Health News November 2020

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A COVID-19 Vaccine For Children May Still Be Many Months Away – NPR

Scotland Becomes 1st Country To Make Period Products Free – NPR

Families May Be Apart For Thanksgiving This Year, But Connections Burn Bright – NPR

Epidemiologist Says Restricting Small Gatherings Isn’t Enough To Stop The Surge – NPR

There’s No Stopping These Seniors: Even A Pandemic Can’t Bring Them Down – NPR

Why Does Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Need To Be Kept Colder Than Antarctica? – NPR

Deep Sleep Protects Against Alzheimer’s Growing Evidence Shows – NPR

Pandemic Pet Therapy: What’s So Special About A Critter Friend? – NPR

A College Student Is Coming Home. Should The Whole Family Wear Masks? – NPR

From Stinky Cheese To Cat Pee, Author Takes A ‘Nose Dive’ Into The Science Of Smell – NPR

Clots, Stroke And Rashes. Is COVID-19 A Disease Of The Blood Vessels? – NPR

Rigorous Study Backs A Psychedelic Treatment For Major Depression – NPR

Feeling Lots Of….Feelings? Journaling Can Help – NPR


Why Does the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine’s Efficacy Vary So Much? Here’s What We Know – TIME

Doctors and Nurses Talk About Burnout as Another Wave of COVID-19 Hits U.S. – TIME

How U.S. Medical Schools Are Training a Post-Pandemic Generation of Doctors – TIME

First U.S. COVID-19 Immunizations Could Occur on Dec. 12 – TIME

The Three Groups of People Biden Must Reach Out to if He Wants to End the Pandemic, According to Dr. Leana Wen – TIME

The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Is Worse Than It’s Ever Been. Why Aren’t We Acting Like It? – TIME

How We Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19 By Christmas – TIME

It’s Time to Rethink Thanksgiving. Here’s How to Have That Conversation With Your Family – TIME

COVID-19 Is Reaching the Last Coronavirus-Free Nations on Earth – TIME

Will Thanksgiving Be a COVID-19 Disaster? In Canada, the Answer Was ‘Yes’ – TIME

Contact Tracing Apps Were Big Tech’s Best Idea for Fighting COVID-19. Why Haven’t They Helped? – TIME

Biden’s Real COVID-19 Challenge Is Restoring a Nation’s Trust in Science – TIME

Scientists Have Uncovered the Likely Cause of a Serious COVID-19 Symptom: Blood Clotting – TIME

This Election — And a Coming Supreme Court Decision — Will Decide the Future of American Health Care – TIME

Frozen Food Packages in China Keep Testing Positive For Coronavirus. Here’s Why Health Experts Aren’t Worried – TIME

There May Be a Link Between COVID-19 and Preterm Birth, CDC Says – TIME

Kids Are Participating in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials. Here’s What Their Parents Think – TIME


Fauci: ‘Close the bars, keep the schools open’ to mitigate community spread – Fox News

Colleges mull new coronavirus protocols for students’ return – Fox News

CDC predicts coronavirus deaths may reach up to 321,000 by mid-December – Fox News

Gout drug tested as coronavirus treatment in large UK trial – Fox News

Coronavirus cases in US may be 8 times higher than previously reported, CDC warns – Fox News

COVID-19 vaccine side effects are ‘transient’ compared to severe virus symptoms – Fox News

Coronavirus hospitalizations surge as CDC makes grim death toll prediction – Fox News

Coronavirus symptoms to look for and when they may appear – Fox News

New coronavirus breathalyzer test in the works at University of Miami – Fox News

HIV death rates drop by nearly half, CDC reports – Fox News

Coronavirus drug combo, baricitinib plus remdesivir, gets FDA emergency approval – Fox News

CDC director says schools are among ‘safest places’ kids can be – Fox News

Trump takes credit for Pfizer vaccine development, says Americans wouldn’t have one yet without his leadership – Fox News

China suggests Italy may be the birthplace of COVID-19 pandemic – Fox News

How many doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine will be available? – Fox News

