Health News October 2020

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What’s The Deal With The ’15 Minute Rule’? – NPR

Smoky Skies Are The New Normal. Are They Making Us Sick? – NPR

Don’t Be Fooled By Buzzwords: Here’s How To Eat Healthy On A Budget – NPR

Could The Live Flu Vaccine Help You Fight Off COVID-19? – NPR

4 Million Acres Have Burned In California. Why That’s The Wrong Number To Focus On – NPR

Allergies, Colds, Flu And COVID-19: How To Best Prep For Fall’s ‘Sick Season’ – NPR

The Black Doctors Working To Make Coronavirus Testing More Equitable – NPR


Women Are Deciding Not to Have Babies Because of the Pandemic. That’s Bad for All of Us – TIME

Letting the Virus Rip Through the U.S. is Dangerous and Inhumane – TIME

Here’s What We Know–and Don’t Know–About COVID-19 Reinfection – TIME

Why The Swedish COVID-19 Response Shouldn’t Be a Model for the Rest of the World – TIME

Democrats and Republicans Aren’t Watching the Same Pandemic – TIME

U.S. States Are Rolling Out COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps. Months of Evidence From Europe Shows They’re No Silver Bullet – TIME

Scientists Around the World Are Teaching Dogs to Sniff Out COVID-19 – TIME

At-Home Saliva Tests for COVID-19 Could Be Coming Soon – TIME

A New Study Confirms Remdesivir’s Effectiveness as a Coronavirus Treatment – TIME

U.S. Asks Vaccine Makers to Hold Authorization Filings Until They Have Enough Doses to Distribute – TIME

Why This Year’s Flu Vaccine Will Be So Vital in the Fight Against COVID-19 – TIME

The FDA Is Slowing Down COVID-19 Vaccine Approval. That Could Be Good for Public Health – TIME

Under America’s Broken Health Care System, Some Who Downplayed COVID-19 Received the Best Treatment For It – TIME

We Still Don’t Know When Trump Last Tested Negative for COVID-19. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal – TIME

Donald Trump, M.D.: How the President Is Shaping His Own Treatment – TIME

Neurologic Symptoms Are Very Common Among U.S. Coronavirus Patients, Study Says – TIME

CDC Acknowledges Threat of Indoor COVID-19 Spread Beyond 6 Feet – TIME

Trump’s COVID-19 Recklessness Will Bring More Illness, Death and Suffering – TIME

Local Officials Haven’t Heard from the White House on COVID-19 Contact Tracing – TIME

President Trump Has Been Treated With an Experimental COVID-19 Antibody Cocktail. What’s That? – TIME

The Presidential Debate Was the Kind of COVID-19 Risk Experts Have Been Warning Us About – TIME

The American People Deserve to Know More About President Trump’s Condition – TIME

President Trump Is Getting an ‘Unprecedented’ Mix of COVID-19 Treatments. That Puts Him On the Cutting Edge of Coronavirus Care – TIME

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Weakening Democracy Around the World, Report Finds – TIME

President Trump Has COVID-19. Nobody Knows What Happens Now – TIME


Concerns rise as coronavirus, flu season overlap – Fox News

CDC calls for stronger coronavirus-mitigation measures at the polls – Fox News

Hospitalized coronavirus patients who take daily aspirin have lower death risk, study finds – Fox News

US suicide rate fell last year after decade of steady rise – Fox News

15 cases of rare coronavirus-linked syndrome in kids reported in Washington state: officials – Fox News

FDA’s non-coronavirus-related Halloween tips include warnings about face paint, color contacts – Fox News

Birx warns coronavirus closures won’t suffice in this phase of pandemic, report says – Fox News

Coronavirus infected less than 1% of dentists nationwide, study suggests – Fox News

Regeneron’s Ebola drug gets first-ever FDA approval – Fox News

Coronavirus pandemic causes rise in drug overdose deaths, preliminary CDC data shows – Fox News

Fauci says Thanksgiving plans amid coronavirus will be ‘individual choice’ based on risk – Fox News

