Health News January 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

FBI strengthens crackdown on darknet drug dealing – Fox News 1/31/18

Cancer survival rates improve in some parts of the world, but wide gaps remain – Fox News 1/31/18

How to spot flu symptoms – CNN 1/31/18

The meaning(s) of (your) life – CNN 1/31/18

Coffee may come with a cancer warning in California – CNN 1/31/18

Common medication must be repackaged to help tackle opioid epidemic, FDA says – CNN 1/31/18

Scientists grow new ears for children with defect – CNN 1/31/18

Where can I still get a flu shot for me or my children? – Miami Herald 1/31/18

Should I get a flu shot or will it make me sick or give me Alzheimer’s? – Miami Herald 1/31/18

Dads are more stressed than moms after bringing preemies home – Chicago Tribune 1/31/18

When you need a breast screening, should you get a 3-D mammogram? – Chicago Tribune 1/31/18

Mediterranean diet may improve IVF success rate – Chicago Tribune 1/31/18

Migraines Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes – The New York Times 1/31/18

Omega-3 Supplements Don’t Protect Against Heart Disease – The New York Times 1/31/18

Sex Hurts. Help! – The New York Times 1/31/18

Can Amazon and Friends Handle Health Care? There’s Reason for Doubt – The New York Times 1/31/18

Hits to the Head May Result in Immediate Brain Damage – The New York Times 1/31/18

After a Cancer Diagnosis, Playing the Odds – The New York Times 1/31/18

Trump seems to see opioid crisis as primarily a law enforcement problem – The Washington Post 1/31/18

CDC director resigns because of conflicts over financial interests – The Washington Post 1/31/18

This Type of Non-Diary Milk is the Healthiest, Study Says – TIME 1/30/18

Trump calls on Congress to support ‘Right to Try’: What you need to know about the drug law – Fox News 1/30/18

Early pregnancy weight gain linked to baby’s size at birth – Fox News 1/30/18

Atlanta hospital opens mobile ER to handle flu cases – Fox News 1/30/18

Drug companies flooded West Virginia town of 2,900 with 20.8M pain pills – Fox News 1/30/18

If it’s not the flu, you might be sick because of this virus – CNN 1/30/18

How much physical activity is appropriate for children with disabilities? – Miami Herald 1/30/18

Alzheimer’s research questioned as another drug fails – Chicago Tribune 1/30/18

The future of soda might be coffee – Chicago Tribune 1/30/18

It’s only a headache? Sometimes, it’s more than that. – Chicago Tribune 1/30/18

Binge Eating at Night? Your Hormones May Be to Blame – The New York Times 1/30/18

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Team Up to Try to Disrupt Health Care – The New York Times 1/30/18

Do ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies Cause a Rise in Speeding? – The New York Times 1/30/18

Explaining the siren song of sugar, and how to beat the habit – The Washington Post 1/30/18

Swine flu, bird flu hit North Korea and South Korea days before Winter Olympics kickoff – Fox News 1/29/18

Flu fears and facts – Fox News 1/29/18

Panera Bread recalls cream cheese over listeria concerns, sparks panic among consumers – Fox News 1/29/18

Junk-food addict lost 162 pounds to grant late mother’s deathbed wish – Fox News 1/29/18

VW, BMW and Mercedes tested dirty diesels on monkeys caged in gas chambers – Fox News 1/29/18

Here’s what Trump should say about opioids in his State of the Union address – Fox News 1/29/18

Doctors can end baby’s life support without parents’ consent, court rules – CNN 1/29/18

10 mistakes parents make with newborns — and how to avoid them – CNN 1/29/18

Fentanyl seizure had enough doses to poison all of NYC and New Jersey – CNN 1/29/18

Kneecap surgery has improved and many procedures are now less invasive – Miami Herald 1/29/18

Is there any good news in the battle against suicide? – Miami Herald 1/29/18

Are there non-surgical treatments for droopy eyebrows? – Miami Herald 1/29/18

The struggle to conceive with frozen eggs – Chicago Tribune 1/29/18

What to eat before a workout to lose weight – Chicago Tribune 1/29/18

How Many Opioid Pills Do You Need After Surgery? – The Wall Street Journal 1/29/18