Dog ticks prefer humans as hosts when temperatures rise – Fox News

More Americans now say they would get coronavirus vaccine amid rising infections – Fox News

Doctors expect uptick of serious coronavirus-linked syndrome in kids: report – Fox News

Coronavirus surge in California blamed on indoor gatherings, travel – Fox News

WHO launches strategy to expedite end of cervical cancer – Fox News

The impact of coronavirus lockdowns on kids’ mental health – Fox News

Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer says public should not be concerned about risk – Fox News

Texas food bank comes to the aid of tens of thousands ahead of Thanksgiving – Fox News

Delaware Democratic governor imposes new COVID restrictions, including what you can do in your home – Fox News

Cuomo blames drug companies, President Trump for speedy COVID-19 vaccines – Fox News

Ohio governor issues 21-day curfew to combat COVID – Fox News

Tennessee Education Association calls for mask mandate in schools – Fox News

Lilly’s antibody IV infusions for coronavirus patients to present ‘unique challenges,’ top officials say – Fox News

Coronavirus vaccine education will be key to distribution success, doctor says – Fox News

9% of hospitalized coronavirus patients readmitted within 2 months of discharge: CDC report – Fox News

As coronavirus spikes, Europe runs low on ICU beds, hospital staff – Fox News

Expert voices ‘cautious optimism’ coronavirus vaccine is within reach – Fox News

Coronavirus in Arizona could reach ‘crisis point’ after Thanksgiving, expert warns – Fox News

Teens who participate in extracurricular activities have better mental health, study finds – Fox News

Indoor concerts pose ‘low’ coronavirus infection risk: study – Fox News

Lung damage in decreased coronavirus patients may help doctors understand ‘long COVID’: study – Fox News

Researchers swabbing earwax to detect stress levels – Fox News

How to manage post-Election Day stress, anxiety as results roll in – Fox News

Neighborhood poverty linked to decreased brain volume, function: study – Fox News

Coronavirus has infected 1.7 million New Yorkers, study estimates – Fox News

Entire Southwest Airlines flight forced to deplane in Nashville after passenger refuses to wear mask – Fox News

Anti-inflammatory diets including leafy greens, red wine linked to better heart health: study – Fox News


Holiday season starts under pall of more than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases. And 20 states did not report numbers on Thanksgiving Day – CNN

Should you quarantine after Thanksgiving? Yes, CNN’s Dr. Leana Wen explains – CNN

UK to pilot blood test that may detect 50 types of cancer – CNN

Coronavirus hospitalizations hit another record as experts warn Thanksgiving gatherings could worsen the pandemic – CNN

Your phone can send you an alert if you were near someone who has coronavirus – CNN

Too many Thanksgiving or Election Day disagreements? Here’s how to have a better argument – CNN

Restaurant owner will mandate vaccine, but is that legal? – CNN

Elizabeth Cohen debunks Trump’s vaccine timeline – CNN

Thanksgiving coronavirus surge could turn into the Christmas surge, health professor warns – CNN

Getting together for the holidays? This website will help you see how risky your plans are – CNN

Young people’s anxiety levels nearly doubled during first Covid-19 lockdown, study says – CNN

Here’s the type and amount of exercise you need, WHO advises – CNN

So far, coronavirus mutations don’t mean much, big study finds – CNN

FDA authorizes new Covid-19 antibody test that quantifies specific levels of antibodies – CNN

Astronauts experience these key changes in space that could impact their health, new research shows – CNN

Thanksgiving could be the ‘mother of all superspreader events,’ health expert warns – CNN

You cooked for 20 and fed 6. What to do with all the leftovers – CNN

US coronavirus hospitalizations hit record high as nation looks to a potential vaccine – CNN

Masks mandates worked to slow the spread of Covid-19 in Kansas, CDC research shows – CNN

Hospital CEO says he had Covid and doesn’t need a mask. His staff are appalled. – CNN

US seeing unprecedented coronavirus spread, White House says – CNN

Nurses, hospitals and doctor groups urge public in open letter to ‘celebrate responsibly’ during the holidays to stop Covid-19 – CNN

