Health News July 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Micro-Cheating Could Be Ruining Your Relationship. Here’s What to Do About It – TIME 7/31/18

What We Know About the Effect of Psychotropic Drugs on Migrant Kids – TIME 7/31/18

‘It’s Like a Puzzle To Be Solved.’ Alan Alda Says He Was Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease – TIME 7/31/18

Here’s Why You Stress Eat — And How to Stop Doing It – TIME 7/31/18

What is West Nile virus? 3 things to know about the mosquito-spread ailment – Fox News 7/31/18

Florida mom warns of liquid nitrogen ‘Dragon’s Breath’ snack after son’s hospitalized: ‘He could have died’ – Fox News 7/31/18

Girl, 3, contracts bacterial infection after trip to Florida beach, mom says – Fox News 7/31/18

Michigan man hospitalized for rare cobra bite; officials scramble to find antivenom – Fox News 7/31/18

How do you know if your cut has flesh-eating bacteria? – Fox News 7/31/18

Man has 4 limbs amputated after dog lick leads to severe infection, report says – Fox News 7/31/18

Chipotle shuts Ohio restaurant after reports of illness – Fox News 7/31/18

How to save someone from an opioid overdose – Fox News 7/31/18

Car manufacturers seek tech solutions to hot car deaths – CNN 7/31/18

How Trump’s abortion gag rule policy impacts the global AIDS crisis – CNN 7/31/18

When surgeons removed one sixth of a child’s brain, here’s what happened – CNN 7/31/18

81-year-old runner is breaking records but says ‘the best is yet to come’ – CNN 7/31/18

Is there a new water crisis in Michigan? – CNN 7/31/18

Why a tiny paper cut can cause such agony – CNN 7/31/18

Have You Met This Cow? He’s Delicious. – The Wall Street Journal 7/31/18

After Doctors Cut Their Opioids, Patients Turn to a Risky Treatment for Back Pain – The New York Times 7/31/18

The Worst Drug Crisis in American History – The New York Times 7/31/18

Meet the unicorn of health-care policy – The Washington Post 7/31/18

Need new ideas for summer road trip snacks? These 11 chefs have you covered. – The Washington Post 7/31/18

What to eat on summer road trips – The Washington Post 7/31/18

States defend family planning program against Trump administration’s threats – The Washington Post 7/31/18

Dying dad celebrates Christmams in July with family – Fox News 7/30/18

Emergency preparedness drill exposes gaps in response after mock virus ‘kills’ 900M – Fox News 7/30/18

Boy, 6, survives 2 venomous snake bites within 8 days, prayed he would survive – Fox News 7/30/18

‘Hot Water Challenge’ reportedly leaves teen with second-degree burns – Fox News 7/30/18

Why is US one of the ‘most dangerous’ places in the developed world to give birth? – Fox News 7/30/18

Ebola scare at Denver hospital after man just back from Congo exhibited symptoms – Fox News 7/30/18

1 in 8 children in India has neurodevelopmental disability, report estimates – CNN 7/30/18

Borrowing from the cancer playbook to find treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – CNN 7/30/18

Alcohol in breast milk may lead to lower cognition in kids, study finds – CNN 7/30/18

Chinese company recalls tainted heart medicien from stores worldwide – CNN 7/30/18

Wildfire smoke and your health: Do you need to worry? – CNN 7/30/18

Don’t pressure your picky eater — it doesn’t work – CNN 7/30/18

Zen and the art of bicycling to work – CNN 7/30/18

Hopes rise again for a drug to slow Alzheimer’s disease – Chicago Tribune 7/30/18

Maybe You Were Thinking About Eating Raw Centipedes. Don’t. – The New York Times 7/30/18

Shopping for Health Care Simply Doesn’t Work. So What Might? – The New York Times 7/30/18

Recognizing Eating Disorders in Time to Help – The New York Times 7/30/18

When Medicines Affect a Child’s Mind and Behavior – The New York Times 7/30/18

Faulty Vaccine Scandal Fuels Rare Public Outburst in China – The New York Times 7/30/18

‘Vaginal rejuvenation’ laser treatments can cause burns and pain, FDA warns – The Washington Post 7/30/18

E-cigarette maker Juul targeted teens with false claims of safety, lawsuit says – The Washington Post 7/30/18

Helping transgender women find their voice – The Washington Post 7/30/18

Democrats seeking to recapture emotion of ACA vote in Kavanaugh fight – The Washington Post 7/30/18

Mother of Dead Woman Says Medics Told Her She Could Not Afford Ambulance – The New York Times 7/29/18

Growing homophobia will fuel the HIV epidemic, experts fear – CNN 7/28/18

A Pilot’s Best Job Perk: His Bike Flies Free – The Wall Street Journal 7/28/18

Is There an Alternative Way to Prevent Bug Bites? – The Wall Street Journal 7/28/18

