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Select pepperoni Hot Pockets recalled over complaints of glass, plastic in product – Fox News

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Type 2 diabetes patients who follow low-carb diet may see remission: study – Fox News

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Expanded COVID-19 vaccine rollout in US spawns a new set of problems – Fox News

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Coronavirus treatment with umbilical cord-derived stem cells shows promise, experts call for large trials – Fox News

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Getting coronavirus could protect against reinfection for at least 5 months: study – Fox News

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Disneyland now a COVID-19 vaccine ‘super’ site – Fox News

Moderna using mRNA technology to create vaccines for seasonal flu, HIV and Nipah virus, company says – Fox News

Amid faulty disinfection, coronavirus patients battled deadly, drug-resistant fungus: CDC – Fox News

Hospitalized coronavirus patients suffer symptoms 6 months post-infection: study – Fox News

Coronavirus cases in nursing homes may reflect community infection trends: CDC – Fox News

More than half of coronavirus cases spread by asymptomatic carriers, CDC model shows – Fox News

South African coronavirus variant is more transmissible but not more severe: expert – Fox News

FDA warns UK coronavirus variant may result in false-negative tests – Fox News

Amid short supplies, COVID-19 vaccine doses can be 6 weeks apart: WHO – Fox News

Those with mild coronavirus experience loss of taste, smell in 86% of cases: study – Fox News

Moderna CEO says COVID-19 vaccine likely to protect for ‘couple years’ – Fox News

UC San Diego places COVID-19 test kits in vending machines throughout campus – Fox News

States can expand COVID-19 vaccinations to broader groups to use supply, Azar says – Fox News

Cheap hair lice drug may cut risk of COVID-19 death by 80%: study – Fox News

South African coronavirus variant may ‘obviate’ antibody drugs, former FDA head says – Fox News

European regulator endorses Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, commission approval coming at ‘full speed’ – Fox News

South African coronavirus variant ‘unlikely to completely negate’ COVID-19 vaccines: scientist – Fox News

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Fauci: Vaccinations are increasing in a ‘glimmer of hope’ – Fox News

Global polio surveillance declined amid coronavirus pandemic: CDC – Fox News

FDA to weigh half-dosing Moderna COVID-19 vaccines: Operation Warp Speed official – Fox News


Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine generates immune response, few side effects, in early trials – CNN

Risk of ADHD may increase if expectant mother has autoimmune disorder, study says – CNN

More than 60% of all US Covid-19 cases were reported since Election Day. Now experts warn a variant could further fuel spread – CNN

California pauses Covid-19 shots from one lot of vaccine containing more than 330,000 doses – CNN

Norway reviewing deaths of frail and elderly patients vaccinated against Covid-19 – CNN

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The US reported more than 4,000 Covid-19 deaths in one day for the first time ever – CNN

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Valuing male dominance may predict support for Trump, study says – CNN

10 ways to talk to kids about the US Capitol attack – CNN

Childhood obesity even more dire under Covid-19 – CNN

Surgeon general: I have no reason to doubt Covid-19’s death toll – CNN

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2020 is over but official warns ‘ we will still have our darkest days’ – CNN

Fauci says US can return to normal by fall if it puts aside slow start and is diligent about vaccinations – CNN

The science of how to stick to New Year’s resolutions and truly change your habits – CNN


Could a homegrown coronavirus strain be partly to blame for California’s surge? – Los Angeles Times

Dangerous new coronavirus strains may incubate in COVID-19’s sickest – Los Angeles Times

New clinical trials raise fears the coronavirus is learning how to resist vaccines – Los Angeles Times

Newsom’s COVID-19 briefings often leave more questions than answers, some officials say – Los Angeles Times

China, WHO should have acted faster to stop COVID-19 pandemic, panel says – Los Angeles Times

California warns against using a batch of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines after allergic reactions – Los Angeles Times

This L.A. project shows that homeless housing can be done quickly and cheaply – Los Angeles Times

How the new COVID-19 vaccine rules could help the pandemic end sooner – Los Angeles Times

Some workers don’t want a COVID-19 vaccine. Can their bosses make them get it anyway? – Los Angeles Times

In pandemic era, older adults are isolated but resilient, study says – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 vaccine push gains steam, but many still face wait – Los Angeles Times

