Health News September 2020

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The Future Of The Affordable Care Act In A Supreme Court Without Ginsburg – NPR

Why Tens Of Thousands Of People Are Key To Testing A COVID-19 Vaccine – NPR

How To Say No, For The People Pleaser Who Always Says Yes – NPR

In The Era Of Hygiene, ‘Clean’ Author Makes The Case For Showering Less – NPR

Why Can’t The CDC Make Up Its Mind About Airborne Transmission? – NPR

I See People Wearing Disposable Coveralls On Planes. Good Idea? – NPR

Why Can’t America Make Enough N95 Masks? 6 Months Into Pandemic, Shortages Persist – NPR

‘We Had To Take Action’: States In Mexico Move To Ban Junk Food Sales To Minors – NPR

Redesigning The Office For The Next 100-Year Flu (Yes, It’s Coming) – NPR

Scientists Say A Mind-Bending Rhythm In The Brain Can Act Like Ketamine – NPR

Listen, Open Up, Connect: A Mental Health Expert’s Advice On Living Through A Crisis – NPR

Eating Disorders Thrive In Anxious Times, And Pose A Lethal Threat – NPR

What Are The New Dating Rules? And What About Hooking Up? – NPR

Adults With COVID-19 Twice As Likely To Have Eaten At Restaurants, CDC Study Finds – NPR

A COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Only 50% Effective. Is That Good Enough? – NPR

How Can You Tell If A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Working? – NPR

Another Holiday Weekend, Another Coronavirus Surge? Keep An Eye On Tourist Hot Spots – NPR

How To Care For Older People In The Pandemic – NPR

Is It A Good Idea To Buy An Air Cleaner For My Home? – NPR

A Summer Of Community, Despite Social Distance – NPR

Making Gyms Safer: Why The Virus Is Less Likely To Spread There Than In A Bar – NPR


The Trump-Biden Debate Was a Missed Opportunity to Provide Americans With Clarity on COVID-19 – TIME

Fact-Checking COVID-19 Falsehoods From the Presidential Debate – TIME

This Fall’s College Reopenings Were a Mess — Here’s How to Avoid -COVID-19 Outbreaks Next Semester – TIME

Alarming Data Show a Third Wave of COVID-19 Is About to Hit the U.S. – TIME

A Rare Expansion in Abortion Access Because of COVID-19 – TIME

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Outsized Effect on Women’s Mental Health Around the World – TIME

‘Where Are the Kids?’ School Is Back in Session, but Many Kindergarteners Are Missing – TIME

J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine Will Enter Phase 3 Testing, the Fourth To Reach That Stage – TIME

COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Are Spreading Rapidly–and They’re a Public Health Risk All Their Own – TIME

What Your Blood Tells You About Cancer – TIME

‘How Am I Going To Make It?’ Months of Eviction Uncertainty Are Taking a Toll on Millions of Families – TIME

How Cancer Shaped Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Life and Work – TIME

There’s Only Weak Evidence For Vitamin-D As a COVID-19 Preventative–But Scientists Are Trying to Learn More – TIME

Donald Trump Is Losing On An Issue Voters Care A Lot About. Here’s How He’s Trying to Change That – TIME

College Professors Made Models Showing How Bad COVID-19 Would Be on Campus. Some Administrators Ignored Them – TIME

Central Europe Largely Avoided the First Coronavirus Wave. Why Are Cases Spiking Now? – TIME

More Than Half of Americans Worry That White House Pressure Will Lead to a Rushed Coronavirus Vaccine – TIME

COVID-19 Is Still Devastating Nursing Homes. The Trump Administration Isn’t Doing Much to Stop It – TIME

The Great Vaccine Rate: Inside the Unprecedented Scramble to Immunize the World Against COVID-19 – TIME

COVID-19 Has Killed Nearly 200,000 Americans. How Many More Lives Will Be Lost Before the U.S. Gets It Right? – TIME

AstraZeneca Resumed Its COVID-19 Vaccine Trial After Pausing for Safety Review – TIME

Depression Has Skyrocketed During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Says – TIME

Affordable Steroids Could Reduce Some COVID-19 Deaths by One-Third, Says World Health Organization – TIME


