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Getting Out Of Medical Debt Can Feel Impossible. Here’s How To Do It – NPR

Why Shame Is A Bad Public Health Toll — Especially In A Pandemic – NPR

Kids Get Coronavirus, But Do They Spread It? We’ll Find Out When Schools Reopen – NPR

The Knee Surgeon Was In-Network. The Surgical Assistant Wasn’t, And Billed $1,167 – NPR

Can Masks Save Us From More Lockdowns? Here’s What The Science Says – NPR

Georgia Hospital Worker Sounds Alarm: ‘I Have Never Seen Anything Like This’ – NPR

‘Meaningless’ FDA Certificates Are Used To Tout Dubious Face Masks – NPR

Safe Pregnancy As COVID-19 Surges: What’s Best For Mom and Baby? – NPR

Loneliness Hasn’t Increased Despite Pandemic, Research Finds. What Helped? – NPR

Coronavirus Sparks New Interest In Using Ultraviolet Light To Disinfect Indoor Air – NPR

To Come To The Rescue Or Not? Rats, Like People, Take Cues From Bystanders – NPR

An Enzyme That Increases With Exercise Can Improve Memory In Mice, And Maybe People – NPR

New Clues To ALS And Alzheimer’s Disease From Physics – NPR

Pooling Coronavirus Tests Can Spare Scarce Supplies, But There’s A Catch – NPR

How Do I Protect Myself If The Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air? – NPR

My Gym Is Reopening. Is It Safe To Work Out There? – NPR

The Dentist Will See You Now. But Should You Go? – NPR

Green, Yellow, Orange Or Red? This New Tool Shows COVID-19 Risk In Your County – NPR


What Vaccine Nationalism Means for the Coronavirus Pandemic – TIME

Florida Now Has More Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Than New York State – TIME

‘We Will Share Our Vaccine with the World.’ Inside the Chinese Biotech Firm Leading the Fight Against COVID-19 – TIME

Trump Now Says Some Schools May Need to Delay Reopening as Coronaviurs Surges Continue – TIME

As Coronavirus Continues to Spread, Clinical Trials U.S. Cancer Patients Rely on Are Disappearing – TIME

The Coronavirus Seems to Spare Most Kids From Illness, but Its Effect on Their Mental Health Is Deepening – TIME

California Surpasses New York for Most Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in the Nation – TIME

Inside the Global Quest to Trace the Origins of COVID-19–and Predict Where It Will Go Next – TIME

Patients Are Waiting Weeks for COVID-19 Test Results. Here’s Why That’s a Huge Problem – TIME

What the U.S. Can Learn From Other Countries About Reopening Schools in a Pandemic – TIME

Cheap, Widely Available Steroid May Help Patients With Severe COVID-19, Study Says – TIME

COVID-19 Positivity Rates Appear to Be Spiking in Many States That Reopened Bars – TIME

Walmart Will Require Customers to Wear Face Masks at All Stores, the Largest Retailer to Do So – TIME

After Cruise Ships and Nursing Homes, Will Universities Be the Next COVID-19 Tinderboxes? – TIME

The Pandemic Is Turning Americans Against the Gym. That Could Be a Good Thing – TIME

Federal Judge Blocks Georgia’s Controversial Law Banning Most Abortions After 6 Weeks – TIME

Why You’re Having Such Vivid Dreams During the Pandemic – TIME

Federal Judge: Woman Can Get Abortion Pill Without In-Person Doctor Visit During Pandemic – TIME

Coronavirus Outbreaks Linked to Fraternity Houses Are a Warning for College Campuses – TIME

President Trump Wears Face Mask in Public for First Time During Pandemic – TIME

Three Weeks After Trump’s Tulsa Rally, Oklahoma Reports Record High COVID-19 Numbers – TIME

COVID-19 Linked Hunger Could Cause More Deaths Than The Disease Itself, New Report Finds – TIME

WHO Experts in China to Begin Investigation of Coronavirus Origins – TIME

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Disrupted Big Agriculture. Here’s What That Means for the Planet – TIME

The Company That Makes Remdesivir Says it Considerably Reduces COVID-19 Deaths – TIME