Children apologize to their dying elders for spreading COVID-19 as L.A. County reels – Los Angeles Times

Battered by COVID surge, hospitals are admitting patients faster than they can discharge them – Los Angeles Times

New evidence that U.K. coronavirus variant spreads more easily has scientists really worried – Los Angeles Times

These researchers predicted California’s COVID-19 surge. Here’s when they think it will end – Los Angeles Times

‘A mass fatality event’: California struggles with backlog of bodies of COVID-19 victims – Los Angeles Times

‘They’re coming in younger and coming in sicker’: One hospital’s war with coronavirus – Los Angeles Times

COVID fatalities in U.S. top 350,000. Refuting Trump, Fauci says deaths are ‘not fake’ – Los Angeles Times

Thousands of New Year’s revelers ignore stay-at-home orders in Los Angeles County – Los Angeles Times

Feared post-Christmas coronavirus surge appears to begin in L.A. County as cases top 800,000 – Los Angeles Times

Amid ‘viral tsunami,’ Army Corps of Engineers will aid L.A. hospitals facing oxygen problems – Los Angeles Times


Florida residents who want a COVID vaccine can now pre-register online and by phone – Miami Herald

Thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses have spoiled or spilled in Florida – Miami Herald

‘It could be a double whammy.’ Florida scientists worry about Brazilian variant. – Miami Herald

Americans warned against travel as COVID variants spread and testing rules go into effect – Miami Herald

State vaccine strategy does a 180. DeSantis says doses being reserved for second shots – Miami Herald

All travelers to U.S., no matter where they’re coming from, need negative COVID-9 test – Miami Herald

First, Miami Heat used dogs to help fight COVID. FIU will soon use them too. – Miami Herald

Puerto Rico declares state of emergency over violence against women – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade’s wealthiest ZIP codes are also the most vaccinated for COVID-19, data shows – Miami Herald

Florida vaccine residency rule may block access for migrant farmworkers – Miami Herald

Florida now requiring proof of state residency for COVID vaccines – Miami Herald

Mount Sinai cancels all scheduled first-dose COVID vaccines. Second doses not affected – Miami Herald

Still need a COVID-19 vaccine? Here’s how to keep track of availability – Miami Herald

Half of Miami’s COVID front line passed on vaccines. Leaders should ask why, experts say – Miami Herald

Use this, but not that: Ingredients to avoid if you have dry, itchy skin known as eczema – Miami Herald

Make these four steps part of your healthy eating habits for the new year – Miami Herald

I just had my eyes done, but they’re still swollen and look asymmetrical. Is this normal? – Miami Herald

Coronavirus deaths top 400,000 in US. ‘Not going to be some magical solution’ – Miami Herald

Florida has more known cases of highly infectious ‘UK variant’ than any other state – Miami Herald

Vaccinations at Hard Rock Stadium are relocating. Here’s what you should know before going – Miami Herald

Miami researchers to hunt for mutated coronavirus strains in Jackson hospital patients – Miami Herald

Marlins Park vaccinations to start next week. City fighting for residency restriction – Miami Herald

Florida health officials want to scrutinize COVID test results. It’s unclear why – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade may close some county vaccine sites after cutbacks Florida blames on feds – Miami Herald

You’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19? The next challenge: Getting your second shot – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade’s vaccine website buckles from high demand, and mayor apologizes – Miami Herald

Cyclists and runners are prone to IT band injuries. Here’s how to prevent them – Miami Herald

Like to eat the same thing for lunch every day? Here’s how to get a few more nutrients – Miami Herald

Baptist’s COVID vaccine site goes live, with issues — but the most persistent get a spot – Miami Herald

Nearly half of new COVID variant cases in the U.S. are in Florida. Experts warn of surge – Miami Herald

Who can get the COVID vaccine in Florida? Hint: It helps if you have donated to a hospital – Miami Herald

Hard Rock Stadium opens for COVID-19 vaccines, more confusion follows – Miami Herald

Where can seniors get the COVID-19 vaccine in South Florida? Here’s the growing list – Miami Herald

Long lines, web mishap make for messy day of vaccinations for seniors at Jackson – Miami Herald

