Health News January 2020

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Several ‘Best’ U.S. Hospitals Penalized Over Too-High Rates of Infection, Injury – NPR

When Insurance Won’t Cover Drugs, Americans Make ‘Tough Choices’ About Their Health – NPR

What Is Postpartum Depression? Recognizing The Signs And Getting Help – NPR

Patients Still Struggle To Balance High Costs Of MS Treatment, Despite Generic – NPR

Most Americans Are Lonely, And Our Workplace Culture May Not Be Helping – NPR

Patients Want To Die At Home, But Home Hospice Care Can Be Tough On Families – NPR

More Pizza And Fries? USDA Proposes To ‘Simplify’ Obama-Era School Lunch Rules – NPR

‘Concierge’ Medicine Gets More Affordable But Is Still Not Widespread – NPR

Stealth Disease Likely To Blame For 20% Of Worldwide Deaths – NPR

The Kratom Debate: Helpful Herb Or Dangerous Drug? – NPR

As Menopause Nears, Be Aware It Can Trigger Depression And Anxiety, Too – NPR

Menopause Can Start Younger Than You Think: Here’s What You Need To Know – NPR

Ready For Your First Marathon? Training Can Cut Years Off Your Cardiovascular Age – NPR

Sweeps Of Homeless Camps In California Aggravate Key Health Issues – NPR

‘Boys & Sex’ Reveals That Young Men Feel ‘Cut Off From Their Hearts’ – NPR

Feeling Artsy? Here’s How Making Art Helps Your Brain – NPR

For Healthy New Year’s Habits, Learn From The World’s Longest-Lived Peoples – NPR

Hope, Happiness And Social Connection: Hidden Benefits of Regular Exercise – NPR

7 Women’s Health Topics We Need To Talk About In 2020 – NPR

Flights Into the U.S. Are Not Yet Being Rerouted for Coronavirus Screening, CDC Says – TIME

The Global Mental Health Crisis Requires a Worldwide Investment, Advocates Say on TIME Davos Panel – TIME

Shedding New Light On the Silent Crisis – TIME

Social Media Helped Juul Dominate the Vaping Market. Now, Teens Are Using It to Help Each Other Quit – TIME

How Ageism Negatively Affects Older People’s Health – TIME

Injuries and Deaths Could Rise with Climate Change in the U.S., a New Study Finds – TIME

When It Comes to Some Medical Treatment, Researchers Find Less Is More – TIME

3D Printing and the Murky Ethics of Replicating Human Bones – TIME

Countless People Are Struggling With an Eating Disorder Doctors Can’t Diagnose – TIME

Forget What You Think You Know About Blue Light and Sleep – TIME

As Brushfires Rage, Australia Faces Another Challenge: Protecting National Mentalt Health – TIME

Scientists Calculated How Much Longer You Can Live With a Healthy Lifestyle – TIME

E-Scooter Injuries Are the Latest ‘Urban Health Scare,’ a New Report Suggests – TIME

Gen X Women Get Less Sleep Than Any Other Generation. What’s Keeping Them Up? – TIME

The U.S. Spends $2,500 Per Person on Health Care Administrative Costs. Canada Spends $550. Here’s Why – TIME

2019-2020 Flu Season on track to be Especially Severe, New CDC Data Suggests – TIME

Party drug MDMA a step closer to legalization for PTSD therapy – Fox News

Production of 2 Excedrin migraine products suspended – Fox News

Flu vaccine in pill form on horizon – Fox News

5 countries with the highest declining birthrates – Fox News

Veteran suicide rates remain alarmingly high despite years of reform – Fox News

Food safety analysis finds meat, poultry recalls remain ‘sky-high’ – Fox News

Why you might catch the flu twice this season – Fox News

These are the laziest states in America, CDC study finds – Fox News

Is a canker sore causing your mouth pain? – Fox News

Deaths related to binge-drinking on the rise, new studies show – Fox News

What is dry fasting? – Fox News

How to survive the toddler years: Child development expert weighs in – Fox News

Sepsis, the ‘hidden killer,’ may be responsible for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide – Fox News

Utah governor halts free condom distribution over risque packaging – Fox News

Less sex may mean earlier menopause, study claims – Fox News

Vermont sees outbreak of hepatitis, health officials say – Fox News

Lipari Foods recalls sandwiches amid Listeria concerns – Fox News

This year’s flu shot doesn’t match virus circulating: report – Fox News

How to identify an STD – Fox News

7 CPR steps everyone should know – Fox News

Just how safe are CBD products? Experts weigh in – Fox News

Giving birth now costs more than a US woman earns in a month – Fox News

Minnesota infant dies of whooping cough, first such death in state in 7 years – Fox News