Fauci calls coronavirus herd immunity approach ‘nonsense, very dangerous’ – Fox News

Wildfire smoke in US exposes millions to hazardous pollution – Fox News

Chris Christie says he should have worn face mask to White House events – Fox News

Trudeau: US-Canada border to remain closed until coronavirus is under control – Fox News

Jewish leaders call COVID rules ‘blatantly anti-Semitic’ – Fox News

Coronavirus infected less than 1% of dentists nationwide, study suggests – Fox News

Global coronavirus surge will lead to mortality spike, WHO warns – Fox News

Over 80% of coronavirus cases lack ‘core’ symptoms when tested: study – Fox News

Having a baby later in life may increase longevity, study suggests – Fox News

Fear of coronavirus deters strangers from performing CPR – Fox News

UCLA’s new $10 COVID test can process thousands of results in a day – Fox News

Wisconsin activates field hospital as coronavirus keeps surging – Fox News

HIV drug combination ineffective as coronavirus treatment: study – Fox News

Meijer recalls cantaloupe over salmonella concerns – Fox News

The coronavirus can survive on skin for this many hours, study suggests – Fox News

Arizona’s coronavirus mitigation measures may be behind 75% drop in daily cases in August: CDC – Fox News

Throat cancer: Signs and symptoms to look out for – Fox News

Coronavirus disrupting mental health services in most countries: WHO – Fox News

Fauci says not to ‘trivialize’ coronavirus following Trump’s tweet: report – Fox News

How do I politely ask someone to wear a mask? – Fox News

Pre-cut watermelon, apples, other fruit recalled over listeria concerns: FDA – Fox News

Drug combo to treat mesothelioma approved by FDA – Fox News

US surgeon general issues reminder about how CDC defines ‘close contact’ – Fox News

Bearded dragons linked to salmonella outbreak across 8 states, CDC says – Fox News

Serious coronavirus-related inflammatory condition among children now reported in adults: CDC – Fox News

What is Remdesivir? – Fox News

What are polyclonal antibodies? – Fox News

How coronavirus ‘super-spreaders’ may pass COVID-19 to others – Fox News

CDC investigating salmonella outbreak tied to pet hedgehogs – Fox News

Isolating after a positive coronavirus diagnosis: How long does it last, and what does it entail? – Fox News

Countries seek record number of flu vaccines to avoid pandemic overlap – Fox News

Face masks don’t restrict oxygen or contribute to carbon dioxide buildup: study – Fox News

Are coronavirus rapid tests accurate? – Fox News

Coronavirus: What’s the risk of transmission on airplanes? – Fox News

When is coronavirus most contagious? – Fox News

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine won’t be ready for widespread distribution until spring, CEO predicts – Fox News

HPV vaccine ‘substantially’ reduces cervical cancer risk: study – Fox News

Traces of coronavirus found in Lake Superior water, researchers say – Fox News

Coronavirus caused spike in Google search for this symptom – Fox News

Majority of Americans say flu shot is best preventative measure, but only this many will get it – Fox News


For Covid-19 vaccine recipients, CDC to roll out cell phone-based monitoring system – CNN

Covid-19 vaccine trials won’t tell us if the shots save lives, expert notes – CNN

Daily Covid-19 cases will hit six digits soon, expert warns, as US reports a one-day high of more than 83,000 infections – CNN

CDC highlights safety tips for in-person voting ahead of Election Day – CNN

Some doctors fighting the pandemic now have another thing to worry about – CNN

A vaccine helped end racial disparities in pneumococcal disease. There’s hope a vaccine will do the same for Covid-19 – CNN

Bilingualism is good medicine for the brain – CNN

CDC warns of multi-state Listeria outbreak linked to deli meats – CNN

What Dr. Fauci thinks about Joe Biden’s mask plan – CNN

The Americas are at risk of polio outbreak due to disruptions by the pandemic, experts say – CNN

People with Down syndrome have 10 times the risk of death from Covid-19 as those without, study finds – CNN

