Health News July 2019

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A Warm Bedtime Bath Can Help You Cool Down And Sleep Better – NPR

How To Help Your Anxious Partner — And Yourself – NPR

Mixing Alcohol And Sun? Beware, A Buzz Begets A Faster Burn – NPR

Researchers Explore Why Women’s Alzheimer’s Risk Is Higher Than Men’s – NPR

Sleep Training Truths: What Science Can (And Can’t) Tell Us About Crying It Out – NPR

The Affordable Care Act Is Back In Court: 5 Facts You Need To Know – NPR

A Genetic Test That Reveals Alzheimer’s Risk Can Be Cathartic Or Distressing – NPR

How To Pick A Doctor (Or Break Up With One) – NPR

New Markers For Alzheimer’s Disease Could Aid Diagnosis And Speed Up Drug Development – NPR

The Science Of Smiles, Real and Fake – NPR

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU Sue Missouri Over Restrictive Abortion Law – TIME

Trump Administration Plans to Legalize Importing Low-Cost Canadian Prescription Drugs – TIME

Millennials May Be Drinking Less, But Binge Drinking Is On the Rise Among Older Adults – TIME

Don’t Get Mad if a Doctor Says They Need to Screen Your Child for Abuse – TIME

Your Apple Has 100 Million Microorganisms Living On It. Should You Care? – TIME

Why Some People Lie to Their Therapists – TIME

Americans Are Not Getting the Message About Exercising More and Sitting Less – TIME

Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them – TIME

Can Learning a Foreign Language Prevent Dementia? – TIME

More U.S. Teenagers Are Trying to Lose Weight Than in Years Past. That May Be Reason for Concern – TIME

Scientists Predict Climate Change Will Make Dangerous Heat Waves Far More Common – TIME

Does Listening to Music Stimulate Creative Thinking, or Stifle It? – TIME

It May Be Possible to Counter Some of the Genetic Risk of Alzheimer’s With These Lifestyle Changes – TIME

Niksen Is the Dutch Lifestyle Concept of Doing Nothing — And You’re About to See It Everywhere – TIME

Cutting Calories May Improve Your Health Even If You’re Not Trying to Lose Weight – TIME

The 10 Countries Most Vulnerable to Climate Change Will Experience Population Booms in the Coming Decades – TIME

Experimental Ebola Treatments Look Successful in Lab Studies, Says the CDC – TIME

Most Americans, Including Smokers, Like the Idea of Less-Addictive Cigarettes – TIME

How Trump’s Executive Order Could Save Lives by Transforming How the U.S. Treats Kidney Disease – TIME

Facebook Is Trying to Stop Bogus Health Claims from Spreading Online – TIME

For the First Time, Researchers Eliminated HIV From the Genomes of Living Animals – TIME

The American Medical Association Is Taking a More Aggressive Approach on Abortion Legislation – TIME

Can holding in your pee really kill you? – Fox News

Autism and high estrogen levels may be linked, researchers suggest – Fox News

Should you use toilet seat covers in public bathrooms – Fox News

Pills gained strength as opioid crisis grew: analysis – Fox News

Teens more likely to try illegal drugs in summer, study finds – Fox News

More than 100 in Massachusetts sickened by foodborne parasite, health officials say – Fox News

Macy’s pulls portion control plates after social media users claim they support eating disorders – Fox News

How to tell if you’re officially burned out – Fox News

Drug companies shipped thousands of pain pill orders it should have halted, documents say – Fox News

Legionnaires’ disease bacteria found in Maine water district samples, state CDC says – Fox News

3 times you’re most likely to get heatstroke – Fox News

Woman who wore contact lenses while showering, swimming nearly blinded in one eye from rare infection – Fox News

These are the 10 most obese states in the US, report finds – Fox News

Mom says daughter’s protein-packed diet contributed to unexpected death – Fox News

Undeclared allergen in beef, chicken product sparks recall – Fox News

This common sugar substitute can be deadly for dogs, FDA warns – Fox News

Florida cracks down on dangerous plastic surgery centers – Fox News

2 dead, 18 hospitalized in respiratory illness outbreak at Virgina care center – Fox News

UK launches effort to vaccinate young boys against HPV and cancers linked to sex – Fox News

Having too many sugary drinks linked to higher cancer risk – Fox News

Plastic surgeon warns against ‘medical tourism’ after third plastic surgery-related death in Dominican Republic – Fox News

Boys are hitting puberty earlier, partially due to rise in BMI, study suggests – CNN

Millions still take aspiring for their heart without a doctor’s recommendation, research suggests – CNN

Emails show drug execs indifferent to opioid epidemic – CNN

Climate crisis might be behind the rise of mysterious superbug C. auris, study suggests – CNN

This is why US health care is so expensive – CNN

FDA releases anti-vaping TV ads aimed at teens – CNN

Drug-resistant malaria is spreading across Southest Asia, study warns – CNN

Air pollution may have killed 30,000 people in a single year, study says – CNN

US fertility rate falls to ‘all-time low,’ CDC says – CNN

Death rates climbing among young and midlle-age US adults – CNN

Testosterone can enhance libido in postmenopausal women, new research says – CNN

Juul spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on programming for children and teens, documents show – CNN

