Health News May 2020

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How The ‘Lost Art’ Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep and Resilience – NPR

Is It Safer To Fly Or Drive? Is Air Conditioning A Threat? – NPR

Antibody Tests Point To Lower Death Rate For The Coronavirus Than First Thought – NPR

Traffic Is Way Down Because Of Lockdown, But Air Pollution? Not So Much – NPR

Can I Catch It Through My Eyes? Will Goggles Help? – NPR

Getting An Antibody Test For The Coronavirus? Here’s What It Won’t Tell Your – NPR

From Camping To Dining Out: Here’s How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities – NPR

Grief For Beginners: 5 Things To Know About Processing Loss – NPR

How Risky Is It To Fly? Is There Any Way To Reduce The Risks? – NPR

Too Much Alone Time? Tips To Connect And Find Joy While Social Distancing – NPR

From Loss Of Smell To ‘COVID Toes’: What Experts Are Learning About Symptoms – NPR

Will Antibodies After COVID-19 Illness Prevent Reinfection? – NPR

When Public Figures Make Questionable Health Claims, Do People Listen? – NPR

What’s a Pulse Oximeter? Is It A Good Idea To Buy One? – NPR


Watch a Real-Time Simulation of How Well Social Distancing at the Beach Actually Works to Contain COVID-19 – TIME

‘It’s Getting Worse.’ Nursing Home Workers Confront Risks in Facilities Devastated by Coronavirus – TIME

Dr .Raj Panjabi Warns of a Impending ‘Viral Apartheid’ If We Don’t Change Our COVID-19 Approach – TIME

Up to 80% of COVID-19 Infections Are Asymptomatic, a New Case Report Says – TIME

Antibody Tests Were Hailed as a Way to End Lockdowns. They’re Causing Confusion Instead – TIME

America’s Assisted Living Residents Are Falling Through the Cracks of COVID-19 Response, Families Say – TIME

COVID-19 Has Killed More Than 100,000 Americans – TIME

265 Million People Could Face Hunger in ‘Unprecedented’ Crisis, World Food Program Expert Warns – TIME

The Hunt to Understand COVID-19’s Connection to Kawasaki Disease – TIME

The Coronavirus Killed the Handshake and the Hug. What Will Replace Them? – TIME

The U.S. Shouldn’t ‘Draw the Wrong Lessons’ as COVID-19 Slows: Dr. Leana Wen and Dr. Scott Gottlieb – TIME

‘Could It Work as a Cure? Maybe.’ A Herbal Remedy for Coronavirus Is a Hit in Africa, But Experts Have Their Doubts – TIME

How Remdesivir Works to Fight COVID-19 Inside the Body – TIME

Is There Any Safe Way to Socialize During the Coronavirus Pandemic? – TIME

Unusual Symptoms of Coronavirus: What We Know So Far – TIME

No COVID-19 Models Are Perfect, But Some Are Useful – TIME

There Isn’t a COVID-19 Vaccine Yet. But Some Are Already Skeptical About It – TIME

‘No One in the World Is Safe Until Everybody’s Safe.’ Why a Globally Accessible Vaccine Is Crucial to Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic – TIME

Did You Lose Your Health Insurance Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic? You May Have Other Options – TIME

As Parts of the U.S. Reopen, Most States Fall Short of Expert-Approved Coronavirus Testing Levels – TIME

COVID-19 Care Will Not End at Discharge — Government Help for the Uninsured Shouldn’t Either – TIME

The Economic Principle That Tells Us a Lot About Coronavirus and Climate – TIME

Former FDA Commissioner: Here’s the Testing Strategy We Need to Safely Reopen America – TIME

The Pandemic Is Changing How We Die — And Not Just for COVID-19 Patients – TIME

Could COVID-19 Finally Destigmatize Mental Illness? – TIME

COVID-19 Is Making Americans Even More Sedentary. The Effects Could Be Long-Lasting – TIME

New York City’s Coronavirus Official Death Toll May Have Missed Thousands of Cases, CDC Study Says – TIME

Accidental Poisonings Increased After President Trump’s Disinfectant Comments – TIME

How a COVID-19 Testing Model No One Is Talking About Could Save Thousands of Lives – TIME

