Health News June 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

At the end of life, what would doctors do? – The New York Times 6/30/16

Why aren’t we managing children’s pain? – The New York Times 6/27/16

A poster for family diversity – The New York Times 6/24/16

How to build an injury-free workout routine – The Washington Post 6/23/16

Is selfie culture making our kids selfish? – The New York Times 6/23/15

A few more vegetables and a little less meat may reduce Diabetes risk – The New York Times 6/16/16

How to beat the bloat (aka food baby) – The Washington Post 6/14/16

Giant colon goes on tour to promote cancer awareness – The Wall Street Journal 6/13/16

Prescriptions drug abuse among older adults is harder to detect – The New York Times 6/10/16

Salty surprises in the food you eat – The New York Times 6/7/16

Migraines tied to increased risk of heart problems – The New York Times 6/2/16

Why running is the perfect time for podcasts – The Washington Post 6/1/16