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‘That’s Where We Look For a Shoulder to Lean On.’ How One South Carolina Pastor Is Combating Vaccine Hesitancy in Communities of Color – TIME

‘Garbage Freaking Everywhere’ as Americans Venture Outdoors After a Year of Lockdowns – TIME

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The Cost – TIME

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This County Tried to Ensure Racial Equity in COVID-19 Vaccinations. The State Said No – TIME

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Twitter Cracks Down on COVID Vaccine Misinformation – TIME


Ultra-processed foods, drinks linked to higher colorectal cancer risk: study – Fox News

CDC provides Easter coronavirus guidance, says fully vaccinated people can gather without masks – Fox News

What we know about AstraZeneca vaccine blood clot reports – Fox News

Michigan coronavirus surge impacting younger demographic, hospital officials say – Fox News

WHO adviser says report on COVID origins ‘outrageous,’ Wuhan lab leak hypothesis not seriously investigated – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine scammers targeting consumers: Watch for these red flags, officials say – Fox News

Depression alters visual processing, study suggests – Fox News

UK coronavirus variant behind 20% of cases at Nebraska daycare following outbreak – Fox News

To fight coronavirus, researchers are seeking poop samples – Fox News

WHO report on COVID-19 origin inconclusive, calls for further studies – Fox News

Study: Adolescents more likely to become addicts after trying marijuana or misusing prescription drugs – Fox News

Reinstate coronavirus mask mandates, Biden urges governors – Fox News

UK variant hunters lead global race to stay ahead of COVID – Fox News

Did COVID-19 stress, uncertainty stall anti-smoking push? – Fox News

CDC director warns of COVID-induced ‘impeding doom’ as cases, hospitalizations increase – Fox News

Amish community may have reached coronavirus ‘herd immunity,’ health official says – Fox News

WHO’s inquiry into COVID-19 outbreak ‘highly chaperoned,’ says ex-NSC official – Fox News

Fauci warns children should continue wearing masks while playing – Fox News

New York launches digital vaccination, testing passport app – Fox News

Poor sleep, burnout may up coronavirus risk, study claims – Fox News

Young adults reporting largest uptick in anxiety, depression symptoms, CDC finds – Fox News

Washington state officials monitoring 23 people for Ebola following travel to countries with outbreaks – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine trial involving college students to focus on transmission – Fox News

Oxford studying nasal spray coronavirus vaccine – Fox News

FDA panel rejects Pfizer’s arthritis drug as too risky – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccinations to reach dialysis clinics, CDC director says – Fox News

Coronavirus can infect cells in the mouth, study finds – Fox News

Child cancer cluster linked to contaminated water, officials say – Fox News

‘Alarming’ rise in COVID-19-related hospitalizations among unvaccinated adults in Michigan: officials – Fox News

Pollution taking a toll on penis size, scientist claims – Fox News

WWII-era stimulant drug discovered in weight loss supplements – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine not ‘get out of jail free card,’ infections can occur, studies suggest – Fox News

COVID-19 may trigger diabetes in some people – Fox News

Transparency in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine approval process ‘hopefully’ will dispel hesitancy, Fauci says – Fox News

Moderna to create dual COVID-19, flu vaccine, CEO says – Fox News

Coronavirus ‘long haulers’ most often battle fatigue, ‘brain fog,’ study suggests – Fox News

Flu shot associated with fewer coronavirus cases, researchers suggest – Fox News

FDA warns on unapproved CBD products marketed for pain relief – Fox News

Viagra could help men with coronary artery disease live longer, study suggests – Fox News

Pfizer studying coronavirus oral antiviral therapeutic – Fox News

More states open COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to pregnant women – Fox News

Regeneron, Roche’s antibody cocktail cuts COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths by 70%, company says – Fox News

Sinovac says its COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children as young as 3 – Fox News

