Health News March 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Baby surprise: Women mistakes 37-week pregnancy for bad Chinese food – Fox News 3/31/18

How prayer beads can enhance your meditative lifestyle – Los Angeles 3/31/18

Hey L.A., here are 4 ways to level up your fitness – Los Angeles Times 3/31/18

Father-Daughter Bonding With Tennis Strings Attached – The Wall Street Journal 3/31/18

Prostate-Cancer Gene Test Helps Patients Decide on Treatment – The Wall Street Journal 3/31/18

Is This Tissue a New Organ? Maybe. A Conduit for Cancer? It Seems Likely. – The New York Times 3/31/18

Synthetic pot cases spike in Illinois, officials warn users may experience ‘ bleeding from eyes and ears’ – Fox News 3/30/18

7-year-old body with Tourette’s makes powerful video to stop teasing from classmates – Fox News 3/30/18

Cancer experts say coffee is safe, despite California’s new warning label requirement – Fox News 3/30/18

The Kentucky county where the water smells like diesel – CNN 3/30/18

One state’s novel idea to make Big Pharma pay for opioid epidemic – CNN 3/30/18

Flu is still hanging around in some regions, CDC warns – CNN 3/30/18

How to lose underarm ‘batwing’ fat – CNN 3/30/18

CBD is cannabis that won’t get you high. So why are so many people using it? – Chicago Tribune 3/30/18

‘Peanut Butter Cup’ vape? E-cig ads targeting teens create 224,000 new smokers a year, study says – Chicago Tribune 3/30/18

Without context or cushion, do online medical results make sense? – Chicago Tribune 3/30/18

Bologna Blamed in Worst Listeria Outbreak in History – The New York Times 3/30/18

Are Today’s Teenagers Smarter and Better Than We Think? – The New York Times 3/30/18

Can You Get Two Colds at Once? – The New York Times 3/30/18

Many Americans Try Retirement, Then Change Their Minds – The New York Times 3/30/18

5 steps to lowering your cancer risk, according to a dietitian – The Washington Post 3/30/18

‘Phubbing’ Is Hurting Your Relationships. Here’s What It Is – TIME 3/29/18

Mother turns her placenta into a smoothie and feeds it to her family for health benefits – Fox News 3/29/18

Here’s a new reason why eating out might be bad for your health – CNN 3/29/18

Before you go to an amusement park, read this – CNN 3/29/18

Heart disease risk may show in your earlobes, eyes, fingers – CNN 3/29/18

Opioid overdose deaths are still rising in nearly every segment of the country, CDC says – Los Angeles Times 3/29/18

EPA poised to scrap fuel economy targets that are key to curbing global warming — setting up clash with California – Los Angeles Times 3/29/18

‘It’s getting exponentially worse’: Fentanyl behind latest spike in opioid overdose deaths – Chicago Tribune 3/29/18

Residential facilities can be key in treating eating disorders – Chicago Tribune 3/29/18

Walmart in Early-Stage Acquisition Talks With Humana – The Wall Street Journal 3/29/18

E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars to Be Cleaner and More Efficient – The New York Times 3/29/18

Why Do Cracking Knuckles Make That Noise? You Might Need a Calculator – The New York Times 3/29/18

Coffee must carry cancer warning, California judge rules – The Washington Post 3/29/18

‘Our greastest fear’: Highly drug-resistant gonorrhea confirmed by health officials – The Washington Post 3/29/18

What’s the Healthiest Way to Make Popcorn? – TIME 3/28/18

Toddler hospitalized with severe blisters from toy makeup kit making recovery – Fox News 3/28/18

Chemical spill at Chicago-area medical clinic sends at least 15 to hospital – Fox News 3/28/18

Parents in Utah can no longer be prosecuted for ‘free range’ kids – CNN 3/28/18

First case of super-resistant gonorrhea reported – CNN 3/28/18

Trump travel ban hinders man’s ability to have lifesaving surgery – CNN 3/28/18

Australia investigates implants that left some women with ‘rotting pelvises’ – CNN 3/28/18

Teen serial inventor returns with pollution filter to clear city skies – CNN 3/28/18

After weight-loss surgery, singles were more likely to start a relationship and couples were more likely to split – Los Angeles Times 3/28/18