In Mississippi, more White people now have gotten Covid-19 than African Americans. Attitudes about masks might help explain why, official says – CNN

Women face struggles as patients with Covid-19 — and beyond – CNN

Coronavirus pandemic is causing ‘unacceptable’ shortages in US drug supplies, report says – CNN

The US just topped 1,100 coronavirus deaths a day. One state is getting National Guard help, and others keep breaking records – CNN

Wearing masks could save over 100,000 US lives – CNN

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning this way – CNN

Divorce in the time of Covid-19 is challenging – CNN

Gupta on Christie statement: I wish he’d said it before – CNN

In-person college classes can work when implemented correctly – CNN

CDC optimistic coronavirus vaccines will be released by end of the year – CNN

Some Cottonelle flushable wipes have been recalled for possible bacterial contamination – CNN

It took AstraZeneca researchers 1 month to get vaccine trial data to FDA, source tells CNN – CNN

People with blood type O may have lower risk of Covid-19 infection and severe illness, two new studies suggest – CNN

Beyond masks and social distancing: How to stay healthy and sane during this new surge (while still enjoying fall and winter) – CNN

Pfizer to start testing its Covid-19 vaccine in children as young as 12 – CNN

A herd immunity strategy to fight the pandemic can be ‘dangerous,’ experts say. Here’s why – CNN

New reports show coronavirus immunity can last for months – CNN

Richard Quest: After recovering from Covid-19, I thought I was safe. Now my antibodies are warning – CNN

How to guard against seasonal affective disorder in the pandemic’s winter months – CNN

‘Hunker down’: The fall Covid-19 surge is here – CNN

It’s Global Handwashing Day (so wash your hands) – CNN

Tone and define your arms with this 5-minute workout – CNN

From the Rose Garden to rallies: What large gatherings can teach us about the spread of coronavirus – CNN

FDA wants two months of safety data before considering Covid-19 vaccine – CNN

Even ‘mild’ Covid-19 can be a lengthy, challenging illness – CNN

Women do better at mask wearing and other measures to stop spread of Covid-19, research suggests – CNN

Contact tracing is key to controlling Covid-19 at the White House (and everywhere else). But these steep hurdles stand in the way – CNN

Coronavirus testing is key, but experts say a testing-only strategy is a ‘complete failure’ – CNN

Only two US states report a decline of new cases and nationwide hospitalizations are increasing – CNN

Canadians encouraged to stay home as second wave of Covid-19 worsens – CNN

Are the kids all right? Supporting your teen’s mental health through Covid-19 – CNN

It’s not just death – here’s why you don’t want Covid-19 – CNN

Covid-19 neurological symptoms emerge in most hospitalized patients, study says – CNN

Stress eating lately? The ‘hunger meter’ can help – CNN

Parents of college kids are having the Covid-19 ‘talk’ – CNN

This 5-minute workout will tone and tighten your butt – CNN

Leaders in several states warn residents to be on guard as worrying Covid-19 trends emerge – CNN

When cancer isn’t the only deadly risk: Battling depression post-treatment – CNN

Big contact tracing study shows role of kids and superspreaders in coronavirus pandemic – CNN

Student’s coronavirus-related death shocks university – CNN


U.S. sets coronavirus infection record with 83,000 in single day – Los Angeles Times

France surpasses 1 million confirmed cases amid spike – Los Angeles Times

New forecasts show why masks are the easiest — and cheapest — way to save U.S. lives – Los Angeles Times

The pandemic makes clear it’s time to treat the internet as a utility – Los Angeles Times

Many Californians, particularly Black residents, would skip taking COVID-19 vaccine today, survey finds – Los Angeles Times

U.S. deaths are about 300,000 higher than expected since the coronavirus arrived – Los Angeles Times

Americans’ trust in COVID-19 information is waning, poll finds – Los Angeles Times

Am I addicted to scented candles? Perhaps. I’ll try anything to fight the darkness of 2020 – Los Angeles Times

El Segundo firm to begin Phase 1 clinical trial for coronavirus vaccine – Los Angeles