Consistency in the time of day you work out may keep off the pounds, study finds – Fox News

Most recovered coronavirus patients experience side effects of disease: study – Fox News

Recent coronavirus cases doubled among young adults, CDC says – Fox News

Coronavirus face masks made with silk are better than cotton, study finds – Fox News

WHO says it will provide $5 COVID-19 tests to lower-income countries – Fox News

Coronavirus spike protein morphs into 10 different shapes to invade cells: study – Fox News

Moderna says coronavirus vaccine boosts immune system response in older adults – Fox News

Coronavirus was even more contagious at beginning of pandemic than experts thought, study finds – Fox News

Long-term use of acid reflux meds linked to 24% increase in diabetes: study – Fox News

The coronavirus has killed this many health care workers, according to the country’s largest nurses union – Fox News

Coronavirus death toll hits 1M worldwide – Fox News

Fauci calls Florida lift on restaurant restrictions ‘very concerning’ – Fox News

Coronavirus viral loads declining in US patients since start of pandemic, study finds – Fox News

Keto diet could be bad for your heart, researchers say – Fox News

Blood test may reveal coronavirus severity, death risk: study – Fox News

Sex after heart attack may boost survival, study claims – Fox News

Coronavirus antibodies present in less than 10% of Americans, study finds – Fox News

Coronavirus lockdowns just ‘defer the problem’ of third wave, UK scientist warns – Fox News

Nasal spray reduced coronavirus replication by 96% in animal study, Australian biotech says – Fox News

Recalled mushrooms linked to salmonella cases across 10 states – Fox News

Unapproved drugs found in cognitive supplements: study – Fox News

Atlas disputes Redfield coronavirus vulnerability estimate: ‘We are not all susceptible to infection’ – Fox News

Thanksgiving gatherings amid coronavirus should be small, CDC says – Fox News

Dangerous ‘Benadryl challenge’ prompts warning from FDA over high doses of medication – Fox News

Strengthen your immune system amid coronavirus: Experts offer simple tips – Fox News

Coronavirus infected young adults more than other age groups over summer, CDC report says – Fox News

Fauci calls New Jersey coronavirus baseline ‘advantage’ in coming months – Fox News

FDA greenlights point-of-care coronavirus antibody test that uses blood samples – Fox News

Salmonella outbreak sickens hundreds, yields warning from CDC: Don’t ‘kiss or snuggle’ these animals – Fox News

Most coronavirus patients will develop symptoms, study analysis argues – Fox News

Nearly 50% of coronavirus patients did not report their close contacts, CDC says – Fox News

When will coronavirus vaccine trials begin in children? Top companies weigh in – Fox News

Dry skin amid the coronavirus pandemic, winter: Tips to avoid making it worse – Fox News

‘Most’ Americans likely vulnerable to coronavirus infection, CDC director says – Fox News

Plastic face shields don’t stop coronavirus spread, study claims – Fox News

Tobacco use to blame for 20% of heart disease deaths, WHO says – Fox News

Coffee may help colon cancer patients’ longevity, study finds – Fox News

CDC discourages traditional trick-or-treating, costume masks, indoor parties amid coronavirus pandemic – Fox New

Researchers hypothesize coronavirus immunity from dengue exposure – Fox News

Coronavirus pandemic won’t have a ‘fairy tale ending’ even with a vaccine, ex-CDC director warns – Fox News

Manufacturer recalling ‘subpotent’ thyroid tablets, adverse effects reported, FDA says – Fox News

Flu season may be very mild this year, thanks to COVID-19 precautions – Fox News

Drug-therapy combo cuts breast cancer recurrence risk by 25%, Eli Lilly announces – Fox News

Coroanvirus therapeutics ‘more complicated’ than vaccine, expert says – Fox News

Adult obesity on rise in US, CDC says – Fox News

Coronavirus causing ‘persistant fatigue’ in more than half of recovered patients, study finds – Fox News

WHO outlines ways governments, health care leaders can keep health workers safe amid pandemic – Fox News

Scientists may know where coronavirus originated, study says – Fox News

‘Alarming rates’ of coronavirus transmission in Europe should serve as ‘wake-up call,’ WHO official warns – Fox News