Click here now! Smartphones may be making us more impulsive – CNN

Are American adults capable of quarantining? – CNN

Should you visit your family for the holidays? Here’s Dr. Leana Wen’s answer – CNN

States waiting for answers from feds on coronavirus vaccine distribution – CNN

Pfizer’s ultra-cold vaccine, a ‘very complex’ distribution plan and an exploding head emoji – CNN

What it means when the Covid-19 positivity rate is rising in your area – CNN

States expand mask mandates and social restrictions as Covid-19 hospitalizations reach new high – CNN

Almost 1 in 10 transgender Americans use nonprescribed hormones because they’re uninsured or insurance won’t cover the cost – CNN

Here’s why mouthwash is not going to save you from coronavirus – CNN

Pfizer has enough safety data about its coronavirus vaccine and is preparing to submit for FDA authorization, CEO says – CNN

7 ways to snack better during the pandemic – CNN

Don’t rely on a negative test result to see your family for Thanksgiving – CNN

Health care workers are ‘tapped out’ amid coronavirus fall surge, Wisconsin doctor says – CNN

Fight winter blues by changing your mindset – CNN

Good news on the vaccine front shows ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ For now, the Covid crisis is unabated – CNN

Covid-19 is sending Black, Latino and Native American people to the hospital at about 4 times the rate of others – CNN

More women than men struggle to fall asleep in both Europe and the US, study finds – CNN

School warnings about children’s weight don’t work, study says – CNN

Seasonal affective disorder: Guarding against it in the winter – CNN

Over 1 million US children have been diagnosed with Covid-19, pediatricians say – CNN

Covid-19 modeling study suggests which places may have highest risk of spread — but occupancy limits can help – CNN

Expert predicts US could soon hit 200,000 daily coronavirus cases as the country tops 10 million infections – CNN

Nearly half of the US may be mourning the election. Here’s what can help – CNN

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine news bodes well for other coronavirus vaccines, experts say – CNN

10 million people have been infected with coronavirus in the US — and the rates keep rising in 43 states – CNN

Dr. Fauci: Help is on the way to fight Covid-19 – CNN

One-fifth of Covid-19 patients get a psychiatric diagnosis within 90 days, study suggests – CNN

Why pancreatic cancer is so deadly – CNN

We’ll need patience going forward. Here’s how to practice it – CNN

Another winner in this presidential election: math – CNN

How Biden plans to change the US pandemic response – CNN

Snake venom is a boon in search for life-saving drugs – CNN

You still need to wear your mask and social distance – CNN

1 in 5 children have vaccine-wary parents, which may affect future vaccine plans – CNN

The US is facing its darkest months yet in the pandemic, and the election may not help – CNN

The ‘dose’ of coronavirus a person gets may determine how sick they get; masks could help – CNN

The US reported its second-highest number of new Covid-19 cases on Election Day, with more than 91,000 infections – CNN

No one wants more shutdowns, but Covid-19 keeps raging. Some states and cities have enacted new rules – CNN

Only 4 states trending down in Covid-19 cases – CNN

Don’t get a false sense of security with Covid-19 testing. Here’s why you can test negative but still be infected and contagious – CNN

Type 2 diabetes drug metformin recalled due to contamination with possible carcinogen – CNN

Cases of Covid-19 in children on rise, with highest 1-week spike yet – CNN

El Paso to get fourth mobile morgue as it opens civic center as overflow medical facility – CNN

Employees working in multiple nursing homes can serve as significant drivers of coronavirus spread – CNN

Waiting for results? Learning patience is key to your sanity – CNN

Our expert advice on surviving election uncertainty – CNN

Talk politics with angry loved ones who disagree with you – CNN

Teens do better with less screen time and more activities – CNN


Thanksgiving travelers try to stay safe as they reach destinations – Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court bars coronavirus restrictions at some New York houses of worship – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus infections are higher than ever, but COVID-19 deaths are not. Why? – Los Angeles Times

In multiple countries, alarm over hunger crisis rings louder – Los Angeles Times

Negative COVID-19 test ‘not a passport’ to travel, officials warn, as demand surges – Los Angeles Times