In the transplant world, solving the dilemma of not enough hearts – Chicago Tribune 3/28/18

Fertility clinic says alarm was off for failed tank that likely ruined frozen eggs, embryos – Chicago Tribune 3/28/18

Hospital Giants Halt Merger Talks – The Wall Street Journal 3/28/18

Fitness in Midlife May Help Fend Off Dementia – The New York Times 3/28/18

Those 2-Minute Walk Breaks? They Add Up – The New York Times 3/28/18

Patient Voices: Restless Leg Syndrome – The New York Times 3/28/18

Genetics may make some babies vulnerable to SIDS or ‘crib death,’ study says – The Washington Post 3/28/18

A Planned Parenthood branch demanded ‘a Disney princess who’s had an abortion.’ Then it had second thoughts. – The Washington Post 3/28/18

Why you should reject ‘guilt-free’ foods – and the whole idea of food guilt – The Washington Post 3/28/18

10 Health Conditions That Are Linked to Depression – TIME 3/27/18

Teens Are ‘Juuling’ At School. Here’s What That Means – TIME 3/27/18

Colorado hospitals find success in reducing opioid addiction – Fox News 3/27/18

Yucky ducky? Study reveals bath-time toy’s dirty secret – Fox News 3/27/18

Some e-cigarette users may struggle to quit smoking – Fox News 3/27/18

Health agency warns UK parents as scarlet fever cases soar – CNN 3/27/18

Newfound ‘organ’ could be the biggest in your body – CNN 3/27/18

Hormone replacement may fight belly fat, study says – CNN 3/27/18

Bread’s crust not more nutritious than the rest – CNN 3/27/18

Kids with autism — and their young siblings — less likely to receive vaccinations – Chicago Tribune 3/27/18

Can timing of meals help with weight loss? – Chicago Tribune 3/27/18

Medicare Is Cracking Down on Opioids. Doctors Fear Pain Patients Will Suffer. – The New York Times 3/27/18

The Highs and Lows of Testosterone – The New York Times 3/27/18

Hearing Loss May Make You Accident Prone – The New York Times 3/27/18

A Hitler-Era Abortion Law Haunts Merkel, and Germany – The New York Times 3/27/18

Patient Voices: Rare Diseases – The New York Times 3/27/18

You’ve Detailed Your Last Wishes, but Doctors May Not See Them – The New York Times 3/27/18

A 380-pound beauty queen wants to bring attention to a rare disorder that causes constant hunger – The Washington Post 3/27/18

Parental feeding styles can have consequnces for kids. Which type is yours? – The Washington Post 3/27/18

FDA sued for delaying e-cigarette, cigar regulations – The Washington Post 3/27/18

Why the medical community is concerned about a genetic testing boom – The Washington Post 3/27/18

Testing for hepatitis C lags with baby boomers despite high infection rate – The Washington Post 3/27/18

Short bursts of exercise may be as beneficial as regular workouts in extending life – Fox News 3/26/18

Obesity tied to shorter life, overweight people more years with heart disease – Fox News 3/26/18

Fertility clinic rules out inappropriate access to tank area – Fox News 3/26/18

76% of sports sponorships tied to junk food, study says – CNN 3/26/18

Children with autism less likely to be fully vaccinated, study finds – CNN 3/26/18

Where fat goes when you lose weight – CNN 3/26/18

Medicare drug prices soar at 10 times rate of inflation, report says – CNN 3/26/18

By going vegan, America could feed an additional 390 million people, study suggests – Los Angeles Times 3/26/18

Americans take more opioids than any other country — but not because they’re in more pain – Chicago Tribune 3/26/18

5 reasons sex is good for you – Chicago Tribune 3/26/18

A New Theory on Sudden Infant Deaths Divides Doctors – The Wall Street Journal 3/26/18

For Many Strokes, There’s an Effective Treatmen. Why Aren’t Some Doctors Offering It? – The New York Times 3/26/18

Grindr, Popular Gay Sex App, to Offer H.I.V. Test Reminders – The New York Times 3/26/18

Is It Time to Give Up on Fish Oil? – The New York Times 3/26/18

Patient Vocies: Psoriasis – The New York Times 3/26/18

What We Know (and Don’t Know) About How to Lose Weight – The New York Times 3/26/18

