Health News June 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Federal judge blocks Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements – Fox News 6/30/18

California pediatrician placed on probation for exempting child from all vaccines – Fox News 6/30/18

You’re probably washing your hands all wrong, study says – CNN 6/30/18

For Intense Exercise During Recovery, She Added Water – The Wall Street Journal 6/30/18

A Heat Wave Is Hitting Much of the U.S. This Week. Here’s How to Stay Safe – TIME 6/29/18

Psychologists Explain Why You Procrastinate — And How to Stop – TIME 6/29/18

Woman sues Chinese buffet for $1 million after getting sick with ‘fried rice syndrome’ – Fox News 6/29/18

Lone Star tick bites triggering red meat allergies in more people across US, physician says – Fox News 6/29/18

Why death of your pet is difficult to bear – Fox News 6/29/18

Snack attack: It’s time to kick vending machines out of the workplace – Fox News 6/29/18

Family of baby treated at hospital with bottle of formula gets $18G bill: report – Fox News 6/29/18

Anatomy of a 97,000% drug price hike: One family’s fight to save their son – CNN 6/29/18

Air pollution linked to 3.2 million new diabetes cases in one year – CNN 6/29/18

Medicare spend $2 billion for one drug as the manufacturer paid doctors millions – CNN 6/29/18

Facing a constant threat of rape and harassment, the women of Delhi fight back – CNN 6/29/18

Ohio lawmakers propose a bill that would force teachers to ‘out’ transgender students to their parents – CNN 6/29/18

Contemplating suicide, this Marine turned to yoga to save his life – CNN 6/29/18

Australia wins landmark WTO dispute on tobacco packaging – CNN 6/29/18

L.A. looks up to its skyline and rooftops for fun and fitness – Los Angeles Times 6/2*/1/

Fourth of July BBQ draaaankds that won’t blow your diet – Los Angeles Times 6/29/18

This travel gear does double duty as workout gear – Los Angeles Times 6/29/18

I tried a 100-degree Quartz Massage — and loved it – Los Angeles Times 6/29/18

When aging slows down: New study questions a limit to the human life span – Chicago Tribune 6/29/18

Amazon’s Pharmacy Deal Threatens Retail Drugstores – The Wall Street Journal 6/29/18

Doctor, Your Patient Is Waiting. It’s a Red Panda. – The New York Times 6/29/18

Marriage May Be Good for Your Heart – The New York Times 6/29/18

My Daughter Has Mono. Is the Whole Family at Risk? – The New York Times 6/29/18

These are the five senators to watch in the Supreme Court nomination fight – The Washington Post 6/29/18

Kentucky’s requirement that Medicaid recipients must work is blocked by federal judge – The Washington Post 6/29/18

Why July Is the Most Dangerous Month To Go Swimming – TIME 6/28/18

The Doctor Who Discovered Lead in Flint’s Water on What Went Wrong and How to Fix It – TIME 6/28/18

Jahi McMath, girl at center of brain death debate, has died after surgery, family says – Fox News 6/28/18

Texas parents witness ‘miracle moment’ toddler’s face lights up as doctors turn on cochlear devices – Fox News 6/28/18

Alabama woman’s 50-pound weight gain turns out to be massive ovarian cyst – Fox News 6/28/18

Siblings diagnosed with brain tumors 2 weeks apart – Fox News 6/28/18

70,000 opioid-related overdose deaths in US unaccounted for since 1999, study says – Fox News 6/28/18

Probiotics can help clear up your skin problems, dermatologist says – Fox News 6/28/18

VA suicide data shows vets still desperately struggling – Fox News 6/28/18

Girl, 6, in critical condition after suffering electrical shock near MGM hotel water fountain – Fox News 6/28/18

Mom claims she’s going blind after using 20-year-old eye makeup – Fox News 6/28/18

Teen who died on overnight school trip suffered from toxic shock syndrome, coroner says – Fox News 6/28/18

Two dads, an egg donor and a surrogate: How a freezer failure changed everything – CNN 6/28/18

Supreme Court change sparks birth control discussions – CNN 6/28/18

IUD 101: What to know about this form of birth control – CNN 6/28/18

Just 23% of US adults get enough exercise, CDC reports – CNN 6/28/18

Locked up for being sick: Kenyan prisoners recount their experience – CNN 6/28/18