Officials fear Halloween could become super-spreader horror show as L.A. County coronavirus infections rise – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus hit this rural Kansas area late and hard. But don’t look for residents in masks – Los Angeles

Europe reels as it sets new coronavirus records, imposes new restrictions – Los Angeles

UnitedHealth’s profits show it’s great to be an insurer during a pandemic – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus could worsen in winter, remain major threat through 2021, Fauci says – Los Angeles Times

The White House is a coronavirus hot spot. But no one can make it do contact tracing – Los Angeles Times

Trump could still be infectious with the coronavirus at the next debate – Los Angeles Times

Why politics may get in the way of the public accepting a COVID-19 vaccine – Los Angeles Times

10% of world’s population may have been infected with coronavirus, WHO estimates – Los Angeles Times

Saliva tests for coronavirus infections are starting to catch on – Los Angeles Times

The coronavirus waiting game: It can take days for symptoms to appear, longer for severe illness – Los Angeles Times

A COVID-19 milestone: 1 million dead globally – Los Angeles Times


If you want soft and smooth skin, know your skin type. And don’t call it combination – Miami Herald

The greatest weight loss over four years came from eating these foods, study says – Miami Herald

More West Nile Virus cases reported by the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade – Miami Herald

She couldn’t eat without getting seriously sick. Now, she can have everything. – Miami Herald

If you want a nose job, make sure your doctor can fix breathing issues that can arise – Miami Herald

A soccer knee injury can result in a torn ACL – Miami Herald

Biden campaign flips COVID-19 threat into new Trump contrast – Miami Herald

Number of Florida uninsured children spiked during the Trump administration, report finds – Miami Herald

Telemedicine takes big hit in federal healthcare fraud takedown in South Florida – Miami Herald

Cocaine, meth and weed prices have skyrocketed in Miami. Here’s why – Miami Herald

Miami Marathon canceled (pandemic) for first time in history. Next one: January 2022 – Miami Herald

She thought what she felt on her breast was a pimple. It was breast cancer. She was 32. – Miami Herald

Losing your sense of smell from COVID can trigger negative moods – Miami Herald

You may not be drinking enough water to hydrate your skin — and dry skin means wrinkles – Miami Herald

Diabetes drug recall is expanded to include 76 unexpired lots over contaminant concern – Miami Herald

For breast cancer patients, rebuilding the breast with one’s own fat is a game changer – Miami Herald

What’s it like in the NBA ‘Bubble?’ Heat doctor gives a glimpse – Miami Herald


State reports highest one-day COVID-19 case total since pandemic began, along with 53 more deaths; positivity rate climbs to 4.9% – Chicago Tribune

College grads struggle to launch careers in a pandemic economy. ‘I chose the worst year to get my life together.’ – Chicago Tribune

Getting used to seeing your doctor virtually? Telehealth coverage might not last. – Chicago Tribune

Researchers surprised: 20% of Chicagoans in blood-test study came up positive for coronavirus antibodies – Chicago Tribune

Trump-Biden debates now uncertain after president refuses virtual town hall and campaigns offer dueling proposals – Chicago Tribune

Second stimulus check updates: After calling off negotiations in a tweet, Trump tries to pick and choose parts of COVID-19 relief – Chicago Tribune

Could pre-flight COVID-19 testing be coming to O’Hare? – Chicago Tribune

Second stimulus check updates: Trump abruptly halts COVID-19 relief talks until after the election despite ominous warnings from Fed chairman – Chicago Tribune

Trump, after receiving unprecedented level of care, downplays COVID-19 and returns to White House without a mask – Chicago Tribune

After dodged questions and bungled timeline, White House doctor and chief of staff offer a confusing picture of Trump’s health – Chicago Tribune

Kellyanne Conway, 2 GOP senators test positive days after attending White House event with others who have since contracted COVID-19 – Chicago Tribune

Trump, stricken by COVID-19, taken to Walter Reed hospital after receiving experimental treatment at White House – Chicago Tribune