Chemotherapy, a Trusty Weapon Against Cancer, Falls Out of Favor – The Wall Street Journal 1/29/18

Scientists Discover a Bone-Deep Risk for Heart Disease – The New York Times 1/29/18

Good Fats, Bad Fats – The New York Times 1/29/18

We’re Getting More Sleep. A Whole 18 Minutes. It’s Not Enough. – The New York Times 1/29/18

The Connection Between Retiring Early and Living Longer – The New York Times 1/29/18

Preventive Care Saves Money? Sorry, It’s Too Good to Be True – The New York Times 1/29/18

Middle age is not too late to increase cardiac fitness, studies show – The Washington Post 1/29/18

How to protect your dog from the flu – Fox News 1/27/18

Newt Gingrich: Opioid deaths are a health crisis — Treatment, not jail, is the cure – Fox News 1/27/18

We found 8 fitness gurus who will help you get back on track — for free – Los Angeles Times 1/27/18

Her 5-year-old had the flu. But it’s the treatment that sent her to the hospital. – Miami Herald 1/27/18

His One-Two-Three Punch: Hockey, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu – The Wall Street Journal 1/27/18

Mobile stroke unit brings hospital to patients — and could save lives – Fox News 1/26/18

‘Tough flu season’ hitting baby boomers hard, CDC says – Fox News 1/26/18

Breast implants tied to increased risk of rare blood cancer – Fox News 1/26/18

Teens eating more Tide Pods than ever, despite efforts to stop trend – Fox News 1/26/18

Fighting the opioid epidemic will require more court battles – Fox News 1/26/18

‘Many more weeks’ to come in fierce, deadly flu season, CDC says – CNN 1/26/18

Should you try ‘souping’? – CNN 1/26/18

These nature-based remedies may help at the first sign of a cold or flu – Los Angeles Times 1/26/18

The best arm workouts to do without weights – Chicago Tribune 1/26/18

Citing Deaths of Lab Monkeys, F.D.A. Ends an Addiction Study – The New York Times 1/26/18

This Flu Season Is the Worst in Nearly a Decade – The New York Times 1/26/18

How to Keep Children Safe From Abuse at the Doctor’s Office – The New York Times 1/26/18

Cesarean Delivery Can Pose Long-Term Risks to Mother and Child – The New York Times 1/26/18

On the Whole30 Diet, Vowing to Eat ‘Smarter’ Carbs for More Than 30 Days – The New York Times 1/26/18

How Do I Avoid Catching Cold or Flu From My Sick Partner? – The New York Times 1/26/18

A Doctor Argues That Her Profession Needs to Slow Down, Stat – The New York Times 1/26/18

A Listening Ear for Musicians in Need – The New York Times 1/26/18

Symptoms of deadly flu strain spreading across US tend to ‘escalate rapidly,’ doctor says – Fox News 1/25/18

It’s all fun and games – CNN 1/25/18

Fewer young adults getting HIV tests, here’s why – CNN 1/25/18

A Florida county will shut its schools after flu outbreak hits teachers and students – Miami Herald 1/25/18

FDA Panel Set to Advise on Risks of Smokeless Tobacco Product – The Wall Street Journal 1/25/18

Swatting at Mosquitoes May Help You Avoid Bites, Even if You Miss – The New York Times 1/25/18

Big Data Comes to Dieting – The New York Times 1/25/18

Sugary Shakes in the Hospital Aren’t Good Medicine – The New York Times 1/25/18

FDA panel rejects Philip Morris’s claims that new smokeless cigarettes reduces harm – The Washington Post 1/25/18

Here’s what you should know about the flu season this year – The Washington Post 1/25/18

5 Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Super Bowl Appetizers – TIME 1/24/18

Flu increases chance of heart attack for elderly patients, study says – Fox News 1/24/18