Ex-NBA star Chris Herren opening center to combat addiction – The Washington Post 3/26/18

Collagen supplements show early promise for skin and joints, but don’t stock up yet – The Washington Post 3/26/18

Brain abnormalities found in 4- and 5-year-olds with ADHD, researchers say – The Washington Post 3/26/18

The #MeToo movement hits the medical field – Chicago Tribune 3/25/18

Health-Insurance Premiums Loom as Election Issue – The Wall Street Journal 3/25/18

Tool kits can help you start the journey to wellness – The Washington Post 3/25/18

Why Do Some People Get Sick Less Often? – The Wall Street Journal 3/24/18

She Hits New Heights to Get More Flexible – The Wall Street Journal 3/24/18

Scientists develop brain scanner in a helmet – Fox News 3/23/18

Freezing the ‘hunger nerve’ could help with weight loss, new study finds – Fox News 3/23/18

Is the return of government gun research near? – CNN 3/23/18

How to succeed at intermittent fasting – CNN 3/23/18

Parents of young children have reason to be watchful as flu season ends – CNN 3/23/18

Sad in the spring? Allergy-mood link is real – CNN 3/23/18

Stanford professor says the workplace is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. – Chicago Tribune 3/23/18

Male birth control pill includes a side effect that has frustrated women for decades – Chicago Tribune 3/23/18

American Adults Just Keep Getting Fatter – The New York Times 3/23/18

Why Can’t Dying Patients Get the Drugs They Want? – The New York Times 3/23/18

Do Face Masks Really Keep You Healthy? – The New York Times 3/23/18

Unique Identifiers in Animal DNA – The New York Times 3/23/18

At Hamburger Central, Antibiotics for Cattle That Aren’t Sick – The New York Times 3/23/18

Why Tai Chi Works So Well For Pain Relief – TIME 3/22/18

The Simple Pasta Hack That Adds a Dose of Good-for-You Minerals to Your Meal – TIME 3/22/18

How to Actually Get Your Doctor to Listen to You – TIME 3/22/18

E-cigarette users may be less likely to quit smoking, says a new study – Fox News 3/22/18

One-month sugar detox: A nutritionist explains how and why – CNN 3/22/18

Cut calories by 15% to stay young, study says – CNN 3/22/18

Red and processed meats linked to liver damage, study says – Chicago Tribune 3/22/18

Trump Policy Change Is a Win for Drugmakers – The Wall Street Journal 3/22/18

How Not to Get Sick on a Plane? Choose Your Seat Wisely – The New York Times 3/22/18

Omega-6s in Nuts, Seeds and Vegetable Oils May Aid the Heart – The New York Times 3/22/18

Netflix Adds a Warning Video to ’13 Reasons Why’ – The New York Times 3/22/18

Was a Tiny Mummy in the Atacama an Alien? No, but the Real Story Is Almost as Strange – The New York Times 3/22/18

South Sudan Halts Spread of Crippling Guinea Worms – The New York Times 3/22/18

House budget says CDC can study gun violence – The Washington Post 3/22/18

Why Do I Sweat When I Sleep? – TIME 3/21/18

An Experimental Weight Loss Procedure Literally Freezes Hunger Signals – TIME 3/21/18

Bee sting acupuncture once touted by Gwyneth Paltrow kills woman in Spain – Fox News 3/21/18

How the White House is tackling the opioid epidemic – Fox News 3/21/18

Harry Connick Jr. talks colon cancer screening options – Fox News 3/21/18

Flu patient’s mistake with over-the-counter meds leads to transplant – Fox News 3/21/18

How Luke Skywalker’s robotic hand inspired the prosthetics of tomorrow – CNN 3/21/18

Abortion restrictions don’t lower rates, report says – CNN 3/21/18

The shaky science of lie detectors – CNN 3/21/18

6 common mistakes new runners make – CNN 3/21/18

Why are so many more medications not covered by insurance? – Chicago Tribune 3/21/18

A disease with no cure, a family trying to find one – Chicago Tribune 3/21/18

Study on health effects of a daily glass of wine under scrutiny — because the liquor industry funded it – Chicago Tribune 3/21/18