What does emergency use for a COVID-19 vaccine mean? – Los Angeles Times

Health experts clash over use of certain drugs to treat COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

T-shirt? Towel? Some experts say it’s time to get beyond states’ anything-goes approach to masks – Los Angeles Times

If your Christmas tree is up already, here’s what health experts have to say about it – Los Angeles Times

Californians must mask up outside their homes under new expanded mandate – Los Angeles Times

Young people are spreading coronavirus in L.A., but older and sicker suffer the most – Los Angeles Times

Despite COVID-19 vaccine successes, volunteers still needed for testing – Los Angeles Times

L.A. told to stay at home as much as possible as COVID-19 brings ‘new level of danger’ – Los Angeles Times

‘Breakthrough finding’ offers clues about why certain COVID-19 patients die – Los Angeles Times

Russia says its COVID-19 vaccine is looking 92% effective, but skeptics wonder – Los Angeles Times

Screening for fever and other COVID-19 symptoms misses many cases, study finds – Los Angeles Times

A winter surge in COVID-19 cases seems inevitable. Can we stop it? – Los Angeles Times

Some in L.A. are getting COVID-19 tests so they can party, socialize. Officials call this a disaster – Los Angeles Times

LAX launches on-site coronavirus testing for fliers – Los Angeles Times

Public health programs see surge in students amid pandemic – Los Angeles Times

Super-spreading Trump rallies led to more than 700 COVID-19 deaths, study estimates – Los Angeles Times

‘It is not enough’: Europe runs low on ICU beds, hospital staff as coronavirus spikes – Los Angeles Times

Biden defends Obamacare as Supreme Court mulls its fate – Los Angeles Times

Brazil suspends trials of Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine – Los Angeles Times

U.S. surpasses 10 million coronavirus cases – Los Angeles Times

‘Wear a mask’: Biden urges coronavirus caution as he praises vaccine progress – Los Angeles Times

Nursing home COVID-19 cases rise four-fold in surge states – Los Angeles Times

Counties with worst virus surges overwhelmingly voted for Trump – Los Angeles Times

Fitness equipment is hard to find. Here are tricks for buying and selling – Los Angeles Times

More than 130 California TSA workers have contracted COVID – Los Angeles Times


Don’t rush for a COVID-19 test after Thanksgiving gathering, experts say. Here’s why – Miami Herald

More COVID patients are entering South Florida ICUs. More deaths are likely to follow – Miami Herald

You’re going to Disney World? Here are 10 COVID changes that will greet you at the parks – Miami Herald

Dozens of Florida counties at COVID-19 ‘tipping point’ before Thanksgiving, data show – Miami Herald

The CDC upgrades cruise ship COVID-19 infection risk to highest level possible – Miami Herald

No plan to close South Florida schools as COVID numbers rise in the schools, counties – Miami Herald

COVID infections surge in Florida nursing homes. Hialeah home leads state with 69 deaths – Miami Herald

Why this common health problem can make COVID so much more difficult for you – Miami Herald

Medicare Open Enrollment is complicated. Here’s how to get good advice before picking plan – Miami Herald

A sprained ankle from playing basketball could be serious. It may require an MRI – Miami Herald

How safe is it to get a cosmetic procedure done amid the coronavirus pandemic? – Miami Herald

Managing the depression that can come with diabetes can be equally difficult – Miami Herald

Stem cells, pumps and monitors help type 1 patients manage their diabetes – Miami Herald

Those artificial sweetener packets? They can be up to 600 times sweeter than sugar – Miami Herald

Why guava can be good for you as a diabetic. No, we’re not talking guava pastries – Miami Herald

Should I switch to a plant-based diet if I have type 2 diabetes? – Miami Herald

South Florida public hospitals will have doses of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine within weeks – Miami Herald

Key West approves a strict mask law, and it will affect everyone out in public – Miami Herald

Facing COVID surge, Florida mayors ask DeSantis for mask mandate, more local control – Miami Herald

‘The virus is winning.’ Coronavirus deaths top 250,000 in US – Miami Herald

Florida schools to allow remote learning through second semester, state chief says – Miami Herald