Smart contact lens help diabetics monitor blood sugar levels – Fox News 1/24/18

How are the cold and flu different? – Fox News 1/24/18

Model shares bloated IBS photos and harrowing syndrome story – Fox News 1/24/18

Anna Kooiman: Should I eat my placenta? – Fox News 1/24/18

Do e-cigarettes help or harm? Report says not clear yet – Fox News 1/24/18

Philadelphia aims to be first US city to host safe injection sites – Fox News 1/24/18

What is sepsis? – CNN 1/24/18

How the flu turns deadly – CNN 1/24/18

Opioid commission member: Our work is a ‘sham’ – CNN 1/24/18

Monkey see, monkey 2: Scientists clone monkeys using technique that created Dolly the sheep – CNN 1/24/18

The sexual origins of the popular barre workout – CNN 1/24/18

This laxative might not be a laxative — and what’s inside the bottle could be deadly – Miami Herald 1/24/18

Going to work sick isn’t rugged – it’s reckless. You know who you are. – Chicago Tribune 1/24/18

Dirty water taking toll on Americans’ health, wallets – Chicago Tribune 1/24/18

Middle-aged and out of shape? It’s not too late to save your heart – Chicago Tribune 1/24/18

Do Beards Keep Men Warmer in Winter? – The Wall Street Journal 1/24/18

New Findings Could Save Lives of More Stroke Patients – The New York Times 1/24/18

This Tiny Robert Walks, Crawls, Jumps and Swims. But It Is Not Alive. – The New York Times 1/24/18

Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone – The New York Times 1/24/18

Your Neighbors, Your Waistline – The New York Times 1/24/18

The Mysterious Interior World of Exercise – The New York Times 1/24/18

Marijuana-based anti-seizure drug could hit U.S. market in 2018 after strong study results – The Washington Post 1/24/18

Agencies target ‘illegal, unapproved’ products that claim to treat opioid addiction – The Washington Post 1/24/18

Overtraining is a real danger, even if you’re not an elite athlete. Know the signs. – The Washington Post 1/24/18

One-third of Americans can’t eat without their cellphones, study finds – Fox News 1/23/18

Essure or surgery? New study compares contraceptive risks – CNN 1/23/18

Vaccination during pregnancy protects both the mother and unborn child – Miami Herald 1/23/18

Medical field plays catch-up with trans kids – Chicago Tribune 1/23/18

These foods may up your odds for colon cancer – Chicago Tribune 1/23/18

What can you do if your doctor always keeps you waiting? – Chicago Tribune 1/23/18

How Doctors Deal With Racist Patientsow Doctors Deal With Racist Patients – The Wall Street Journal 1/23/18

Health-Care Costs Rose for Americans With Employer-Sponsored Insurance – The Wall Street Journal 1/23/18

Vaping Can Be Addictive and May Lure Teenagers to Smoking, Science Panel Concludes – The New York Times 1/23/18

New Index Rates Drug Companies in Fight Against ‘Superbugs’ – The New York Times 1/23/18

Doctor, I’m Going Blind. Why Won’t You Talk to Me? – The New York Times 1/23/18

Do You Trust the Medical Profession? – The New York Times 1/23/18

E-Cigarettes’ Risks and Benefits: Highlights From the Report to the F.D.A. – The New York Times 1/23/18

Why you’re still hungry: 6 obstacles to healthy eating – The Washington Post 1/23/18

Paramedics said her 6-year-old had common flu symptoms and left, she claims. Now her daughter is dead. – The Washington Post 1/23/18

Why flesh-eating bacteria can look like the flu – Fox News 1/22/18

CDC Director: The truth about the flu – Fox News 1/22/18

Utah State University student hospitalized after eating Tide Pod – Fox News 1/22/18

You are still more likely to die in a hospital on the weekend – CNN 1/22/18

Screen time: Mental health menace or scapegoat? – CNN 1/22/18

Improving your diet can also improve your skin – Miami Herald 1/22/18

Whole milk appears to actually be better for you than fat-free – Miami Herald 1/22/18

Psychiatrist’s patients said floating in sensory deprivation tank was healing, so he tried it – Chicago Tribune 1/22/18

Paintball, BB and Pellet Gun Injuries Pose Serious Risk to Children’s Eyes – The New York Times 1/22/18