Growing marijuana could make these furry creatures an endangered species – CNN 6/28/18

Heat-stable drug could save thousands of women’s lives – CNN 6/28/18

German police investigate 21 deaths linked to poisoned sandwiches – CNN 6/28/18

If a reshaped Supreme Court tosses abortion decisions back to states, several would move fast to outlaw the procedures – Los Angeles Times 6/28/18

Study says more U.S. Adults are exercising — and more are obese – Chicago Tribune 6/28/18

Bicyclists’ injury risk seen doubled if they lack latest helmets – Chicago Tribune 6/28/18

The other opioid crisis: Hospitals grapple with prolonged injected opioid shortage – Chicago Tribune 6/28/18

Amazon to Buy Online Pharmacy PillPack, Jumping Into the Drug Business – The New York Times 6/28/18

Ebola Outbreak in Central Africa Is ‘Largely Contained’ – The New York Times 6/28/18

Do You Believe in Magic? I Do – The New York Timess 6/28/18

Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak is over as new evidence points to tainted water – The Washington Post 6/28/18

College students are forming mental-health clubs — and they’re making a difference – The Washington Post 6/28/18

Being Fit in Middle Age May Protect Against Depression – TIME 6/27/18

Researchers May Have Underestimated the Number of Opioid Overdose Deaths – TIME 6/27/18

What’s the Best Way to Treat Plantar Fasciitis? – TIME 6/27/18

Daughter tells dad she’s cancer-free in surprise announcement: ‘Best birthday gift ever’ – Fox News 6/27/18

Dying man’s final wish to find home for beloved dogs – Fox News 6/27/18

Photo captures moment toddler’s leg broke while on slide with mom – Fox News 6/27/18

Broward County, where the Parkland attack happened, votes to put armed personnel in every school – CNN 6/27/18

Doctors decry plans to detain immigrant kids with parents – CNN 6/27/18

The best and worst US states for children – CNN 6/27/18

Oklahoma voters approve medical marijuana measure – CNN 6/27/18

What to do when your partner has flirty friendship – CNN 6/27/18

How Dementia complicates gun ownership – CNN 6/27/18

A man who couldn’t swim sacrifices his life to save a boy from drowning – CNN 6/27/18

Ditching the doctor? What to know about home health tests before trying them – Chicago Tribune 6/27/18

Doling out pain pills post- surgery: An ingrown toenail not the same as a bypass – Chicago Tribune 6/27/18

Updated osteoporosis screening guidelines cover only women. That could hurt men – Chicago Tribune 6/27/18

California Banning Soda Taxes? A New Industry Strategy Is Stunning Some Lawmakers – The New York Times 6/27/18

Walk Briskly for Your Health. About 100 Steps a Minute. – The New York Times 6/27/18

Genealogists Turn to Cousins’ DNA and Family Trees to Crack Five More Cold Cases – The New York Times 6/27/18

Midlife Fitness May Protect Against Later Depression – The New York Times 6/27/18

Use the iPhone’s Sleep Diary – The New York Times 6/27/18

Students sue University of Notre Dame for restricting access to some birth control – The Washington Post 6/27/8

‘We will hold you accountable.’ Democrats grill Azar on family separations – The Washington Post 6/27/18

Exercise can help treat mood disorders. Here’s why, and how to get started. – The Washington Post 6/27/18

Beyond genetics: Lifestyle choices to slow the aging process – The Washington Post 6/27/18

White House wants to cut this public health service corps by nearly 40 percent – The Washington Post 6/27/18

How to Seriously Tone Your Arms With Just a Bath Towel – TIME 6/26/18

My 10-Year-Old Daughter Takes the First FDA-Approved Marijuana Drug. It’s Changed Our Lives – TIME 6/26/18

The Science Behind Happy Relationships – TIME 6/26/18

Woman says agonizing condition has left her unable to have sex – Fox News 6/26/18