The Coronavirus Originated in Bats and Can Infect Cats, WHO Scientist Says – TIME

COVID-19’s Psychological Toll: Mental Distress Among Americans Has Tripled During the Pandemic Compared to 2018 – TIME

Hydroxychloroquine Fails to Help Coronavirus Patients in Largest Study of the Drug to Date – TIME

Inherent Flaws in COVID-19 Testing Mean Some of Those Infected Don’t Get the Treatment They Need – TIME

COVID-19 Is Making America’s Loneliness Epidemic Even Worse – TIME

Black and Asian People Are 2 to 3 Times More Likely to Die of COVID-19, U.K. Study Finds – TIME

Scared to Return to Work Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic? These Federal Laws Could Grant You Some Protections – TIME

What to Know About Kawasaki Disease, the Pediatric Inflammatory Condition Possibly Linked to COVID-19 – TIME

As New COVID-19 Cases Decline in New York, the Rest of the Nation Is Going the Opposite Direction – TIME

Why Is COVID-19 Striking Men Harder Than Women? – TIME


Taking vitamin D amid coronavirus: Doctors warn against ‘megadoses’ of the dietary supplement – Fox News

Coronavirus cases in Northern California county cause officials to backpedal on reopening plans – Fox News

Prescriptions for malaria drug plummet at VA hospitals – Fox News

PPE fee means patients could pay more at dentist’s office – Fox News

Vaping causes ‘slime cloak,’ mouth stress, researchers say – Fox News

After a coronavirus infection, when is it safe to be around others? CDC offers new guidance – Fox News

Amid coronavirus, CDC offers guidelines on office reopenings – Fox News

Black patients double odds for coronavirus hospital admission, study says – Fox News

Red Cross reports 208 coronavirus-related assaults on health care workers – Fox News

6 feet likely not far enough to stop COVID-19 transmission: experts – Fox News

Signs of depression or anxiety seen in one-third of adults, census figures show – Fox News

6 in 10 voters say they’ll get a coronavirus vaccine shot when it’s available, Fox News Poll Finds – Fox News

Coronavirus may cause injury to placenta, researchers say – Fox News

Only drug in US to treat ‘severe’ malaria approved by FDA, federal agency says – Fox News

Skipping medical care amid coronavirus a troubling pandemic byproduct – Fox News

Saying the F-word might help take the pain away, research affirms – Fox News

CDC warns it ‘may be possible’ for coronavirus to spread on surfaces, in new shift – Fox News

Hospital staff with mild coronavirus cases developed antibodies, study finds – Fox News

Missouri partiers who flouted coronavirus social distancing guidelines told to self-quarantine – Fox News

Hepatitis drug eyed as possible coronavirus treatment for mild cases, Stanford researchers say – Fox News

Coronavirus is ‘just the tip of the iceberg,’ says China’s top bat researcher – Fox News

Remdesivir shortens coronavirus recovery time for hospitalized patients, NIH study finds – Fox News

Wear gloves, or wash hands to avoid coronavirus? – Fox News

Prevent mosquito-spread viruses this summer with these tips – Fox News

Fauci says extended stay-home orders could cause ‘irreparable damage’ – Fox News

Dr. Birx asking CDC to investigate 3 coronavirus hotspots: LA, Chicago, DC – Fox News

Researchers find gene linked to thinness – Fox News

Coronavirus-related deaths in Washington state likely being underreported, officials say – Fox News

Mental health crisis spawned by coronavirus fears and lockdown could be next pandemic – Fox News

Coronavirus sparks scammers pushing CBD as cure-all – Fox News

Lupus patient on hydroxychloroquine contracts coronavirus, report says – Fox News

Coronavirus prompts CDC to issue new pool guidelines as summer approaches – Fox News

Babies born to moms with coronavirus should be tested for COVID-19, CDC guidelines say – Fox News

‘Invisible demon’: Coronavirus hits even top-rated nursing homes – Fox News

Homemade coronavirus masks: Tips to wash your face covering properly – Fox News

Don’t count on vaccine against COVID-19, top HIV scientist warns – Fox News

Sock hack for coronavirus mask is a simple way to keep safe – Fox News

CDC now says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ via contaminated surfaces – Fox News

