Health News March 2017

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

This is how much global trade costs, not in dollars but in premature deaths caused… – Los Angeles Times 3/31/17

1 in 4 youths exposed to secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes, study shows – The Washington Post 3/31/17

Young cancer patients may struggle socially years after diagnosis – Fox News 3/31/17

Chronically stressed people more likely to gain excess weight, study says – Fox News 3/31/17

​The cup of coffee that could cause heart palpitations – CNN 3/31/17

More older women hitting the bottle hard – Chicago Tribune 3/31/17

Soda or Bear Claw? Panera to Post Added Sugar in Drinks It Sells – The New York Times 3/31/17

Having a common cold feels worse if you’re lonely – Los Angeles Times 3/30/17

Why phosphate additives will be the next taboo ingredient – The Washington Post 3/30/17

​Getting Our Heads Around a Brain-Electrode Project – The Wall Street Journal 3/30/17

Singapore confirms two new cases of Zika virus – Fox News 3/30/17

Can anger rooms be used to relieve stress? – CNN 3/30/17

​EPA won’t ban pesticide chlorpyrifos; is it safe? – CNN 3/30/17

​Hepatitis Tied to Parkinson’s Risk – The New York Times 3/30/17

Health Subsidies for Low Earners Will Continue Through 2017, G.O.P. Says – The New York Times 3/30/17

Do DHA Supplements Make Babies Smarter? – The New York Times 3/30/17

​Finally, a treatment for severe eczema. But it’s incredibly expensive – Fox News 3/29/17

​FDA approves first treatment for severe type of multiple sclerosis – CNN 3/29/17

Mental health therapists see uptick in patients struggling with postelection anxiety – Chicago Tribune 3/29/17

In School Nurse’s Room: Tylenol, Bandages and an Antidote to Heroin – The New York Times 3/29/17

The weird intersection of alcohol and fitness could be big business for both sides – The Washington Post 3/29/17

Most states don’t require lifesaving heart device in schools – Fox News 3/28/17

New gene changes linked to greater risk of brain and ovarian cancer – CNN 3/28/17

Hepatitis B and C can be wiped out in the U.S. by 2030. Here’s how – Los Angeles Times 3/28/17

Videos help family caregivers navigate tricky tasks – Chicago Tribune 3/28/17

Costly Doctors Don’t Provide Better Care – The New York Times 3/28/17

Yo-yo dieting isn’t just counterproductive — it could put you at risk – The Washington Post 3/28/17

Alcohol & Heart Health: New study untangles the effects – Fox  News 3/27/17

Study shows no long-term cognitive benefit to breastfeeding – CNN 3/27/17

Your child has been diagnosed with autism. Now what? – Miami Herald 3/27/17

Six things you should do immediately after a workout – Chicago Tribune 3/27/17

There Is Coconut Everywhere – The Wall Street Journal 3/27/17

Can Tech Speed Up Emergency Room Care? – The Wall Street Journal 3/27/17

Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot – The New York  Times 3/27/17

Yoga to Make You Strong – The New York Times 3/27/17

​Keep watch for these three new labels on packaged foods – The Washington Post 3/27/17

​’UroLift’ offering patients with enlarged prostate quick relief – Fox News 3/26/17

​​Going Under the Knife, With Eyes and Ears Wide Open – The New York  Times 3/25/17

​Palliative care linked to fewer repeat hospitalizations – Fox News 3/24/17

ALS in athletes: Are head injuries to blame? – Fox News 3/24/17

Are vegetable oils healthy? – CNN 3/24/17

In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails – The New York Times 3/24/17

Fewer patients die during hospital inspection weeks – Chicago Tribune 3/24/17

​Kids get cravings, too. Parents should share their nutrition know-how. – The Washington Post 3/24/17

Lungs aren’t just for breathing, a new study suggests – Fox News 3/23/17

Will 100% fruit juice make your child gain weight? – CNN 3/23/17

‘Bad luck’ mutations increase cancer risk more than behavior, study says – CNN 3/23/17