In the era of legalization, how do you discuss marijuana with your kids? – Chicago Tribune 3/21/18

Coffee may affect metabolism more than previously thought – Chicago Tribune 3/21/18

Weight-loss surgery beats meds for obese, diabetic teens, study says – Chicago Tribune 3/21/18

House Backs Bill Giving the Terminally Ill Easier Access to Unproven Drugs – The Wall Street Journal 3/21/18

Smartwatch Shows Promise in Detecting Heart Problem – The Wall Street Journal 3/21/18

IVF Testing Spurs a Debate Over ‘Mosaic’ Embryos – The Wall Street Journal 3/21/18

Insurers Doing Well, White House Says, Raising ACA Subsidy Doubts – The Wall Street Journal 3/21/18

AIDS Researcher Robert R. Redfield Named to Lead the C.D.C. – The New York Times 3/21/18

More Cases Are Reported of Unusual Cancer Linked to Breast Implants – The New York Times 3/21/18

Mumps Is On the Rise. A Wanning Vaccine Response May Be Why. – The New York Times 3/21/18

In Germany, the Power of Art in the Twilight of Life – The New York Times 3/21/18

Workout conundrum: Is that good pain or bad pain? – The Washington Post 3/21/18

Hepatitis C killing Arizona death row inmates, not lethal injection – Fox News 3/20/18

More Americans at risk for heart attack and stroke, says a new study – Fox News 3/20/18

Judge temporarily blocks 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi – CNN 3/20/18

How your skin care could protect you from pollution – CNN 3/20/18

How your next meal could help fight depression and stress – CNN 3/20/18

For weight loss that lasts, eat mindfully – Chicago Tribune 3/20/18

Study finds obesity robs the tongue of taste buds in mice – Chicago Tribune 3/20/18

‘Loving deception’: How white lies can benefit Alzheimer’s patients – Chicago Tribune 3/20/18

N.I.H. to Investigate Outreach to Alcohol Companies – The New York Times 3/20/18

Patient Voices: Narcolepsy – The New York Times 3/20/18

What Young Rats’ Workouts Could Tell Us About the Human Heart – The New York Times 3/20/18

‘We’re Losing the Fight’: Tuberculosis Batters a Venezuela in Crisis – The New York Times 3/20/18

David Reich Unearths Human History Etched in Bone – The New York Times 3/20/18

Be kinder to yourself. Research shows it could make you healthier. – The Washington Post 3/20/18

Are Essential Oils Safe? – TIME 3/19/18

Exactly What 7 Sleep Experts Do When They Can’t Fall Asleep – TIME 3/19/18

Trump declares war on opioid abuse, calls for death penalty for traffickers, more access for treatment – Fox News 3/19/18

Spices might get teens to like vegetables, says new study – Fox News 3/19/18

Students are sneaking discreet new e-cigarette that looks like thumb drive – Fox News 3/19/18

The television trick to learning a new language – CNN 3/19/18

Male birth control pill shows early promise in latest trial – Chicago Tribune 3/19/18

Heart attack survival better when specialists are out of town – Chicago Tribune 3/19/18

New technologies help seniors age in palce — and not feel alone – Chicago Tribune 3/19/18

Can Achy Joints Predict the Weather? – The Wall Street Journal 3/19/18

The Struggle to Build a Massive ‘Biobank’ of Patient Data – The New York Times 3/19/18

When Doctors Don’t Listen to Women – The New York Times 3/19/18

Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age – The New York Times 3/19/18

Medicare Doesn’t Equal Dental Care. That Can Be a Big Problem – The New York Times 3/19/18

Buoyed by Financial Support, Military Veterans Are a Growing Part of the Paralymics – The New York Times 3/18/18

Take This App and Call Me in the Morning – The New York Times 3/18/18

Former FDA commissioners say right-to-try bills could endager ‘vulnerable patients’ – The Washington Post 3/18/18

A ‘Swim Mom’ Becomes the Competitor – The Wall Street Journal 3/17/18

Federal Agency Courted Alcohol Industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking – The New York Times 3/17/18

U.K., Land of ‘Brexit,’ Quietly Outsources Some Surgeries to France – The New York Times 3/17/18