New York’s coronavirus plan involves UV light to disinfect subways – Fox News

US births fall, and coronavirus could drive them down more – Fox News

As coronavirus rages on, the opioid epidemic does too – Fox News

What commuting in NYC will look like after the coronavirus – Fox News

Can I get coronavirus outside? Experts talk wind dispersal, provide safety tips – Fox News

Coronavirus patients in new Chinese cluster exhibiting symptoms different from Wuhan – Fox News

Wearing a face mask can reduced coronavirus transmission by up to 75 percent, study says – Fox News

NYC delivering methadone to addicts with coronavirus – Fox News

CDC plans nationwide coronavirus antibody study, report says – Fox News

Does previous common cold offer coronavirus protection? Researchers find possible evidence – Fox News

Blood markers may help identify which children develop severe Kawasaki-illness: report – Fox News

Florida man who questioned coronavirus crisis issues warning after contracting virus – Fox News

Calls offered for older adults staying home amid coronavirus bring comfort – Fox News

EU calls for independent probe of WHO’s pandemic response – Fox News

Coronavirus cases have yet to spike in US areas reopening, HHS head says – Fox News

Asian wet markets still ‘filthy’ despite coronavirus pandemic, PETA video shows – Fox News

Blind study participants ‘see’ shapes via electrodes: study – Fox News

Coronavirus survivors should wait 30 days before having sex again, official in this country says – Fox News

With remdesivir scarcities, doctors advised to ‘randomly allocate’ drug to patients – Fox News

US coronavirus death rate 20-fold greater than influenza: study – Fox News

How long before we know if reopenings cause virus spikes? – Fox News

FDA probes Abbott’s rapid coronavirus test accuracy issues – Fox News

CDC issues health advisory about mysterious coronavirus-related condition found in children – Fox News

Device would potentially neutralize coronavirus using UV light – Fox News

Coronavirus deaths top 300K worldwide, but show signs of slowing – Fox News

Doctors sound alarm as coronavirus sparks drop in cancer diagnoses – Fox News

Acupuncture can relieve indigestion discomfort: study – Fox News

20K volunteer for coronavirus exposure in possible ‘human challenge trial’ – Fox News

Colorado sees first coronavirus outbreaks connected to childcare centers – Fox News

Study examines link between coronavirus and acute kidney injury – Fox News

Can the coronavirus spread in pool water? What to know as summer approaches – Fox News

Fauci: ‘Be careful we are not cavalier’ in assuming kids’ immunity to coronavirus – Fox News

Coronavirus ‘may never go away’, could become endemic like HIV, WHO official warns – Fox News

Eat these foods, take these vitamins to boost your immune system during coronavirus outbreak – Fox News

Coronavirus and kids: Ways to keep children fit, healthy as lockdown, school closures continue – Fox News

Texas county unveils color-coded coronavirus alert system in evaluating COVID-19 risk – Fox News

John Hopkins releases online coronavirus contact tracing course – Fox News

No NYC pedestrian deaths reported amid coronavirus lockdown – Fox News

Coronavirus antibody tests become surprising new trend at wellness spas, Botox clinics, report says – Fox News

Heading back to work post-coronavirus: Experts offer tips on staying safe – Fox News

NYC coronavirus deaths may be underreported by more than 5,000, CDC says – Fox News

After recovering from coronavirus, are you immune? – Fox News

Automatic pill dispenser helping seniors stay safe, independent at home – Fox News

Hospitals treating coronavirus patients in Mexico City are reaching maximum capacity: report –  Fox News

Massive coronavirus outbreak at Texas federal prison racks up county total to nearly 4,000 – Fox News

New York, New Jersey allow coronavirus-infected health care workers to tend to sick, elderly after just 7 days – Fox News

Early COVID-19 survivor mobilizing others to donate plasma: ‘We have issued a call to arms, literally’ – Fox News

Wuhan reports new coronavirus cluster since reopening: report – Fox News

Dr. Fauci, 2 other coronavirus task force members face quarantine – Fox News

FDA greenlights new coronavirus antigen test – Fox News

Coronavirus up to 100 times more infectious through eyes, airways than SARS: report – Fox News