UK coronavirus variant may cause heart issues in pets, vets warn – Fox News

Low-dose aspirin cuts severe coronavirus risk, study suggests – Fox News

‘No evidence yet’ NYC coronavirus variant causes reinfection, impacts vaccines: health officials – Fox News

Nearly 1 in 3 received COVID-19 vaccine dose, White House says – Fox News

A rapid COVID-19 vaccine rollout backfired in some US states – Fox News

Coronavirus herd immunity possible in this state by July, health officials says – Fox News

Johnson & Johnson plans next generation COVID-19 vaccine – Fox News

Will coronavirus face masks be the next ‘plastic problem?’ New research suggests yes – Fox News

15 states see COVID cases rise as experts warn of potential resurgence – Fox News

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine ‘safe an effective’ amid blood clotting reports, EU regulator says – Fox News

AstraZeneca, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines effective against variants, Oxford University study shows – Fox News

Needle-free COVID-19 vaccines in the works, WHO scientist says – Fox News

Coronavirus antibodies present in babies born to vaccinated mothers, research suggests – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine ‘boosters’ to become the norm in future, says genome expert – Fox News

Mothers, newborns with coronavirus, suspected illness should not be separated, WHO says – Fox News

Ebola may have lingered in a survivor for 5 years before sparking new outbreak – Fox News

New COVID-19 variant discovered in France – Fox News

Extent of COVID-19 vaccine waste remains largely unknown – Fox News

‘Partial’ Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination cuts infection risk by 63% among nursing home residents: CDC – Fox News

Researchers identify 50 additional genes for eye color – Fox News

Brazil’s worsening coronavirus crisis fuels global alarm – Fox News

1 in 5 Americans say they lost a loved one to COVID-19, poll finds – Fox News

WHO authorizes Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine – Fox News

CDC updates coronavirus guidance for child care centers – Fox News

Global rise in childhood mental health issues amid pandemic – Fox News

Novavax COVID-19 vaccines shows 96.4% efficacy, less protection against variants – Fox News

WHO still struggling to manage coronavirus response a year on – Fox News

Amid coronavirus, anti-inflammatory diet may help reduce risk of severe illness, experts say – Fox News

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines reduces asymptomatic infection by 94%, data suggests – Fox News

Moderna’s new COVID-19 vaccine variant booster shots tested in humans – Fox News

Why these masks are more effective at stopping COVID spread – Fox News

Pollen could increase coronavirus infection susceptibility, study suggests – Fox News

Antibiotics overused in coronavirus patients hospitalized early on in pandemic: study – Fox News

US daily COVID-19 deaths drop below 2,000 – Fox News

Eli Lilly COVID-19 drug combo cuts risk of hospitalizations, deaths by 87%: study – Fox News

FDA approves new COVID-19 test that could help ‘long haulers’ – Fox News

Coronavirus face mask use safe during intense exercise, early research suggests – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccinations see record daily high at 2.9M, White House says – Fox News

Why type A blood may increase COVID-19 risk – Fox News

Florida educators eligible for COVID-19 vaccines despite stricter state age limits – Fox News

Study finds link between coronavirus mortality risk and obesity – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine bypasses some older adults – Fox News

Some Moderna COVID-19 vaccine recipients have experienced delayed skin reactions following jab, doctors say – Fox News

CDC delays guidance for COVID-19 vaccinated population – Fox News

EU regulator reviewing Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine – Fox News

Trying to burn belly fat? Intermittent fasting may be hindering progress, study suggests – Fox News

Avoid indoor gatherings this St. Patrick’s Day, CDC warns – Fox News

Coronavirus ‘fatigue is winning’ as decline in cases, deaths stalls, CDC’s Walensky warns – Fox News

Hydroxychloroquine not recommended for coronavirus treatment: WHO panel – Fox News

US halts plasma study to treat mild COVID-19 citing ‘unlikely benefit’ – Fox News

Hearing loss will affect 1 in 4 people by 2050, WHO estimates – Fox News

Disinfecting surfaces amid coronavirus: Should we still be doing this? – Fox News