Sexual orientation top risk for suicidal thoughts in college freshmen – Fox News 3/16/18

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: A concrete step in the fight against the opioid epidemic – Fox News 3/16/18

Accidentally famous: The psychology of going viral – CNN 3/16/18

‘The 5th Dementia’ uses music as medicine – CNN 3/16/18

HIV rates rise in at least two US hot spots – CNN 3/16/18

Is Guinness really ‘good for you’? – CNN 3/16/18

Makeup is changing the meaning of masculinity – CNN 3/16/18

Inspired by the L.A. Marathon? Here are 10 secrets veteran runners know all about – Los Angeles Times 3/16/18

Doctors said to let a teen’s sinus infection ‘run its course,’ family says. Weeks later, he died. – Chicago Tribune 3/16/18

Certain teens more likely to get hooked on opioids – Chicago Tribune 3/16/18

A Quiet Drug Problem Among the Elderly – The New York Times 3/16/18

Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman? – The New York Times 3/16/18

What Causes Canker Sores? – The New York Times 3/16/18

Palliative Care Film Challenges Stereotypes About Opioids – The New York Times 3/16/18

Dementia’s Gift: Facing Cancer Without the Fear – The New York Times 3/16/18

How Training for the Paralympics Became a Full-Time Job – The New York Times 3/16/18

A ‘Sweet Spot’ for Heart Health – The New York Times 3/16/18

Top candidate to lead CDC is an HIV/AIDS researcher – The Washington Post 3/16/18

5 interesting findings about U.S. abortions from a new report on the current science – The Washington Post 3/16/18

FDA begins anti-smoking push to cut nicotine in cigarettes – Fox News 3/15/18

Travelers may have been exposed to measles at Detroit, Newark and Memphis airports – Fox News 3/15/18

Juul e-cigarettes and teens: ‘Health problem of the decade’? – CNN 3/15/18

By vibrating the muscles, engineers produce a better prosthetic hand – Los Angeles Times 3/15/18

FDA takes ‘historic’ step to lower nicotine in cigarettes – Chicago Tribune 3/15/18

The Great Recession of 2008 raised America’s blood pressure, new study shows – Chicago Tribune 3/15/18

Health officials issue second measles warning in a year for Newark Airport – Chicago Tribune 3/15/18

Billions of Dollars on the Line as Insurers Await Obamacare Ruling – The Wall Street Journal 3/15/18

What’s Behind Many Mystery Ailments? Genetic Mutations, Study Finds – The New York Times 3/15/18

Adding Formula to Breast-Feeding May Help Some Newborns – The New York Times 3/15/18

Black Cancer Matters – The New York Times 3/15/18

How I Finally Kicked My O.C.D. – The New York Times 3/15/18

Native American overdose deaths surge since opioid epidemic – Fox News 3/14/18

Doctors using glowing dyes to find hidden cancer – Fox News 3/14/18

4 foods you may not realize are superfoods – Fox News 3/14/18

Oklahoma plans to use new execution method – CNN 3/14/18

What is ALS, the condition Stephen Hawking lived with for over 5 decades? – CNN 3/14/18

Ohio judge blocks legislation preventing abortions in Down syndrome cases – CNN 3/14/18

Dementia study links your risk with your fitness level – CNN 3/14/18

A strong handshake could indicate a healthy heart – CNN 3/14/18

Tax on millionaires boosts California mental health services, study finds – CNN 3/14/18

How the Japanese ‘love hotel’ trend can improve your sex life – CNN 3/14/18

In the fight for her life, young professional runner isn’t slowing down – CNN 3/14/18

Hospitals use protons to fight cancer – Chicago Tribune 3/14/18

Veterans Health Program Closes ‘Indefinitely’ After Killings – The New York Times 3/14/18

Want to Be Happy? Try Moving to Finland – The New York Times 3/14/18

How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’ – The New York Times 3/14/18

Are my frozen embryos safe? Everything you need to know given two fertility clinics’ recent problems – The Washington Post 3/14/18

Drug deaths rose 8,370% in some US counties over 34 years – CNN 3/13/18

With healthcare, it’s not what you spend but how you spend it – Los Angeles Times 3/13/18