Check the Back Seat! Alerts Remind Drivers About Children – The Wall Street Journal 7/28/18

Please Stop Merchandising Mental Illness – The New York Times 7/28/18

She had a lot of rashes, but don’t all kids? – The Washington Post 7/28/18

Demi Lovato apparent overdose: How to keep loved ones from relapsing – Fox News 7/27/18

6-year-old shares touching skin-to-skin moment with baby brother in NICU – Fox News 7/27/18

China says vaccine maker Changsheng broke manufacturing rules, faked records: Xinhua – Fox News 7/27/18

Boy with deformed legs undergoes life-changing surgery at Tebow CURE Hospital – Fox News 7/27/18

Girl, 12, performs CPR to revive brother, 2, after septic tank mishap: report – Fox News 7/27/18

Bayer paid doctors millions for questionable birth control devices – CNN 7/27/18

Forget science (for now); living longer is in your hands – CNN 7/27/18

Bored with your workout? Here are 4 new places to blast summer calories – Los Angeles Times 7/27/18

How to help babies born to opioid-addicted mothers? Keep them with mom – Chicago Tribune 7/27/18

Complications from preterm birth leading cause of infant deaths, CDC reports – Chicago Tribune 7/27/18

Meet the Rebate, the New Villain of High Drug Prices – The New York Times 7/27/18

Medicare Slashes Star Ratings for Staffing at 1 in 11 Nursing Homes – The New York Times 7/27/18

Hives in the City – The New York Times 7/27/18

Do Flip-Flops Protect Against Athlete’s Foot? – The New York Times 7/27/18

Trump administration ‘undeterred’ by court ruling against Medicaid work requirements – The Washington Post 7/27/18

Why You Forget Names Immediately — And How to Remember Them – TIME 7/26/18

The Sunk Cost Fallacy Is Ruining Your Decisions. Here’s How – TIME 7/26/18

Teacher who lost hands, feet to flesh-eating bacteria adjusting to new life – Fox News 7/26/18

Lip-filler horror after mom’s infected injections leak out pus – Fox News 7/26/18

UK relaxes health rules to allow cannabis-based medicines – Fox News 7/26/18

NJ girl may be first person in US to carry Longhorned tick – Fox News 7/26/18

Boy with autism fights to keep service ducks after town orders family to get rid of them – Fox News 7/26/18

123 more people sick in McDonald’s salad outbreak – CNN 7/26/18

Gun homicides on the rise, CDC says – CNN 7/26/18

How a parasite from cat poop can reduce your fear and maybe make you an entrepreneur – CNN 7/26/18

Glued to our screens, and trying to get unstuck – CNN 7/26/18

How repair can inspire creativity and help save the world – CNN 7/26/18

Staggering prices slow insurers’ coverage of blood cancer therapy – Chicago Tribune 7/26/18

A healthier heart may mean a healthier mind, new study shows – Chicago Tribune 7/26/18

CDC: Backyard chickens are spreading salmonella to people – Chicago Tribune 7/26/18

Getting Real About Periods, Childbirth, Menopause and More – The New York Times 7/26/18

Clean, Sober and $41,000 Deep in Out-of-Pocket Addiction Recovery Costs – The New York Times 7/26/18

Some experts think McConnell is playing politics with the opioid crisis – The Washington Post 7/26/18

The FDA Approved the First New Endometriosis Treatment In a Decade – TIME 7/25/18

DEET Is the Most Effective Bug Spray. But Is It Safe? – TIME 7/25/18

Dear Demi Lovato — A letter of hope from a fellow recovering addict – Fox News 7/25/18

What are hookworms? 3 things to know about the intestinal parasite – Fox News 7/25/18

Mom donates son’s organs after twins drowned in sitter’s pool – Fox News 7/25/18

Massachusetts to probe e-cigarette maker Juul over sales to minors – Fox News 7/25/18

Bronx park flooded with needles despite syringe disposal boxes – Fox News 7/25/18

Doctors could have saved pregnant mom who died from sepsis, coroner rules – Fox News 7/25/18

Teen infected with hookworms could ‘feel the worms moving in his body,’ mom says – Fox News 7/25/18

With the help of a special wheelchair, a man finally realized his dream of going to the beach – CNN 7/25/18

A 12-year-old boy who can’t speak wrote a book with his eyes – CNN 7/25/18

Kraft Heinz recalls Taco Bell cheese dip for botulism risk – CNN 7/25/18

40 years later, why is IVF still not covered by insurance? Economics, ignorance and sexism – CNN 7/25/18

Trial of Viagra on pregnant women stopped after 11 babies die – CNN 7/25/18

‘Nobody needs to die of AIDS anymore,’ Elton John says – CNN 7/25/18

Race you to the top: It’s time to start training for the YMCA 75-floor stair climb – Los Angeles Times 7/25/18