Children with coronavirus at LA hospital develop rare inflammatory condition possibly linked to COVID-19 – Fox News

A baby boom after the coronavirus pandemic? It’s not going to happen, study claims – Fox News

FDA OKs emergency approval for coronavirus test kit created by Massachusetts-based company – Fox News

Most who recover from coronavirus carry antibodies, study finds – Fox News

Coronavirus prompts New York town to suggest its 200,000 residents go on a diet – Fox News

How coronavirus puts Lyme disease patients at risk, according to an expert – Fox News

Bringing home a newborn amid coronavirus? National survey highlights top concerns – Fox News

Ohio health officials hiring coronavirus ‘contact tracers’ to help stop spread of COVID-19 – Fox News

WHO suggests controversial ‘challenge study’ needed to help speed up search for coronavirus vaccine – Fox News

‘Coronavirus parties’ in this Washington state county might be reason for rise in cases, officials say – Fox News

Tocilizumab drug shows coronavirus treatment promise, doctor says – Fox News

Northwestern develops coronavirus antibody test using single drop of blood – Fox News

Llamas may prove useful in coronavirus treatment search – Fox News

How this N95 mask could out others at risk for illness – Fox News

Coronavirus lockdowns take grim toll on mental health of Americans – Fox News

Coronavirus and heat waves pose new risks, experts say – Fox News

New ‘coronavirus senor’ can detect early signs of virus, researchers say – Fox News

More than ‘COVID toes’: Numerous reports of skin rashes tied to COVID-19 – Fox News

Texas man sick with coronavirus for over 50 days: ‘Ready for it to be done’ – Fox News

Coronavirus infects workers at Oregon seafood processing plant – Fox News

Coronavirus infects more than 100 Oklahoma meatpacking plant workers – Fox News

More evidence suggests coronavirus spreads from asymptomatic, presymptomatic individuals, CDC says – Fox News

Pfizer, BioNTech begin coronavirus vaccine trial in humans – Fox News

Even as respiratory symptoms fade, coronavirus victims face danger – Fox News

Hospitals are paid more for Medicare patients confirmed or presumed to have coronavirus – Fox News

Mourning coronavirus victims while social distancing shouldn’t mean isolation, expert says – Fox News

Coronavirus may impact eating disorder recovery, expert says – Fox News

Coronavirus infection rates in children target of new US study – Fox News

Kansas sees coronavirus cases at meat-packing plants: reports – Fox News

PTSD in coronavirus survivors, doctors becomes new focus for hospitals across the US – Fox News

Is telehealth here to stay? – Fox News

Coronavirus vaccine may never come, health expert warns – Fox News

Nearly 900 workers at Tyson Foods plant in Indiana test positive for coronavirus – Fox News

FDA allows emergency use of remdesivir to treat coronavirus patients after promising study – Fox News

Coronavirus sparks increased interest in home births but expert advises against it – Fox News

Coronavirus could impact this dog breed more than others: veterinarian – Fox News

Coronavirus prompts Michigan health department to launch free condom delivery service – Fox News

Coronavirus prompts New York City to close subways overnight for ‘daily deep cleaning’ – Fox News

Coronavirus to likely last two years, new report says – Fox News

WHO: 102 potential coronavirus vaccines in the works – Fox News

LA offers wide-scale coronavirus testing, first major US city to do so – Fox News

Gout medication as possible coronavirus treatment by researchers – Fox News

Coronavirus outbreak in US could be deadlier than any flu season since 1967: report – Fox News

Coronavirus-prompted increase in disinfectant use could be deadly to kids – Fox News

Offset coronavirus blues through moderate sun exposure – Fox News

Coronavirus vaccine developed by UK researchers could prove effective by July, executive says – Fox News

Coronavirus job loss, ‘psychological micro-traumas’ likely to cause uptick in mental health calls, expert says – Fox News

Texas A&M study looks into best materials for coronavirus masks – Fox News


Pangolins may have incubated the novel coronavirus, gene study shows – CNN

One in 10 Covid-19 patients with diabetes die within a week, study finds – CNN

Study shows 10 times more New Yorkers had Covid-19 by April than previously counted – CNN