The real reason the U.S. spends twice as much on health care as other wealthy countries – Chicago Tribune 3/13/18

Never too late to operate? Surgery near end of life is common, costly – Chicago Tribune 3/13/18

Claustrophobia can turn MRI into frightening experience – Chicago Tribune 3/13/18

Stockholders Approve CVS Health’s Acquisition of Aetna – The Wall Street Journal 3/13/18

Cancer Panel Calls for Measures to Lower Drug Costs – The Wall Street Journal 3/13/18

What Fertility Patients Should Know About Egg Freezing – The New York Times 3/13/18

A Cure for Nausea? Try Sniffing Alcohol – The New York Times 3/13/18

Dogs can get a runner’s high, too: What to know about taking on a four-legged jogging buddy – The Washington Post 3/13/18

Women with bigger waist and hips have higher heart attack risk – Fox News 3/12/18

Scientists tout ‘pen’ technology that detects cancer in 20 seconds – Fox News 3/12/18

US deaths from lead exposure 10 times higher than thought, study suggests – CNN 3/12/18

Here’s how the Great Recession impacted your health – CNN 3/12/18

World Health Organization gets ready for ‘Disease X’ – CNN 3/12/18

These are the countries where spanking is illegal – CNN 3/12/18

Why anti-opioid protesters littered a legendary New York art space with pill bottles – CNN 3/12/18

Eat healthier without quitting sugar – CNN 3/12/18

Daytime drowsiness increases risk of Alzheimer’s in elderly, study says – CNN 3/12/18

If you’re planning to take part in the national school walkout, read this – CNN 3/12/18

How barbershops could lower blood pressure – CNN 3/12/18

Salmonella outbreak linked to guinea pigs – CNN 3/12/18

HPV is causing an oral cancer epidemic in men by outwitting natural defenses – Chicago Tribune 3/12/18

Drugmakers try rare tactic to boost sales: cutting the price by thousands – Chicago Tribune 3/12/18

2nd lawsuit filed over lost embryos at Ohio fertility clinic – Chicago Tribune 3/12/18

Early colon cancer screening advised for some – Chicago Tribune 3/12/18

Orexigen Bankruptcy Shows Difficulty of Marketing Weight-Loss Drugs – The Wall Street Journal 3/12/18

Diabetes Debate Leaves Little Consensus – The Wall Street Journal 3/12/18

Congress Quashed Research Into Gun Violence. Since Then, 600,000 People Have Been Shot. – The New York Times 3/12/18

In Poor Countries, Antismoking Activists Face Threats and Violence – The New York Times 3/12/18

Ignoring Science at Our Peril – The New York Times 3/12/18

Teenagers Are Sexting — Now What? – The New York Times 3/12/18

Thinking of Going to Brazil? You Will Need a Yellow Fever Vaccination – The New York Times 3/12/18

Do Antidepressants Work? – The New York Times 3/12/18

The Great Recession raised America’s blood pressure, study finds – The Washington Post 3/12/18

Insurers Game Medicare System to Boost Federal Bonus Payments – The Wall Street Journal 3/11/18

Museums Fight the Isolation and Pain of Dementia – The New York Times 3/11/18

Alex Azar, the new Health and Human Services secretary, has ideas to improve your health care – Fox News 3/10/18

PTSD treatment center where slayings occurred has helped hundreds of US military veterans – Fox News 3/10/18

This yoga-meets-tribal dance workout can burn over 800 calories – Los Angeles Times 3/10/18

House Introduces ‘Right to Try’ Legislation – The Wall Street Journal 3/10/18

Regeneron and Sanofi Plan to Cut Cholesterol Drug Price – The Wall Street Journal 3/10/18

Is vegetarian fast food actually good for you? – CNN 3/9/18

The proven health benefits of honey – CNN 3/9/18

Avocados: History of an unlikely but legitimate healthy food craze – CNN 3/9/18

Protein powder pros and cons: What to know, what to watch out for – CNN 3/9/18

5 tips for surviving the time change – Los Angeles Times 3/9/18

The dark side of daylight saving time – Chicago Tribune 3/9/18

7 tips to keep your brain as sharp as your body – Chicago Tribune 3/9/18

Thousands of eggs, embryos possibly damaged at Ohio fertility clinic due to refigerator malfunction – Chicago Tribune 3/9/18