Gravity is your friend during an intense workout that’ll bring you to your knees – Chicago Tribune 7/25/18

Synthetic marijuana, brighter lights could help with dementia, new research shows – Chicago Tribune 7/25/18

A Tech Test to Keep Seniors in Their Homes Longer – The Wall Street Journal 7/25/18

Aggressive Blood Pressure Treatment Reduces Cognitive Risk, Study Says – The Wall Street Journal 7/25/18

New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Big Promise in Early Trial Results – The New York Times 7/25/18

Exercise Makes the Aging Heart More Youthful – The New York Times 7/25/18

When Your ‘Regular Doctor’ Could Be Anyone – The New York Times 7/25/18

Men Are Freaking Out About Sperm Counts – The New York Times 7/25/18

How Not to Let Your Phone Ruin Your Vacation – The New York Times 7/25/18

V.A. Shuns Medical Marijuana, Leaving Vets to Improvise – The New York Times 7/25/18

ACA’s medical device tax once again on the chopping block – The Washington Post 7/25/18

‘Every single day is a gift’: This dying man openly opposed assisted suicide in his last days – The Washington Post 7/25/18

Happy birthday, Louise Brown! 40 years after the first IVF baby, 8 million more and counting – The Washington Post 7/25/18

Hospital’s experiment in sedating patients without consent raises ethical concerns – The Washington Post 7/25/18

How I Tricked Myself Into Enjoying Healthier Foods and Exercise – TIME 7/24/18

North Carolina woman claims she nearly lost leg after contracting serious infection from pedicure – Fox News 7/24/18

New Hampshire man dies after yellow jacket sting, wife says – Fox News 7/24/18

Texas man dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf waters, officials say – Fox News 7/24/18

100 tapeworm eggs found inside brain of 8-year-old with severe headaches, seizures: report – Fox News 7/24/18

Girl born with rare disease that causes raw skin to blister ‘wants to give courage’ to other sufferers – Fox News 7/24/18

What is norovirus? 3 things to know about the vomit-inducing bug – Fox News 7/24/18

Dogs rush to help when owners cry, study suggests – CNN 7/24/18

Ebola outbreak in Congo declared over – CNN 7/24/18

A teen’s mom thought spicy snacks led to gallbladder surgery. That true? – CNN 7/24/18

2 moms were scolded for breastfeeding at a pool. More than a dozen others joined them in protest – CNN 7/24/18

The HPV vaccine will be given to boys as well as girls in England – CNN 7/24/18

Can ‘climate kids’ take on governments and win? – CNN 7/24/18

What your sexual fantasies say about you – CNN 7/24/18

Hope for peanut allergies? Pills, patches, drops and even nuts are being studied – Chicago Tribune 7/24/18

When ‘good’ cholesterol may be bad for older women – Chicago Tribune 7/24/18

Popular Grain-Free Dog Foods May Be Linked to Heart Disease – The New York Times 7/24/18

Cauliflower, Kale and Carrots May Lower Breast Cancer Risk – The New York Times 7/24/18

Trump Administration, in Reversal, Will Resume Risk Payments to Health Insurers – The New York Times 7/24/18

When We Eat, or Don’t Eat, May Be Critical for Health – The New York Times 7/24/18

In Maine, Thousands Were to Start Receiving Medicaid This Month. They’re Not. – The New York Times 7/24/18

How to actually fit in a workout, at every stage of parenthood – The Washington Post 7/24/18

Don’t eat the Goldfish – The Washington Post 7/24/18

This mother’s tweet about drug prices went viral. Trump’s plans are unlikely to help her. – The Washington Post 7/24/18

How Pregnancy May Affect the Risk of Alzheimer’s – TIME 7/23/18

This 10-Minute Morning Yoga Routine Will Help Get Your Day Off to a Bright Start – TIME 7/23/18

The 10 Best and Worst Oils For Your Health – TIME 7/23/18

Prosthetics help 9-year-old quadruple amputee run for the first time – Fox News 7/23/18

Four-month-old baby undergoes open-heart surgery afte symptoms are misdiagnosed multiple times – Fox News 7/23/18

97 infected by norovirus at Maine beach, according to CDC – Fox News 7/23/18

Woman who suffered skydiving accident returning to scene of injury” ‘I have no idea how it’s going to make me feel’ – Fox News 7/23/18

Girl, 4, mauled by dog while playing in yard: ‘You just don’t ever expect that to happen’ – Fox News 7/23/18

HPV: The gender-neutral killer in need of prevention among men – CNN 7/23/18

What is hand, foot and mouth disease, the condition that sidelined Mets’ Noah Syndergaard? – CNN 7/23/18

‘Recovering addict’ secretly treats a table of EMTs to breakfast, bringing them to tears – CNN 7/23/18

Women bear Alzheimer’s burden; researchers are trying to discover why – CNN 7/23/18