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine may be less effective in obese people, study finds – Fox News

Scientists find ‘HIV elite controllers’ living in Congo, possibly paving way for vaccine, cure – Fox News

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine could see approval by May, CEO says – Fox News

COVID-19 not likely to be over by end of year, WHO says – Fox News

Countries urge drug companies to share vaccine know-how – Fox News

CDC launches COVID-19 vaccine location tool to help Americans find shots – Fox News

US to screen travelers from countries with Ebola cases: CDC – Fox News

Amid COVID-19 vaccine rollout, White House vows to ‘intervene, correct’ any inequities – Fox News

‘Keep an eye’ on New York coronavirus variant, Fauci warns – Fox News

COVID-19 at-home rapid test gets emergency use authorization – Fox News

Fauci advises relaxed gatherings in homes for vaccinated individuals, but not ‘out in the community’ – Fox News


Covid-19 was third leading cause of death last year, CDC confirms in early data – CNN

Experts predicted the UK variant would become dominant in the US by March. So, is it? – CNN

All 50 states now have expanded or will expand Covid vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and up – CNN

CDC director says Americans may soon return to everyday activities, but ‘we’re not quite there yet’ – CNN

Manufacturing moonshot: How Pfizer makes its millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses – CNN

It’s possible to reach herd immunity, then lose it. Repeatedly. Here’s what you can do to help prevent that from happening. – CNN

Virtual school can be damaging to children’s mental health, CDC study says – CNN

Dangerous Covid-19 variants could mean all bets are off on the road to normalcy, expert warns – CNN

The CDC is tracking a recent uptick in Covid-19 cases. Its chief says spring breakers and eased restrictions concern her – CNN

US government stops distribution of Eli Lilly Covid-19 antibody treatment due to spread of coronavirus variants – CNN

As some states open Covid-19 vaccines to all, many others are still weeks away. Here’s a timeline. – CNN

When will kids and teens be vaccinated against Covid-19? – CNN

New legislation would reduce toxic heavy metals in baby food – CNN

They see color: Two new Black ‘Sesame Street’ characters explain racial difference to children – CNN

Africa’s second coronavirus wave was much worse than the first, analysis shows – CNN

What to do if you’re vaccinated but your kids aren’t — Dr. Wen’s advice – CNN

Advocates for the elderly call on Biden administration to do more to vaccinate seniors against Covid-19 – CNN

Counties with large Asian, Black or Hispanic populations had higher number of Covid-19 cases, CDC says – CNN

How boys suffer from gender stereotypes – CNN

Miss your favorite local bar? These sounds can take you back there – CNN

If you’ve gained weight in the pandemic, here’s what to do about it – CNN

Coronavirus strains first detected in California are officially ‘variants of concern,’ CDC says – CNN

First children vaccinated in Moderna’s Phase 2/3 pediatric Covid-19 vaccine trial, company says – CNN

Sex addiction isn’t a medically recognized diagnosis – CNN

Here’s what experts say is needed for US to return to normal. But these barriers stand in the way – CNN

The Covid-19 pandemic almost didn’t happen, a new genetic dating study shows – CNN

US coronavirus vaccine rollout becomes ‘less messy’ – CNN

The truth about white (and pink and brown) noise for sleep – CNN

Low-dose aspirin can reduce the risk of ICU admission and death of Covid-19, researchers say – CNN

The race between variants and vaccines in US will be a close call, expert wanrs, and eased restrictions aren’t helping – CNN

Covid-19 reinfections are rare, but more common in people 65 and older, study finds – CNN

A high BMI may qualify you for a vaccine, but may not mean you’re unhealthy. Here’s how to check – CNN

Is Guinness really ‘good for you’? – CNN

Are you having more nightmares? You might be ‘quaradreaming’ – CNN

Some children’s hospitals see a surge in rare Covid-19 complication MIS-C – CNN

The US has N95 masks available — you just can’t find them – CNN

US could reach herd immunity by summer through vaccinations alone, CNN analysis finds – CNN

