Health News May 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Overcoming the shame of a suicide attempt – The New York Times 5/30/16

When it comes to fitness, grit counts more than genetics –  The Washington Post 5/25/16

If your child gets migraines, here’s how you can help – The Washington Post 5/24/16

Should cellphones have warning labels? – The Wall Street Journal 5/22/16

Exercise tied to lower risk for 13 types of cancer – The New York Times 5/18/16

How much is too much marijuana to drive? Lawmakers wonder – The New York Times 5/13/16

Pesticide exposure may increase risk of ALS – The New York Times 5/12/16

Kids, you’re too smart to skip breakfast – The Washington Post 5/11/16

Picking up an infection in the hospital – The New York Times 5/11/16

Worried? You’re not alone –  The New York Times 5/9/16

5 reasons we regain weight – The Washington Post 5/6/16

​Rapid Zika test is introduced by researchers – The New York Times 5/6/16

​California raises smoking age to 21 – The New York Times 5/4/16

Yes, healthy habits can include alcohol – The Washington Post 5/2/16