Health News March 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

​Study focuses on repeated hits, not concussions – The New York Times 3/31/16

Why you need a strong core, even if you can only dream of a six-pack – The Washington Post 3/29/16

How to keep in shape in pregnancy – The Wall Street Journal 3/28/16

Heroin epidemic is yielding to a deadlier cousin: Fentanyl – The New York Times 3/25/16

Why balance can make or break a runner – The Washington Post 3/24/16

The one doctor’s appointment all seniors should have–but rarely do – The Wall Street  Journal 3/23/16

What nutrition experts think is missing from the new dietary guidelines – The Washington Post 3/23/16

​A new view of appendicitis – The New York Times 3/19/16

The healing power of forgiveness – The Wall Street Journal 3/20/16

Accuracy concerns on testing device for blood-thinning drug –  The New York Times 3/17/16

Is it really A.D.H.D. or just immaturity – The New York Times 3/11/16

High body fat can be dangerous, even with normal BMI, new study says – The Washington Post 3/9/16

How to actually get a good lunchtime workout, even if you can’t leave the office – The Washington Post 3/9/16

How to make room for the home gym – The Wall Street Journal 3/9/16

Screening for Alzheimer’s gene tests the desire to know – The New York Times 3/7/16

Seeking elixir of life, a scientist studies fruit flies – The Wall Street Journal 3/7/16

How to get kids to kick their sugar habit – The Washington Post 3/1/16

Women waiting longer to have children – The New York Times 3/1/16