Girl bullied over hair loss condition shaves head – Fox News 6/26/18

Washington State football player had brain damage at suicide – Fox News 6/26/18

Surgeons reattach teen’s severed arm after UTV accident – Fox News 6/26/18

Cocaine and heroin supplies hit ‘record highs’ globally – CNN 6/26/18

A doctor said it was all in her head, but it was ‘the most common condition you’ve never heard of’ – CNN 6/26/18

Study: ‘Artificial pancreas’ better controls blood sugars in hospital patients with Type 2 diabetes – CNN 6/26/18

5 myths about infertility – Chicago Tribune 6/26/18

Mayo researchers identify method to diagnose pancreatic cancer in patients with early onset diabetes – Chicago Tribune 6/26/18

High-Resolution Snapshot of Zika Virus Reveals Clues to Fighting It – The New York Times 6/26/18

What the Living Can Learn by Looking Death Straight in the Eye – The New York Times 6/26/18

G.E. Is to Spin Off Health Care Division in Bid to Streamline – The New York Times 6/26/18

Is It Getting Harder to Care for Poor Patients? – The New York Times 6/26/18

SCOTUS’s only 2018 health-care ruling may land today – The Washington Post 6/26/18

Want to stop craving chocolate? Here are two options. – The Washington Post 6/26/18

Supreme Court decision on crisis pregnancy centers draws strong reaction from all sides – The Washington Post 6/26/18

Polio virus treatment increased survival in patients with deadly brain tumors, study shows – The Washington Post 6/26/18

Police dog ‘performs CPR’ in adorable viral video – Fox News 6/25/18

Medical milestone: US OKs marijuana-based drug for seizures – Fox News 6/25/18

Is ‘pregnancy brain’ real? – Fox News 6/25/18

Mom’s diabetes may increase child’s autism risk, study claims – Fox News 6/25/18

Retailers experiment with blue lights to deter drug use – Fox News 6/25/18

Woman’s home infested with ticks after 85 are found on family dog – Fox News 6/25/18

Man’s throat began to rot after he mistakenly swallowed bleach tablet – Fox News 6/25/18

Girl, 6, diagnosed with mystery neurological condition after struggling to walk, talk – Fox News 6/25/18

Flight attendants get more uterine, thyroid and other cancers, study finds – CNN 6/25/18

India the most dangerous country to be a woman, US ranks 10th in survey – CNN 6/25/18

Judge orders streamline process in suits against Cleveland fertility center – CNN 6/25/18

Insulin pill instead of shot: How close are we for diabetes patients? – CNN 6/25/18

Kids’ exposure to addiction drug rose 215% in three years, study says – CNN 6/25/18

Walgreens pharmacist refuses to fill woman’s prescription to induce a miscarriage – CNN 6/25/18

‘When Your Child Is Sick’: Navigating the challenges of having a child who is very ill – CNN 6/25/18

Woman who had tax-funded abortion says they ‘help people in bad situations,’ but critics decry public money for ‘immoral act’ – Chicago Tribune 6/25/18

From Meditation to Medication: Headspace Has a Prescription Strategy – The Wall Street Journal 6/25/18

The Challenges for Doctors Treating Migrant Children Separated From Their Parents – The New York Times 6/25/18

To Counter Loneliness, Find Ways to Connect – The New York Times 6/25/18

I Learned I Have Sleep Apnea. It’s More Serious Than Many People Realize. – The New York Times 6/25/18

HHS is working to reunite migrant families. But it won’t happen immediately. – The Washington Post 6/25/18

Should people with drug addictions be forced into rehab? – Fox News 6/24/18

Pennsylvania man finds hope after years of addiction and despair – Fox News 6/24/18

The restaurant industry grapples with demons of addiction, mental illness – CNN 6/24/18

No one is immune to suicide. But there is hope – CNN 6/24/18

US ‘not ready’ for increasing level of deadly bug diseases – CNN 6/24/18

Is There a Limit to the Human Lifespan? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

Should Doctors Routinely Tak to Patients About Gun Use? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

Should the Government Limit a Physician’s Ability to Treat Patients With Opioids? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

Should States Allow Insurers to Offer Bare-Bones Health Plans With Fewer Mandated Benefits? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

Is Robotic Prostate Surgery Better Than Traditional Surgery? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

How to Provide Better Incentives to Organ Donors – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