Worried you got COVID during the holidays? Here’s where to get tested in South Florida – Miami Herald

Broward COVID-19 vaccination sign-up website no longer taking appointments for now – Miami Herald

Will I have a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine if I get facial fillers? – Miami Herald

Tendon tears are common when playing sports as you age and may require months-long rehab – Miami Herald

Can stem cells hasten COVID recovery and halt deaths? Miami study has positive results – Miami Herald

FIU wants to be a COVID-19 vaccination site in Miami-Dade. Will it be approved? – Miami Herald

Why you should apply certain skin products in the morning, others in the evening – Miami Herald

A South Florida COVID-19 testing site will close. It’ll reopen as a vaccination site – Miami Herald


COVID-19 vaccines show what’s possible. Now, former Obama staffer says it’s time to take that drive toward terminal illnesses like ALS. – Chicago Tribune

Chicago moves to phase 4 of COVID-19 regulations, indoor restrictions remain – Chicago Tribune

How do I schedule a second COVID-19 vaccine shot? Why hasn’t my health system contacted me yet? Common Illinois vaccine questions answered. – Chicago Tribune

Biden administration to boost vaccine supply, expects to protect 300 million Americans by end of summer or early fall – Chicago Tribune

In Illinois nursing homes, tens of thousands still waiting for COVID-19 vaccinations: ‘This is beyond an emergency’ – Chicago Tribune

President Biden signs 10 pandemic-related executive orders, aiming to fast-track vaccinations, reopen schools and mandate mask wearing – Chicago Tribune

How can Illinois seniors sign up for COVID-19 vaccines? Some health systems will begin reaching out within days. – Chicago Tribune

Chicago moves to Tier 2 in state coronavirus plan – Chicago Tribune

Illinois sitting on $62 million in cannabis revenue meant to foster businesses and help neighborhoods hurt by poverty and violence – Chicago Tribune

A post-holiday COVID-19 surge? Nothing significant seen yet in Illinois, but experts still wary. – Chicago Tribune

Illinois will begin phase 1b of COVID-19 vaccinations Jan. 25: Can it pick up the pace as those over 65 and essential workers get shots? – Chicago Tribune

Outdoor workouts in January? COVID-19 restrictions force gyms to get creative during New Year’s resolution season. – Chicago Tribune

Biden unveils $1.9 trillion plan — including $1,400 checks for most Americans — to stem COVID-19 and steady the economy – Chicago Tribune

Illinois to allow local health departments to start vaccinating those 65 and older, plus teachers and other essential workers – Chicago Tribune

‘We’re getting attacked.’ Even before COVID-19, doctors faced online harassment, including death threats. The pandemic makes it worse. – Chicago Tribune

Some early doses of COVID-19 vaccine meant for health care workers go to researchers working from home – Chicago Tribune

Confusion ensues as Cook County changes course on its online COVID-19 vaccination form, filled out by 40,000 people so far – Chicago Tribune

COVID-19 vaccines move back-to-the-office plans closer to reality. Here are some key challenges for 2021. – Chicago Tribune

Defying CPS, some Chicago Teachers Union members won’t return to schools Monday, say they will teach remotely ‘until buildings are safe’ – Chicago Tribune


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An 11th-Hour Approval for Major Changes to Medicaid in Tennessee – The New York Times

Vaccine Demand Has Health Officials Turning to Eventbrite – The New York Times

The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand – The New York Times

Los Angeles County urges ambulance crews not to bring to hospitals patients they cannot resuscitate. – The New York Times

Blood Plasm Reduces Risk of Severe Covid-19 if Given Early – The New York Times

U.S. Is Blind to Contagious New Virus Variant, Scientists Warn – The New York Times

Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish – The New York Times

Set Your Exercise Goals High, but Not Too High – The New York Times

Second doses have begun for the earliest U.S. vaccine recipients. – The New York Times

A pharmacist accused of sabotaging vaccine doses is a conspiracy theorist, the police say. – The New York Times

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Oral Contraceptives Tied to Lower Risk for Certain Cancers – The New York Times

Running low on oxygen, emergency workers in Los Angeles County are told to administer the minimum necessary. – The New York Times

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Cuomo Won’t Get Vaccine Until It’s Available for Those Hardest-Hit – The New York Times