Beaches across America showed unsafe levels of pollution last year, a study finds – CNN

Textured breast implants are being recalled over a link to cancer. Here’s what to know if you have them – CNN

People in the United States are misusing antibiotics, study says – CNN

Study reveals common products linked to most traumatic brain injuries in kids – CNN

Eating a plant-based diet might help prevent type 2 diabetes, study suggests – CNN

Deadly mosquito-borne virus detected in Florida – CNN

Adults who vape are more likely to quit cigarettes, study finds – CNN

Facebook and Instagram to restrict content related to alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes – CNN

Congressional hearing probes Juul’s role in youth vaping ‘epidemic’ – CNN

Drug companies to pay $70 million for delaying cheaper generics, California attorney general says – CNN

Bangladesh hit by worst dengue outbreak on record – CNN

11 former guests of an Atlanta hotel now have Legionnaries’ disease. Authorities have identified 55 more probable cases. – CNN

Your heartburn drugs may be giving you allergies, study suggests – CNN

Trial underway in US uses CRISPR gene-editing in people with severe sickle cell disease – CNN

Ballroom Burn: It’s a ‘joyful’ workout that blasts calories – Los Angeles Times

IVF is long, hard and frustrating. Sutton Foster speaks her infertility truth – Los Angeles Times

How Obamacare brought health coverage to the people, in four amazing charts – Los Angeles Times

Ebola outbreak in Congo is now a public health emergency, WHO declares – Los Angeles Times

Drug overdose deaths in the U.S. appear to be falling, CDC data show – Los Angeles Times

Working on ‘the splits’ for your Instagram feed? There’s a class for that – Los Angeles Times

Rising health insurance deductibles fuel middle-class anger and resentment – Los Angeles Times

Alzheimer’s affects women more than men. Now scientists have some clues as to why – Los Angeles Times

California doesn’t have enough doctors. To recruit them, the state is paying off medical school debt – Los Angeles Times

Blood test for Alzheimer’s disease moves closer to becoming a reality – Los Angeles Times

Healthy living can counteract a high genetic risk of Alzheimer’s, study suggests – Los Angeles Times

Packing an emergency kit? Think about using your camping gear – Los Angeles Times

Massive prescription and over-the-counter eye ointment recall over sterility concerns – Miami Herald

What to do when you have arthritis in your ankles – Miami Herald

Has your child developed a tic or OCD after strep throat or upper respiratory illness? – Miami Herald

A parasite spread by poop is on the rise in pools and water parks. What you need to know – Miami Herald

These are the key questions to ask your plastic surgeon before you get a nose job – Miami Herald

Flesh-eating bacteria is not just in the water. It can also ‘colonize’ in the sand – Miami Herald

It’s not just you — American adults are increasingly anxious – Chicago Tribune

Medicare going in ‘right direction’ on opioid epidemic, federal report finds – Chicago Tribune

Despite federal protections, rape victims still get billed for forensic exams – Chicago Tribune

Autism largely caused by genetics, not environment, study finds – Chicago Tribune

It’s Chicago’s hottest week of the year: 5 things you should know about heat exhaustion – Chicago Tribune

Doing these 5 things could decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60 percent, new study shows – Chicago Tribune

Meth in the morning, heroin at night: Inside the seesaw struggle of dual addiction – Chicago Tribune

More evidence supplements won’t help the heart – Chicago Tribune

Fertility clinic mixup entangles three couples after two unrelated embryos implanted in woman, lawsuit alleges – Chicago Tribune

A peek into opioid users’ brains as they try to quit – Chicago Tribune

For those suffering from chronic urinary tract pain, new tests bring hope – Chicago Tribune

More seniors are dying in falls. Study shows doctors could do more to reduce the risk – Chicago Tribune

Women’s exposure to solvents at work tied to autism in children – Chicago Tribune

Doctors say summer is kidney-stone season. Here’s what you should know – Chicago Tribune

Judge Backs Non-ACA-Compliant Short-Term Health Plans – The Wall Street Journal

Bipartisan House Coalition Votes to Repeal Health Law’s Cadillac Tax – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration Moves to Shift Patients’ Chronic Illness Costs to Insurers – The Wall Street Journal

How Much Protein Do You Need a Day? – The Wall Street Journal

Biden’s New Plan for Health Care Is a Nod to the Past – The Wall Street Journal

Should You Find Out if You’re at Risk of Alzheimer’s? – The Wall Street Journal

Democratic Candidates Clash Over Health Care – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration Drops Plan to Curb Drug Rebates – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Hopes to Stem Tide of Legal Setbacks on Health Care – The Wall Street Journal

When Routine Eye Surgery Leads to Debilitating Pain – The Wall Street Journal

Is It Healthy to Sleep in a Hammock? – The Wall Street Journal

Health Facts Aren’t Enough. Should Persuasion Become a Priority? – The New York Times