Climate change study ties warming temperatures to rising suicide risk – CNN 7/23/18

Is a longer life a happier one? – CNN 7/23/18

How can you tell whether your doctor is any good? – Chicago Tribune 7/23/18

Filters that trap blood clots not good for most patients, study says – Chicago Tribune 7/23/18

Many Genes Play a Role in Educational Attainment, Enormous Genetic Study Finds – The New York Times 7/23/18

For the First Time, a Female Ebola Survivor Infects Others – The New York Times 7/23/18

A Fear of Lawsuits Really Does Seem to Result in Extra Medical Tests – The New York Times 7/23/18

For Scientists Racing to Cure Alzheimer’s, the Math Is Getting Ugly – The New York Times 7/23/18

Chemicals in Food May Harm Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says – The New York Times 7/23/18

In China, Vaccine Scandal Infuriates Parents and Tests Government – The New York Times 7/23/18

How to Minimize Pancreatic Cancer Risk – The New York Times 7/23/18

Alternative Cancer Treatments May Be Bad for Your Health – The New York Times 7/23/18

Our National Parks: Breathtaking and Polluted – The New York Times 7/23/18

A History of Everything, Served in a Cold Glass of Milk – The New York Times 7/23/18

How Sweet It Is. And How Malignant. – The New York Times 7/23/18

As Easy as Riding a Bike – The New York Times 7/23/18

Worried about whether your child is eating enough? Some helpful guidelines and advice. – The Washington Post 7/23/18

Woman says she ‘helped save six lives’ after posting heartfelt messages on UK bridge – Fox News 7/22/18

Ritz cracker products recalled amid fears of salmonella – Fox News 7/22/18

Drug shortages in ER are more common than you think – Fox News 7/22/18

If you think you understand depression but you’ve never been depressed I want to share this story with you – Fox News 7/22/18

India scraps controversial tax on sanitary pads – CNN 7/22/18

Daily low-dose aspirin may be weapon against ovarian cancer – Chicago Tribune 7/22/18

Theranos Settles Investor Suit as Funds Run Low – The Wall Street Journal 7/22/18

It’s Not Just the Tampon Tax: Why Periods Are Political – The New York Times 7/22/18

Excessive sweating is real and there’s a new drug to treat it – Fox News 7/21/18

Hey America, lose weight, not your temper. You can do it! – Fox News 7/21/18

With EPA rule change, worries linger for those near coal ash ponds – CNN 7/21/18

Do men have it easier? For these transgender guys, the truth is more complex – Chicago Tribune 7/21/18

No Ocean Is No Problem For This Vermont Stand-Up Paddleboarder – The Wall Street Journal 7/21/18

Transgender Woman Says CVS Pharmacist Refused to Fill Hormone Prescription – The New York Times 7/21/18

Turning Vacant Lots Into Green Spaces Can Improve Mental Health. Here’s How – TIME 7/20/18

Rape kit access would expand under bipartisan bill, as victims seek ‘care and justice’ – Fox News 7/20/18

Giant hogweed, wild parsnip and other dangerous plants to avoid – Fox News 7/20/18

Texas couple delivers baby in Chick-fil-A bathroom – Fox News 7/20/18

Girl suffers chemical burns while making ‘slime’ for YouTube vid: ‘It was just awful,’ mom says – Fox News 7/20/18

Boy’s rare condition turning skin into ‘stone,’ causing his to become ‘entombed within himself’ – Fox News 7/20/18

Foodborne illness may be on the rise. Here’s why – CNN 7/20/18

What you should know about Vibrio bacteria – CNN 7/20/18

These foods linked to ongoing outbreaks might make you sick – CNN 7/20/18

230-plus obstacles in one race sets world record for fun – CNN 7/20/18

This 11 year old was bullied for her skin color. Now, she owns a successful clothing line – CNN 7/20/18

A boy dies after he’s left in a day care bus for more than three hours while temperatures soared past 100 – CNN 7/20/18

The myth of the sunscreen pill – CNN 7/20/18

A study shows that when a wife out-earns her husband, she downplays her income while he exaggerates his – CNN 7/20/18

This ‘Shah of Sunset’ tells how he dropped 40 pounds — and kept it off – Los Angeles Times 7/20/18

Chirstmas in July: Luxe gadgets to enhance a healthful lifestyle – Los Angeles Times 7/20/18

‘Face-lift in a bottle’? 8 collagen elixirs and bone broths to try for yourself – Los Angeles Times 7/20/18

Gene tests can provide health clues — and needless worry – Chicago Tribune 7/20/18

Got Medicare Advantage? Prepare for New Perks — and New Questions. – The New York Times 7/20/18

Fukushima’s Nuclear Imprint Is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don’t Panic) – The New York Times 7/20/18

You Should Actually Send That Thank You Note You’ve Been Meaning to Write – The New York Times 7/20/18