To Find a Coronavirus Vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline Is Bonding With Its Biggest Competitors – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccine Trial From AstraZeneca, Oxford Can Resume in U.S. – The Wall Street Journal

Why Merck Is Playing Catch-Up in the Coronavirus Vaccine Chase – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccines: What’s Coming and When? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Drug Remdesivir Fully Approved by FDA – The Wall Street Journal

How Pfizer Partner BioNTech Became a Leader in Global Coronavirus Vaccine Race – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccines to Be Stored Secretly Under Tight Security – The Wall Street Journal

How Asian Countries Are Keeping Covid-19 Under Control – The Wall Street Journal

Moderna CEO Expects Covid-19 Vaccine Interim Results in November – The Wall Street Journal

Covid Patients With Long-Term Symptoms Turn to Online Support Groups – The Wall Street Journal

These Doctors Have Long-Term Covid. Now They’re Pushing for Better Care. – The Wall Street Journal

Some California Hospitals Refused Covid-19 Transfers for Financial Reasons, Emails Show – The Wall Street Journal

Scientists Push Back on Herd-Immunity Approach to Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

WHO-Funded Study Shows No Remdesivir Benefit for Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients – The Wall Street Journal

More Than 1,000 Current and Former CDC Officers Criticize U.S. Covid-19 Response – The Wall Street Journal

Pfizer Could Apply for Emergency Use of Covid-19 Vaccine by Late November – The Wall Street Journal

NIH to Study Three Drugs in Treatment of Covid Patients – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Patients Put Remote Care to the Test – The Wall Street Journal

Europe Overtakes U.S. in New Cases of Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Why Covid-19 Cases Are Rising in Many States – The Wall Street Journal

Pfizer, BioNTech Race to Meet Global Covid-19 Vaccine Needs – The Wall Street Journal

Vertex Shares Plunge After Biotech Drops Closely Watched Drug Prospect – The Wall Street Journal

Half of Americans Polled Would Prefer to Wait Before Getting Covid-19 Vaccine – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Outbreaks Led to Dangerous Delay in Cancer Diagnoses – The Wall Street Journal

Day-Care Centers Are Very Low Risk for Covid-19 Transmission, Study Says – The Wall Street Journal

J&J Vaccine Pause Shows Challenges Still Ahead for Covid-19 Shots – The Wall Street Journal

Under 45? You’re More Likely to Get Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Teladoc Sues Rival Over Hospital Robot Patents – The Wall Street Journal

Help Wanted at Covid-19 Testing Labs – The Wall Street Journal

Do Babies Need to Eat Meat? – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Reinfection Documented in Nevada Adds to Questions on Virus Immunity – The Wall Street Journal

What You Need to Know About Covid-19 and Pregnancy – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Aims to Open New York-London Travel by Holidays – The Wall Street Journal

People Harmed by Vaccines Will Have Little Recourse – The Wall Street Journal

Antibody Drugs Touted by Trump Could Be Next to Get Authorized for Covid-19 – The Wall Street Journal

Vaccine-Trial Volunteers Look to Make a Difference – The Wall Street Journal

Health Coverage Costs Continued Steady Rise Pre-Pandemic – The Wall Street Journal

Moderna Vows to Not Enforce Covid-19 Vaccine Patents During Pandemic – The Wall Street Journal

Eli Lilly Asks FDA to Authorize Covid-19 Antibody Drug – The Wall Street Journal

Amazon Pushes for More Covid-19 Disclosures. Companies Say No. – The Wall Street Journal

Use of Coronavirus Rapid Tests May Have Fueled White House Covid-19 Cluster – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccines Should First Go to Health Workers, First Responders, Panel Says – The Wall Street Journal

All Remdesivir Supplies to Be Distributed in U.S. by Maker Gilead – The Wall Street Journal

Vaccine’s Development Won’t Be Swayed by Politics, Pfizer CEO Says – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Need Only a Fraction of People to Get Sick – The Wall Street Journal


The Trump Administration Shut a Vaccine Safety Office Last Year. What’s the Plan Now? – The New York Times