Over half of coronavirus-infected pregnant women showed no symptoms, CDC report says – Fox News

Coronavirus may help researchers in fighting cancer, according to scientist – Fox News

What to know about fall allergies and how to treat them – Fox News

Coronavirus vaccine likely to be generally available in 2021, CDC director says – Fox News

Coronavirus pediatric fatalities mostly among minorities, those with underlying conditions, CDC says – Fox News

Transparency in coronavirus vaccine development will be key to gaining public trust, expert says – Fox News

Experts worry as US virus restrictions are eased or violated – Fox News

Nearly 60 coronavirus tests undergo performance checks by FDA – Fox News

Coronavirus ‘sexual distancing,’ decrease in STD sees drop in reported cases during pandemic – Fox News

South Korea to provide coronavirus vaccines for 60% of population: report – Fox News

Could the novel coronavirus become a seasonal virus? New study suggests yes — but not yet – Fox News

Texas county to pay coronavirus survivors for plasma donations – Fox News

Coronavirus recovery time reduced by rheumatoid arthritis drug and remdesivir, Eli Lilly says – Fox News

Health care services that cover HIV in the South disrupted by coronavirus pandemic – Fox News

UK tests if COVID-19 vaccines might work better inhaled – Fox News

Recovering coronavirus patients experiencing jaw pain as symptom possibly caused by breathing issues – Fox News

Coronavirus can ‘hijack’ brain cells to replicate itself, Yale researchers discover – Fox News

Large-scale coronavirus vaccination not necessary in China, official reportedly says – Fox News

Chubbier legs linked to lower blood pressure: study – Fox News

Children spread coronavirus to family members following exposure at child care facilities, CDC says – Fox News

Why can’t humans digest corn? – Fox News

Binge drinkers may struggle to feel empathy, study says – Fox News

Uncontrolled blood pressure on rise in US: study – Fox News

China OKs human trials for nasal spray coronavirus vaccine – Fox News

New York officials ‘looking at’ mandatory flu vaccine for public schools students: report – Fox News

Coronavirus infects half a million US children – Fox News

1 in 5 hospitalized young adults need ICU after coronavirus infection – Fox News

Pandemic takes toll on mental health of young adults – Fox News

WHO scientist calls AstraZeneca coronavirus trial pause ‘good wake-up call’ – Fox News

Fauci warns that US needs to be prepared to ‘hunker down’ for fall, winter – Fox News

Severe coronavirus more deadly than heart attacks among young adults: study – Fox News

Dog food recalled over high levels of mold byproduct: FDA – Fox News

NSAID use during coronavirus infection does not worsen symptoms, study says – Fox News

Coronavirus could reverse decades of progress on reducing child mortality, health agencies warn – Fox News

Blood pressure drugs don’t increase cancer risk, researchers say – Fox News

Coronavirus testing shifts from precision to rapidity – Fox News

Fauci upholds coronavirus vaccine projection timeline – Fox News

Second wave of coronavirus may arrive in spring, not winter, one scientist says – Fox News

Amid coronavirus pandemic, Americans in ‘denial’ over poor mental health: survey – Fox News

Severity of coronavirus infection may be determined by face mask use, study suggests – Fox News

Infectious coronavirus found on salmon for up to a week, study suggests – Fox News

Trio of antiviral drugs eyed as possible coronavirus treatment – Fox News

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally linked to 20% of US coronavirus cases in August: researchers – Fox News

Tylenol may make you take more risks, study says – Fox News

Amid coronavirus pandemic, dentist reports uptick in tooth fractures – Fox News

Eating disorders triggered, worsened by coronavirus pandemic – Fox News

What should I look for in a hand sanitizer? – Fox News

Doctors studying why obesity may be tied to serious COVID-19 – Fox News

Kids use both brain hemispheres to process language, unlike adults, researchers say – Fox News

Why poop tests may be a better way to detect COVID-19 – Fox News

Can singing ‘Happy Birthday’ spread coronavirus? – Fox News

Colleges curtail coronavirus outbreaks through wastewater surveillance systems – Fox News

