CNN

CDC scientists recall ‘death by a thousand cuts’ as they try to rebuild the agency’s  reputation – CNN

Are Covid-19 vaccines safe for cancer patients? Here is what cancer experts say – CNN

Mask mandates can work, CDC researchers say – CNN

It’s still safest to avoid indoor dining, even if more states are allowing it – CNN

Why COVAX could become the most important acronym of 2021 – CNN

Nordic ‘friluftsliv’ can fight wintertime blues – CNN

Those who had Covid-19 could get reinfected if the variants become dominant, Fauci says – CNN

At-home Covid-19 test to ramp up production with $231.8 million federal contract – CNN

Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is 91.6% effective against symptomatic Covid-19, interim trial results suggest – CNN

Animals unlikely to spread Covid-19 to humans, but precautions can help keep people and their pets safe, says CDC – CNN

People in the LGBTQ community more vulnerable to Covid-19, CDC warns – CNN

Some states begin easing restrictions as Covid-19 hospitalizations and cases decrease – CNN

Breast cancer tops lung cancer as most diagnosed cancer in the world, new report says – CNN

Leading baby food manufacturers knowingly sold products with high levels of toxic metals, a congressional investigation found – CNN

New data shows many Black Americans remain hesitant to get Covid-19 vaccine – CNN

Here’s why that second coronavirus shot can be such a doozy – CNN

Covid-19 cases declining across US but deaths remain high – CNN

The US may soon have its first standards for consumer face masks. Are they strict enough? – CNN

There’s no need to delay second dose of Covid-19 vaccine so more can get the first, Fauci says – CNN

States take back hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses held in federal long-term care program – CNN

Younger adults are biggest spreaders of Covid-19, study suggests – CNN

Global Covid-19 vaccine confidence is rising, survey shows – CNN

Development of new coronavirus vaccines may be hitting critical mass. Here’s how they work – CNN

Many doctors have negative perceptions of patients with disabilities — and that impacts quality of care – CNN

A personal meal plan can save your sanity this year – CNN


New fears of next coronavirus wave as case declines slow and variants grow – Los Angeles Times

Scientists get serious about mixing and matching COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

Plunging demand for coronavirus tests may leave U.S. exposed – Los Angeles Times

Mutant coronavirus variants are a growing threat. Vaccinations, mask wearing are essential – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus spreads readily in gyms when people don’t wear masks – Los Angeles Times

Newsom vows changes after vaccine earmarked for Black, Latino residents improperly used by others – Los Angeles Times

Are you giving your pets supplements to ward off COVID? Don’t bother – Los Angeles Times

From the first stitch to the final zip: The global journey of a COVID-19 body bag – Los Angeles Times

California’s coronavirus strain looks increasingly dangerous: ‘The devil is already here’ – Los Angeles Times

In sign of real-world impact, COVID shots spark steep drop in hospitalizations in Scotland – Los Angeles Times

L.A. postpones COVID-19 vaccine appointments as winter weather delays shipments – Los Angeles Times

More COVID-19 vaccines coming to California, but first doses remain limited – Los Angeles Times

Elderly at small residential care homes face challenges getting COVID-19 vaccine – Los Angeles Times

Why a California scientist hosted superspreader event amid a deadly COVID-19 surge – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus cases plummet to pre-Thanksgiving levels. Are more reopenings next? – Los Angeles Times

Vaccinating the homeless population for COVID adds a whole new layer of difficulty – Los Angeles Times

Scientists explore ways to tweak COVID-19 shots if coronavirus variants get worse – Los Angeles Times

Decades later, infamous Tuskegee syphilis study stirs wariness in Black community over COVID-19 vaccine – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles sites run out of COVID-19 vaccine early and are forced to close Thursday – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus variant first seen in Los Angeles has spread around the world – Los Angeles Times

April could see ‘open season’ for COVID-19 vaccines, Fauci says – Los Angeles Times

School in more affluent areas move faster to reopen than those in low-income communities – Los Angeles Times

As COVID-19 vaccine eligibility is set to be expanded, many seniors are still waiting – Los Angeles Times

What if my second vaccine dose is early or delayed? Here’s what the CDC says – Los Angeles Times

One-third of U.S. adults still wary of COVID-19 vaccines – Los Angeles Times

Calls grow for U.S. to fight the pandemic with rapid coronavirus tests – Los Angeles Times

New coronavirus variants raise worry about reinfections – Los Angeles Times

By tracking coronavirus mutations, scientists aim to forecast the pandemic’s future – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 vaccines contribute to drop in coronavirus cases at U.S. nursing homes – Los Angeles Times

Federal executions at end of Trump term were likely COVID superspreaders, AP finds – Los Angeles Times

NFL says it will make all stadiums available as coronavirus vaccination sites – Los Angeles Times

Plane, train, bus passengers without masks now face fines up to $1,500 – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 vaccines contribute to drop in coronavirus cases at U.S. nursing homes – Los Angeles Times

Britain to start mandatory hotel quarantine for some arrivals starting Feb. 15 – Los Angeles Times

Senate and House pass key budget bill for COVID-19 relief – Los Angeles Times

Months after contracting COVID-19, some will try anything to regain their sense of smell – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus confusion: What’s the difference between a variant and a strain? – Los Angeles Times

Study finds AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine may reduce virus transmission – Los Angeles Times

Schools can reopen before teachers are vaccinated, CDC chief says – Los Angeles Times

Dr. Fauci warns against Super Bowl parties: ‘Enjoy the game’ with household only – Los Angeles Times

Britain says study supports delaying second dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine – Los Angeles Times

When your chance for a COVID-19 shot comes, don’t worry which one it is – Los Angeles Times

Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine appears safe and effective, according to new study – Los Angeles Times

Why uncovered faces are oh-so risky as California reopens and coronavirus variants spread – Los Angeles Times


UK variant of COVID is overtaking Florida. Can vaccines stymie it or is surge coming? – Miami Herald

As Miami-Dade vaccinates younger residents for COVID, Black seniors feeling left behind – Miami Herald

South Florida teachers are next in line for a COVID vaccine. Here are the next steps – Miami Herald

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Don’t put off seeing your heart doctor during the pandemic — it could be a big mistake – Miami Herald

Is DeSantis playing politics with COVID vaccines? Crist wants a federal investigation – Miami Herald

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Which South Florida vaccine sites make you wait for a second-dose call — and which don’t? – Miami Herald

Federal vaccination site coming to Miami Dade College North as county’s pace slips – Miami Herald

Overweight young people are already showing signs of heart disease, clogged arteries – Miami Herald

El Abuelito Queso Fresco products recalled as FDA, CDC investigate listeria outbreak – Miami Herald

If you don’t want to look like your face is frozen, hire a pro to do filler injections – Miami Herald

A dislocated kneecap in teenage athletes is common and may need surgery to repair – Miami Herald

The fear of needles can overpower the fear of death. Here’s how to overcome the phobia – Miami Herald

Vegan? Keto? Mediterranean diet? How to pick the heart-healthy diet right for you – Miami Herald

Need a COVID vaccine? Watch out for appointment scams, Florida attorney general warns – Miami Herald

Mayor tells president in White House summit that Miami is ready for more vaccines – Miami Herald

The capsules have what makes Viagra and Cialis work. The FDA says that’s a problem – Miami Herald

Yes, you’re using the right skin cleanser. But this ingredient may be drying your skin. – Miami Herald

This natural food ingredient can help boost your immune system and control inflammation – Miami Herald

Are you a mom-to-be? This South Florida hospital will soon shut down its maternity ward – Miami Herald

White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as COVID mutation surges in Florida – Miami Herald

Will a more contagious virus reverse Florida’s recent downturn in COVID cases? – Miami Herald

Nasal spray recall: A yeast contamination can bring ‘life-threatening fungal infections’ – Miami Herald

There’s a problem with a Bowflex barbell and curl bar. Nautilus recalled 3,700 of them – Miami Herald

A South Florida company recalls a blood clot drug nationally after a dangerous mistake – Miami Herald

Seniors wait hours in long lines for vaccine doses. Here’s what’s being done to fix it – Miami Herald

Here’s how you can increase your chances of booking a COVID-19 vaccine appointment – Miami Herald

At PortMiami, cruise ships spew pollution instead of plugging into the grid. Why? – Miami Herald

More than 1,000 vaccine doses were damaged in South Florida, and state calls for audit – Miami Herald

Swimming advisory issued for South Beach after samples show high levels of bacteria – Miami Herald

Depending on its severity, a hamstring tear may require surgery – Miami Herald

I’m only 35 but I hate my neck. Am I too young for a cosmetic treatment? – Miami Herald


Doctors under stress from COVID-19 say they need mental health services: ‘We’re human beings, just like everyone else’ – Chicago Tribune

You’ve gotten your second COVID-19 vaccination. When will your life get back to normal? – Chicago Tribune

Illinois begins offering COVID-19 vaccine to people with health conditions, but most Chicago-area counties will not. Here’s why. – Chicago Tribune

Chicago vaccine shipments ‘back on track’ after winter storm delays – Chicago Tribune

With doses in short supply, thousands of frustrated COVID-19 vaccine seekers are turning to social media for help and getting it – Chicago Tribune

Suburban residents are getting COVID-19 vaccine appointments on Chicago’s South and West sides. But should they? – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent $281.5 million in federal COVID-19 relief money on police payroll – Chicago Tribune

How to properly wear two masks — and other mask-fitting tips following recent CDC advice – Chicago Tribune

Chicago allows indoor dining to expand to 40% as coronavirus numbers continue to improve – Chicago Tribune

Illinois will soon begin vaccinating prisoners against COVID-19. Some politicians question state’s priorities. – Chicago Tribune

Home Bodies: Take your fitness routine virtual in 2021. Watch our online video series and see which workouts work for you. – Chicago Tribune

Stark divide in Illinois COVID-19 vaccinations by race, ethnicity, and age, new data shows – Chicago Tribune

More vaccine doses heading to Illinois Walgreens stores through federal program. But for CVS, Jewel, Walmart? Not yet. – Chicago Tribune

Pritzker administration defends coronavirus vaccine rollout as local health leaders complain of poor communication – Chicago Tribune

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she’ll allow Chicago restaurants to serve more people starting Thursday – Chicago Tribune

Late planning, decentralized oversight, a ‘Hunger Games’ sign-up: How Illinois has struggled more than most states rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine – Chicago Tribune

CPS proposes slower phase-in for school reopening as it tries to head off a CTU strike but vows to resume teacher lockouts Monday for no-shows – Chicago Tribune

‘I was so shocked:’ Health care worker denied Moderna vaccine because Kane County says it will not give it to pregnant or breastfeeding moms – Chicago Tribune

Walgreens in Illinois will get another 39,000 COVID-19 vaccines each week through new federal program – Chicago Tribune

Chicago officials point residents to website that allows users to find and book COVID-19 vaccination appointments – Chicago Tribune


Covid-19 Vaccines Yield Breakthroughs in Long-Term Fight Against Infectious Disease – The Wall Street Journal

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FDA Limits Use of Convalescent Plasma as Covid-19 Treatment – The Wall Street Journal

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