U.S. daily coronavirus case are higher than ever, but the holidays are distorting the data. – The New York Times

Take Your Family on a Treasure Hunt With Geocaching – The New York Times will now be open during tax season – The Washington Post

U.S. handling of American evacuees from Wuhan increased coronavirus risks, watchdog finds – The Washington Post

Novavax vaccine protects against coronavirus in variant hot spots but proves less effective against strain in South Africa – The Washington Post

Coronavirus variant first seen in South Africa identified in South Carolina – The Washington Post

Biden’s administration is starting to unravel dozens of Trump-era health policies – The Washington Post

Millions earmarked for public health emergencies were used to pay for unrelated projects, inspector general says – The Washington Post

CDC-backed research finds schools aren’t big coronavirus spreaders – The Washington Post

Biden to place environmental justice at center of sweeping climate plan – The Washington Post

CDC finds scant spread of coronavirus in schools with precautions in place – The Washington Post

Biden will reopen for buying insurance plans – The Washington Post

Hospitals drag feet on new regulations to disclose costs of medical services – The Washington Post

Vaccine sites want better communication with the government. Biden pledges to fix that. – The Washington Post

Biden’s just-released coronavirus strategy keeps vaccine goals modest – The Washington Post

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At first coronavirus briefing, White House acknowledges vaccinations will take months – The Washington Post

Millions earmarked for public health emergencies were used to pay for unrelated projects, inspector general says – The Washington Post

Biden administration seeks to buy 200 million more vaccine doses, to be delivered through the summer – The Washington Post

Biden to reopen ACA insurance marketplaces as pandemic has cost millions of Americans their coverage – The Washington Post

New coronavirus variants accelerate race to make sure vaccines keep up – The Washington Post

Biden to tap nurse as acting surgeon general – The Washington Post

First U.S. case of highly transmissible Brazil coronavirus variant identified in Minnesota – The Washington Post

Biden moving to nix Trump plan on opioid-treatment prescriptions – The Washington Post

81,230 overdoses set record for such deaths in a 12-month period, CDC says – The Washington Post

U.S. largely weathered Christmas coronavirus surge, but experts warn the threat could intensify – The Washington Post

It’s 2021. Can we remake our plans yet? – The Washington Post

What’s known as ‘mental reframing’ can help us with all kinds of physical and psychological challenges – The Washington Post

Food allergies might be caused by an overactive ‘quality control system’ in our bodies, researchers say – The Washington Post

Criticized by science community and Trump, Deborah Birx said she ‘always’ considered quitting – The Washington Post

Biden sticks to vaccine goals nearly met by his predecessor – The Washington Post

CDC says 2nd coronavirus vaccine shot may be scheduled up to 6 weeks later – The Washington Post

FDA approves breakthrough injectable HIV medication – The Washington Post

FEMA would operate up to 100 federally run mass vaccination sites under Biden plan – The Washington Post

Biden says death toll from pandemic likely will top 500,000 next month, says it will take months ‘for us to turn things around’ – The Washington Post

‘Pixie dust’: Why some vaccine sits on shelves while shortages intensify nationwide – The Washington Post

Biden is ‘inheriting a disaster’ as coronavirus continues to grip nation amid chaotic vaccine rollout – The Washington Post

Biden to sign day one executive order to shift coronavirus-fighting strategy – The Washington Post

It’s not just the pandemic. The moon may be messing with your sleep, too. – The Washington Post

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You probably didn’t expect to move back in with your parents. Here’s how to make the best of it. – The Washington Post

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President-elect Biden to end Keystone XL pipeline in flight on climate change – The Washington Post

Here are six key ways Biden is promising to fight the coronavirus pandemic – The Washington Post

Operation Warp Speed chief says coronavirus vaccine distribution is ‘working perfectly’ – The Washington Post

2020 rivals hottest year on record pushing Earth closer to a critical climate threshold – The Washington Post

The era of bipartisan work on lowering drug prices might be over – The Washington Post

Democrats want to fine colleagues $1,000 a day if they refuse to wear a mask on Capitol grounds – The Washington Post

Team Biden is scrambling to clarify its coronavirus vaccine distribution plan – The Washington Post

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