More schools are preparing to open as coronavirus cases drop and vaccinations rise – CNN

Racial disparities in Covid-19 case rates among young people were prevalent early in the pandemic, CDC study says – CNN

Coronavirus variant first identified in UK appears to be more deadly, study suggests – CNN

A safer time might be just months away. But don’t abandon Covid-19 safety measures yet, experts say – CNN

Bodybuilding steroids linked to long-term testicular damage, study finds – CNN

US lawmakers want more research on coronavirus pandemic’s mental health toll – CNN

March and April are critical months in stopping another Covid-19 surge, CDC director says – CNN

What can fully vaccinated people do? Dr. Leana Wen says some CDC advice too cautious – CNN

Girls who play with thin dolls more likely to have body image issues – CNN

High schoolers who misuse prescription opioids are at higher risk for suicidal behaviors, study finds – CNN

Stop sitting still and do these 8 activities throughout the workday — 3 minutes at a time – CNN

Covid-19 death rates 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight, report finds – CNN

Fauci: US shouldn’t loosen coronavirus restrictions until daily new cases fall below 10,000 – CNN

Alabama governor says she won’t extend mask mandate past April 9 – CNN

CDC director urges people to keep masking and distancing ‘regardless of what states decide’ – CNN

Two doses of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine are necessary, officials say, but questions still linger – CNN

Many teens live online, alone. Here’s how to connect – CNN

How to help your kids get enough sleep, especially during the Covid pandemic – CNN

More states are easing Covid-19 restrictions, even as health experts sound warnings – CNN

Rural Americans in pharmacy deserts hurting for Covid-19 vaccines – CNN

‘The impossible is not impossible’: The push to make Covid-19 vaccines at record speed – CNN

Why kids are hitting the pandemic wall – CNN

All our recent progress with Covid-19 could be wiped out by variants, CDC director says. ‘Please stay strong’ – CNN

People rarely leave conversations when they want to — here’s how to change it – CNN

The US is getting a third coronavirus vaccine. Here’s how it’s different from the others – CNN

Mammograms pick up swelling due to Covid-19 vaccine, causing unnecessary fear, radiologists say – CNN

Smatphone addiction ruins sleep, but you can fight back – CNN

5 fruits and veggies daily to live longer, but not all kinds – CNN


California’s COVID-19 ‘honeymoon’ has been glorious. But it could end soon – Los Angeles Times

Luck is essential for any successful coronavirus variant, study shows – Los Angeles Times

Former Trump CDC chief says he thinks the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan – Los Angeles Times

Let’s do away with insurance networks. They’re not lowering healthcare costs – Los Angeles Times

Another racial disparity that may be heightened by the pandemic: access to outpatient care – Los Angeles Times

U.K. extends emergency coronavirus powers by 6 months – Los Angeles Times

Can I take painkillers before or after a COVID-19 vaccine? – Los Angeles Times

Cases of ‘Long COVID’ frustrate patients, puzzle scientists – Los Angeles Times

Half of Republican men say they don’t want the vaccine. They’re mooching off the rest of us – Los Angeles Times

New coronavirus variant detected in India; experts urge caution – Los Angeles Times

In America, there is ‘no logical rationale’ for the way COVID-19 vaccines are allocated – Los Angeles Times

Biden supports COVID-19 hate crime bill: What would it do? – Los Angeles Times

CDC eases school COVID guidance, allowing desks to be closer – Los Angeles Times

Why are side effects worse after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine? – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus strains from California and the U.K. in battle for U.S. dominance – Los Angeles Times

Moderna begins testing its COVID-19 vaccine in children as young as 6 months – Los Angeles Times

Pandemic’s reach far outstripped official coronavirus case counts, study suggests – Los Angeles Times

Will cancer cases rise because the pandemic put screening exams on hold? – Los Angeles Times

How will do COVID-19 vaccines protect after an organ transplant? – Los Angeles Times