3 Ways to Keep Calm During Stressful Times – TIME

Trump Threatens to Withhold Federal Funds if School Districts Do Not Reopen This Fall – TIME

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Caused Carbon Emissions To Drop. But That Likely Won’t Last – TIME

The Fourth of July Weekend Threw America’s Coronavirus Failures Into Stark Relief – TIME

Yes, COVID-19 Deaths Are Down. But There Are Worrying Signs of a Major Spike Ahead – TIME

Curtailed by Coronavirus, What the Loss of Summer Camp Means for Kids – TIME

European Health Experts Concerned by U.S. Hoarding of Only Licensed Coronavirus Drug – TIME

How California Went From Coronavirus Success to Hotspot in Just 5 Weeks – TIME

The U.S. and U.K. Were the Two Best Prepared Nations to Tackle a Pandemic — What Went Wrong? – TIME


Protecting against coronavirus: is a face mask or face shield better? – Fox News

Coronavirus pandemic is ‘one big wave,’ not seasonal, say WHO officials – Fox News

Is it safe to wear a coronavirus face mask while exercising? – Fox News

States rolling back, delaying reopenings amid pandemic – Fox News

Good sense of smell may indicate lower risk of dementia in older adults: study – Fox News

Dogs able to sniff coronavirus in human saliva, German study finds – Fox News

Gottlieb, Azar push for safe school reopenings amid coronavirus – Fox News

Cinnamon supplement may benefit people with prediabetes, study finds – Fox News

Face masks causing coronavirus case plateau but states ‘not out of the woods’: HHS secretary – Fox News

Coronavirus prevents families from buying affordable insulin from Mexico – Fox News

Breastfeeding and coronavirus: Mothers with COVID-19 unlikely to pass virus if they use proper hygiene – Fox News

Homemade coronavirus face masks should be two or three layers to stop spread of virus, study finds – Fox News

School reopenings amid coronavirus: Still unclear how much young kids spread illness, Birx says – Fox News

CDC study: 73 percent of kids with coronavirus-related inflammatory condition were previously healthy – Fox News

Hooking human lungs up to sleeping pigs could boost transplant success, research says – Fox News

Diets higher in protein, particularly plant protein, linked to lower rates of early death: study – Fox News

Blood test identifies which coronavirus patients may be helped or harmed by steroid treatment – Fox News

Bill Gates says coronavirus vaccine could require multiple doses – Fox News

US averaging 2,600 new coronavirus cases per hour: report – Fox News

Oxford coronavirus steroid research ‘remarkable’ amid scientific uncertainty, experts say – Fox News

Blood test can detect cancer signs years before symptoms appear: study – Fox News

US deaths during coronavirus outbreak period were 179K higher than usual: report – Fox News

Is there a link between coronavirus and Guillain-Barre syndrome? – Fox News

Quest Diagnostics reports coronavirus testing delays, some two-week wait times – Fox News

FDA commissioner on flu season amid coronavirus: ‘We need to be prepared’ – Fox News

‘Concerning increase’ of coronavirus-related inflammatory brain condition, study finds – Fox News

CDC: Salmonella outbreak reported across 15 states, source unidentified – Fox News

Nearly 70 percent of California coronavirus cases are people under 49 years old: health officials – Fox News

Coronavirus antibodies fade fast but protection may last, study shows – Fox News

Inhaled drug shows promise in coronavirus treatment: study – Fox News

California teen dies after suffering coronavirus symptoms, family says – Fox News

Florida man battles coronavirus after son brings it home, infects family – Fox News

FDA calls for removal of disposable Puff Bar e-cigarettes, type of fruity vape – Fox News

Cabbage could help fight coronavirus, study finds – Fox News

CDC updates coronavirus guidelines on isolation, testing – Fox News

Coronavirus transmission higher among older school children, study finds – Fox News

West Nile virus overlooked during coronavirus pandemic? Public health expert cites similar symptoms – Fox News

Diet may lower glaucoma subtype risk by 20 percent, researchers say – Fox News

The FDA now includes 75 ‘toxic’ hand sanitizers on its list of products to avoid – Fox News