Voting in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Wear a Mask and Bring Your Own Pen – The New York Times

UnitedHealth Ships Flu Kits to Medicare Recipients – The New York Times

The Price for Not Wearing Masks: Perhaps 130,000 Lives – The New York Times

Schoolchildren Seem Unlikely to Fuel Coronavirus Surges, Scientists Say – The New York Times

Wikipedia and W.H.O. Join to Combat Covid-19 Misinformation – The New York Times

The Coronavirus Has Claimed 2.5 Million Years of Potential Life in the U.S., Study Finds – The New York Times

How the F.D.A. Stood Up to the President – The New York Times

At 12, She’s a Covid ‘Long Hauler’ – The New York Times

Why Running Won’t Ruin Your Knees – The New York Times

Where Have All the Hospital Patients Gone? – The New York Times

Relieved to Be Back at the Gym, but Is It Safe? – The New York Times

Why Are TikTok Teens Listening to an Album About Dementia? – The New York Times

Experts Tell F.D.A. It Should Gather More Safety Data on Covid-19 Vaccines – The New York Times

OSHA Criticized for Lax Regulation of Meatpacking in Pandemic – The New York Times

The F.D.A. Wanted to Ban Some Hair Straighteners. It Never Happened. – The New York Times

Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges for Opioid Sales – The New York Times

Depression in Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Childhood Asthma – The New York Times

Trump’s Antibody ‘Cure’ Will Be in Short Supply – The New York Times

Presidential Elections May Be Bad for Your Health – The New York Times

N.Y. Accuses Christian Group of Misleading Consumers on Health Coverage – The New York Times

Let’s Talk About Constipation During Pregnancy – The New York Times

A Viral Theory Cited by Health Officials Draws Fire From Scientists – The New York Times

5 Ways Families Can Prepare as Coronavirus Cases Surge – The New York Times

Doctors May Have Found Secretive New Organs in the Center of Your Head – The New York Times

Mask Mandate? In a Montana Town, It ‘Puts Us at Odds With Customers’ – The New York Times

Recognizing Miscarriages as an Occasion for Grief – The New York Times

Think You Have ‘Normal’ Blood Pressure? Think Again – The New York Times

Some Signs of Recovery From Severe Covid Lung Damage – The New York Times

Netherlands to Allow Doctors to Help End Lives of Terminally Ill Children – The New York Times

Drug May Extend A.L.S. Patients’ Lives by Several Months, Study Finds – The New York Times

Pfizer Says It Won’t Seek Vaccine Authorization Before Mid-November – The New York Times

When We Can Hug Again, Will We Remember How It Works? – The New York Times

Remdesivir Fails to Prevent Covid-19 Deaths in Huge Trial – The New York Times

A Rapid Test Offers Hope for Community Screening – The New York Times

What Does ‘Negative’ on a Coronavirus Test Really Mean? – The New York Times

Biden’s Covid Response Plan Draws From F.D.R.’s New Deal – The New York Times

Did Lockdowns Lower Premature Births? A New Study Adds Evidence – The New York Times

Scientists Synthesize Jawbones From Pig Fat – The New York Times

3 Covid-19 Trials Have Been Paused for Safety. That’s a Good Thing. – The New York Times

Coronavirus Reinfections Are Real but Very, Very Rare – The New York Times

Having Dementia Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Vote – The New York Times

First, a Vaccine Approval. Then ‘Chaos and Confusion.’ – The New York Times

Try High-Intensity Interval Training. You Might Like It. – The New York Times

When Symptoms of Covid-19 Don’t Go Away – The New York Times

What Scandinavians Can Teach Us About Embracing Winter – The New York Times

Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape – The New York Times

Could Trump Still Spread the Coronavirus? Probably Not Experts Say – The New York Times