Covid-19’s ‘catastrophic’ impact on Latino communities is driven by ‘savage disparities,’ leaders and lawmakers say – CNN

Vicarious racism: You don’t have to be the target to be harmed – CNN

Trump decision to leave WHO endangers global health, medical groups say – CNN

How Americans can help prevent another 100,000 coronavirus deaths – CNN

The full toll of Covid-19 on children’s mental health won’t be known for years – CNN

What we mean by a ‘second peak’ of coronavirus – CNN

Practice sun safety to stay healthy outside during the pandemic – CNN

Confused by the science behind Covid-19? You’re not alone – CNN

Blood clots fill lungs of black coronavirus victims, study finds – CNN

Healthy eating for kids: How to talk about good food habits – CNN

Today’s high potency weed raises risk of anxiety and addiction, study says – CNN

When can you be around others? CDC updates coronavirus guidance – CNN

Why now is the time to embrace video games for kids – CNN

Nearly half of Americans stressing and skipping medical appointments, survey finds – CNN

Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong up to half the time, CDC says – CNN

This is what health experts want you to know as America reopens – CNN

Remdesivir alone is not enough, researchers conclude in first major Covid-19 trial of the drug – CNN

Experts skeptical after researchers report positive vaccine results – CNN

Large study finds drug Trump touted for Covid-19 is linked to greater risk of death and heart arrhythmia – CNN

How many people have coronavirus? Sometimes, it’s just a guess – CNN

Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong half the time, CDC says – CNN

Vitamin D’s effect on Covid-19 maybe exaggerated. Here’s what we know – CNN

Many LGTBQ youth who die by suicide are bullied before their death, study finds – CNN

Treating rebound headaches with early preventative meds best choice, study finds – CNN

A teen’s guide to managing your parents, relationships and coronavirus – CNN

How to stay cool without air conditioning this summer – CNN

Warmer weather means it’s time to be tick aware – CNN

Picky eating linked to demanding parents who limit foods, study says – CNN

WHO temporarily pauses hydroxychloroquine study due to safety concerns – CNN

Opioid drug overdose deaths are down in US, study finds, but Covid-19 could change that – CNN

Why a positive Covid-19 antibody test doesn’t mean much of anything yet – CNN

Health officials double down on the dangers of mass gatherings as states reopen more venues – CNN

More than 100 infections linked to fitness classes in South Korea, study finds – CNN

If your kids are acting out, they might just be sad – CNN

With meat prices going up, it’s time to eat more plants – CNN

Age-proof your brain by keeping your heart healthy, study says – CNN

China backs coronavirus investigation but says it should wait until pandemic is contained – CNN

Yoga may ease symptoms of depression, study says – CNN

Delirium and agitation may follow Covid-19 infection, study says – CNN

More evidence US childhood vaccinations are dropping amid coronavirus pandemic – CNN

How to eat less meat and more plants – CNN

US coronavirus death toll passes 90,000 but influential model lowers it prediction – CNN

Doctor testing new vaccine says there’s long way to go – CNN

The pandemic is testing sibling rivalry — and you – CNN

Right ventricle enlargement a major predictor for mortality among COVID patients, new study finds – CNN

All states will be partially reopened by Wednesday despite at least 17 seeing coronavirus case rates rise – CNN

CDC warns doctors about childhood illness linked to Covid-19 – CNN

It can still be hard to get a coronavirus test — and that’s not the only problem – CNN

US falls short in coronavirus testing in some areas of the country – CNN

Everything you need to know about a mysterious illness that could be linked to coronavirus in children – CNN

Study shows Covid-19 patients who took heartburn drug were less likely to die, but researchers caution more research is needed – CNN

Parts of New York can reopen as coronavirus rates fall to the level of late March – CNN

Getting to medical appointments during a pandemic – CNN

The science of gossip (and why everyone does it) – CNN

Health officials warn against Mother’s Day gatherings while modeling projects more US deaths than expected – CNN

For the first time, scientists can see how the brain records our memories as we sleep – CNN

How antibodies protect us from viruses – CNN

Hospitals frustrated by Remdesivir supply – CNN

Triple drug therapy helps coronavirus patients recover more quickly, study finds – CNN