FDA approves Quest coronavirus test for ‘pooled’ sample use – Fox News

Coronavirus pandemic: 63 percent of Americans believe their job will ‘never return to normal,’ poll claims – Fox News

85 babies test positive for COVID-19 in one Texas county – Fox News

HHS announces $10B in coronavirus relief funding to high impact hospitals – Fox News

WHO facing funding shortages in fighting Congo Ebola outbreak – Fox News

Mosquitoes flying free as health departments focus on virus – Fox News

Feed your baby peanuts! Research suggests new dietary advice for babies – Fox News

Lung radiation helps coronavirus pneumonia patients recover faster, study says – Fox News

Can a pregnant woman spread the coronavirus to her fetus? – Fox News

WHO, UNICEF warn coronavirus is causing widespread disruptions to global immunization programs for children – Fox News

Florida hits record coronavirus one-day death toll, 54 hospitals at full ICU capacity – Fox News

US coronavirus deaths could reach more than 220K by November – Fox News

Coronavirus linked to delirium, stroke and brain inflammation, new study says – Fox News

Coronavirus infection unlikely in placenta, fetus: study – Fox News

What are the coronavirus transmission risks? – Fox News

New coronavirus map show more than half of all states are ‘trending poorly’ or have ‘uncontrolled spread’ – Fox News

Ex-Harvard Medical School faculty member warns COVID-19 herd immunity is ‘wishful thinking’ – Fox News

FDA adds 46 hand sanitizers to list of ‘toxic’ products positive for methanol – Fox News

Breast Cancer: Straight talk amid often confusing information – Fox News

Compliance with social distancing during early stages linked to working memory, study finds – Fox News

How the coronavirus pandemic affects posture – Fox News

Immunity check at sporting events could ensure safety of those attending: report – Fox News

Fetal coronavirus infection may be possible, Italian study suggests – Fox News

Clinicians bracing for mental health impact amid reopening reversals – Fox News

‘Concerning increase’ of coronavirus-related inflammatory brain condition, study finds – Fox News

Wearing a mask cuts own risk of novel coronavirus by 65 percent, experts say – Fox News

Obesity tied to more severe coronavirus illness, doctors say – Fox News

Dr. Fauci says it’s ‘false narrative’ to take comfort in low COVID-19 death rates – Fox News

CDC says 87 percent of coronavirus-infected meatpacking workers were minorities – Fox News

Texas doctor rank activities posing greatest risks for contracting coronavirus – Fox News

WHO: Coronavirus ‘accelerating,’ more testing not strictly to blame – Fox News

Some children suffer rare, coronavirus-related brain damage, study says – Fox News

Herd immunity may not be achievable in fight against coronavirus – Fox News

Coronavirus immunity can be ‘short-lived,’ expert warns – Fox News

Prevent dehydration this summer with this doctor’s simple advice – Fox News

Florida’s coronavirus cases top 200,000, officials announce – Fox News

Some COVID patients won’t recover senses of taste, smell, study finds – Fox News

With childrens’ vaccinations down amid coronavirus, doctors get creative – Fox News

Most states see coronavirus spikes as July 4 holiday weekend approaches – Fox News

Georgia’s coronavirus cases hit daily record, officials say – Fox News

Nearly 90 percent of coronavirus patients saw improved taste, smell after 4 weeks, study says – Fox News

California should double its coronavirus testing to control outbreak, Harvard scientists say – Fox News

Bandana is least effective face mask material, study finds – Fox News

Avoid using hand sanitizer before handling Fourth of July fireworks, officials warn – Fox News

Does wearing a face mask pose any health risks? – Fox News

Coronavirus update: States rolling back, delaying reopenings amid pandemic – Fox News

‘Pooled testing’ for COVID-19 holds promise, pitfalls – Fox News


Covid-19 can be a prolonged illness, even for young adults, CDC report says – CNN

New CDC guidelines come down hard in favor of opening schools – CNN

Across the globe, online survivor groups are a source of hope and support for those diagnosed with Covid-19 – CNN

Reopening of schools will provide insight into coronavirus’ spread as optimism grows for a vaccine by the end of the year – CNN