Fauci warns coronavirus cases are ‘unacceptably high’ as Labor Day weekend approaches – Fox News

Coronavirus pandemic has led Americans to spend a lot more time staring at screens – Fox News

‘Ultra-processed’ foods could accelerated biological aging, study finds – Fox News

Coronavirus patients still had lung damage, breathlessness, weeks after leaving hospital: report – Fox News

Young adults living at home need to get coronavirus vaccine when available – Fox News

Vitamin D deficiency may increase coronavirus risk, study says – Fox News

Coronavirus deaths in US could top 400K by end of year, updated model predicts – Fox News

Keep coronavirus-infected college students at school, Fauci urges – Fox News

Prominent US doctors break down which coronavirus tests will curb transmission rates – Fox News

Wear a mask during sex, skip kissing, Canada’s top doctor suggests – Fox News

Honeybee venom destroyed breast cancer cells: Study – Fox News

Florida Health Care Association exec reacts to state lifting coronavirus-related ban on nursing home visits – Fox News

Should you get a coronavirus test before seeing friends and family? – Fox News

Fat-shaming occurs less among Americans compared to Brits, survey says – Fox News

How to safely vote during the coronavirus pandemic, according to experts – Fox News

Salmonella outbreak linked to onions sickens more than 1,000 people: CDC – Fox News

Hearing loss may cause dementia, study finds – Fox News

Are flu shots safe amid the coronavirus pandemic? – Fox News

Large antibody study offers hope for virus vaccine efforts – Fox News

Face shields offer less protection for others than regular masks, study finds – Fox News

Consuming fecal microbiome capsules may prevent weight regain when dieting: Study – Fox News

California moves toward becoming first to require hospitals to have 45-day supply of PPE – Fox News

First coronavirus reinfection case in US being investigated by Nevada scientists – Fox News

Wastewater system detects coronavirus at University of Arizona dorm – Fox News

A Zoom Thanksgiving? Summer could give way to a bleaker fall – Fox News

Poor sperm quality linked to phone and laptop use at night, study says – Fox News


There is no getting ‘back to normal,’ experts say. The sooner we accept that, the better – CNN

Study finds female doctors work harder for less money – CNN

Wisconsin reports record number of Covid-19 hospitalizations after task force warned of ‘rapid worsening’ – CNN

Neanderthal genes may be to blame in some severe coronavirus cases – CNN

Irregular periods linked to a greater risk of an early death, study suggests – CNN

Reduce back pain with this 5-minute home workout – CNN

Major hospital system struggling to recover computer network operations after cyberattack – CNN

Early data show promising results from Regeneron’s antibody cocktail for coronavirus – CNN

5 common coronavirus misconceptions and the science you need to know – CNN

With AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial still on pause in US, questions abound about study participants’ mysterious illnesses – CNN

Florida reports spike in new coronavirus cases days after restrictions relaxed – CNN

Women who have heart attacks receive less extensive care than men, research suggests – CNN

Americans over 30 have been drinking more during the coronavirus pandemic, research shows – CNN

The next few months could get ugly. Here’s how to stay safe as the pandemic rages on – CNN

Dentists are seeing more cracked teeth. Pandemic stress is to blame – CNN

CDC was pushed to play down the risks of Covid-19 in reopening schools, former Pence staffer says – CNN

Coronavirus has killed 1 million people worldwide. Experts fear the toll may double before a vaccine is ready – CNN

This might be your most important flu shot ever – CNN

How environmental conditions like cold and wet weather can affect pandemics, and what that means for COVID-19 – CNN

1 in 3 parents won’t get flu shots for their child during Covid-19, study finds – CNN

Post-Covid clinics get jump-start from patients with lingering illness – CNN

How parental self-care helps kids weather pandemic stress – CNN

Twenty-one states are reporting increased Covid-19 cases as experts warn of a fall surge – CNN

Puberty in a pandemic? It’s not all bad news, experts say – CNN

This is your body over months in isolation – CNN

It’s a myth that women don’t want sex as they age – CNN

Blacks and Hispanics are twice as likely to test positive for Covid-19, says a new study – CNN