Steroid shots fall short in long-term relief for low-back pain – Chicago Tribune 3/23/17

Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of White Adults, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal 3/23/17

With Age Comes a Mouthful of Trouble – The New York Times 3/23/17

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles – The New York Times 3/23/17

​Antioxidant supplements don’t lower dementia risk – Fox News 3/22/17

Why flu shots fail even when the match is right – CNN 3/22/17

This workout takes less than an hour, but you’ll feel it for days – Los Angeles Times 3/22/17

​Mixing energy drinks with alcohol may make dangerous cocktail – Chicago Tribune 3/22/17

Dreaded colonoscopy prep could soon get better –  Chicago Tribune 3/22/17

New Vaccine Could Slow Disease That Kills 600 Children a Day – The New York Times 3/22/17

Overweight Teenagers at Heightened Risk of Liver Disease – The New York Times 3/22/17

Should 15,000 Steps a Day Be Our New Exercise Target? – The New York Times 3/22/17

How Close Do You Need to Be to Your Gym? – The Wall Street Journal 3/22/17

​Non-traditional forms of treatment may offer relief for allergy sufferers – Fox News 3/21/17

​US infant mortality rates down 15% – CNN 3/21/17

​Blood test may spot lung cancer’s return, even before scans – Chicago Tribune 3/21/17

​How the low-FODMAP diet helped me beat my bloat – Chicago Tribune 3/21/17

Millions are deficient in vitamins D and B6 and don’t realize it – Miami Herald 3/21/17

Fewer Americans Would Be Insured With G.O.P. Plan Than With Simple Repeal –  The New York Times 3/21/17

In new report, doctors urge more exercise for pregnant women – The Washington Post 3/21/17

Popular Prostate Cancer Therapy Is Short, Intense and Unproven – The New York Times 3/20/17

Pop a Pill for Heartburn? Try Diet and Exercise Instead – The New York Times 3/20/17

It might not be a tantrum. Your sleepy child could be overtired. – Miami Herald 3/20/17

​Prescriptions may hold clues to who gets hooked on opioids, study says – CNN 3/20/17

How touch can shape babies’ brain development – Fox News 3/20/17

G.O.P.’s Health Care Tightrope Winds Through the Blue-Collar Midwest – The New York Times 3/19/17

Three workouts that promise spiritual fitness — and happiness – Los Angeles Times 3/19/17

Rural Areas Brace for a Shortage of Doctors Due to Visa Policy – The  New York Times 3/18/17

​How health care works around the world – CNN 3/17/17

Lack of sleep linked to behavioral problems in kids – Fox News 3/17/17

Less-Invasive Treatment Yielded Similar Outcome as Open-Heart Surgery… – The Wall Street Journal 3/17/17

Trump Plan Eliminates a Global Sentinel Against Disease, Experts Warn – The New York Times 3/17/17

10 nutrition mistakes even healthy people make – Chicago Tribune 3/17/17

Proposed federal budget would devastate cancer research, advocates say – The Washington Post 3/17/17

Does illness help young adults take charge of their own health? – Fox News 3/16/17

When a decline in cancer rates isn’t a good thing – CNN 3/16/17

​Baby boomers aren’t getting an important health test – Miami Herald 3/16/17

How to introduce peanut-based foods to your baby – Chicago Tribune 3/16/17

Having Heart Surgery? Don’t Stop Your Statins – The  New York Times 3/16/17

Parents, are you on the same page about what your kids eat? – The Washington Post 3/16/17

Hidden hearing loss: Loud noises are more dangerous previously thought – Chicago Tribune 3/15/17

Two-part Ebola vaccine offers long-lasting protection –  Fox News 3/15/17

​People with chronic conditions nervous about GOP health care bill – CNN 3/15/17

Parenthood can boost your longevity, if you don’t die from the stress first – Miami Herald 3/14/17