Coronavirus is making a comeback in Asia after months of respite – CNN

Addicted to the high of weed? Its calmer cousin, CBD, may help ease the disorder, study finds – CNN

Sitting on the floor: Is it better than sitting on a chair? – CNN

Try this 5-minute workout to crush burnout – CNN

Screen time and kids: Parents need to worry less about hours logged – CNN

The Trump administration was slow to recognize coronavirus threat from Europe, CDC director admits – CNN

Covid-19’s impact on the heart: Two new studies suggest ‘the plot thickening’ – CNN

1,000-year-old medieval remedy could be potential antibiotic, scientists say – CNN

Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s ‘crunch time’ for vaccine development – CNN

FDA expands list of potentially deadly hand sanitizers – CNN

The rich have one more thing you don’t: Better sleep – CNN

Vaccines are remarkably safe, review finds – CNN

Many school bus riders could be left with no seat – CNN

Some kids are scared they’ll get sick at school – CNN

Is it safe to go to the doctor? Here’s what health experts say – CNN

Test results lag as cities and states face crucial decisions on whether to reimpose restrictions – CNN

Trump contradicts press secretary on daily tests – CNN

US returns to 1,000 coronavirus deaths in a day and officials warn pandemic will only get worse – CNN

5 ways to get your kids to wear masks – CNN

Three simple acts can stop Covid-19 outbreaks, study finds – CNN

After falling for months, Covid-19 hospitalizations in the US are nearing April’s peak – CNN

Study says actual number of Covid-19 cases is far greater than thought – CNN

Plastics and pesticides: Health impacts of synthetic chemicals in US products doubled in last 5 years, study finds – CNN

Scientists are one step closer to delaying aging – CNN

A very rare gene could explain why some women don’t need pain relief during childbirth – CNN

Cinnamon linked to blood sugar control in prediabetes, study finds – CNN

Brain fog, fatigue, breathlessness. Rehab centers set up across Europe to treat long-term effects of coronavirus – CNN

Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine appears safe and induces immune response, early results suggest, but more research is needed – CNN

Some states keep smashing unwanted Covid-19 records as a Trump official says the surge is real – CNN

Racial discrimination may harm Black people’s cognitive health – CNN

Do you sleep with your eyes open? 20% of us do – CNN

Reboot your pandemic workout routine – CNN

21 ways to reduce your Alzheimer’s risk, backed by research – CNN

Test results lag as cities and states face crucial decisions on whether to reimpose restrictions – CNN

Covid-19 immunity from antibodies may last only months, UK study suggests – CNN

CDC delays release of additional documents on reopening schools – CNN

Drug overdose deaths jump in 2019 to nearly 71,000, a record high, CDC says – CNN

Quick testing is needed for coronavirus contact tracing to be most effective, research finds – CNN

Almost all Covid-19 patients with symptoms had at least one of these three, small CDC survey says – CNN

US covid-19 deaths rise as states consider reopening schools – CNN

Abrams: This isn’t confusion, Brian Kemp is a coward – CNN

HHS directs CDC to put Covid-related hospital data back on its website – CNN

Physical distancing measures could reduce new Covid-19 cases by 13% – CNN

Nobel laureates call for ‘challenge trials’ to speed up vaccine process – CNN

Do different blood types make us more vulnerable to Covid-19? – CNN

Eating fish could protect aging brains from air pollution – CNN

No added sugars for babies, advisory committee says – CNN

7 easy and fun ways to get healthy this summer – CNN

Fauci says he’s ‘walking a tightrope’ as people try to ‘pit’ him against the president – CNN

The muddled public message on coronavirus isn’t just confusing. It’s harmful – CNN

‘From worst to first’: These states have tamed coronavirus, even after reopening. Here’s how they’re doing it, and why they can’t let up – CNN

As Florida sets record for Covid-19 cases, health authorities often fail to do contact tracing – CNN

US prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine skyrocketed from February to March, study finds – CNN

Ferocious US surge adds 1 million new coronavirus cases in 28 days to hit 3 million – CNN

Coronavirus pandemic could cause wave of brain damage, scientists warn – CNN

Light pollution ruins teen sleep and may contribute to mental disorders, study says – CNN