A healthy lifestyle can help you live longer even if you have chronic conditions, study suggests – CNN

200,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US. That’s more than the US battle deaths from 5 wars combined – CNN

Trick-or-treating, costume masks and Halloween parties discouraged by CDC this year – CNN

The country’s ‘divisive state’ is hurting Covid-19 response, Fauci says – CNN

As doctors worry about ‘a very apocalyptic fall,’ the CDC retracts on how Covid-19 spreads – CNN

In nursing homes and assisted living communities, minorities suffer most from Covid-19, research says – CNN

Most of the US is headed in the wrong direction again with Covid-19 cases as deaths near 200,000 – CNN

Pine-Sol cleaner has been approved to kill coronavirus on hard surfaces – CNN

Some college students face stay-at-home orders as local leaders try to control Covid-19 spread – CNN

As many as 51% of all school employees are at increased risk of Covid-19, study finds – CNN

Coronavirus can spread on airline flights, two studies show – CNN

Holding each other accountable for risky Covid-19 behavior saves lives – CNN

Is my senior moment the start of dementia? – CNN

Is in-person voting safe from Covid-19? It can be if you follow these guidelines – CNN

PTSD may double risk of dementia, new analysis finds – CNN

7 steps that can lower your blood pressure as you age – CNN

Online classes: 5 reasons students benefit from ‘cameras off’ – CNN

How to help siblings get along better – CNN

Trump mental health official accuses media of overflowing dangers of Covid-19 – CNN

CDC study finds coronavirus rarely kills children, but minorities at higher risk – CNN

What is an EUA, and what does it have to do with how quickly we get a coronavirus vaccine? – CNN

After record low flu season in Australia, US hopes for the same – CNN

Another federal official raises questions about Trump’s vaccine timeline – CNN

Here’s how Trump could bigfoot the FDA and get a vaccine out ahead of the science – CNN

Some pediatricians refuse to treat kids if parents reject vaccines, study finds – CNN

Unpopular teens could be at higher risk of heart conditions later in life, study suggests – CNN

Here’s why a vaccine will not stop the Covid-19 pandemic right away – CNN

How to sleep better — kids and grown-ups alike – CNN

Depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy may harm childhood development, study finds – CNN

Why Fauci doesn’t think a national mask mandate will work – CNN

Covid-19 study suggests to screen recovering athletes for heart inflammation before they return to play – CNN

Pfizer proposes expanding Covid-19 vaccine trial to include more diversity as race for a vaccine continues – CNN

Redefining Covid-19: Months after infection, patients report breathing difficulty, excessive fatigue – CNN

Grandparents Day 2020: 5 tips for a safe grandparent-grandchild visit – CNN

Some college towns grapple with Covid-19 after students return for fall semester – CNN

How to reboot your workout routine: Let’s set the foundation – CNN

Sex gets complicated during the pandemic – CNN

Craving sugar? How to tame your sweet tooth – CNN

Poor sleep linked to weight gain, sleep tracking study says – CNN

The Muppets helped me explain the pandemic – CNN

Voting safely: How to protect yourself from Covid-19 while casting your ballot – CNN

The US needs to talk about long-term coronavirus symptoms, a doctor and a patient say – CNN

Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be ‘colossally stupid’ – CNN

How Covid-19 misinformation circulates on social media – CNN


Largest study of COVID-19 transmission highlights essential role of super-spreaders – Los Angeles Times

How to help young children get the most out of online school – Los Angeles Times

Hollywood fears movie theaters ‘may not survive’ COVID-19 pandemic – Los Angeles Times

Why ‘herd immunity’ can’t save us from COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

Playgrounds can reopen in California with some COVID-19 restrictions – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus infections among school-age kids rose in September after classes resumed – Los Angeles Times

Private employers show new interest in expanded Medicare and regulated drug prices – Los Angeles Times

WHO, partners roll out rapid coronavirus tests for poorer nations – Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 death toll hits 1 million amid fears of renewed outbreaks – Los Angeles Times

Feds to ship millions of coronavirus rapid tests in bid to reopen K-12 schools – Los Angeles Times

Young adults are now the largest group of Americans getting COVID-19, CDC says – Los Angeles Times