In Miami, a sign of widespread transmission: More non-COVID patients have the virus – Miami Herald

Want to eat healthy? Try growing lettuce on your kitchen counter – Miami Herald

Does your skin sting or burn? Here’s how to solve that – Miami Herald

Congress passes law for national suicide prevention hotline in lieu of calling 911 – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade ranks No. 6 for this infection among dogs and cats. This is why you should care – Miami Herald

How to lower your healthcare insurance costs if you retire early and use Obamacare – Miami Herald

Social Security checks will barely rise in 2021 due to pandemic’s economic effects – Miami Herald

We put off planning, until my father-in-law’s medical crisis took us by surprise – Miami Herald

Fact check: There’s no evidence Florida is ‘protecting the vulnerable’ from COVID-19 – Miami Herald

‘We’re having a spike.’ COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations rising in Miami-Dade. – Miami Herald

Florida Democrats tell DeSantis to rescind job offer to COVID conspiracy theorist – Miami Herald

COVID research monkeys destined for Miami spur First Amendment and animal rights battle – Miami Herald

First wave of COVID-19 vaccine will need to be rationed. How will Florida decide? – Miami Herald

A person in their 40s should consider fillers before thinking face lift – Miami Herald

Weightlifters have to watch out for tearing this tendon — surgery often needed – Miami Herald

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys helps veterans ‘start living again’ and tame PTSD – Miami Herald

Experts wonder and warn: Is Florida the nation’s test case for COVID-19 herd immunity? – Miami Herald

For the seventh day in a row, Florida reports more than 4,000 new COVID-19 cases – Miami Herald

‘It’s crap’: DeSantis office ‘leaks’ state records to fuel COVID-19 death ‘conspiracy’ – Miami Herald

COVID-19 can invade testicles, University of Miami researchers find. What can this mean? – Miami Herald

Yes, it’s covered by Medicare plans. Seniors take advantage of ‘SilverSneakers’ fitness – Miami Herald

Should I buy organic skin-care products if I have sensitive skin? – Miami Herald

Worried about cholesterol? Egg yolks and chicken thighs are not the problem – Miami Herald

People with COVID-19 ‘have the right to vote’ at polls on Election Day, CDC says – Miami Herald

Cruise lines suspend U.S. sailings through Dec. 31 – Miami Herald

Despite COVID concerns, Trump rallies thousands of fervent fans past Miami-Dade curfew – Miami Herald


Contact tracing in Illinois may not slow the coronavirus much. But the data is helping guide state decisions. – Chicago Tribune

Illinois’ plan for COVID-19 vaccine distribution puts front-line health care workers first, but many details still up in air – Chicago Tribune

Black Friday is going to look different. Here’s what to expect if you’re shopping this week. – Chicago Tribune

Will Illinois run out of hospital beds? Available data suggests a grim winter if trends don’t change. – Chicago Tribune

Waukegan factory churns out germ-zapping robots that kill COVID-19 virus in hospitals, hotels and on ‘Chicago Med’ – Chicago Tribune

Pritzker sees ‘glimmer of hope’ in declining coronavirus cases and positivity rate, but officials warn not to let guard down ahead of Thanksgiving – Chicago Tribune

Rather than battle through a winter of COVID-19, some Chicago restaurants make a simpler calculation: Close until spring – Chicago Tribune

Chicago adding COVID-19 testing facilities at O’Hare and Midway airports next month – Chicago Tribune

Having trouble getting a COVID-19 test for your child? You’re not alone. – Chicago Tribune

A surge in COVID-19 cases has Chicago retailers facing new restrictions, just as holiday shopping season hits – Chicago Tribune

COVID-19 now third-leading cause of death in Illinois, officials say, as toll surpasses 11,000 – Chicago Tribune

College students are urged to get a COVID-19 test before heading home for the holidays, but even a negative result doesn’t mean they won’t spread virus – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Public Schools will resume in-person classes in January, but more suburban districts revert to remote learning amid COVID-19 surge – Chicago Tribune