Memo From the Boss: You’re a Vegetarian Now – The New York Times 7/20/18

Does Fidgeting Counter the Harmful Effects of Sitting? – The New York Times 7/20/18

Sales of Essure birth control implant to be halted by Bayer; U.S. last to sell controversial device – The Washington Post 7/20/18

Salads from McDonald’s have now sickened 163 people in 10 states, health officials say – The Washington Post 7/20/18

Veterans’ health funding is first sticking point in potential government shutdown fight – The Washington Post 7/20/18

Salmonella-tainted raw turkey has sickened 90 across 26 states, CDC says – The Washington Post 7/20/18

How Beef Jerky Might Affect the Risk of Mania – TIME 7/19/18

Why Air Conditioning Is a Life-Saver — and a Danger – TIME 7/19/18

How Complementary Cancer Therapies Can Increase Risk of Early Death – TIME 7/19/18

New Jersey dad infected with flesh-eating bacteria while crabbing to lose fingers, some toes – Fox News 7/19/18

Parents whose newborn babies died from herpes warn about deadly virus – Fox News 7/19/18

Kansas mom warns of hot temperatures after teen son with autism dies of heat exhaustion – Fox News 7/19/18

K2 drug wreaking havoc in DC, with possible links to 4 deaths, officials say – Fox News 7/19/18

Woman has leg amputated after infection from shaving cut – Fox News 7/19/18

Valsartan recall: 4 things patients should know – CNN 7/19/18

Baltimore bans sugary drinks from kids’ menus – CNN 7/19/18

UNC coach under fire over his remarks on football’s link to brain illness – CNN 7/19/18

An entire medical school class will get free tuition thanks to an anonymous $3 million donation – CNN 7/19/18

She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans – CNN 7/19/18

Is sparkling water as hydrating as regular water? – CNN 7/19/18

California keeps close eye on whooping cough after infant’s death – CNN 7/19/18

Merck Is Lowering Drug Prices. There’s a Catch. – The New York Times 7/19/18

Doctors and Health Workers Reflect on Rural America’s Limited Access to Care – The New York Times 7/19/18

Parents Aren’t Good Judges of Their Kids’ Sugar Intake – The New York Times 7/19/18

What Surfing With My Niece Taught Me About Life – The New York Times 7/19/18

A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result – The New York Times 7/19/18

Trump administration to explore drug imports to counter price hikes – The Washington Post 7/19/18

There’s a Medicaid ‘subsidy cliff’ health-care officials are worried about – The Washington Post 7/19/18

Is Shellfish Healthy? Here’s What the Experts Say – TIME 7/18/18

Arkansas woman claims brown recluse spider bite led to leg amputation – Fox News 7/18/18

Vermont woman reveals horrific wild parsnip burns in warning about dangerous plant – Fox News 7/18/18

Minnesota man, 26, receives his third heart – Fox News 7/18/18

Does eating beef jerky cause psychiatric symptoms? – Fox News 7/18/18

Service dog training program offers hope, rehab to inmates and soldiers – Fox News 7/18/18

Teen gets sick, dies in front of 90 classmates at band practice – Fox News 7/18/18

Having a working mom has benefits for kids later in life, study says – CNN 7/18/18

Having 5 or more babies may increase Alzheimer’s risk by 70%, study finds – CNN 7/18/18

EPA rolls back Obama-era coal ash regulations – CNN 7/18/18

Simple radio message saved thousands of children, studies say – CNN 7/18/18

Winds lift beach umbrella, launching it through a tourist’s ankle – CNN 7/18/18

Woman’s tingling legs turned out to be parasite in her back – CNN 7/18/18

Lebanon preparing to legalize growing cannabis, says House speaker – CNN 7/18/18

The latest class on the Indian curriculum: Happiness – CNN 7/18/18

Soy, almond ‘milk’ makers may need to find alternative description – Chicago Tribune 7/18/18

Baby Boomers Get More Selective About Friends – The Wall Street Journal 7/18/18

More Americans Are Dying of Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer – The New York Times 7/18/18

Yes, Nurses Have ‘Physically Taxing’ Jobs. And a $20.8 Million Settlement. – The New York Times 7/18/18

Bowing to Trump, Novartis Joins Pfizer in Freezing Drug Prices – The New York Times 7/18/18

To Stretch or Not to Stretch? Athletes Put It to the Test – The New York Times 7/18/18

Heart Failure May Be More Lethal in Women – The New York Times 7/18/18

The FDA’s bid to lower some drug costs will help. But it won’t solve the problem. – The Washington Post 7/18/18

Kids are working out at boutique gyms like CrossFit and SoulCycle. Is that a good idea? – The Washington Post 7/18/18

CDC warns against eating this pasta salad. It has already sickened 21 people. – The Washington Post 7/18/18