College openings fueled 3,000 COVID-19 cases per day, researchers say – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus deaths in kids echoes toll in adults, CDC says – Los Angeles Times

Defying predictions of disaster, Africa’s coronavirus response is receiving praise – Los Angeles Times

These gloves help fight COVID-19. But they’re made in sweatshop conditions – Los Angeles Times

Sweden has escaped a second coronavirus wave so far. The question is why – Los Angeles Times

CDC says coronavirus spreads mainly in the air, through respiratory aerosols and droplets – Los Angeles Times

How climate change is fueling record-breaking California wildfires, heat and smog – Los Angeles Times

A family struggles and separates as pandemic worsens food insecurity – Los Angeles Times

NIH is ‘very concerned’ about serious side effect in coronavirus vaccine trial – Los Angeles Times

Vaccine maker got $1 billion from taxpayers. Now it’s boosting drug prices – Los Angeles Times

Thousands of wildfire evacuees present a public health challenge amid pandemic – Los Angeles Times

As Trump played down coronavirus, health experts’ alarm grew – Los Angeles Times

‘Terrible role-modeling’: How California lawmakers flouted pandemic safety practices – Los Angeles Times

What bats can teach us about developing immunity to COVID-19 – Los Angeles Times

The coronavirus may have reached Los Angeles even before China announced its outbreak – Los Angeles Times

Why are serious cases of COVID-19 tied to obesity? Scientists search for answers – Los Angeles Times

Dozens of hospitals poised to defy FDA on plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients – Los Angeles Times

Signs of depression have tripled in the U.S. since the COVID-19 pandemic got underway – Los Angeles Times

Health officials worry the U.S. isn’t ready for a COVID-19 vaccine – Los Angeles Times

Steroids confirmed to help severely ill COVID-19 patients – Los Angeles Times

Zoom overload, COVID-19 hardship: Thousands of kindergartners are no-shows at local schools – Los Angeles Times


Surge of rapid tests coming soon for Florida’s seniors and students, DeSantis says – Miami Herald

Miami-Dade bars and clubs allowed to reopen under DeSantis order, mask fines suspended – Miami Heral

Are Hispanic and Black children more at risk of COVID? ‘It’s a trickle down’ effect – Miami Herald

Eat these five foods to help with your acne, rosacea and other skin conditions – Miami Herald

Want to eat something healthy? Try a potato – Miami Herald

Can a flu vaccine make you more likely to catch COVID-19? Study eases some worries – Miami Herald

COVID-19 could be the leading cause of death in Miami-Dade County by the year’s end – Miami Herald

Another West Nile case is confirmed, bringing Miami-Dade’s 2020 total to 55 – Miami Herald

Beware of the plastic surgeon who’s always selling you some new technique or device – Miami Herald

Weightlifters have to watch out for injuring their pectoral muscles – Miami Herald

Movie theaters allowed to reopen Friday in Miami-Dade. There are popcorn rules. – Miami Herald

Here’s how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our grocery shopping habits, experts say – Miami Herald

Eating out is among the riskiest activities during COVID-19 pandemic, CDC says – Miami Herald

He beat up a man who told him to wear a mask in Key West, police say – Miami Herald

Rabies alert issued for parts of Broward County after cat tests positive – Miami Herald

You’re outside more due to COVID. Here’s how to protect your skin – Miami Herald

Worried about losing muscle mass as you age? Turn to these foods – Miami Herald

For the Well of It: Here’s what wellness really means and how to achieve it – Miami Herald

‘If I die, I die.’ QB Kirk Cousins shames Vikings, NFL with cavalier comments on pandemic – Miami Herald

26 of these Pilates balls suddenly burst. That’s why they’ve been recalled – Miami Herald

You can get tennis elbow even if you don’t play tennis. How to treat it – Miami Herald

Beware of overusing fillers if you’re young. They can make you look old – Miami Herald


Hair loss. Memory problems. Strange rashes. COVID-19 patients report a litany of symptoms outside official criteria, some persisting for months. – Chicago Tribune

Preschools are moving outside during the pandemic and may stay there, even in winter – Chicago Tribune