Diabetes in Pregnancy Raises Risk of Heart Disease – The New York Timese 1/22/18

Kentucky’s New Idea for Medicaid Access: Path Health Literacy Course – The New York Times 1/22/18

Sanofi, Facing Threat From Generics, Moves to Buy Hemophilia Drug Maker – The New York Times 1/22/18

When a Partner Cheats – The New York Times 1/22/18

10 reasons being a fitness instructor should be your side hustle – The Washington Post 1/22/18

Flu season getting worse, as illness has ‘lot more steam’ than expected – Fox News 1/21/18

When Running Is More Than a Sport – The New York Times 1/21/18

5 ways the government shutdown could be bad for your health – CNN 1/20/18

Her Triathlon Goal: Guiding Others to the Finish Line – The Wall Street Journal 1/20/18

Adolescence these days starts at age 10 and continues to 24, scientists say – Fox News 1/19/18

Screw up (in small ways) at parenting. It’s good for your kids – CNN 1/19/18

Fight a cold by…eating yogurt? – CNN 1/19/18

What the death of a parent can teach us, if we’re willing to learn – Los Angeles Tiems 1/19/18

Women can already receive abortion pills by mail in 4 states, what’s next? – Chicago Tribune 1/19/18

Illinois clinic provides abortions via telemedicine, which provides wider access but is prohibited in 19 states – Chicago Tribune 1/19/18

Cycling won’t sabotage a man’s sex life: Study – Chicago Tribune 1/19/18

Blood test may be effective tool to spot early colon cancer – Chicago Tribune 1/19/18

How to Make Sure You Travel with Medication Legally – The New York Times 1/19/18

Oral Contraceptives Reduce Risk for Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers – The New York Times 1/19/18

One Day Your Mind May Fade. At Least You’ll Have a Plan. – The New York Times 1/19/18

What Is the Health and Nutritional Value of Mushrooms? – The New York Times 1/19/18

This flu season keeps getting deadlier, and a shutdown will make things worse – The Washington Post 1/19/18

Trump administration bolsters protections for doctors, nurses who oppose abortion – Fox News 1/18/18

Five-foot long tapeworm came ‘wiggling out’ of man’s body after he ate sushi – Fox News 1/18/18

Flu deaths prompt warnings from victims’ families as outbreak continues – Fox News 1/18/18

Could this be a better way to build a flu vaccine? – CNN 1/18/18

It’s not concussions that cause CTE. It’s repeated hits, a study finds – CNN 1/18/18

Will #MeToo be a turning point for younger girls, too? – CNN 1/18/18

Why it’s so hard to treat dementia – CNN 1/18/18

This ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria can cause fever, pain, death — and Florida cases went up – Miami Herald 1/18/18

Grind your teeth at night? Botox may help – Chicago Tribune 1/18/18

Doctors divided over report that popular morning sickness drug doesn’t work – Chicago Tribune 1/18/18

Drugmaker Raises U.S. Price of Muscular-Dystrophy Treatment – The Wall Street Journal 1/18/18

Young Women Are Using A.D.H.D. Drugs in Greater Numbers, C.D.C. Reports – The New York Times 1/18/18

Reproductive Factors in Women Tied to Heart Disease and Stroke Risk – The New York Times 1/18/18

The U.S. Fertility Rates Is Down, Yet More Women Are Mothers – The New York Times 1/18/18

Fed Up With Drug Companies, Hospitals Decide to Start Their Own – The New York Times 1/18/18

Questions and Answers About This Year’s Flu Season – The New York Times 1/18/18

Sex After Cancer – The New York Times 1/18/18

When States Make It Harder to Enroll, Even Eligible People Drop Medicaid – The New York Times 1/18/18

New HHS civil rights division charged with protecting health-care workers with moral objections – The Washington Post 1/18/18

Shredded coconut causes widespread salmonella outbreak – Fox News 1/17/18

Walmart takes on opioid crisis in free disposal program – Fox News 1/17/18

Drunken driving blood-alcohol threshold should be lowered, scientific panel says – Fox News 1/17/18