Gov. J.B. Pritzker lowers capacity for retail shops and shuts down casinos and museums in latest effort to slow COVID-19 surge – Chicago Tribune

More than 10,000 times in a single year, Illinois schools put children into seclusion, latest federal data shows – Chicago Tribune

Advocate Aurora Health, one of the state’s largest hospital systems, to delay half of inpatient elective surgeries amid COVID-19 surge – Chicago Tribune

Officials want you to stay home for the holidays. Still traveling? Here’s what to expect. – Chicago Tribune

Lost in translation: How language barriers can add anguish and complicate care for COVID-19 patients who don’t speak English – Chicago Tribune

As surging COVID-19 cases collide with Thanksgiving food shopping, city warns of a crackdown on crowds at grocery stores – Chicago Tribune

Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are temperature sensitive. Chicago’s cold storage facilities face major challenges. – Chicago Tribune

As COVID-19 cases continue surging, Gov. J.B. Pritzker warns another state stay-at-home order could be near: ‘That seems like where we are heading’ – Chicago Tribune

Illinois hospitals delay elective surgeries, add beds as COVID-19 cases climb – Chicago Tribune

More than a third of Illinois teachers surveyed said they’ve considered leaving the profession amid COVID-19 stress: ‘I don’t know how much longer I can keep it together’ – Chicago Tribune

Smaller turkeys. Yams to go. Or a Thanksgiving lobster? COVID-19 will transform holiday meals. – Chicago Tribune

Should you get tested for COVID-19 before your Thanksgiving gatherings? Here’s what the experts say. – Chicago Tribune

Michigan added to Chicago’s revamped travel order — with new exceptions for travelers to avoid quarantine – Chicago Tribune

After hundreds of Notre Dame students storm the field for football victory, school intensifies exit testing protocols ahead of Thanksgiving break – Chicago Tribune

Chicago-area hospitals again restricting visitors amid latest COVID-19 surge – Chicago Tribune

Hundreds of Illinois schools potentially exposed to COVID-19 in last month, new contact tracing data shows – Chicago Tribune

‘No sign of slowing’: Illinois hospitalizations could soon break pandemic record, raising concerns about capacity – Chicago Tribune

Pritzker warns of potential statewide crackdown as COVID-19 death toll surpasses 10,000 and daily case count sets another new high – Chicago Tribune

CPS releases ventilation and air quality assessments, says most classrooms are cleared for students to return – Chicago Tribune

Tents, domes are new must-haves for restaurants during pandemic winter, but will outdoor dining work at 20 degrees? – Chicago Tribune

Pandemic recession becomes ‘shecession’ as more working moms are forced to quit jobs – Chicago Tribune

All 11 regions in state will soon be under tighter restrictions as coronavirus cases climb – Chicago Tribune


Moderna Asks FDA to Authorize Vaccine – The Wall Street Journal

For Covid-19 Long-Haulers, a Little-Known Diagnosis Offers Treatments–and Challenges – The Wall Street Journal

What Are the Health Risks of Disinfectants? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Pushes Rural Hospitals to Their Limits – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccine Studies May Suffer as Volunteers Consider Dropping Out – The Wall Street Journal

AstraZeneca Defends Dosing Error in Covid-19 Vaccine Trial – The Wall Street Journal

The Covid-19 Vaccine: When Will It Be Available for You? – The Wall Street Journal

Soaring Covid-19 Hospitalizations Again Put Traveling Nurses in Demand – The Wall Street Journal

CDC Finalizing Recommendation to Shorten Covid-19 Quarantines – The Wall Street Journal

AstraZeneca Gears Up to Vaccinate the World – The Wall Street Journal

AstraZeneca-Oxford Vaccine Up to 90% Effective in Trials – The Wall Street Journal

The Fitness and Wellness Industry’s Latest Advice: Give Yourself a Break – The Wall Street Journal

Should Americans Get Half Their Calories From Carbs? Two Camps Battle It Out – The Wall Street Journal

Train Your Body to Work Out — or Just Hang Out — in Colder Weather – The Wall Street Journal