Drive-thru flu shots? Vaccine vouchers? How getting the flu shot in Illinois will be different this year. – Chicago Tribune

What will it take to make diners feel safe indoors? Nearly 60% feel uneasy eating inside, so restaurants try sterilizing UV wands, tabletop air purifiers as winter looms. – Chicago Tribune

‘Nobody knew how to handle this situation’: How COVID-19 decimated Illinois nursing homes, exposed government flaws and left families in frustrating limbo – Chicago Tribune

America’s death toll from coronavirus tops 200,000 — more than any other nation – Chicago Tribune

What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could mean for more than 800,000 Illinois residents with Obamacare – Chicago Tribune

Trump vs. the CDC: President quickly contradicts top US health officials on vaccine timeline, calling top doc ‘confused’ – Chicago Tribune

Silent spreaders and long haulers. Aerosols and protocols. 10 things science has learned about COVID-19 in less than a year. – Chicago Tribune

700 weed applicants, 21 finalists: Some hopefuls aren’t happy about who’s still in the running for Illinois’ 75 marijuana dispensary licenses – Chicago Tribune

Trump EPA guts tough standards for toxic metals dumped into US waterways by coal-fired power plants, including biggest polluter on Lake Michigan – Chicago Tribune

‘We are preparing for the worst’: Chicago-area hospitals brace for flu and COVID-19 to collide – Chicago Tribune

Fauci warns that Illinois and six other states are at higher risk for a COVID-19 surge over Labor Day weekend, report says – Chicago Tribune

CDC tells state to prepare for COVID-19 vaccine by late October or early November – Chicago Tribune

‘Irresponsible and dangerous’ partying by some students leads University of Illinois to crack down on social activity and warn of suspensions as campus COVID-19 cases near 800 – Chicago Tribune


American Airlines, United to Cut 32,000 Jobs as Washington Debates Relief – The Wall Street Journal

Why Hospitals Can’t Handle Covid Surges: They’re Flying Blind – The Wall Street Journal

Disney to Lay Off 28,000 Employees as Disneyland’s Reopening Unclear – The Wall Street Journal

Those Dying From Covid-19 Are Least Likely to Own Life Insurance – The Wall Street Journal

How South Korea Successfully Managed Coronavirus – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Rise, and Surpass Seven Million – The Wall Street Journal

Justice Department Opens Ventilator Antitrust Probe Focused on Medtronic – The Wall Street Journal

As Covid-19 Cases Rise, Insurers Reduce Coverage for Virtual Doctors’ Visits – The Wall Street Journal

To Prevent Covid-19’s Spread, Colleges Should Beef Up Precautions, Health Officials Warn – The Wall Street Journal

Who Is Dying From Covid-19? Why? – The Wall Street Journal

New Limits Urged on Americans’ Sugar Consumption Amid Rising Obesity Concerns – The Wall Street Journal

Inovio Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Placed on Hold After FDA Questions – The Wall Street Journal

Four Different Family Members. Four Different Covid-19 Outcomes. – The Wall Street Journal

Patients Seek Surgery to Combat Major Covid-19 Risk Factor: Obesity – The Wall Street Journal

Wanted in Covid-19 Fight: ‘Superdonors’ of Convalescent Plasma – The Wall Street Journal

Trump’s Drug Discount Cards to Be Funded by a Medicare Trust Fund – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccines: What’s Coming and When? – The Wall Street Journal

Top Government Health Officials Vouch for Covid-19 Vaccination Effort – The Wall Street Journal

Some Covid-19 Patients Show Signs of Heart Damage Months Later – The Wall Street Journal

What You Need to Know About Herd Immunity – The Wall Street Journal

Fresh Surge in U.S. Coronavirus Cases Feared, as Death Toll Nears 200,000 – The Wall Street Journal

Death Toll From Covid-19 Pandemic Extends Far Beyond Virus Victims – The Wall Street Journal

Why Did Covid Overwhelm Hospitals? A Yearslong Drive for Efficiency – The Wall Street Journal

How to Ventilate Your Home to Fight Coronavirus, Wildfire Smoke – The Wall Street Journal