Cigarettes and pot linked to teen psychosis – CNN 1/17/18

Aetna customers get $17 million in HIV privacy settlement – CNN 1/17/18

Why women hesitate to report sexual misconduct – CNN 1/17/18

12,000 poison control calls for laundry pods? Here’s how that compares to other household products. – Chicago Tribune 1/17/18

Sauna session may be good as exercise for the heart – Chicago Tribune 1/17/18

Forget Diets, Weight Watchers Wants You for Life – The Wall Street Journal 1/17/18

U.K. Appoints a Minister for Loneliness – The New York Times 1/17/18

How Our Bones Might Help Keep Our Weight Stable – The New York Times 1/17/18

Injury prevention gets harder as you age. These methods help. – The Washington Post 1/17/18

Rural women having sex earlier than women in the city, CDC report says – Fox News 1/16/18

Why your sex drives is in low gear – CNN 1/16/18

How to talk to kids about sexual abuse – CNN 1/16/18

Scientists identify what may have killed millions in mystery epidemic – CNN 1/16/18

California hospitals face a ‘war zone’ of flu patients — and are setting up tents to treat them – Los Angeles Times 1/16/18

Prevention of heart disease begins in childhood – Miami Herald 1/16/18

He tried to hold in a sneeze and ended up in the hospital on a feeding tube – Chicago Tribune 1/16/18

5 things you should know about this year’s very bad flu – Chicago Tribune 1/16/18

Breast-Feeding Tied to Reduced Risk of Diabetes – The New York Times 1/16/18

Making Medicaid a Tool for Moral Education May Let Some Die – The New York Times 1/16/18

The Parasite on the Playground – The New York Times 1/16/18

High-Fat Diet May Fuel Spread of Prostate Cancer – The New York Times 1/16/18

‘Smart Thermometers’ Track Flu Season in Real Time – The New York Times 1/16/18

After a Debacle, How California Became a Role Model on Measles – The New York Times 1/16/18

Forget the Jane Fonda tape. Technology is changing home workouts for the better. – The Washington Post 1/16/18

FDA to release more clinical trial information for newly approved drugs – The Washington Post 1/16/18

Teens are daring each other to eat Tide pods. We don’t need to tell you that’s a bad idea.ring each other to eat Tide pods. We don’t need to tell you that’s a bad idea. – The Washington Post 1/16/18

Chicago O’Hare travelers possibly exposed to measles – Fox News 1/15/18

The proven health benefits of honey – CNN 1/15/18

75% of India’s air pollution-related deaths are rural, study finds – CNN 1/15/18

Avoid duck lips by doing research and finding a reputable plastic surgeon – Miami Herald 1/15/18

Hip pain caused by tear may be relieved by arthroscopic surgery – Miami Herald 1/15/18

HIV/AIDS: Hope and opportunity now shines through darkness – Miami Herald 1/15/18

Understanding Grief – The New York Times 1/15/18

Music Therapy Offers an End-of-Life Grace Note – The New York Times 1/15/18

After Surgery in the Womb, a Baby Kicks Up Hope – The New York Times 1/15/18

Still Not Convinced You Need a Flu Shot? First, It’s Not All About You – The New York Times 1/15/18

Is that yogurt really healthy? Here’s what to know. – The Washington Post 1/15/18

CDC Director: New parents, this advice could save your baby’s life – Fox News 1/13/18

Flu stomps the nation, overwhelming ERs and leaving 20 children dead – CNN 1/13/18

Pound for Pound, She Stays Strong After Beating Cancer – The Wall Street Journal 1/13/18

She Ran From the Cut, and Helped Thousands of Other Girls Escape, Too – The New York Times 1/13/18

Teen cellphone addiction: How bad has it gotten? – Fox News 1/12/18

High-tech airbag could save seniors from breaking their hips – Fox News 1/12/18

Don’t be shocked if your dentist asks about your sex life – Fox News 1/12/18

Pot needs to be legal now. Congress needs to make it happen – Fox News 1/12/18

First treatment approved for breast cancer with BRCA genetic mutation – Chicago Tribune 1/12/18

Having too little of this nutrient could decrease fertility – Chicago Tribune 1/12/18