Is COVID-19 vaccine going to waste due to FDA safety rules? – Los Angeles Times

Cost to vaccinate Californians could hit $1.3 billion amid more changes to Blue Shield oversight – Los Angeles Times

U.S. to buy additional 100 Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 vaccines for children and teens are coming, experts say – Los Angeles Times

UC Davis offers to pay students $75 to stay put for spring break – Los Angeles Times

The conversation you don’t want to have is the one you need most — especially with COVID – Los Angeles Times

CDC study: Restaurant dining bans and mask mandates make a difference in COVID-19 rates – Los Angeles Times

California thinks it can stop COVID by flooding poor areas with vaccine. Will it work? – Los Angeles Times

N.Y. officials altered report to hide true count of nursing home COVID deaths, reports say – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19’s death toll in northern Italy was staggering. Did air pollution play a role? – Los Angeles Times

California is reserving 40% of COVID-19 vaccine for the neediest. Who will get it? – Los Angeles Times

Heart problems related to COVID-19 may be rare in pro athletes who have recovered – Los Angeles Times

Britain, Canada will fast-track modified COVID-19 vaccines to tackle variants – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 helped slash 2020’s carbon dioxide emissions. How will we keep it going? – Los Angeles Times

Single shot of two-dose COVID-19 vaccine can prevent serious illness and death – Los Angeles Times

Small, maskless gatherings of vaccinated people will soon be allowed by CDC – Los Angeles Times

Homeless people exposed to coronavirus were put in hotels. For hospitals, the move paid off – Los Angeles Times

It’s ‘premature’ and ‘unrealistic’ to think COVID-19 will end soon, WHO warns – Los Angeles Times


The company’s foods were linked to dog and cat deaths. It recalled other foods Friday – Miami Herald

Gov. DeSantis announces when Florida’s COVID vaccine age will drop to 40 and then to 18 – Miami Herald

FIU announces return to classes in pre-COVID-19 conditions for summer, fall – Miami Herald

You could eat 453 servings of strawberries and still not have an effect from pesticides – Miami Herald

I don’t like my neck and my chin profile. What can I do? – Miami Herald

Wrist injuries are common with falls. Here’s what you need to know – Miami Herald

Florida’s Johnson & Johnson vaccine shipment is delayed. Where can you get the shot? – Miami Herald

Federal complaint accuses DeSantis, Lakewood Ranch vaccination site of discrimination – Miami Herald

Publix is now scheduling COVID vaccine appointments for people 60 and older – Miami Herald

Florida vaccines may open to all in April, DeSantis says. For now, long lines and waits – Miami Herald

The Latest: Biden urges Americans to ‘stick with the rules’ – Miami Herald

Are COVID vaccine side effects worse for some people? It can depend on your sex – Miami Herald

Is your face mask causing skin problems? Here are the six most common issues – Miami Herald

Are you having issues with acid reflux and gas? Here are foods you need to watch – Miami Herald

Want a Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine in Florida? Here’s where to go for your shot – Miami Herald

Florida inmates haven’t gotten COVID-19 vaccines. DeSantis won’t provide timeline. – Miami Herald

At-risk people now have more choices on where to get a COVID vaccine in South Florida – Miami Herald

Walking is hazardous to your health in Florida, the deadliest state for pedestrians – Miami Herald

Every vaccination site has a different ‘leftover dose’ policy. Here’s what we know – Miami Herald

Florida is lowering age limit for COVID vaccines on March 15 – Miami Herald

Florida City COVID vaccine site reverts to DeSantis’ order a day after giving shots to all – Miami Herald

Florida adds red tape for medically vulnerable while COVID vaccines go unused in Miami – Miami Herald

Democrats ask FBI for investigation into vaccine distribution; DeSantis pushes back – Miami Herald

Doctors will decide who is at risk and should get COVID vaccine. Here’s what to know – Miami Herald

‘A melting pot for variants.’ U.K., Brazilian, New York COVID strains found in Miami – Miami Herald