Walmart Heirs Back Startup Developing $10 At-Home Covid-19 Tests – The Wall Street Journal

How Do I Get a Covid-19 Test Before Thanksgiving? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Testing Demand Surges Again, From Thanksgiving Travelers and Rising Infections – The Wall Street Journal

WHO Recommends Against Use of Gilead Covid-19 Drug Remdesivir – The Wall Street Journal

Oxford, AstraZeneca Vaccine’s Strong Response in Elderly Confirmed in Review – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Clears First Covid-19 Test Performed Fully at Home – The Wall Street Journal

Moderna and Pfizer Are Reinventing Vaccines, Starting With Covid – The Wall Street Journal

Doctors Apply Covid-19 Lessons Learned as Cases Surged – The Wall Street Journal

The Foods to Boost Your Energy Levels and Immune System as We Head Into Covid Winter – The Wall Street Journal

Virus Hits Rural Nursing Homes – The Wall Street Journal

Record Covid-19 Hospitalizations Strain System Again – The Wall Street Journal

Asymptomatic Covid-19 Cases Show Need for Wider Testing, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal

Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine’s Next Big Challenge: Giving It to Enough People – The Wall Street Journal

Face Masks Are Again in Short Supply as Covid-19 Cases Surge – The Wall Street Journal

In New Covid-19 Surge, Testing and Data Woes Challenge U.S. Response – The Wall Street Journal

How Long Do I Need to Quarantine If I’m Exposed to Covid? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Testing Saps Supplies Needed for Other Medical Tests – The Wall Street Journal

Many Nursing Homes Shun Free Covid-19 Testing Equipment – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Efforts to Feature App Tracking – The Wall Street Journal

AstraZeneca Expects Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Results This Year – The Wall Street Journal

Biogen Surges on Promising Alzheimer’s Drug Assessment – The Wall Street Journal

How to Cope With Election Results’ Anxiety and Stress – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Temperature Scanners Have Accuracy Issues, Security Industry Says – The Wall Street Journal

Can Vitamin D Help Fight Covid-19? – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Suggested That He May Fire Dr. Fauci After Election – The Wall Street Journal

Health Care in Spotlight as ACA Enrollment Begins Days Before Vote – The Wall Street Journal


Prisons Are Covid-19 Hotbeds. When Should Inmates Get the Vaccine? – The New York Times

London A.I. Lab Claims Breakthrough That Could Accelerate Drug Discovery – The New York Times

Despite Pandemic Shutdowns, Cancer Doesn’t Take a Break – The New York Times

New Guidelines Cover Opioid Use After Children’s Surgery – The New York Times

Should Isolation Periods Be Shorter for People With Covid-19? – The New York Times

Shut Down Your Computers, Kids, and Lace Up – The New York Times

Covid Overload: U.S. Hospitals Are Running Out of Beds for Patients – The New York Times

Biden’s Plan for Seniors Is Not Just a Plan for Seniors – The New York Times

The Virus Won’t Stop Evolving When the Vaccine Arrives – The New York Times

Covid Combat Fatigue: ‘I Would Come Home With Tears in My Eyes’ – The New York Times

Their Teeth Fell Out. Was It Another Covid-19 Consequence? – The New York Times

After Admitting Mistake, AstraZeneca Faces Difficult Questions About Its Vaccine – The New York Times

Small Gatherings Spread the Virus, but Are They Causing the Surge? – The New York Times

Can an Algorithm Prevent Suicide? – The New York Times

The ‘Omics’ of Exericse – The New York Times

The Risks of Another Epidemic: Teenage Vaping – The New York Times

How Toronto Plans to Keep Schools Open Amid Its Second Lockdown – The New York Times

Britain Set to Leap Ahead in Approving Vaccines – The New York Times

Trump Gave W.H.O. a List of Demands. Hours Later, He Walked Away. – The New York Times

McKinsey Proposed Paying Pharmacy Companies Rebates for OxyContin Overdoses – The New York Times

They Beat Back the Virus (Again and Again and Again) – The New York Times

Military’s Role in Vaccine Will Be Strictly Behind the Scenes, Despite Trump’s Claims – The New York Times