Temperature Isn’t a Good Litmus Test for Coronavirus, Doctors Say – The Wall Street Journal

New PTSD Treatments Emerge as Cases Rise Among Some Groups – The Wall Street Journal

Why Vaccines Are Essential to Herd Immunity – The Wall Street Journal

What It Would Take for Herd Immunity to Stop the Pandemic – The Wall Street Journal

Lancet Medical Journal Changes Peer-Review Process Amid Flurry of Covid-19 Research – The Wall Street Journal

Doctors and Hospitals Are Better Prepared to Treat Covid-19 This Fall – The Wall Street Journal

Anthony Fauci on What It Will Take to Put Covid-19 Behind Us – The Wall Street Journal

Alaska Built One of the Most Comprehensive Covid-19 Testing Operations in U.S. – The Wall Street Journal

In Worst-Hit Covid State, New York’s Cuomo Called All the Shots – The Wall Street Journal

Colleges Send Students Home as Outbreaks Worsen. Are They Creating a New Coronavirus Threat? – The Wall Street Journal

‘Really Diabolical’: Inside the Coronavirus That Outsmarted Science – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Failed to Fully Contain Covid-19 Inside Their Walls – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Pandemic Highlights Differences in Affordability of Health Care – The Wall Street Journal

Should You Talk About Your Mental Health With Your Boss? – The Wall Street Journal

Lilly’s Arthritis Drug Helped Covid-19 Patients Recover Faster – The Wall Street Journal

A New Prescription: A Dose of Live Music for Hospital Patients – The Wall Street Journal

Flu vs. Covid: Ways to Identify Symptoms and Differences – The Wall Street Journal

Merck to Invest $1 Billion in Seattle Genetics – The Wall Street Journal

Who Pays for Covid-19 Medical Care? Four Patients. Four Stories. – The Wall Street Journal

Merck Covid-19 Vaccine Begins Human Testing – The Wall Street Journal

How to Have Safe Sex During the Covid-19 Pandemic – The Wall Street Journal

Sexual Health Gets Left Out as Colleges Begin the Fall Semester – The Wall Street Journal

AstraZeneca CEO Sees Oxford Vaccine Possible by End of Year, Despite Setback – The Wall Street Journal

Several Covid-19 Vaccines Could Join Winner’s Circle – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Cases, Death Rates Are Declining Six Months Into Pandemic – The Wall Street Journal

New U.S. Coronavirus Infections Slow to Lowest Level in More Than Two Months – The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccines: What’s Coming and When? – The Wall Street Journal

Key to Preventing Covid-19 Indoors: Ventilation – The Wall Street Journal


White House Blocked C.D.C. Order to Keep Cruise Ships Docked – The New York Times

Huge Study of Coronavirus Cases in India Offers Some Surprises to Scientists – The New York Times

All Eyes Are on Pfizer as Trump Pushes for Vaccine by October – The New York Times

An ‘Awe Walk’ Might Do Wonders for Your Well-Being – The New York Times

She Craved Salt and Felted Nauseated for Months. What Was Wrong? – The New York Times

‘The Drug Became His Friend’: Pandemic Drives Hike in Opioid Deaths – The New York Times

Trump Allies Say the Virus Has Almost Run Its Course. ‘Nonsense,’ Experts Say. – The New York Times

Studies Begin to Untangle Obesity’s Role in Covid-19 – The New York Times

‘Testing Hell’: Gift of Devices to Nursing Homes Brings New Problems – The New York Times

The Coronavirus Mostly Spares Younger Children. Teens Aren’t So Lucky. – The New York Times

Some Workers Face Looming Cutoffs in Health Insurance – The New York Times

A Theory About Conspiracy Theories – The New York Times

How to Keep the Coronavirus at Bay Indoors – The New York Times

Obamacare Returns as Galvanizing Issue After Ginsburg Death and Barrett Nomination – The New York Times

A Potential Downside of Intermittent Fasting – The New York Times

The Underused Weight Loss Option: Bariatric Surgery – The New York Times

Dear Teenagers, Here’s How to Protect Your Emotional Well-Being – The New York Timese

Cats Shed More Than Dogs. The Coronavirus, Not Fur. – The New York Times

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