Is Screen Time Bad for Children’s Mental Health? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

Are Medicaid Work Requirements a Good Idea? – The Wall Street Journal 6/24/18

In a Chinese Village, Elderly Farmers Are Now Yogis – The New York Times 6/24/18

A Drug Costs $272,000 a Year. Not So Fast, Says New York State – The New York Times 6/24/18

Americans Love Families. American Policies Don’t. – The New York Times 6/24/18

This family learned tick bites can transmit more than Lyme disease – Fox News 6/23/18

Talking and sharing are key to suicide prevention – CNN 6/23/18

5 breezy ways to get — or stay — in tip-top shape this summer – Los Angeles Times 6/23/18

When an Iowa Family Doctor Takes On the Opioid Epidemic – The New York Times 6/23/18

The Trump Appointee Who’s an Addiction Specialist – The New York Times 6/23/18

First marijuana-derived drug is on the verge of approval – The Washington Post 6/23/18

Weekend Recipe: Your Guide to Creating Dairy-Free Nut, Seed and Rice Milks – TIME 6/22/18

Breastfeeding mom says Alabama restaurant owner covered baby’s head with dish rag – Fox News 6/22/18

Mom left brain damaged from stroke caused by infection she allegedly caught after giving birth – Fox News 6/22/18

Scientists piped music into women’s womb to see if fetuses like Freddie Mercury – Fox News 6/22/18

Teen facing cancer relapse racing to raise $350G for crucial bone marrow transplant – Fox News 6/22/18

What’s the average age when kids get a social media account? – CNN 6/22/18

ICE detainee held in California prison diagnosed with chickenpox – CNN 6/22/18

Four reasons to skip an activated charcoal ‘detox’ – CNN 6/22/18

How to be an ally to your LGBT friends, relatives and co-workers – CNN 6/22/18

Summer means rooftop yoga set to live violin music – Los Angeles Times 6/22/18

Wanted: Men unafraid of needles for Botox push – Chicago Tribune 6/22/18

How prepared is the world for next epidemic? Tool shows most countries are not – Chicago Tribune 6/22/18

Medicare takes aim at boomerang hospitalizations of nursing home patients – Chicago Tribune 6/22/18

When a Health Insurer Also Wants to Be a Hospice Company – The New York Times 6/22/18

Reuniting and Detaining Migrant Families Pose New Mental Health Risks – The New York Times 6/22/18

New York Confronts Rampant Smoking Among Chinese Men – The New York Times 6/22/18

She Wanted You to See a Family, Not Just a Pregnant Man – The New York Times 6/22/18

Breathing Tubes Fail to Save Many Older Patients – The New York Times 6/22/18

Diabetes Patients at Risk From Rising Insulin Prices – The New York Times 6/22/18

Can a Bar of Soap Transmit Infection? – The New York Times 6/22/18

Robotic surgery is no better than traditional surgery, bladder cancer study finds – The Washington Post 6/22/18

What happened next to the man with autism whose aide was shot by police – The Washington Post 6/22/18

There’s Hope for a Vaccine to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes – TIME 6/21/18

Scientists Are Using a New Weapon to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria–Viruses – TIME 6/21/18

First case of mosquito-borne Keystone virus found in humans – Fox News 6/21/18

Childhood cancer survivor reconnects with favorite nurse 30 years later – Fox News 6/21/18

‘Migrating’ bumps on woman’s face discovered to be parasite – Fox News 6/21/18

Pediatrician: Separated children ‘trying to find…anyone to hold on to’ – CNN 6/21/18

India sees sharp fall in heat wave deaths – CNN 6/21/18

Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died – CNN 6/21/18

Sunscreen 101: Your guide to summer sun protection and sunburn care – CNN 6/21/18

International Yoga Day: India takes a deep breath with Modi on the mat – CNN 6/21/18

U.S. Prepares Housing Up to 20,000 Migrants on Military Bases – The New York Times 6/21/18

(Mis)communicating Sex: Leave Us a Voice Mail With Your Story – The New York Times 6/21/18

A Common Virus May Play Role in Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds – The New York Times 6/21/18