Why There’s a Deep Cultural Aversion to DNA Testing, Even When It Can Reunite Separated Immigrant Families – TIME 7/17/18

Designer babies may be ‘morally’ acceptable, UK ethics council decides – Fox News 7/17/18

Tennessee man fatally struck by lightning in ‘freak accident’ while mowing mom’s lawn – Fox News 7/17/18

Kansas mom claims flesh-eating infection developed after spider bite – Fox News 7/17/18

Why heart attacks kill more women than men – Fox News 7/17/18

Police grant vet’s wish to use night-vision goggles before going blind – Fox News 7/17/18

A magnetic wire could one day pull cancer cells from your blood – Fox News 7/17/18

Man born without elbows learns to play piano – Fox News 7/17/18

Mom claims henna tattoos left kids with permanent scars – Fox News 7/17/18

Boy, 4, hospitalized after accidentally touching venomous caterpillar – Fox News 7/17/18

Plumber rows across harbor in bathtub to raise money for cancer – Fox News 7/17/18

CRISPR DNA editing could do some serious genetic damage, study says – Fox News 7/17/18

An earlier dinner may lower risk of some cancers, study says – CNN 7/17/18

ADHD study links teens’ symptoms with digital media use – CNN 7/17/18

Bill Gates jump-starts research for an affordable Alzheimer’s test – CNN 7/17/18

Experimental blood test could detect melanoma skin cancer early, study finds – CNN 7/17/18

Liver cancer death rates rise 43 percent in U.S., CDC reports – Chicago Tribune 7/17/18

Concussions not that unusual among high school students – Chicago Tribune 7/17/18

3-D X-Rays Could Help Spot Deadly Disease Without Surgery – The New York Times 7/17/18

How to Get Your Intuition Back (When It’s Hijacked by Life) – The New York Times 7/17/18

An Aspirin a Day for Heart Health? It May Depend on Your Weight – The New York Times 7/17/18

Sleep Tied to Teenagers’ All-Around Health – The New York Times 7/17/18

Menopause can be unsettling. These habits can help smooth the transition. – The Washington Post 7/17/18

House Republicans move to indefinitely detain migrant kids with families – The Washington Post 7/17/18

The CDC director’s deeply personal reason for fighting opioids: His son nearly died of an overdose – The Washington Post 7/17/18

The truth about ‘breakthrough’ drugs – The Washington Post 7/17/18

‘That Laugh Is a Drug.’ HBO’s New Documentary Explores Robin Williams’ Relationship to Comedy and Addiction – TIME 7/16/18

This Simple Trick Will Make You Happier and Better at Your Job – TIME 7/16/18

Woman describes 3-year-old daughter being freed from washing machine in Facebook post – Fox News 7/16/18

Marine veteran makes second trek across US to raise awareness for PTSD – Fox News 7/16/18

Mom’s heartbreaking warning after daughter’s fatal allergic reaction to cookie – Fox News 7/6/18

College student discovers sports injury is actually rare cancer – Fox News 7/16/18

Pregnant millennials more likely to be depressed than previous generations, study says – Fox News 7/16/18

Woman’s odd condition makes her feel like she’s suffocating – Fox News 7/16/18

Toddler walks outside for first time ever after life-saving double lung transplant – Fox News 7/16/18

Government shuts down website for doctors searching for treatment guidelines – CNN 7/16/18

What to ask when your child wants to use social media – CNN 7/16/18

Drug users on probation can be reqired to remain drug-free, court rules – CNN 7/16/18

Indian state takes a step forward for transgender rights – CNN 7/16/18

Amid the opioid crisis, some seriously ill people risk losing drugs they depend on – Chicago Tribune 7/16/18

After-school programs a boon for kids with ADHD – Chicago Tribune 7/16/18

Cognitive Test Trump Took May Have Been Undermined by Publicity, Doctors Warn – The New York Times 7/16/18

Psychology Itself Is Under Scrutiny – The New York Times 7/16/18

Now in Sight: Success Against an Infection That Blinds – The New York Times 7/16/18

In New Jersey, Legal Marijuana Is So Close You Can Smell It. But It Could Be Awhile. – The New York Times 7/16/18

Writing Prescriptions to Play Outdoors – The New York Times 7/16/18

When to Get Your Bone Density Tested – The New York Times 7/16/18

Trump White House finds new reason to target Medicaid – The Washington Post 7/16/18

Five common food safety mistakes that can ruin your summer cookout – The Washington Post 7/16/18

Urgent care clinics are prescribing too many unncessary antibiotics, study says – The Washington Post 7/16/18

Philadelphia-area mom accused of killing her infant through drugs in breast milk – Fox News 7/15/18

How to keep children, seniors, pets–and yourself–cool this summer – Los Angeles Times 7/14/18

Self-improvement is on the way: Free fitness and lifestyle classes – Los Angeles Times 7/14/18