Second US baby born after uterus transplant from deceased donor – Fox News

How to avoid tick-borne illnesses – Fox News

Want to live longer? Drink green tea instead of black tea, study concludes – Fox News

Mom’s RSV warning goes viral after infant son sickened: ‘Just do what you’re asked’ – Fox News

WHO: Death toll from measles outbreak in Congo hits 6,000 – Fox News

Is plastic surgery safe? – Fox News

What exactly is Botox? – Fox News

Healthy snacks to pack your kids in the new year – Fox News

Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak – CNN

CDC advisers concerned about lack of basic information about new Wuhan coronavirus – CNN

Toxic chemicals that never breakdown were found in drinking water in several major US cities – CNN

Psychedelics: Can getting high improve your mental health? – CNN

Your waist size may be more important than weight for multiple heart attack risk – CNN

China’s new SARS-like virus has spread to Japan, but we still know very little about it – CNN

Did ’13 Reasons Why’ lead to a spike in adolescent suicides? Researchers are divided – CNN

The battle between science and skepticism – CNN

170 people sickened at Yosemite National Park after likely norovirus outbreak – CNN

Your Fitbit could help health officials predict flu outbreaks in real-time – CNN

4 ways the flu turns deadly – CNN

Northeast struck by flu as virus sets tragic record for children around the country – CNN

Allergic to dogs? It may only be the males – CNN

A mysterious virus is making China (and the rest of Asia) nervous. It’s not SARS, so what is it? – CNN

Running a marathon could help you live longer, study suggests – CNN

Hundreds of Seattle students without updated vaccinations records may be excluded from school this week – CNN

Experts say the keto diet isn’t sustainable, so why is it so popular? – CNN

Long-awaited CBP plan for migrant health screenings is ‘bare bones,’ doctors say – CNN

Best and worst diets for 2020, ranked by experts, with a popular one near last – CNN

Five ways to improve your mental health in 2020 – CNN

How to keep New Year’s resolutions – CNN

The American dream may help the poorest among us live longer. Here’s why – Los Angeles Times

It’s too early to declare China coronavirus outbreak an ’emergency,’ WHO says – Los Angeles Times

Growing your own celery is easier than you think – Los Angeles Times

Only a few drugmakers even try to fight superbugs — a growing threat – Los Angeles Times

What is coronavirus? What you should know about the virus behind the outbreak in China – Los Angeles Times

Chinese coronavirus outbreak has reached U.S. shores, CDC says – Los Angeles Times

California considers declaring Tylenol’s key ingredient a carcinogen – Los Angeles Times

China coronavirus: 440 cases reported, including 9 deaths, as millions travel for the Lunar New Year – Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus screenings to begin at LAX, two other U.S. airports amid outbreak in China – Los Angeles Times

There’s more than one way to age. How are you doing it? – Los Angeles Times

Americans are drinking more now than when Prohibition became the law of the land – Los Angeles Times

Legislation to ban surgery on intersex children fails in California Senate committee – Los Angeles Times

Can a higher minimum wage save lives by reducing suicides? – Los Angeles Times

California eyes selling its own brand of generic prescription drugs to battle high costs – Los Angeles Times

U.S. sees record drop in cancer death rate thanks to better treatment of lung tumors – Los Angeles Times

Study finds no link between talc and ovarian cancer, but don’t expect the lawsuits to stop – Los Angeles Times

Dry January? Seven places to go and things to do – Los Angeles Times

Fresh ways to connect with nature in the new year – Los Angeles Times

I separated my shoulder while skiing. Do I need surgery? – Miami Herald

Worried that Botox will give you that frozen look? Here’s what you need to watch out for – Miami Herald

Florida Senate panel crosses with NRA, passes bill to close ‘gun show loophole’ – Miami Herald

A ‘glow-boosting’ facial mask is recalled after kids and adults report skin irritation – Miami Herald

A friend had a mini-facelift. Is it really minimally invasive or does it require surgery? – Miami Herald

A fall from skiing can lead to a collarbone break. Surgery may be required, or a sling. – Miami Herald

It’s back to work, and your office can make you sick. Here’s how to avoid the flu – Miami Herald

Will intermittent fasting help me lose weight, lower blood pressure and control blood sugar? – Miami Herald

3 quick tips for making skincare resolutions you’ll actually keep – Miami Herald

Chicago woman who traveled to China diagnosed with coronavirus, health officials say – Chicago Tribune