WHO confirms there’s ’emerging evidence’ of airborne transmission of coronavirus – CNN

The upcoming school year has everyone worried. Here’s what experts say – CNN

AIDS 2020: Researchers describe a possible case of HIV remission and a new method to prevent infection – CNN

See how Canada crushed the curve while the US struggles – CNN

56 Florida hospital ICUs have hit capacity – CNN

‘Silent spreaders’ may be responsible for half of Covid-19 cases, study finds – CNN

Operation Warp Speed commits $1.6 billion to Covid-19 vaccine maker Novavax – CNN

EPA approves two Lysol products as the first to effectively kill novel coronavirus on surfaces – CNN

I got Covid-19 two months ago. I’m still discovering new areas of damage — Richard Quest – CNN

Refusing to wear face masks should be as taboo as drunk driving, science chief says – CNN

US is still ‘knee-deep in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Fauci says – CNN

Masks are effective only if you wear them properly. Here’s the right (and wrong) way – CNN

White parents: Talk to your kids about racism to raise more empathic adults – CNN

A pandemic summer slide is not inevitable – CNN

Can an AC filter protect you from coronavirus? – CNN

Less REM sleep linked to higher risk of death – CNN

How to talk with your Black friends about race – CNN

What is child care like in America right now? – CNN

Americans must act together to bring down a Covid-19 surge that could hit 100,000 cases daily, experts says – CNN

Reopening the economy doesn’t mean Covid-19 is getting better. It just shifts more responsibility to you – CNN

How can we embrace race? Learn from this couple advocating for change – CNN


Health crisis looming inside a health crisis: People are avoiding going to the doctor – Los Angeles Times

We all want lower drug prices. Why is that so hard to accomplish? – Los Angeles Times

Russia behind spread of coronavirus disinformation, U.S. officials say – Los Angeles Times

GOP slips an attack on Social Security into its coronavirus relief bill – Los Angeles

Coronavirus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month – Los Angeles Times

McDonald’s to require masks at all U.S. restaurant locations – Los Angeles Times

$1-trillion coronavirus aid package coming soon, including $1,200 checks in August, Mnuchin says – Los Angeles Times

Pepcid as a coronavirus remedy? Trump’s $21-million gamble fizzled – Los Angeles Times

The more we stay home, the less the coronavirus spreads. Here’s the evidence – Los Angeles Times

L.A. may become the biggest U.S. city with a second stay-home order – Los Angeles Times

Wearing masks could help you avoid major illness even if you get coronavirus, experts say – Los Angeles Times

NIH delves into COVID-19 racial disparities with ‘All of Us’ – Los Angeles Times

With GOP now on board, another coronavirus stimulus check is likely. But for how much? – Los Angeles Times

What happens to the U.S. economy if the $600 federal unemployment benefit ends? – Los Angeles Times

U.S. signs $1.95-billion deal with Pfizer for COVID-19 vaccine doses – Los Angeles Times

‘I’m going to die out here.’ Brutal heat is even more dangerous with coronavirus – Los Angeles Times

The U.S. isn’t merely failing to deal with the coronavirus. We’re moving backward – Los Angeles Times

Fauci expects results from clinical trial for COVID treatment by fall – Los Angeles Times

An expert debunks myths about wearing face masks to combat the coronavirus – Los Angeles Times

White House turns on Fauci as Trump minimizes virus spike – Los Angeles Times

As millions lose health insurance, Trump administration offers little help – Los Angeles Times

Georgia’s governor bans local mask-wearing orders, despite surge in coronavirus infections – Los Angeles Times

Congress edges toward deal to extend federal unemployment subsidy in coronavirus bill – Los Angeles Times

Clinical trial results indicate Moderna coronavirus vaccine is on the right track – Los Angeles Times

How contact tracing could help rein in COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

Masks offer much more protection against coronavirus than many think – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus crisis disrupts treatment for another epidemic: Addiction – Los Angeles Times

Kids left out of AIDS progress and COVID-19 is harming care, report says – Los Angeles Times

Scientists say WHO ignores the risk that coronavirus floats in air as aerosol – Los Angeles Times

Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again amid coronavirus surge – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus spikes in Texas: This hospital has quadrupled capacity yet is almost full – Los Angeles Times

Syringes are key to coronavirus vaccine delivery. Trump is relying on two untested suppliers – Los Angeles Times

Trump administration makes good on vow to leave the WHO – Los Angeles Times

A California sheriff mocked the state’s stay-at-home order. He changed his tune when COVID-19 cases surged – Los Angeles Times

Now you can see the relationship between reopening policies and COVID-19 cases – Los Angeles Times


23 Florida counties are nursing home ‘hot spots.’ Feds sending testing aid to 85 homes. – Miami Herald

‘The timing of the event is not right.’ Trump calls off Jacksonville convention – Miami Herald

COVID is leaking into Florida nursing homes as regulators allow exceptions – Miami Herald

COVID-19 test result delays worsen in South Florida as surge swamps lab – Miami Herald

DeSantis stresses parental choice, gives slack to school districts in address to state – Miami Herald

DeSantis ignored U.S. senators’ request for info on CARES Act spending, Rick Scott says – Miami Herald

Teens need to watch out for fad diets. They often lack key things for bone, brain growth. – Miami Herald

How kids and teens are coping with screen time as they learn during COVID quarantine – Miami Herald

With sports called off amid COVID-19, doctors seeing injuries in kids trying to stay active – Miami Herald

You’re not wearing a mask in South Florida? Here’s how much it could cost you – Miami Herald

South Florida hospitals scramble to reinforce nurses, treatments as COVID surge continues – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade changes COVID reporting calculations to align with state – Miami Herald

Immunocompromised and at risk, Florida’s 9/11 survivors hunker down in world’s virus hot spot – Miami Herald

Florida teachers union sues DeSantis, Corcoran over schools’ ‘reckless, unsafe reopening’ – Miami Herald

Recently recovered from COVID-19? Hospitals desperately need your blood, DeSantis says – Miami Herald

‘Sleeping in a ball of sweat’: As COVID-19  stalks Florida’s inmates, so does another plague – Miami Herald

Bahamas closes borders to U.S. tourists after COVID-19 cases spike; others still welcome – Miami Herald

Hemp oil products for people and pets recalled after Florida finds elevated lead presence – Miami Herald

‘Don’t sugarcoat it’: How to talk to your kids honestly about racism – Miami Herald

Transgender kids now have a place to turn to get healthcare and help with transition – Miami Herald

Hungry an hour after a meal? Not if you’re eating high protein foods – Miami Herald

‘It’s getting confusing.’ Miami-Dade and Florida can’t agree on metrics for COVID-19 – Miami Herald

Florida adds more than 100 deaths for fourth day in a row as COVID-19 cases pass 327,000 – Miami Herald

Which sparks set off Miami’s COVID wildfire? The clues are in the cases, experts say – Miami Herald

CDC bans cruises in U.S. waters until October citing ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks on ships – Miami Herald

Will Miami have to lock down again? Mayor, business owners to talk as COVID surges – Miami Herald

Vicious cycle: Florida jobless claims double as coronavirus rages. Shutdowns likely to blame – Miami Herald

As Florida reports record number of COVID-19 cases, some call for a stricter response – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade mayor demands masks in public. But not for Trump – Miami Herald

‘We are getting full.’ Exponential virus growth strains Miami-Dade’s largest hospitals – Miami Herald

Pence says ‘early indications’ show COVID-19 prevention measures working in Florida – Miami Herald

Is it safe to get plastic surgery amid coronavirus pandemic? – Miami Herald

I returned to golf when the courses reopened amid COVID pandemic and now I’m hurt – Miami Herald

‘Recipe for disaster’: COVID-19 leads kids’ vaccine rates falling, risking other outbreaks – Miami Herald

Dentists are sweating under three layers of face protection to get patients back – Miami Herald

The Keys now have 11 cases of dengue fever. Health officials are trying to get answers. – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade mayor reverses course, will allow gyms to stay open as COVID-19 cases rise – Miami Herald

DeSantis downplays COVID surge, suggests it was more prevalent than state admitted – Miami Herald