The Challenges of Remote Learning for Children Who Stutter – The New York Times

His Fingernails Were Purple but Didn’t Hurt. What Was This? – The New York Times

Trump May Be Immune to the Coronavirus. But for How Long? – The New York Times

Don’t Grieve Alone. Reach Out. – The New York Times

Physical Therapy Has Benefits for Back Pain – The New York Times

Coronavirus Vaccine Makers Are Not Mass-Slaughtering Sharks – The New York Times

Where’d I Stash That Chocolate? It’s Easy to Remember – The New York Times

A $52,112 Air Ambulance Ride: Coronavirus Patients Battle Surprise Bills – The New York Times

Weighted Blankets for Sounder Sleep? – The New York Times

The Race for a Super-Antibody Against the Coronavirus – The New York Times

Irregular Menstrual Cycles Ties to Shorter Lifespans – The New York Times

In Terms of Child Mortality, It’s a Good Time for Public Health – The New York Times

‘I Feel Like I Have Dementia’: Brain Fog Plagues Covid Survivors – The New York Times

Rest Better With Light Exercise – The New York Times

Nevada Revokes Halt on Rapid Antigen Testing in Nursing Homes – The New York Times

Extra Pounds May Raise Risk of Severe Covid-19 – The New York Times

Coronavirus Safety Runs Into a Stubborn Barrier: Masculinity – The New York Times

Can Trump Really Speed Approval of Covid Treatments? – The New York Times

White House Blocked C.D.C. From Requiring Masks on Public Transportation – The New York Times

Trump’s Testimonial Is a Double-Edged Sword for Regeneron – The New York Times

Federal Official Threatens Nevada for Halting Rapid Tests in Nursing Homes – The New York Times

The Coronavirus Unveiled – The New York Times

How Will We Cope With the Pandemic Fall? – The New York Times

Trump Could Be Back in Public by Saturday. Experts Worry It’s Too Soon. – The New York Times

Workers With Health Insurance Face Rising Out-of-Pocket Costs – The New York TImes

Regeneron Asks F.D.A. for Emergency Approval for Drug That Trump Claimed Cured Him – The New York Times

‘I Won’t Be Used as a Guinea Pig for White People’ – The New York Times

Nevada Halts Use of Rapid Coronavirus Tests in Nursing Homes, Citing Inaccuracies – The New York Times

In a First, New England Journal of Medicine Joins Never-Trumpers – The New York Times

Why Doctors Aren’t So Sure Trump Is Feeling Better From Covid-19 – The New York Times

After a Hospital Stay for Covid, Patients May Face Months of Rehabilitation – The New York Times

How the Pandemic Is Changing Our Exercise Habits – The New York Times

How the White House Flouted Basic Coronavirus Rules – The New York Times

Novel Brain Surgery Seeks to Reverse Epilepsy in Sea Lion – The New York Times

People With This Mutation Can’t Smell Stinky Fish – The New York Times

‘Rural Surge’ Propels India Toward More Covid-19 Infections Than U.S. – The New York Times

Plexiglass Barriers Won’t Stop the Virus at the Debate, Experts Warn – The New York Times

How Much Would Trump’s Coronavirus Treatment Cost Most Americans? – The New York Times

The White House Bet on Abbott’s Rapid Tests. It Didn’t Work Out. – The New York Times

For Parents, a New Level of Big-Picture Anxiety – The New York Times

After Meat Workers Die of Covid-19, Families Fight for Compensation – The New York Times

It’s Not Only Women Who Want More Intimacy in Relationships – The New York Times

What All That Touch Deprivation Is Doing to Us – The New York Times

White House Blocks New Coronavirus Vaccine Guidelines – The New York Times

‘Don’t Be Afraid of Covid,’ Trump Says, Undermining Public Health Messages – The New York Times

Charting a Covid-19 Immune Response – The New York Times

Nearly One-Third of Covid-19 Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State – The New York Times

Now Taking the Stage in the Pandemic: The School Nurse – The New York Times

Instead of Reassurance, Trump’s Doctor Delivers Confusion, Experts Say – The New York Times

A Timeline of Trump’s Symptoms and Treatments – The New York Times

Use of Dexamethasone to Treat Trump Suggests Severe Covid-19, Experts Say – The New York Times