One cancer is almost 100% preventable. And Chicago is making a move to eradicate it. – Chicago Tribune

Feds look to block passengers from flying with pets as emotional support animals – Chicago Tribune

One cancer is almost 100% preventable. And Chicago is making a move to eradicate it. – Chicago Tribune

Where you live might affect your brain: Study – Chicago Tribune

Get ready for the wintry mix, Chicago: How to prevent injuries when shoveling snow and walking on ice – Chicago Tribune

Hospital group mum as members pursue patients with lawsuits and debt collectors – Chicago Tribune

Average normal body temperature isn’t 98.6 anymore, and it’s getting lower, research shows – Chicago Tribune

Study links marijuana use in pregnancy to infant health risks – Chicago Tribune

Flu season could get ugly, as CDC figures show ‘widespread’ flu activity in 46 states – Chicago Tribune

In a 24/7 food culture, periodic fasting gains followers – Chicago Tribune

Patients push limits for clues to chronic fatigue syndrome – Chicago Tribune

Male infertility got no boost from zinc, folic acid in study – Chicago Tribune

What you need to know about pneumonia – Chicago Tribune

For most people, drinking plain water is the best way to stay hydrated – Chicago Tribune

Alzheimer’s care can be especially challenging for some Asian Americans – Chicago Tribune

Study links daily racial discrimination to depressive symptoms in black teens – Chicago Tribune

Trump administration bans most flavored e-cigarettes, with major exceptions that benefit vaping companies – Chicago Tribune

Another benefit of going to museums? You may live longer. – Chicago Tribune

Antibiotics failed, then a Minnesota man turned to an old remedy that worked – Chicago Tribune

Parenting your aging parents when they don’t want help – Chicago Tribune

Drugmakers Rush to Develop Vaccines Against China Virus – The Wall Street Journal

A Placebo for Pain Relief — Even When You Know It’s Not Real – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration to Soon Issue Guidance on Medicaid Block Grants – The Wall Street Journal

CDC Removes Adivce to Refrain From Vaping – The Wall Street Journal

BioMarin Explores Pricing Experimental Gene Therapy at $2 Million to $3 Million – The Wall Street Journal

Drugmakers Test New Ways to Pay for Six-Figure Treatments – The Wall Street Journal

Plan to Revamp Medicaid-Eligibility Checks Draws Criticism – The Wall Street Journal

Geneticists Call on Myriad to Share Proprietary Data to Aid Gene Tests – The Wall Street Journal

High Drug Prices? Pharma Startup Thinks It Has the Right Medicine – The Wall Street Journal

Virus in China Is Part of a Growing Threat – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration Weighs Tighter Requirements for Disability Payments – The Wall Street Journal

Antibiotic Makers Struggle, Hurting War on Superbugs – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Merged. Quality Didn’t Improve. – The Wall Street Journal

Google AI Beats Doctors at Breast Cancer Detection — Sometimes – The Wall Street Journal

What to Know Before Resolving to Eat Less Meat – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration Threatens California Over Abortion – The New York Times

Many in China Wear Them, but Do Masks Block Coronavirus? – The New York Times

Insys Founder Gets 5 1/2 Years in Prison in Opioid Kickback Scheme – The New York Times

Surgeon General Says ‘Shocking’ Portion of People Aren’t Told to Stop Smoking – The New York Times

Major Insurers Pledge $55 Million to Try to Lower Generic Drug Prices – The New York Times

Trump Moves to Block Visas for Pregnant Women on ‘Birth Tourism’ – The New York Times

Depression May Elevate Dementia Risk – The New York Times

How China’s Virus Outbreak Could Threaten the Global Economy – The New York Times

My Son’s Friends Use Slurs in Online Games. What Can I Do? – The New York Times

Smoker Should Quit at Least 4 Weeks Before Surgery, W.H.O. says – The New York Times

Stress Really Does Make Hair Go Gray Faster – The New York Times

Having Children, Breastfeeding May Cut Risk of Early Menopause – The New York Times

Do Our Babies Need to Move More? – The New York Times

Treating Regret – The New York Times

The Nursing Shortage Is Threatening Our Care – The New York Times

This Company Says It Will Fix Your Smile. It May Shush You if It Doesn’t. – The New York Times

Childhood Obesity Is a Major Problem. Research Isn’t Helping. – The New York Times

When Life Throws You Curveballs, Embrace the ‘New Normal’ – The New York Times

Eating More Vegetables Did Not Affect Prostate Cancer Progression – The New York Times

Supreme Court to Consider Limits on Contraception Coverage – The New York Times

W.H.O. Warns That Pipeline for New Antibiotics Is Running Dry – The New York Times