Publix makes its own vaccine distribution plan. Officials don’t know where shots will go – Miami Herald

His left leg gave out and then he suffered a stroke. How to spot the warning signs – Miami Herald


As Chicago sees ‘quantum leap’ in coronavirus cases, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says more significant reopening will have to wait – Chicago Tribune

Walgreens cancels some appointments for second doses of COVID-19 vaccine, leaving people scrambling – Chicago Tribune

With pandemic-weary consumers ready to spend, ‘the roaring 20s and celebratory times ahead may be very real’ – Chicago Tribune

Chicago-based marijuana giant part of federal pay-to-play investigation – Chicago Tribune

Illinois close to having 70% of residents 65 and older vaccinated, but rising COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases will prevent state from opening up further – Chicago Tribune

A third surge in Illinois? It’s a race between COVID-19 vaccinations and variants, and experts are concerned – Chicago Tribune

Loretto Hospital doctor embroiled in vaccine controversy resigns, officials say – Chicago Tribune

‘Brain fog,’ blurred vision and loss of taste: 85% of long-haulers who started with mild COVID-19 have 4 or more neurological symptoms, Northwestern study finds – Chicago Tribune

Company in charge of vaccinating CPS employees misallocated 6,000 vaccines, Chicago Health Department says: “This is completely unacceptable behavior’ – Chicago Tribune

Chicago ‘headed in the wrong way’ as younger adults drive uptick in COVID-19 cases, public health commissioner warns – Chicago Tribune

Did you get COVID-19 vaccine envy as other states expanded eligibility quicker? Medical experts say widening criteria isn’t automatically the solution. – Chicago Tribune

Not trusting government guidance, some restaurant owners choose not to reopen for indoor service until they think it’s safe: ‘We had to take the decision-making into our own hands’ – Chicago Tribune

Brain-damaging lead found in tap water from most Illinois communities during the past 6 years, Tribune analysis finds – Chicago Tribune

Ineligible employees at Chicago’s Trump Tower received COVID-19 vaccinations, hospital exec says – Chicago Tribune

COVID-19 vaccine appointments at 8 Illinois CVS pharmacies – Chicago Tribune

Fully vaccinated but scared to remove your mask? Experts say getting back to a mask-free norm may take time for some. – Chicago Tribune

Biden sets May 1 target to have all adults vaccine-eligible, outlines plan for ‘independence from this virus’ by Fourth of July – Chicago Tribune

During pandemic, Illinois saw 27% jump in deaths, among worst in the US. One reason: There were two waves. – Chicago Tribune

Illinois schools can cut social distance to 3 feet, state announces, but Chicago Teachers Union says it wants 6-feet spacing ‘vigorously’ maintained – Chicago Tribune

One of the biggest high school districts in suburban Chicago is moving toward full-time in-person classes by April 5 – Chicago Tribune

Unions fight to get weed workers ‘involved in the prospereity’ as Illinois marijuana sales soar – Chicago Tribune

With COVID-19 shots in short supply, some people are getting vaccinated with leftover doses that might otherwise be wasted: ‘Better in your arm than in the trash’ – Chicago Tribune

6 Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published because of racist imagery – Chicago Tribune

The pandemic plight of Chicago restaurant workers: Maskless customers, no vaccines and a constant COVID-19 risk – Chicago Tribune

University of Illinois wins FDA approval for saliva COVID-19 test: ‘We’re wasting no time in deploying this,’ Gov. Pritzker vows – Chicago Tribune


U.S. Calls for Independent Study of Covid-19 Origin – The Wall Street Journal

Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine 100% Effective in Study of 12- to 15-Years-Olds – The Wall Street Journal

Former Senior Merck Executive Hired by Life-Science Firm – The Wall Street Journal

FTC Sues to Block Illumina’s Deal for Grail in Antitrust Test – The Wall Street Journal

Pfizer to Test Covid-19 Vaccine That Doesn’t Need Ultracold Storage – The Wall Street Journal