Can Halloween Be Saved? Yes, Experts Say. Here’s How. – The New York Times

Trump’s Covid Treatments Are Aimed at Preventing Severe Illness – The New York Times

Some Insurers End Pandemic Waivers of Fees and Deductibles for Telehealth – The New York Times

Trump’s Travail: A Virus That Thrives Indoors – The New York Times

President Trump Received Experimental Antibody Treatment – The New York Times

Biotech Industry Pushes Trump Administration to Release New Vaccine Guidelines – The New York Times

After Wildfires Stop Burning, a Danger in the Drinking Water – The New York Times

Companies Ditch Plans for Rapid Coronavirus Spit Tests at Home – The New York Times

Where You Carry Body Fat May Affect How Long You Live – The New York Times

Where Does Ameria Sit in a Pandemic World? – The New York Times

Laughter May Be Effective Medicine for These Trying Times – The New York Times


Home tests could help in the fight against the coronavirus. So where are they? – The Washington Post

Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trials set to resume – The Washington Post

America is poised to enter into its worst stretch yet of the pandemic – The Washington Post

Trump administration pressures CDC to back detention of migrant children in border hotels amid coronavirus – The Washington Post

FDA advisory committee debates safety and efficacy standards for a coronavirus vaccine – The Washington Post

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trial is fully enrolled, 37 percent of participants are minorities – The Washington Post

D.C. already got $90 million back from FEMA for fighting covid-19. Its neighbors are far behind. – The Washington Post

CDC expands definition of who is a ‘close contact’ of an individual with covid-19 – The Washington Post

After a college town’s coronavirus outbreak, deaths at nursing homes mount – The Washington Post

Unprecedented vaccine trials on track to begin delivering results – The Washington Post

The coronavirus pandemic has caused nearly 300,000 more deaths than expected in a typical year – The Washington Post

D.C. Council approves bill allowing children to get vaccines without parents’ consent – The Washington Post

New results from a once-promising therapy show the difficulty of treating covid-19 – The Washington Post

CDC to passengers and workers: Wear a mask when you are on a plane, train, bus or other public transit – The Washington Post

Dementia is more than occasionally forgetting a name or a word – The Washington Post

The Big Number: The pandemic has led to a quieter world – The Washington Post

I’m allergic to the flu shot. What can I do to take precautions during flu season? – The Washington Post

Instead of knee replacement surgery, ‘cutting edge’ medicine regenerates cartilage for the joint – The Washington Post

Why you’re likely to sprain the same ankle repeatedly. The right exercises can avoid that. – The Washington Post

The best way to manage joint pain is also the least intuitive: Keep active – The Washington Post

If you crack your knuckles, don’t worry too much about getting arthritis. But the habit isn’t harmless. – The Washington Post

Pfizer says it will not have a coronavirus vaccine until late November, allaying fears of a rush for approval before Election Day – The Washington Post

‘Nobody has very clear answers for them’: Doctors search for treatments for covid-19 long-haulers – The Washington Post

What those studies on mouthwash and coronaviruses actually mean – The Washington Post

Stop wiping down groceries and focus on bigger risks, say experts on coronavirus transmission – The Washington Post

Why ‘moderation’ is the worst weight-loss advice ever – The Washington Post

Colleges can be covid-19 hotspots. Here’s how to talk to your kid about safety. – The Washington Post

Conspiracy theories: Why some people are susceptible and how to protect yourself – The Washington Post

How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest – The Washington Post

Should you get a coronavirus test if you think you have a cold? There may be ‘no right answer.’ – The Washington Post

Trump Supreme Court pick already ruled on pending Obamacare case — in a moot exercise – The Washington Post

Scientists have a powerful new tool for controlling the coronavirus: Its own genetic code. – The Washington Post

Republican-backed ACA lawsuit also threatens Medicaid as enrollment grows during pandemic – The Washington Post

Pence spins criticism of Trump coronavirus response as insult to Americans – The Washington Post

Genetic tracing could show how coronavirus spread through White House – The Washington Post

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