In the Flu Battle, Hydration and Elevation May Be Your Best Weapons – The New York Times 1/12/18

Inside the Global Relay Race to Deliver Moly-99 – The New York Times 1/12/18

Is There a Downside to Going Gluten-Free if You’re Healthy? – The New York Times 1/12/18

CDC postpones session on ‘preparing for the unthinkable’: a nuclear blast – The Washington Post 1/12/18

Flu outbreak shuts down Idaho school, 4 out of 10 kids stricken – Fox News 1/11/18

California girl, 12, dies from infection misdiagnosed as flu, family says – Fox News 1/11/18

What happens when you give your kids a ‘Yes Day’ – CNN 1/11/18

The truth about those 7 words ‘banned’ at the CDC – CNN 1/11/18

Michigan hit hard by deadly hepatitis A outbreak – CNN 1/11/18

Feds freeze mental health practices clearinghouse – CNN 1/11/18

Demand for antiradiation drug jumps after Trump nuclear tweet – CNN 1/11/18

After Serena Williams gave birth, ‘Everything went bad’ – CNN 1/11/18

Nigerian Facebook user posts graphic photos of female circumcision – CNN 1/11/18

5 reasons not to diet in 2018, and what to do instead – Chicago Tribune 1/11/18

Shame over sexual health makes us avoid the doctor, but these apps might help – Chicago Tribune 1/11/18

Hormone therapy may ease depression linked to menopause – Chicago Tribune 1/11/18

Ohio Takes Steps Toward Resolution of Opioid Litigation – The Wall Street Journal 1/11/18

Health Insurer Centene Is Sued Over Lack of Medical Coverage – The New York Times 1/11/18

A Greener, More Healthful Place to Work – The New York Times 1/11/18

Can Requiring People to Work Make Them Healthier? – The New York Times 1/11/18

Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Tied to Leafy Greens Likely Over, C.D.C. Says – The New York Times 1/11/18

When Anorexics Grow Up – The New York Times 1/11/18

Why It’s Still Worth Getting a Flu Shot – The New York Times 1/11/18

Antacids During Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Children – The New York Times 1/11/18

FDA warns against giving kids cough and cold medicines with codeine or hydrocodone – The Washington Post 1/11/18

New study on abortion pill shows high success, low rate of complications – The Washington Post 1/11/18

A newly approved gene therapy cures blindness — but it costs nearly $1M – Fox News 1/10/18

How space can change the human body – Fox News 1/10/18

IV fluid shortage triggered by Hurricane Maria reaching critical levels – Fox News 1/10/18

More cases reported in deadly US E. coli outbreak; Canada outbreak over – CNN 1/10/18

Drug overdoses contribute to record number of organ donors – CNN 1/10/18

He was 21 and fit. He tried to push through the flu – and it killed him – Chicago Tribune 1/10/18

Big strides made in diabetes care — and more on the way – Chicago Tribune 1/10/18

5 ways to realistically change your poor eating habits – Chicago Tribune 1/10/18

Fresh Embryos as Good as Frozen Ones for In Vitro Fertilization – The New York Times 1/10/18

Facial Exercises May Make You Look 3 Years Younger – The New York Times 1/10/18

R.S.V.? She Hadn’t Heard of It. Then Her Child Was Hospitalized. – The New York Times 1/10/18

You’re Sick. Whose Fault Is That? – The New York Times 1/10/18

Exercising…Your Face – The New York Times 1/10/18

12 ways to give your favorite foods a healthy twist – The Washington Post 1/10/18

Ibuprofen appears to mess with male hormones. Should you be worried? – The Washington Post 1/10/18

Rise in dog flu cases has pet owners worried – Fox News 1/9/18

Utah residents panic over hepatitis A outbreak from 7-Eleven, hundreds feared impacted – Fox News 1/9/18

Smartphones really are dangerous for our kids (they put them at risk for suicide and more) – Fox News 1/9/18