​No Magic in How G.O.P. Plan Lowers Premiums: It Penalizes Older People – The New York  Times 3/14/17

7 surprising ways you wreck your body when you don’t get off your butt – Fox News 3/14/17

Depression, anxiety, PTSD: The mental impact of climate change – CNN 3/14/17

CDC: Don’t donate sperm in 3 Florida counties due to Zika – Miami Herald 3/13/17

Do We Need to Give Up Alcohol to Lose Weight? Not Necessarily – The New York Times 3/13/17

The dangerous behaviors of teens who use fake weed – CNN 3/13/17

​Being an introvert in the office may not be a bad thing after all – Fox News 3/13/17

Geriatricians can help aging patients navigate multiple ailments – Chicago Tribune 3/13/17

You’re Not Busy, You’re Just Rude –  The Wall Street Journal 3/12/17

How to make the time change a little less painful this weekend – Los Angeles Times 3/11/17

Deadly fungal infection that doctors have been fearing now reported in U.S. – The Washington Post 3/10/17

The food habits linked to early deaths – CNN 3/10/17

8 nutritionists reveal what they eat when they’re craving something sweet – Fox News 3/10/17

Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil worries U.S. officials. Same mosquito as in Zika – Miami Herald 3/10/17

Pressed Into Caregiving Sooner Than Expected – The New York Times 3/10/17

​​Why Zumba Is Insanely Good Exercise – TIME 3/9/17

​​Zika Linked to Heart Problems – The Wall Street Journal 3/9/17

​Does an early winter warmup help or hurt those with seasonal depression? – Chicago Tribune 3/9/17

Breakfast, fasting, snacking: Heart panel weighs in on top meal-timing questions – The Washington Post 3/9/17

The genius in people with learning disabilities, mental health disorders – CNN 3/9/17

9 surprising first foods you should feed your baby – Fox News 3/9/17

Best way to slow aging? Exercise. But not just any kind. – Miami Herald 3/8/17

Who Wins and Who Loses Under Republicans’ Health Care Plan – The New York Times 3/8/17

Teenagers Do Dumb Things, but There Are Ways to Limit Recklessness – The New York Times 3/8/17

Interval training exercise could be a fountain of youth – CNN 3/8/17

Breathing, skin or sleep problems? Consider ‘salty’ yoga – Fox News 3/8/17

​Fewer heavy Americans are trying to lose weight, study finds – Chicago Tribune 3/7/17

Arthritis afflicts about 1 in 4 adults in the U.S., CDC report finds – The Washington Post 3/7/17

​Spring-cleaning: What’s working (or not) in your fitness routine? – The Washington Post 3/7/17

The Secret to Getting Your Teen to Talk – The Wall Street Journal 3/7/17

Mediterranean diet linked to lower risk of breast cancer type, study says – CNN 3/7/17

When a Partner Dies, Grieving the Loss of Sex – The New York Times 3/6/17

Veganism an option for young families, but make sure kids take their vitamins – Miami Herald 3/6/17

Many Asthma Patients Use Their Inhalers Incorrectly, Research Shows – The Wall Street Journal 3/6/17

Exposure to pollution kills millions of children, WHO reports find – The Washington Post 3/5/17

Surge in human cases of deadly bird flu is prompting alarm – The Washington Post 3/3/17

​Gene therapy shows early promise against sickle cell – Chicago Tribune 3/3/17

Is rice healthy? – CNN 3/3/17

Why is swimming so good for you? –  TIME 3/2/17

When you down a can of soda, you’ve blown your daily sugar intake — you’re still drinking? -Miami Herald 3/2/17
​Some birth defects 20 times more likely for moms with Zika, CDC says – CNN 3/2/17

Want a productive work day? Watch what you eat. – The Washington Post 3/2/17

Frequent, Brisk Walks May Aid Those With Early Alzheimer’s – The New York Times 3/1/17

​Butter or olive oil? Eggs or no? Nutritional review cuts through the myths – Chicago Tribune 3/1/17