The Only Guy in the Barre Class – The Wall Street Journal 7/14/18

For Some African-Americans, Genetic Testing Reopens Past Wounds – The Wall Street Journal 7/14/18

In Town With Little Water, Coca-Cola Is Everywhere. So Is Diabetes. – The New York Times 7/14/18

Breast-Feeding or Formula? For Americans, It’s Complicated – The New York Times 7/14/18

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Connecticut mom dies days after giving birth to third baby – Fox News 7/13/18

Infant dies days after showing symptoms of meningitis, family says – Fox News 7/13/18

Data sharing company helps improve cancer patient outcomes, reduce total cost of care – Fox News 7/13/18

Crab meat from Venezuela may be contaminated, FDA says – CNN 7/13/18

FDA joins 22 countries’ recall of common heart drug – CNN 7/13/18

Smoking in and near public housing will be banned at the end of July – CNN 7/13/18

Domestic abuse survivor fights her past in the ring – CNN 7/13/18

More than 500 Tennessee zipline visitors sick in stomach illness outbreak – CNN 7/13/18

A 5-year-old died from cancer, but not before preparing his own obituary – CNN 7/13/18

The other victims: first responders to horrific disasters often suffer in solitude – Chicago Tribune 7/13/18

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HHS Watchdog Pushes to Recoup $341,000 Wasted by Ex-Secretary Price on Travel – The Wall Street Journal 7/13/18

Drug to Treat Smallpox Approved by F.D.A., a Move Against Bioterrorism – The New York Times 7/13/18

McDonald’s Salads Linked to Intestinal Parasite Outbreak in Midwest – The New York Times 7/13/18

Women Making Science Videos on YouTube Face Hostile Comments – The New York Times 7/13/18

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Traveler’s Constipation’? – The New York Times 7/13/18

McDonald’s pulls salad from thousands of locations after people are sickened by parasite – The Washington Post 7/13/18

ACLU asks court to force government to pay cost of reuniting migrant families – The Washington Post 7/13/18

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $4.7 billion to women who say baby powder gave them cancer – The Washington Post 7/13/18

When It Comes to Breastfeeding, This Is Why Women Never Feel Like They’re Right – TIME 7/12/18

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Giant hogweed severely burns Virginia teen, 17, sending him to hospital, report says – Fox News 7/12/18

NC town battles opioid epidemic by using robots to test people’s poop – Fox News 7/12/18

Nailed it: Man with world’s longest fingernails finally clips them off – Fox News 7/12/18

Virginia girl, 3, uses FaceTime to save father’s life after he suffers stroke – Fox News 7/12/18

California woman denied manicure over lupus scars, she says: ‘I’ve never felt more like a leper’ – Fox News 7/12/18

First-ever color X-rays deliver astonishingly clear pictures for more accurate diagnoses, researchers say – Fox News 7/12/18

How this stealth STD could become the next superbug – Fox News 7/12/18

Teens with autism learn to code, design apps – Fox News 7/12/18

Boston researchers re-engineer cancer cells to fight off ‘their own kind’ – Fox News 7/12/18

Ebola survivors suffer severe mental and neurological problems – Fox News 7/12/18

Legionnaires’ outbreak sickens 8 in NYC – Fox News 7/12/18

Indiana reports first hepatitis A outbreak death – Fox News 7/12/18

Toddler died after hospital pumped him with too many drugs following seizure, coroner says – Fox News 7/12/18

Woman complaining of ‘electric shock’ in her legs had tapeworm in spine – Fox News 7/12/18

Fentanyl-related deaths double in six months; US government takes some action – CNN 7/12/18

Drug shortages prompt FDA to form task force – CNN 7/12/18

Gun violence research funding gets snub from House Appropriations Committee – CNN 7/12/18

Heat might really be getting to your brain – CNN 7/12/18

Women’s letters to younger selves aim to boost girls’ confidence – CNN 7/12/18

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Democrats say Kavanaugh could help end Obamacare, but court likely to deal with narrower issues – The Washington Post 7/12/18

‘Do not eat this cereal’: CDC issues blunt warning about Honey Smacks as outbreak grows to 100 – The Washington Post 7/12/18

‘ACA’ removed from swaths of website, watchdog reports – The Washington Post 7/12/18

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What is Rocky Mountain spotted fever? Signs, symptoms and treatment for the tick-borne disease – Fox News 7/11/18

Wisconsin reports first-ever Rocky Mountain spotted fever death – Fox News 7/11/18

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Physician burnout a key driver of medical errors – Fox News 7/11/18

PTSD raises heart and stroke risk in World Trade Center cleanup crews – Fox News 7/11/18

Dad impaled by 40-pound spear miraculously survives ‘mind-boggling’ injury – Fox News 7/11/18

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Clerk diagnosed with brain tumor after sucker-punch attack lands him in hospital – Fox News 7/10/18