Families Clash Over Gathering for Easter and Passover – The Wall Street Journal

HHS Flags Covid-19 Aid Paid to California Clinic – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Shots for Children Hold Key to Herd Immunity – The Wall Street Journal

Corning’s Vaccine Vial Output Seen Up 50% From Prior Target – The Wall Street Journal

Regeneron Covid-19 Antibody Drug Reduced Risk of Hospitalization, Death by 70% in Late-Stage Trial – The Wall Street Journal

How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol – The Wall Street Journal

Tips on How to Return to an Outdoor Workout Routine – The Wall Street Journal

An Extreme Method for Stress Management Pushes for the Mainstream – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Hide Pricing Data From Search Results – The Wall Street Journal

One CEO Dangles $500 Bonus for Workers to Get Covid-19 Vaccinations – The Wall Street Journal

Can My Employer Ask if I Got a Coronavirus Shot? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccines Reach the Most Remote Americans – The Wall Street Journal

Is Travel Coming Back? Airports Have Busiest Days Since March 2020 – The Wall Street Journal

More States to Expand Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility to All – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 50,000 for Second Day – The Wall Street Journal

Founders of Bankrupt Startup UBiome Indicted in Fraud Case – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Variant Vaccines in Works at J&J – The Wall Street Journal

Amazon to Offer Telehealth Service to Other U.S. Firms This Summer – The Wall Street Journal

Catalent to Expand Production of J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in Italy – The Wall Street Journal

How Being More Productive Starts With Doing Nothing – The Wall Street Journal

Why Is AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine Being Suspended in Europe? – The Wall Street Journal

Germany, France, Italy Suspend Use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine – The Wall Street Journal

They Got Covid One Year Ago. They’re Still Sick. – The Wall Street Journal

Gilead and Merck Join Forces to Develop Long-Acting HIV Treatment – The Wall Street Journal

Lilly Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Modest Benefit in Trial – The Wall Street Journal

Can You Choose Which Covid-19 Vaccine You Get? – The Wall Street Journal

Novavax’s Covid-19 Vaccine Effective In U.K. Study – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccine From Pfizer-BioNTech Was 97% Effective at Preventing Illness in Israel – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Antibody Drug Effective in Study, GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Say – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Variant Vaccine From Moderna Begins Human Testing – The Wall Street Journal

How to Help Kids Manage Anxiety as Schools Reopen – The Wall Street Journal

Advocates Fight Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns Among Agricultural Workers – The Wall Street Journal

As Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility Expands, Interest May Wane – The Wall Street Journal

Oxford Vaccine Startup in Conflict With University Ahead of IPO – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Pill Shows Promise in Preliminary Testing – The Wall Street Journal

Novartis to Help Make CureVac Covid-19 Vaccine – The Wall Street Journal

mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Are Fast to Make but Hard to Scale – The Wall Street Journal

WHO Investigators to Scrap Plans for Interim Report on Probe of COVID-19 Origins – The Wall Street Journal

Senate Advances Democrats’ Covid-19 Aid Bill – The Wall Street Journal

Starbucks, Target Among Companies to Still Mandate Masks in Texas Despite Lift on Covid-19 Restrictions – The Wall Street Journal

A Vaccine Without a Needle? These Firms Are On the Case – The Wall Street Journal

Biden Says U.S. to Have Vaccines for All Adults by End of May – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccinations Proceed Slowly Among Older Latino, Black People – The Wall Street Journal

CVS, Walgreens Look for Big Data Reward From Covid-19 Vaccines – The Wall Street Journal

What Reopened Schools Will Look Like – The Wall Street Journal

How to Resume Exercise After Having Covid – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Virus Studies Yield New Clues on Pandemic’s Origin – The Wall Street Journal


A ‘Game Changer’ for Patients With Esophageal Cancer – The New York Times

Brisk Walking Is Good for the Aging Brain – The New York Times

Weighing the Use of Growth Hormones for Children – The New York Times

How to Lower Your Child’s Risk for Addiction – The New York Times

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