Medicare’s Part D Doughnut Hole Has Closed! Mostly. Sorta. – The New York Times

$8 Billion Verdict in Drug Lawsuit Is Reduced to $6.8 Million – The New York Times

Supreme Court to Consider Limits on Contraception Coverage – The New York Times

Fish Oil Supplements Tied to Sperm Health – The New York Times

How Anti-Vaccine Activists Doomed a Bill in New Jersey – The New York Times

This Strange Microbe May Mark One of Life’s Great Leaps – The New York Times

Blood Pressure Patterns Are Different for Women – The New York Times

That Lead Apron in the X-Ray Room? You May Not Need It – The New York Times

Dying in the Neurosurgical I.C.U. – The New York Times

Air Pollution, Evolution, and the Fate of Billions of Humans – The New York Times

When Heavy Periods Disrupt a Teenager’s Life – The New York Times

Drinking Tea Tied to Better Heart Health – The New York Times

New York State Investigates Christian Health Cost-Sharing Affiliate – The New York TImes

These Patients Are Hard to Treat – The New York Times

Dried Fruit, Oats and Coffee: Answers to Your Sugar Questions – The New York Times

How ‘Muscle Confusion’ Might Help Your Workouts – The New York Times

Whole Milk May Be Better When It Comes to Children’s Weight – The New York Times

Back in the Hospital Again – The New York Times

A.I. Comes to the Operating Room – The New York Times

New Hope for Migraine Sufferers – The New York Times

What if a Vaping Tax Encouraged Cigarette Smoking? – The New York Times

Whole Milk May Be Better When It Comes to Children’s Weight – The New York Times

Early Treatment for Autism Is Critical, New Report Says – The New York Times

Even a Single Dose of HPV Vaccine May Provide Protection – The New York Times

Everyone’s Resolution Is to Drink More Water in 2020 – The New York Times

Millions of Australians Are Choking on Smoke From Wildfires – The New York Times

Johnson & Johnson Sued Over Baby Powder by New Mexico – The New York Times

Older People Need Geriatricians. Where Will They Come From? – The New York Times

It Looks Like Health Insurance, but It’s Not. ‘Just Trust God,’ Buyers Are Told. – The New York Times

New Injection Method Makes an Old TB Vaccine Far More Powerful – The New York Times

New Year’s Resolutions: Be More Honest – The New York Times

What if Children Ran the School Lunchroom? – The New York Times

No More Excuses Not to Exercise – The New York Times

Eat Better, Feel Better? Food Advice From the Year in Well – The New York Times

Most Americans want abortion to remain legal, but back some state restrictions – The Washington Post

U.S. readiness for a viral outbreak has improved, but there’s a long way to go – The Washington Post

March for Life activists credit Trump with wholeheartedly embracing their antiabortion agenda – The Washington Post

Coronavirus may not get as bad as SARS, but U.S. officials are on alert anyway. – The Washington Post

Trump promised his mileage standards would make cars cheaper and safer. New documents raise doubts about that. – The Washington Post

The Supreme Court may have saved Trump from himself on Obamacare – The Washington Post

First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state – The Washington Post

Here are President Trump’s top five health-care whoppers – The Washington Post

Why labeling food items with the exercise needed to burn off their calories is a bad idea – The Washington Post

Here’s how exercise reduces anxiety and makes you feel more connected – The Washington Post

Traffic light diets label foods ‘red,’ ‘yellow’ and ‘green.’ That’s too black and white. – The Washington Post

He helped maked burgers safer. Now he’s fighting food poisoning again. – The Washington Post

We volunteer to help others, but research shows how much it helps us, too – The Washington Post

Trump restrictions on fetal tissue research unsettle key studies and scientists – The Washington Post

Lego sets its sights on a growing market: Stressed-out adults – The Washington Post

Obamacare improved (but didn’t fix) the uninsured gap between black and white Americans – The Washington Post

2019 capped world’s hottest decade in recorded history – The Washington Post

A ‘cancer-free’ RBG looks likely to stick around through the November election – The Washington Post

Washington got stuck on lowering drug prices. Now they’re rising again. – The Washington Post

Can you really change your metabolism? – The Washington Post

Fermented foods such as kombucha are trendy, but they’re not necessarily probiotics – The Washington Post

Obamacare is turning 10. But its cheerleaders are focused on the problems it didn’t fix – The Washington Post

5 indoor cycling myths that instructors would like to shatter – The Washington Post

Is this the secret to getting teens to reject junk food? – The Washington Post