Obesity Rates Higher in Country Than City – The New York Times 6/21/18

The Strategic Lies of Oncologists – The New York Times 6/21/18

Azar: We need to get migrant children out of HHS care as ‘expeditiously’ as possible – The Washington Post 6/21/18

Yes, Impostor Syndrome Is Real. Here’s How to Deal With It – TIME 6/20/18

Are Omega-3s Good for Your Brain? – TIME 6/20/18

Man awarded $18.4M in lawsuit over canceled HIV test – Fox News 6/20/18

Family of bullied girl who killed herself sues school district, claims principal ‘humiliated’ her – Fox News 6/20/18

8-year-old with 3-D printed hand reaches halfway mark in bid to pitch at every MLB stadium – Fox News 6/20/18

Unjustified medication shortened 456 lives in a UK hospital, report says – Fox News 6/20/18

Woman claims botched implant surgery left her with bacterial infection, severe scarring – Fox News 6/20/18

Mom warns of venomous caterpillars after son’s harrowing medical scare – Fox News 6/20/18

Toddler’s painful skin condition requires bleach baths to ward off infection – Fox News 6/20/18

Laser pointer burns hole in boy’s retina – CNN 6/20/18

Long-awaited report on water contaminants released by HHS – CNN 6/20/18

The World Health Organization will stop classifying transgender people as mentally ill – CNN 6/20/18

How prepared is the US for an anthrax attack? The CDC investigates – CNN 6/20/18

The war against childhood cancer: Who’s winning? – CNN 6/20/18

Ending the infection that scrapes eyes blind – CNN 6/20/18

Half of recent immigrant detainee deaths due to inadequate medical care, report finds – CNN 6/20/18

Woman kills parents, takes her own life over eczema torment – CNN 6/20/18

How Billy Caldwell case could end UK’s medical marijuana ban – CNN 6/20/18

There’s a severe shortage of mental health professionals in rural areas. Here’s why that’s a serious problem – CNN 6/20/18

Canada becomes second nation in the world to legalize marijuana – CNN 6/20/18

10-year-old girl with Down syndrome held at border detention center, Mexico says – CNN 6/20/18

New flu vaccine only a little better than traditional shot – Chicago Tribune 6/20/18

Are suicides really preventable? The statistics aren’t encouraging – Chicago Tribune 6/20/18

Trump Retreats After Fury Over Border Separations – The Wall Street Journal 6/20/18

Newly Discovered ‘Limb Pit’ Reveals Civil War Surgeons’ Bitter Choices – The New York Times 6/20/18

Night Owls May Have Higher Depression Risk – The New York Times 6/20/18

For Survivors of Childhood Cancer, Walk – The New York Times 6/20/18

One in Three Women Undergoing Breast Reconstruction Have Complications – The New York Times 6/20/18

What if physicians stopped weighing heavier patients? Health care might improve. – The Washington Post 6/20/18

New shingles vaccine is highly effective, long-lasting — and in short supply – The Washington Post 6/20/18

Atul Gawande named to head cost-cutting health-care venture from Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase – The Washington Post 6/20/18

How Marriage Can Actually Protect Your Heart Health – TIME 6/19/18

11 Best Foods For Your Immune System – TIME 6/19/18

Try This Fun HIIT Workout to Get Fit and Increase Your Endurance – TIME 6/19/18

Doctors Think a Woman’s Tattoo May Have Been Causing Her Severe Leg Pain – TIME 6/19/18

Michigan girl, 3, hailed hero for saving mom who suffered seizure – Fox News 6/19/18

Family claims hospital gave them wrong baby to hold for 2 hours – Fox News 6/19/18

Google AI can predict when you’ll die with 95 percent accuracy, researchers say – Fox News 6/19/18

House advances dozens of bills to combat nation’s opioid crisis – Fox News 6/19/18

What drinking alcohol means for your cancer and death risk – CNN 6/19/18

Does marijuana increase sexual desire? – CNN 6/19/18

Test your poison ivy knowledge before the plant ruins your summer – CNN 6/19/18

Smoking hits new low; about 14 percent of U.S. adults light up – Chicago Tribune 6/19/18

Some parents of epileptic kids wary of pot-based medication – Chicago Tribune 6/19/18