From the ER to inpatient care — at home – Chicago Tribune 3/9/18

FDA Opens Way for You to Test for Cancer Risk by Mail – The Wall Street Journal 3/9/18

Trump Administration Tells Idaho It Will Enforce Affordable Care Act if State Refuses – The Wall Street Journal 3/9/18

Can I Catch the Same Cold Twice? – The New York Times 3/9/18

Ask Your Doctor. Until Then, Here’s a Word From Our Sitcom. – The New York Times 3/9/18

Why we need to take fat-shaming out of fitness culture – The Washington Post 3/9/18

Drinking problems tied to higher risk of early dementia – Fox News 3/8/18

Outbreak of salmonella linked to chicken salad expands – CNN 3/8/18

CDC identifies a mystery cluster of deaths among dentists – CNN 3/8/18

Why daylight saving time can be bad for your health – CNN 3/8/18

The history of the ‘ideal’ woman and where that has left us – CNN 3/8/18

Israeli trauma experts help counselors in Parkland, Florida – CNN 3/8/18

22-year-old’s 3-D scanner can diagnose heart diseases in 90 seconds – CNN 3/8/18

Your brain stopped making new cells at age 13, study claims – CNN 3/8/18

Cancer treatment guidelines questioned in new study – CNN 3/8/18

Hundreds of doctors in Quebec are protesting. They say they make too much – CNN 3/8/18

Researchers unclear why suicide is increasing among black children – Chicago Tribune 3/8/18

Everyone can learn hemorrhage control on ‘National Stop the Bleed Day’ – Chicago Tribune 3/8/18

Male doctors are disappearing from gynecology. Not everybody is thrilled about it – Chicago Tribune 3/8/18

Cigna Deal Shows Being a Health Insurer Isn’t Enough Anymore – The Wall Street Journal 3/8/18

How One Child’s Sickle Cell Mutation Helped Protect the World From Malaria – The New York Times 3/8/18

Cigna to Buy Express Scripts in 52 Billion Health Care Deal – The New York Times 3/8/18

Being Exposed to Even a Small Amount of Light During Sleep is Linked to Depression – TIME 3/7/18

What are mumps? Signs and symptoms of the contagious virus – Fox News 3/7/18

Acting CDC chief: Drug overdose deaths are the highest ever in the US. Here’s what we must do now – Fox News 3/7/18

Thousands of cheerleaders possibly exposed to mumps after Texas competition, health officials say – Fox News 3/7/18

Prescription opioids fail rigorous new test for chronic pain – Fox News 3/7/18

Dying vets can’t use life-ending drugs at many state homes – Fox News 3/7/18

Some foods better for your brain, memory – CNN 3/7/18

FDA approval of self testing for breast cancer genes comes with cautions – CNN 3/7/18

Why boys love guns, and what to do about it – CNN 3/7/18

10 best foods for your heart – CNN 3/7/18

The sudden collapse of coconut oil, 2015’s favorite superfood – Chicago Tribune 3/7/18

Opioids no better than common painkillers for treating chronic pain, study finds – Chicago Tribune 3/7/18

Hospitals Fund Potential Game-Changers in Health Tech – The Wall Street Journal 3/7/18

To Boost Sports Performance (and Annoy Your Opponents), Grunt – The New York Times 3/7/18

Probiotics and Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Curb Allergies in Kids – The New York Times 3/7/18

For Arthritis Pain, Tylenol Works as Well as Opioids – The New York Times 3/7/18

Getting Care to Those Who Need It, and Fast – The New York Times 3/7/18

Why more civilians are now learning military grade techniques to save lives – The Washington Post 3/7/18

This Is the One Thing That Can Make Hard Workouts Feel Easier – TIME 3/6/18

Dieting pressure in teen years tied to food and weight problems later – Fox News 3/6/18

Mississippi could be the first state with 15-week abortion ban – CNN 3/6/18

Britain’s health agency has put the country on a diet – CNN 3/6/18

How to build muscle as age tears it down – CNN 3/6/18

ER visits for opioid overdose up 30%, CDC study finds – CNN 3/6/18

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