Contact Lens Start-Up, Big on Social Media, May Be Bad for Eyes, Doctors Say – The New York Times

3,271 Pill Bottles, a Town of 2,831: Court Filings Say Corporations Fed Opioid Epidemic – The New York Times

States Are Making Progress on Opioids. Now the Money That’s Helping Them May Dry Up – The New York Times

A better Way to Manage Your Period? Try the Menstrual Cup, Scientists Say – The New York Times

19 Deaths in Costa Rica Tied to Tainted Alcohol, Officials Say – The New York Times

Rabies Kills Tens of Thousands Yearly. Vaccinating Dogs Could Stop It. – The New York Times

A Layered Approach to Preventing Drowning – The New York Times

The Downside of Having a Sweet Tooth – The New York Times

Dream of Retiring Abroad? The Reality: Medicare Doesn’t Travel Well – The New York Times

Feeling Lonely? Perhaps You’d Like to Talk to Some Strangers – The New York Times

Arthritis Is Tied to Heart Disease Risk – The New York Times

The Sad Truth About Sleep-Tracking Devices and Apps – The New York Times

Google Glass May Have an Afterlife as a Device to Teach Autistic Children – The New York Times

Why the V.A. Won’t Pay for Service Dogs to Treat PTSD – The New York Times

To Help Smokers Quit, Pay Them – The New York Times

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol May Pose Special Risks in Young Adults – The New York Times

Healthy Lifestyle May Reduce Dementia Risk – The New York Times

Netflix Deletes ’13 Reasons Why’ Suicide Scene – The New York Times

Cutting 300 Calories a Day Shows Health Benefits – The New York Times

Undercover in a Hospital Bed – The New York Times

Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering. – The New York Times

22 States Considered Eliminating the ‘Tampon Tax’ This Year. Here’s What Happened. – The New York Times

After 40 Weeks of Pregnancy, Risk of Stillbirth Rises – The New York Times

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Travelers With Autism – The New York Times

For Sibling Battles, Be a Sportscaster, Not a Referee – The New York Times

Sugary Drinks Linked to Cancer Onset – The New York Times

How Australia Could Almost Eradicate H.I.V. Transmissions – The New York Times

Even Moderate Air Pollution May Lead to Lung Disease – The New York Times

Two U.K. Hospitals Allow Vape Shops in Bid to Promote Smoking Ban – The New York Times

How Music Can Rev Up a High-Intensity Workout – The New York Times

When Patients Need Opioids to Ease the Pain – The New York Times

Appeals Court Seems Skeptical About Constitutionality of Obamacare Mandate – The New York Times

When ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Gets Too Low, Stroke Risk May Rise – The New York Times

Aid in Dying Soon Will Be Available to More Americans. Few Will Choose It. – The New York Times

Even Researchers Don’t Know Which Doctors Medicare Advantage Covers – The New York Times

Team Sports May Help Children Deal With Trauma – The New York Times

Reflux Drugs Tied to Bone Fractures in Children – The New York Times

What Would Giving Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants Mean? – The New York Times

New Weapons Against Cancer: Millions of Bacteria Programmed to Kill – The New York Times

Why So Many of Us Don’t Lose Weight When We Exercise – The New York Times

The Zika Virus Is Still a Threat. Here’s What the Experts Know. – The New York Times

Should We All Take the Slow Road to Love? – The New York Times

A Probiotic for Obesity? – The New York Times

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite – The New York Times

Reversing the Damage of a Stroke – The New York Times

E.P.A. Won’t Ban Chlorpyrifos, Pesticide Tied to Children’s Health Problems – The New York Times

Is there a middle road on Medicare-for-all? Kamala Harris thinks so. – The Washington Post

NIH issues strict new requirements for fetal tissue research funding – The Washington Post

Advocates worry Democrats may cede ground on abortion rights to pass budget deal – The Washington Post

This family planning group says it will still reject federal money over abortion referral rule – The Washington Post

Federal prosecutors file more charges against opioid distributor – The Washington Post

Biden and Sanders spar over whether Medicare-for-all is ‘totally risky’ – The Washington Post

Trump wants credit for lowering health costs. Banning drug rebates was an obstacle. – The Washington Post

The Obamacare lawsuit, by the numbers – The Washington Post

Trump orders overhaul of organ transplant and kidney dialysis systems – The Washington Post

A judge ruled Trump administration can’t mandate drug prices in TV ads – The Washington Post

Two formerly fringe ingredients go mainstream: Nutritional yeast and coconut aminos – The Washington Post

Could our efforts to avoid anxiety only be making it worse? – The Washington Post

Cleopatra used it as a beauty aid. Now castor oil is staging a cosmetics comeback. – The Washington Post

From fish to bacon, a ranking of animal proteins in order of healthfulness – The Washington Post

A new meaning for ‘sick as a dog’? Your pet’s health may tell you something about your own – The Washington Post