Childhood vaccinations plunge since Covid-19 pandemic started, CDC says – CNN

The two countries that show life beyond lockdown isn’t what people think it will be – CNN

How does the government decide who gets remdesivir? Doctors have no idea – CNN

75,000 Americans at risk of dying from overdose or suicide due to coronavirus despair, group warns – CNN

Rats are infecting humans with hepatitis, and nobody knows how – CNN

This yoga routine can work for migraines – CNN

Silent hypoxia: Covid-19 patients who should be gasping for air but aren’t – CNN

15 children hospitalized in New York City with an inflammatory syndrome that could be linked to coronavirus – CNN

5 signs your coronavirus anxiety has turned serious, threatening your mental health, and what to do about it – CNN

Relaxed restrictions across US will have a dire impact on coronavirus death toll, experts warn – CNN

How to stop your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask – CNN

Key coronavirus model doubles projected US deaths to 134,000 as social distancing fades – CNN

FDA shifts policy to require antibody test makers to promptly seek emergency use authorization – CNN

Getting to the pediatrician during a pandemic – CNN

Home from college and bumping heads with parents? Here’s how you can get along – CNN

What happens if a coronavirus vaccine is never developed? It has happened before – CNN

Warmer weather and debate over restrictions drive Americans outside while coronavirus cases rise – CNN

‘Tummy time’ is important for your baby’s overall motor development, review of studies says – CNN

Getting to the dentist during a pandemic – CNN

Bad breath behind that coronavirus mask? 10 reasons — and remedies — for your halitosis – CNN

US government will decide where remdesivir goes amid coronavirus pandemic, drugmaker says – CNN

Here’s why experts worry about reopening restaurants – CNN

Fauci ‘not surprised’ some are no longer social distancing – CNN


Nearly half of Americans delayed medical care due to the coronavirus – Los Angeles Times

Trump targets California in latest attack on mail-in voting – Los Angeles Times

Orange County authorities won’t enforce mask requirement: ‘ We are not the mask police’ – Los Angeles Times

Who should you inform if you live in an apartment complex and catch coronavirus? – Los Angeles Times

Orange County deems in-person church ‘essential,’ says rules too restrictive for megachurches – Los Angeles Times

Dangerous blood clots pose a perplexing coronavirus threat – Los Angeles Times

Throngs of people, many without masks, pack Venice Beach over Memorial Day weekend – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus ‘silent spreaders’ become a bigger risk as California reopens – Los Angeles Times

Nevada casinos may reopen June 4 if coronavirus cases don’t spike this weekend – Los Angeles Times

Nearly 5% of L.A. County residents might have already had coronavirus, study shows – Los Angeles Times

Pandemic threatens to deepen crisis in mental health care – Los Angeles Times

Who’s getting haircuts now? People brave enough to DIY — or meet in secret – Los Angeles Times

Carbon dioxide pollution falls 17% during coronavirus outbreak peak, study says – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus data-sharing with law enforcement rings alarm bells – Los Angeles Times

Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to protect against coronavirus – Los Angeles Times

As a few churches challenge stay-at-home order, fears of more coronavirus outbreaks – Los Angeles Times

With the coronavirus keeping campuses closed, parents report academic, financial struggles and stress – Los Angeles Times

Georgia’s coronavirus data made reopening look safe. The numbers were a lie – Los Angeles Times

Was the coronavirus made in a Wuhan lab? – Los Angeles Times

As California coronavirus deaths reach stubborn plateau, experts fearful about future – Los Angeles Times

Reopening schools will be pricey and complicated, L.A. schools chief warns – Los Angeles Times

Pennsylvania governor blasts defiant local officials as ‘cowardly’ in coronavirus fight – Los Angeles Times

Not everyone hates being stuck at home. Some people are thriving – Los Angeles Times

European countries cautiously reopen, but rules and restrictions apply – Los Angeles Times

Projections show California COVID-19 cases and deaths rising more than expected – Los Angeles Times

Economic upheaval could soon thrust half a billion people into extreme poverty – Los Angeles Times

More Southern California beaches and trails reopened as coronavirus restrictions eased – Los Angeles Times

How to do the dishes faster – Los Angeles Times

Rotting food. Hungry masses. Chaotic supply chains. Coronavirus upends the U.S. food system – Los Angeles Times