Is it safe to go to the doctor during coronavirus? What to know before your next visit – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade restaurants, gyms closing again under new order targeting COVID surge – Miami Herald

Worried about wrinkled hands from all that COVID-19 washing? Pop some almonds – Miami Herald

Got sun spots on your skin? Here’s how to treat them in the summer – Miami Herald


Second stimulus check updates: White House officials launch negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on new coronavirus aid package – Chicago Tribune

Chicago adds Wisconsin and 3 other states to 14-day self-quarantine order, which now covers 22 states – Chicago Tribune

Tighter restrictions take effect at Chicago fitness centers today, and club owners are worried – Chicago Tribune

CPS students will get the option to do remote learning in the fall, schools CEO says, but opponents are still pushing for all-virtual classes – Chicago Tribune

COVID-19 took a big toll in Illinois. Will deaths surge again? – Chicago Tribune

Opioid overdoses skyrocket in the face of COVID-19 pandemic; stronger drugs, scarce treatment blamed – Chicago Tribune

How will the first COVID-19 vaccine affect women? ‘This leaves a big question mark.’ – Chicago Tribune

What is herd immunity? And how do we get there on COVID-19? – Chicago Tribune

Pritzker warns parents to expect a school year unlike any other; admits feeling ‘challenged’ amid nationwide COVID-19 surge, Illinois uptick – Chicago Tribune

Illinois’ daily new coronavirus case count tops 1,000 for second day in a row; Chicago orders bars and restaurants that sell booze to close by midnight – Chicago Tribune

Gov. J.B. Pritzker calls for national mask mandate and COVID-19 containment strategy in congressional testimony – Chicago Tribune

New face masks made to battle the summer ‘sweat factor,’ but do they work? Here’s what you need to know. – Chicago Tribune

College campuses are trying to reopen in the fall. The main source of opposition? The faculty. – Chicago Tribune


How Soon Will There Be a Covid-19 Vaccine? – The Wall Street Journal

Moderna, Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccines Begin Final-Stage Testing – The Wall Street Journal

Face Masks Really Do Matter. The Scientific Evidence Is Growing. – The Wall Street Journal

Suffering From Covid-19 for Months — and Battling Murky Test Results Too – The Wall Street Journal

Surging Covid-19 Cases Could Speed Up Vaccine Studies – The Wall Street Journal

A Big Unknown in Covid-19 Vaccine Development: How Long Will Protection Last? – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Signs Executive Orders Aimed at Reducing Drug Prices – The Wall Street Journal

China Says It Will Have a Covid-19 Vaccine Ready This Year – The Wall Street Journal

How Does Racism Affect Mental Health? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Test Shortages Prompt Health Authorities to Narrow Access – The Wall Street Journal

Fighting Covid-19 Makes It Hard to Tackle Climate Change – The Wall Street Journal

Pfizer, BioNTech Get Coivd-19 Vaccine Order From U.S. Government – The Wall Street Journal

Snapchat Is Teaming Up with Meditation App Headspace – The Wall Street Journal

Pharma Companies Split on Coronavirus Vaccine Pricing Plans – The Wall Street Journal

Kids’ Coronavirus Risk Remains Uncertain as Schools Weigh Reopening – The Wall Street Journal

A Growing Push to Treat Racism’s Impact on Mental Health – The Wall Street Journal

Coronavirus Vaccine Data Raises Hope for Trio of Candidates – The Wall Street Journal

Face Masks Really Do Matter. The Scientific Evidence Is Growing. – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Appeal Decision Upholding Disclosure of Negotiated Rates – The Wall Street Journal

Appeals Court Upholds Rule Expanding Short-Term Health Plans – The Wall Street Journal

Hydroxychloroquine Didn’t Help Patients With Early and Mild Covid-19, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal

Congress Set to Tackle Vaccine Funding in Next Coronavirus Aid – The Wall Street Journal

Growing Wait Times for Covid-19 Test Results Hinder Virus Response – The Wall Street Journal

Young Black Americans Are Embracing Mental Healthcare More – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Stock Up on Covid-19 Drugs to Prepare for Second Wave in Fall – The Wall Street Journal

Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Moves to Bigger Study – The Wall Street Journal

Mental Resilience Can Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic; Here’s How to Build It. – The Wall Street Journal

How Schools Can Reopen Safely: Recommendations From Health Experts – The Wall Street Journal

For Some Black Americans, Therapy Is Gradually Losing Its Stigma – The Wall Street Journal

As Covid-19 Vaccine Work Pushes Ahead, Researchers Probe Safety – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Hits Cruise-Ship Crews Hard – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Cases Jump in Sunbelt Nursing Homes – The Wall Street Journal

German Biotech Sees Covid-19 Vaccine Ready for Approval by December – The Wall Street Journal

WHO Allows for Coronavirus Transmission by Tiny Air Particles, Before Symptoms – The Wall Street Journal

What You Should Do While You Wait for Covid-19 Test Results – The Wall Street Journal

Student Athletes Who Are Back On Campus Are Contracting Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Covid Test Results Take Longer as Infections Surge – The Wall Street Journal

Can You Catch Covid-19 Twice? – The Wall Street Journal

Drug Derived From Plasma of Covid-19 Patients to Be Tested as Preventive Measure – The Wall Street Journal

How to Make Sense of Coronavirus Data – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Commits $2 Billion for Covid-19 Vaccine, Drug Supplies – The Wall Street Journal

Ad Campaign Says Don’t Let Covid-19 Fear Delay Doctor Visits – The Wall Street Journal

Younger People Are Getting Sick With Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Colleges Are Preparing to Boost Their Mental Health Services – The Wall Street Journal

What’s the Deal With Face Shields? – The Wall Street Journal

How Do You Catch Covid-19? It’s Becoming More Clear – The Wall Street Journal

Regeneron Advances Covid-19 Drug Into Later-Stage Testing – The Wall Street Journal

Coronavirus Researchers Compete to Enroll Subjects for Vaccine Tests – The Wall Street Journal

Home Caregivers Shoulder Burden in Covid-19 Fight – The Wall Street Journal

What Makes Bars and Restaurants Potential Covid-19 Hot Spots – The Wall Street Journal

Hydroxychloroquine Given Early Helped Coronavirus Patients, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal

Arthritis Drug Fails in Study of Covid-19 Patients – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Seeks Large-Scale Expansion of Blood-Plasma Collection for Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Three Months In, These Patients Are Still Ravaged By Covid’s Fallout – The Wall Street Journal


A Viral Epidemic Splintering Into Deadly Pieces – The New York Times

Is Your Blood Sugar Undermining Your Workouts? – The New York Times

Why Is There No Consensus About Reopening Schools? – The New York Times

The Coronavirus Could Dodge Some Treatments, Study Suggests – The New York Times

‘Amazing, Isn’t It?’ Long Sought Blood Test for Alzheimer’s in Reach – The New York Times

Moderna Vaccine Test in Monkeys Shows Promise – The New York Times

Masks May Reduce Viral Dose, Some Experts Say – The New York Times

The Doctor Behind the Disputed Covid Data – The New York Times

Your Coronavirus Antibodies Are Disappearing. Should You Care? – The New York Times

FEMA Sends Faulty Protective Gear to Nursing Homes Battling Virus – The New York Times

C.D.C. Calls on Schools to Reopen, Downplaying Health Risks – The New York Times

With Eating Disorders, Looks Can Be Deceiving – The New York Times

Why It’s Good to Be Old, Even in a Pandemic – The New York Times

Here Are the Differences Between the House and Senate Coronavirus Relief Bills – The New York Times

Why Hunger Can Grow Even When Poverty Doesn’t – The New York Times

Hoping to Understand the Virus, Everyone Is Parsing a Mountain of Data – The New York Times

‘Nobody Likes Me,’ Trump Complains, Renewing Defense of Dubious Science – The New York Times

Trump Falsely Claims Much of U.S. ‘Corona Free’ as 21 States Face ‘Red Zone’ Outbreaks – The New York Times

How to Stop Biting Your Nails – The New York Times

Research Boosts Evidence of Masks’ Utility, Some Experts Say – The New York Times

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