Bill Gates, the Virus and the Quest to Vaccinate the World – The New York Times

Is It Safe to Fly During the Pandemic? Answers From the Experts – The New York Times

It’s Time for a Digital Detox. (You Know You Need It.) – The New York Times

Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty to Role in Opioid Crisis as Part of Deal With Justice Dept. – The New York Times

A Detailed Map of Where Americans Are Staying Home for Thanksgiving – The New York Times

Time to Upgrade Your Mask? – The New York Times

Evidence Builds That an Early Mutation Made the Pandemic Harder to Stop – The New York Times

Good Sleep Habits Tied to Lower Risk of Heart Failure – The New York Times

Vegetarian or Vegan? Watch Your Bone Health – The New York Times

Premature Birth Tied to Increased Depression Risk – The New York Times

AstraZeneca’s Coronavirus Vaccine, Easy and Cheap to Produce, Appears Effective – The New York Times

Improve Emergency Care? Pandemic Helps Point the Way – The New York Times

Ad Council’s Challenge: Persuade Skeptics to Believe in Covid Vaccines – The New York Times

Now the U.S. Has Lots of Ventilators, but Too Few Specialists to Operate Them – The New York Times

Politics, Science and the Remarkable Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine – The New York Times

Why Are States Imposing Virus Curfews? – The New York Times

Antibodies Good. Machine-Made Molecules Better? – The New York Times

No, a Negative Coronavirus Test Does Not Mean You Can Safely Socialize – The New York Times

2 Companies Say Their Vaccines Are 95% Effective. What Does That Mean? – The New York Times

These Algorithms Could Bring an End to the World’s Deadliest Killer – The New York Times

‘How Did We Not Know?’ Gun Owners Confront a Suicide Epidemic – The New York Times

How Do I Make Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping Safer? – The New York Times

Wearing a Mask During Workouts Really Isn’t So Bad? – The New York Times

Does an Autoimmune Disorder Affect My Covid-19 Risks? – The New York Times

Exercise After Covid-19? Take It Slow – The New York Times

What 635 Epidemiologists Are Doing for Thanksgiving – The New York Times

Many Employers Avoid Coronavirus Tests Over Cost, Not Availability – The New York Times

The Coronavirus Is Airborne Indoors. Why Are We Still Scrubbing Surfaces? – The New York Times

Children in U.S. May Miss 9 Million Vaccine Doses in 2020, Report Warns – The New York Times

Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine: 11 Things You Need to Know – The New York Times

Covid Threatens People with Intellectual and Developmental Challenges – The New York Times

The Children Never Had the Coronavirus. So Why Did They Have Antibodies? – The New York Times

Shot to Prevent H.I.V. Works Better Than Daily Pill in Women – The New York Times

An Explanation for Some Covid-19 Deaths May Not Be Holding Up – The New York Times

Helping Children With Anxiety in the Pandemic – The New York Times

Ibuprofen vs. Acetaminophen for Pain and Fever in Infants – The New York Times

‘Stand by Her’: In China, a Movement Hands Out Free Sanitary Pads in Schools – The New York Times

Covid Infections in Animals Prompt Scientific Concern – The New York Times

Build Mental Endurance Like a Pro – The New York Times

Call It Friendsgiving, Call It Podsgiving, Just Don’t Forget the Green Beans – The New York Times

Solo on the Holiday? Reach Out – The New York Times

Prepare for Your College Student’s Return for the Holidays – The New York Times

Host a Multigenerational Game Night This Thanksgiving – The New York Times

Check in on Health Insurance Open Enrollment – The New York Times

Nasal Spray Prevents Covid Infection in Ferrets, Study Finds – The New York Times

Children Produce Weaker Coronavirus Antibodies, Study Finds – The New York Times

A New Item on Your Medical Bill: The ‘Covid’ Fee – The New York Times

Who Should Get a Covid-19 Vaccine First? – The New York Times

A Rapid Virus Test Falters in People Without Symptoms, Study Finds – The New York Times

Tests Show Genetic Signature of Virus That May Have Infected President Trump – The New York Times

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