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It’s safe to unmask in many places, says the CDC. These experts aren’t quite ready – NPR

Art and music therapy seem to help with brain disorders. Scientists want to know why – NPR

Bob Saget’s death shows the danger of head injuries. Here’s what you should know – NPR

Heartbroken? There’s a scientific reason why breaking up feels so rotten – NPR


At-Home COVID-19 Tests Will Soon Be Everywhere – TIME

Omicron Has Been Found in Deer — That Should Worry Us – TIME

If We’re Going to Live With COIVD-19, It’s Time to Clean Our Indoor Air Properly – TIME


California to lift school mask mandate after March 11 – Los Angeles Times

CDC significantly eases pandemic mask guidelines – Los Angeles Times

Amid a surge in deaths, a safe place to get high — and to avoid an overdose – Los Angeles Times

China’s ‘closed loop’ Olympics limited coronavirus, even with some head-scratching measures – Los Angeles Times

A drug for pregnant women doesn’t work, according to the FDA. A company is selling it anyway – Los Angeles Times

California offers cautious blueprint forward as COVID wanes, mask orders ease – Los Angeles Times

L.A. County lifts outdoor mask mandate – Los Angeles Times

As with vaccines, equity becomes an issue with COVID-19 medicines – Los Angeles Times


Homeless population count shows numbers dropping in Illinois, but advocates warn we may be in a COVID bubble. ‘We know they’re out there.’ – Chicago Tribune

Masks still rule in Chicago Public Schools ‘for now’ as rest of Illinois mostly ditches them; CEO says he’s reviewing guidance – Chicago Tribune

Masks can come off Monday in most places. After almost two years of COVID mandates, is this the end? – Chicago Tribune

Should doctors who spread false information about COVID-19 lose their medical licenses? Some states say yes, others say no – Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s top doctor hints the city mask mandate could end when the state drops its rule on Feb. 28 – Chicago Tribune

Treatment aimed at preventing COVID-19 for those at high risk now available at some Illinois hospitals – Chicago Tribune

Many people say they’ve gotten false negatives on at-home, COVID-19 tests. Why? – Chicago Tribune


Florida hospitals trying for 100 percent COVID vaccine rates for workers as mandate looms – Miami Herald

Thousands of Florida children could lose Medicaid coverage in months ahead, study says – Miami Herald

Better masks for children will soon be easier to find, White House says. Here’s why – Miami Herald

COVID mask mandates are ending, but should you keep wearing one? What experts say – Miami Herald

Omicron causes record-high cases in Florida nursing homes, but deaths remain low – Miami Herald


Fast-Spreading Covid-19 Omicron Type Revives Questions About Opening Up – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Death Reports in U.S. Begin to Drop as Omicron Surge Fades – The Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers Seek Tougher Online Safety Standards for Children – The Wall Street Journal

People Are Going Out Again, but Not to the Office – The Wall Street Journal

Schools Lift Mask Requirements, Change Covid-19 Rules as Omicron Recedes – The Wall Street Journal

Even Among the Vaccinated, Covid-19 Prompted a Surge of Sick Days – The Wall Street Journal

FDA to Take More Time Reviewing Pfizer’s Coivd-19 Vaccine in Young Children – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Raises Concerns About China-Developed Drugs – The Wall Street Journal


New Research Points to Wuhan Market as Pandemic Origin – The New York Times

The Secrets to Successful Aging in 2022 – The New York Times

Got a Covid Booster? You Probably Won’t Need Another for a Long Time – The New York Times

Your Body Knows You’re Burned Out – The New York Times

I’m Lactose Intolerant. What’s the Best Nondairy Milk Alternative? – The New York Times

An Undiscovered Coronaviurs? The Mystery of the ‘Russian Flu’ – The New York Times

J.&J. Pauses Production of Its Covid Vaccine Despite Persistent Need – The New York Times


Most Americans say the coronavirus is not yet under control and support restrictions to try to manage it, Post-ABC poll finds – The Washington Post

What you need to know about the CDC’s new coronavirus guidance – The Washington Post

Humanity has a ‘brief and rapidly closing window’ to avoid a hotter, deadly future, U.N. climate report says – The Washington Post

CDC’s new approach to covid means most Americans can go without masks – The Washington Post

Five months post-covid, Nicole Murphy’s heart rate is still doing strange things – The Washington Post

Americans are tired of the pandemic. But disease experts preach caution — and endure a ‘kill the messenger’ moment. – The Washington Post

Vaccination during pregnancy may provide infants protection against coronavirus, CDC study finds – The Washington Post

U.S. ‘excess deaths’ during pandemic surpassed 1 million, with covid killing most but other diseases adding to the toll, CDC says – The Washington Post

Booster effectiveness wanes after 4 months, but showed sturdy protection against hospitalization, CDC study shows – The Washington Post

N95, KN95 masks provide best protection against covid, CDC study shows – The Washington Post

Pfizer and BioNTech seek emergency use authorization of the first coronavirus vaccine for children under 5 – The Washington Post