Parents of disabled daughter consider divorce to qualify for Medicaid, report says – Fox News 7/10/18

Couple who prayed for healing plead guilty in baby’s death – Fox News 7/10/18

NJ dad may lose all 4 limbs after contracting bacterial infection while crabbing – Fox News 7/10/18

Tragic photo shows parents comforting daughter, 5, hours before her death – Fox News 7/10/18

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s pick for court, has left trail of opinions on health care and pharma issues – Fox News 7/10/18

WHO classifies compulsive sexual behavior as mental health condition – CNN 7/10/18

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OxyContin maker placed profits over people, lawsuit reveals – Fox News 7/6/18

Freak lawnmower accident leaves girl with 200 stitches down middle of face – Fox News 7/6/18

Montana mom gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby en route to Utah hospital – Fox News 7/6/18

German pharmacist gets 12 years for diluting cancer drugs – Fox News 7/6/18

Washington hospital is ‘like going into hell’ – Fox News 7/6/18

Record heat wave kills 33 in Quebec – Fox News 7/6/18

Stunning turnaround by a formerly addicted mom whose baby was adopted by a police officer – CNN 7/6/18

More than 200 people ill from parasite in Del Monte vegetable tray recall – CNN 7/6/18

Common heart drug recalled in 22 countries for possible cancer link – CNN 7/6/18

Novartis, Sandoz recall 12 medications over packaging concerns – CNN 7/6/18

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Quadruplets released from hospital in time for Fourth of July – Fox News 7/5/18

Mom shares last photos of son who died after taking ecstasy – Fox News 7/5/18

Popular light-up sneakers left boy with second-degree burns on feet, mom claims – Fox News 7/5/18

British TV star says IBS has caused painful bloating, cruel torment – Fox News 7/5/18

China’s first authorized sex educators to break decades of silence – CNN 7/5/18

Patients on transplant waitlists face uncertainty after hospital suspends program – CNN 7/5/18

Possible release of tuberculosis bacteria investigated in Baltimore – CNN 7/5/18

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Embryo storage bill seeks oversight of fertility centers and penalties for those that violate safeguards – The Washington Post 7/5/18

Maine teenager recovers from BB gun shot to head moments after priest reads last rites – Fox News 7/4/18

Fourth of July fireworks trigger PTSD symptoms in veterans – Fox News 7/4/18

India declares end to Nipah outbreak with a music video – CNN 7/4/18

Quick physical intervention stopped violent intentions; could it stop violence? – CNN 7/4/18

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Deaths from bacterial disease in Puerto Rico spiked after Maria – CNN 7/4/18

Exercise May Aid in Weight Loss. Provided You Do Enough. – The New York Times 7/4/18

Dad ‘breastfeeds’ baby after mom suffers delivery complications – Fox News 7/3/18

Missouri mom warns about danger of hot slides after girl, 4, suffers second-degree burns – Fox News 7/3/18

Patient paralyzed in botched scoliosis surgery gets $135M – Fox News 7/3/18

Dad who lost lips, limbs to horrifying infection gets new mouth made from shoulder skin, tattoo – Fox News 7/3/18

Thailand cave rescue: The health toll of waiting for freedom – CNN 7/3/18

After fish pedicure, woman loses her toenails – CNN 7/3/18

Woman feared she couldn’t afford ambulance after her leg was trapped by a subway train – CNN 7/3/18

Hawaii bans sunscreens that harm coral reefs – CNN 7/3/18

Psychedelic ayahuasca works against severe depression, study finds – CNN 7/3/18

Dead woman found breathing in South African morgue – CNN 7/3/18

UK health worker arrested over death of eight babies – CNN 7/3/18

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Texas mom’s viral sunburn hack works, but it’s not ‘magical cure,’ dermatologists warn – Fox News 7/2/18

9/11 hero donor meets woman whose life he saved – Fox News 7/2/18

Teen soccer start paralyzed in tragic lake accident, report says – Fox News 7/2/18

A 3-year-old cancer survivor served as a flower girl in her bone marrow donor’s wedding – CNN 7/2/18

South Korea cuts its work limit from 68 hours a week to 52 – CNN 7/2/18

Older urban teens most likely to be hospitalized for firearm injury, study finds – CNN 7/2/18

Hard-working women, go home earlier to avoid this disease – CNN 7/2/18

New York, Virginia become first to require mental health education in schools – CNN 7/2/18

Indonesia’s crackdown on LGBT people fuels HIV crisis, report says – CNN 7/2/18

Human stem cells give monkey hearts a boost after heart attacks, study says – CNN 7/2/18

Fewer Americans are spending their final days in the hospital and more are dying at home – Chicago Tribune 7/2/18

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‘Dancing Doctor’ agrees to two-and-a-half-year suspension of medical license, records show – CNN 7/1/18

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