New Trump Administration Rule to Expand Access to Health Plans Without ACA Protections – The Wall Street Journal 6/19/18

Disability Applications Plunge as the Economy Strengthens – The New York Times 6/19/18

Study finds connection between race and sleep – The Washington Post 6/19/18

Many Doctors Give Morphine to Babies Born With Opioid Addiction. A New Study Suggests There’s a Better Way – TIME 6/18/18

Cigarettes Have to Be Labeled ‘Deadly’ Now. Here’s Why – TIME 6/18/18

Dad battling brain cancer shows no sign of tumor regrowth after clinical trial – Fox News 6/18/18

How a tick bite could harm your heart – Fox News 6/18/18

Veggie trays recalled after 78 sickened by parasite – Fox News 6/18/18

‘Random acts of kindness’ honor toddler who died before completing bucket list – Fox News 6/18/18

Dad left paralyzed from fall minutes after leaving hospital – Fox News 6/18/18

Doctors save teen who lived with organs outside body for 19 years – Fox News 6/18/18

Toxic treatments: Choosing between deafness and death – CNN 6/18/18

Opioid addiction drugs severely underutilized, study finds – CNN 6/18/18

FBI official, dead of 9/11-related cancer, remembered as number of cases grows – CNN 6/18/18

Would-be Indian child bride fights back and helps others – CNN 6/18/18

‘Incredibles 2’: Theaters post warnings due to seizure concerns – CNN 6/18/18

Scientists edit heart muscle gene in stem cells, may be able to predict risk – CNN 6/18/18

Diabetes after 50 could be early sign of pancreatic cancer, study says – CNN 6/18/18

Millennials may be less happy and healthy than their parents by middle age – CNN 6/18/18

Equine-assisted therapy may help autism, PTSD and pain. Why isn’t it used more? – CNN 6/18/18

Maine Keeps Battling Over Medicaid Expansion – The Wall Street Journal 6/18/18

A Troubling Prognosis for Migrant Children in Detention: ‘The Earlier They’re Out, the Better’ – The New York Times 6/18/18

Nearly Eradicated in Humans, the Guinea Worm Finds New Victims: Dogs – The New York Times 6/18/18

It Was Supposed to Be an Unbiased Study of Drinking. They Wanted to Call It ‘Cheers.’ – The New York Times 6/18/18

A New Approach to Treating Hypochondria – The New York Times 6/18/18

Why the Medical Research Grant System Could Be Costing Us Great Ideas – The New York Times 6/18/18

New York’s Health Department Plans to Recommend Legalizing Marijuana – The New York Times 6/18/18

A Third of Children Use Alternative Medicines – The New York Times 6/18/18

The Benefits of ‘Tummy Time’ – The New York Times 6/18/18

Congress tackles Medicaid rule in effort to dent opioid crisis – The Washington Post 6/18/18

Family’s fentanyl tragedy underscores ‘mind-boggling’ opioid crisis in New Hampshire – Fox News 6/17/18

Invasive plant that causes 3rd-degree burns, permanent blindness discovered in Virginia – Fox News 6/17/18

Their deaths were labled ‘victim of cataclysmic storm.’ So why aren’t their names on Puerto Rico’s list? – CNN 6/17/18

HPV vaccine leads to steep drop in cancer-causing infections in England – CNN 6/17/18

Video Game Addiction Tries to Move From Basement to Doctor’s Office – The New York Times 6/17/18

Rebel developers are trying to cure our smartphone addiction — with an app – The Washington Post 6/17/18

Why more men are delaying prostate cancer treatment – Fox News 6/16/18

California reinstates controversial right-to-die law – Fox News 6/16/18

Planning a Father’s Day brunch? Check this list of recalled foods first – CNN 6/16/18

Can Ultrasonic Noise Make You Sick? – The Wall Street Journal 6/16/18

A Father-Son Baseball Bond Stretches to Adulthood – The Wall Street Journal 6/16/18

Ketamine Used to Subdue Dozens at Request of Minneapolis Police, Report Says – The New York Times 6/16/18

A Family in Transition – The New York Times 6/16/18

Are Genetic Testing Sites the New Social Network? – The New York Times 6/16/18

Why Doing Nothing Is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do – TIME 6/15/18