A mutant coronavirus has emerged, even more contagious than the original, study says – Los Angeles Times

FDA to rein in flood of coronavirus blood tests after lax oversight – Los Angeles Times

Aircraft carrier prepares to go back to sea after coronavirus outbreak – Los Angeles Times

Drugs for heartburn, gout and depression now being tested as coronavirus treatments – Los Angeles Times

The coronavirus lockdown is miserable. Rushing herd immunity could be worse – Los Angeles Times

Too many ‘shiny objects’: Why it’s risky to promise a coronavirus vaccine and cure – Los Angeles Times

Reopening California could easily backfire into second wave without masks and distancing, officials warn – Los Angeles Times

The best advice for the three most common coronavirus relationship issues – Los Angeles Times

Developing a coronavirus vaccine should not be rushed. Here’s why – Los Angeles Times


Sylvester joins COVID-19 consortium to see how coronavirus affects cancer patients – Miami Herald

Do I need to get surgery if I have torn a tendon in my ankle? – Miami Herald

Want to get tested for COVID-19? Rapper Flo Rida’s mobile unit may be rolling your way – Miami Herald

Second resident contracts West Nile virus infection in Miami-Dade, health officials say – Miami Herald

After weeks of antibody testing, Florida to report results for the first time Friday – Miami Herald

Tourists are coming back to Key West soon — but first, there are a few things to do – Miami Herald

How and when will Walt Disney World reopen? Florida theme parks have a plan – Miami Herald

As Florida releases new COVID-19 death data, one medical examiner defies state’s secrecy – Miami Herald

Florida knew a COVID-19 pandemic was likely. State leaders didn’t warn the public. – Miami Herald

You can swim, but you can’t sunbathe. How COVID-19 has changed a trip to Broward beaches – Miami Herald

She had less than a year to live with a brain tumor. This treatment saved her life – Miami Herald

Proton therapy, immunotherapy, clinical trials among the newest treatments for sarcomas – Miami Herald

Cervical cancer is totally preventable but thousands of U.S. women will die from it – Miami Herald

‘I can’t have anything serious; I’m only 25’: Colon cancer on the rise in young people – Miami Herald

A PB&J sandwich should top your quarantine pantry list. It’s really good for you. – Miami Herald

Do you have ‘maskne’? How to banish breakouts caused by wearing a mask – Miami Herald

Tie-dyed schizophrenia: How COVID-19 has shined a light on living with mental illness – Miami Herald

Childhood cancer radiation treatments can cause later-in-life heart disease – Miami Herald

Sylvester, Miami Cancer Institute studying stem cells, cancer drugs to treat COVID-19 – Miami Herald

If you’re breastfeeding, you probably shouldn’t be getting Botox – Miami Herald

So, I strained myself after my Zoom workout. What do I do now? – Miami Herald

No, you can’t try that lipstick. Playtime at your favorite makeup store is canceled – Miami Herald

Contact tracing calls can help stop coronavirus spread. Here’s the problem – Miami Herald

‘I want my Botox’: Miami yearns to be beautiful again. Here’s how it can happen – Miami Herald

Disney Springs is opening soon, marking the first phase of Disney World’s reopening – Miami Herald

Carnival announces comeback: Some cruises will resume Aug. 1 from Florida and Texas – Miami Herald

Congress to investigate Carnival Corporation’s handling of COVID-19 on its cruise ships – Miami Herald

As Florida starts to reopen, fewer than 2% of residents have been tested for COVID-19 – Miami Herald

Worried about gaining weight during pandemic? Follow the 80/20 rule on eating healthy – Miami Herald

Ultraviolet C light is not safe to use on your skin to kill coronavirus – Miami Herald

At-home deaths are up in Miami-Dade, but ER visits are down. It could be COVID-19 fears. – Miami Herald

Cosmetic surgeries, which may be resuming after COVID-19 closures, will have new rules – Miami Herald

What will summer camps be like in the year of coronavirus? Nobody knows – Miami Herald

3 Miami COVID-19 patients successfully treated with ‘promising’ stem cell therapy – Miami Herald

So, you want to run during pandemic, but haven’t done so since high school. Watch out! – Miami Herald