More than 60% who try a cigarette become daily smokers, study says – CNN 1/9/18

Deadly flu season hits California particularly hard – CNN 1/9/18

Surprising factors that may keep you thin – CNN 1/9/18

The moderan problem with pursuing perfection – CNN 1/9/18

2,000 7-Eleven customers possibly exposed to hepatitis A in Utah – CNN 1/9/18

The UK now has one of world’s toughest microbead bans – CNN 1/9/18

Ibuprofen linked to male infertility, study says – CNN 1/9/18

Life Time Fitness bans cable new networks as part of ‘healthy way of life’ – Chicago Tribune 1/9/18

Drugs’ side effects can change, so don’t ignore them – Chicago Tribune 1/9/18

Despite Setbacks, Drugmakers Have Plans to Fight Alzheimer’s – The Wall Street Journal 1/9/18

A Heart Risk Factor Even Doctors Know Little About – The New York Times 1/9/18

What a $4,000 Treadmill Means for the Future of Gadgets – The New York Times 1/9/18

From Brooklyn to India, in Search of the Secret to Parenthood – The New York Times 1/9/18

Where to Get Healthier in 2018 – The New York Times 1/9/18

If you think grocery stores are playing tricks on you, they really are – The Washington Post 1/9/18

Five reasons not to diet in 2018, and what to do instead – The Washington Post 1/9/18

Among 20 wealthy nations, US child mortality ranks worst, study finds – CNN 1/8/18

Air gun eye injuries rise 169% among kids, study finds – CNN 1/8/18

Breastfeeding in Sistine Chapel OK with Pope Francis – CNN 1/8/18

Exploring safer alternatives to road salt: beet waste, pickle juice – CNN 1/8/18

New Year, new you? Resolutions that set you and your children up for success – Miami Herald 1/8/18

Don’t eat vegetables? Well, what about those salad greens? – Miami Herald 1/8/18

Hazards of the post-New Year’s rush to gyms – Chicago Tribune 1/8/18

Prenatal vitamins may be tied to lower autism risk in kids – Chicago Tribune 1/8/18

Stem Cells for Knee Problems? U.S. Doctors Investigate – The Wall Street Journal 1/8/18

Walk-in Doctor Visits at Work? Welcome to the Office Health Center – The Wall Street Journal 1/8/18

Rivals Help Fund Regeneron’s Gene-Sequencing Effort – The Wall Street Journal 1/8/18

Brain Surgery in 3-D: Coming Soon to the Operating Theater – The New York Times 1/8/18

Already ‘Moderately Severe,’ Flu Season in U.S. Could Get Worse – The New York Times 1/8/18

A Memory Shortcut, With a Little Help From Friends – The New York Times 1/8/18

How to Prevent Falls – The New York Times 1/8/18

Do Parents Make Kids Fat? – The New York Times 1/8/18

Pot is dangerous, not funny — a doctor tells us why – Fox News 1/7/18

Severe flu in California brings medicine shortages, kills 27 – Fox News 1/7/18

Dunkin’ Donuts says goodbye to artificial dyes in its doughnuts – CNN 1/7/18

Can Sweatcoin, a Hot Fitness App, Keep You Off the Couch? – The New York Times 1/7/18

Total Recall: A Reader’s Guide to Memory Gain – The New York Times 1/7/18

Medical marijuana supporters worry in light of Sessions’ guidance – CNN 1/6/18

This insanely fit L.A. trainer has a lifestyle plan to help you lost the weight in 2018 – Los Angeles Times 1/6/18

How Does He Stay Fit in Winter? With a Fat Bike – The Wall Street Journal 1/6/18

Does Music Help You Fall Asleep? – The Wall Street Journal 1/6/18

Humira’s Best-Selling Drug Formula: Start at a High Price. Go Higher. – The New York Times 1/6/18

Want to combat bullying? New film ‘Wonder’ tells us how – Fox News 1/5/18

Should pot be legal? Let states decide that question, not the federal government – Fox News 1/5/18

Texas woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria after raw oysters banquet – Fox News 1/5/18

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop promoting at-home coffee enemas, but are they safe? – Fox News 1/5/18

How parents tackle bedtime around the world – CNN 1/5/18

Start a new (good) habit, kill an old (bad) one – CNN 1/5/18

How to remey a cough depends on what’s causing it – CNN 1/5/18

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