California moves to declare coffee safe from cancer risk – Fox News 6/15/18

Will you catch the flu? Answer could be in your blood – Fox News 6/15/18

Medical flight crashes, killing pilots on way to pick up sick patient – Fox News 6/15/18

India facing its worst water shortage in history, report says – CNN 6/15/18

Doctors saw immigrant kids separated from their parents. Now they’re trying to stop it. – CNN 6/15/18

He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man – CNN 6/15/18

The radio man without a voice – CNN 6/15/18

New approach to Alzheimer’s fight: Diabetes drugs – CNN 6/15/18

Why ‘The Good Place’s’ Kristen Bell says she’s ‘obsessive about food’ – Los Angeles Times 6/15/18

Ravaged by the disease he studies – Chicago Tribune 6/15/18

The Quest to Decode the Brain – The Wall Street Journal 6/15/18

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Indicted on Fraud Charges – The New York Times 6/15/18

Major Study of Drinking Will Be Shut Down – The New York Times 6/15/18

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Cereal Recalled Over Salmonella Outbreak – The New York Times 6/15/18

A Small Price for Sitting Pretty – The New York Times 6/15/18

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics? – The New York Times 6/15/18

A Better Flu Shot May On the Horizon. Here’s Why – TIME 6/14/18

Swimming pool chemicals create gas cloud, sending dozens to hospitals – Fox News 6/14/18

Brothers who ran $100M health fraud scam sentenced to prison – Fox News 6/14/18

Doctors reveal rare condition that causes blind woman, 48, to only see moving objects – Fox News 6/14/18

More fast food workers diagnosed with hepatitis A – Fox News 6/14/18

Oregon woman dies after contracting virus spread by rodent droppings – Fox News 6/14/18

Brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana drinking water again – Fox News 6/14/18

Kentucky sues Walgreens, claims it has role in opioid epidemic – Fox News 6/14/18

Hospital ICUs bring daylight to night shifts via telemedicine – Fox News 6/14/18

Teen with autism delivers moving graduation speech – Fox News 6/14/18

Patients being tested for HIV after nurse reused syringes – Fox News 6/14/18

Woman claims she was given breast implants without consent after undergoing double mastectomy – Fox News 6/14/18

What causes uncombable hair syndrome? – Fox News 6/14/18

FDA warns consumers in 10 more states not to eat cut melon due to salmonella – CNN 6/14/18

Back from the brink of suicide, they want to save others – CNN 6/14/18

She often harbored suicidal thoughts. Now, this teen is using technology to fight them – CNN 6/14/18

Eid al-Fitr: A healthy way to break the fast – CNN 6/14/18

When you go from hungry to ‘hangry’ – CNN 6/14/18

Spray sunscreens are convenient but must be used correctly – Chicago Tribune 6/14/18

Losing your nest egg can shorten your life, study says – Chicago Tribune 6/14/18

Why you should probably stop snacking at work – Chicago Tribune 6/14/18

Medicaid Expansion Gains Popularity in Red States – The Wall Street Journal 6/14/18

The Mystery Around Middle-Age Suicides – The Wall Street Journal 6/14/18

Sex and Drugs Decline Among Teens, but Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Grow – The New York Times 6/14/18

Using Harpoon-Like Appendages, Bacteria ‘Fish’ for New DNA – The New York Times 6/14/18

When the Bully Is a Doctor – The New York Times 6/14/18

From a Pediatrician, Lessons for Dads-to-Be – The New York Times 6/14/18

The Trump administration has given Democrats a generous political gift – The Washington Post 6/14/18

Higher vitamin D levels linked to lower colorectal cancer risk, study finds – The Washington Post 6/14/18

How Often Should I Clean My Phone? – TIME 6/13/18

Body Hair Is Natural. Society Thinking Otherwise Is Dangerous – TIME 6/13/18

Psychedelic drugs may change the structure of brain cells – Fox News 6/13/18

Arizona student paralyzed by rare disorder while on vacation in Spain – Fox News 6/13/18

Mom claims she found bed bugs in daughter’s hospital room – Fox News 6/13/18

IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds – CNN 6/13/18

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