Bosses say $600 coronavirus unemployment boost makes reopening harder. Some workers ‘are making more money than they’ve ever made by not working right now.’ – Chicago Tribune

How to hang out with 10 people or fewer as Illinois and Chicago reopen – Chicago Tribune

Sexual assault victims fear going to ER during pandemic. New legislation could allow rape kits at health clinics instead. – Chicago Tribune

Allstate extends its rebate as motorists continue to stay off the roads during the COVID-19 health crisis – Chicago Tribune

President Trump calls on governors to reopen churches, declares them essential services – Chicago Tribune

‘Our residents are in crisis’: In state-run homes for adults with disabilities, COVID-19 spread quickly – Chicago Tribune

The social-distancing police are among us. Would you call out a neighbor for unsafe practices? Or call 911? – Chicago Tribune

Democrats power $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through House that Republicans say is dead on arrival in GOP-led Senate – Chicago Tribune

As researchers at Northwestern and elsewhere scramble to find a treatment for COVID-19, they hope this time the money won’t run out before the next threat hits – Chicago Tribune

Extra pay for many essential workers is expiring, even as COVID-19 deaths mount. Labor groups fight to keep ‘hero pay.’ – Chicago Tribune

Many cities around the globe saw cleaner air after being shut down for COVID-19. But not Chicago. – Chicago Tribune

A summer without swimming? Pools could be ‘one of the last places’ to reopen as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease. – Chicago Tribune

Placentas in COVID-positive pregnant women show injury with blood circulation and clotting – Chicago Tribune

‘The aim is to prevent dementia.’ Trials underway in Chicago for diet that protects memory and thinking during aging. – Chicago Tribune

COVID-19 was found in semen of recovered patients. Is it a sexually transmitted disease? – Chicago Tribune

‘It’s one thing to survive the infection, but what’s next?’ Some COVID-19 patients need rehab to walk, talk and problem solve – Chicago Tribune

Top White House officials buried CDC report on reopening communities during coronavirus pandemic, emails show – Chicago Tribune

Shampoo, a trim, a temperature check: What getting your hair cut will be like when barbershops and salons reopen – Chicago Tribune

The high-rise office you left in March may not resemble the one you’re going back to. Here’s what workplaces may look like after the coronavirus shutdown. – Chicago Tribune

If you get sick with COVID-19, is your employer liable? As businesses prepare to reopen, worker safety is a priority – Chicago Tribune

Illinois legal weed sales during the first full month of coronavirus lockdown amount to almost $37.3 million – Chicago Tribune

The coronavirus will create a new kind of tourist – Chicago Tribune

FDA paves way for home testing of coronavirus – Chicago Tribune

‘Scary to go to work’: White House races to contain an outbreak of the coronavirus in its ranks – Chicago Tribune

A majority of Americans disapprove of protests against state coronavirus restrictions, though support for closures dips, poll shows – Chicago Tribune

CDC official says the United States missed some chances to slow the coronavirus: ‘Our travel alerts should have been earlier’ – Chicago Tribune


Access to Coronavirus Testing Can Depend on Who You Know – The Wall Street Journal

Russia Approves Flu Drug’s Use Against Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Asks Five Companies to Recall Diabetes Drug Metformin – The Wall Street Journal

Medical Journal Issues Correction on Study of Antimalarial Drugs – The Wall Street Journal

Blood of Recovered Covid-19 Patients Is Becoming a Hot Commodity – The Wall Street Journal

Higher Death Rates Found Among Cancer Patients With Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Why Does Zoom Exhaust You? Science Has an Answer – The Wall Street Journal

Sanofi to Sell Regeneron Shares Worth $11.1 Billion to Fund Overhaul – The Wall Street Journal

Blood Banks, Pharma Join Microsoft to Sign Up Plasma Donors – The Wall Street Journal

Race Is On to Create Rapid Covid-19 Tests for the Fall – The Wall Street Journal

Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Begins Human Testing – The Wall Street Journal

More People Are Taking Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia, and Doctors Are Worried – The Wall Street Journal

Bosses Begin Testing Workers for Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Study Points to Efficacy of Convalescent Plasma for Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

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