Health News May 2017

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Ebola vaccine approved for Congo amid outbreak in remote region – Fox News 5/31/17

Teva’s migraine drug succeeds in late-stage study – Fox News 5/31/17

Births to older moms rise as teen birth rate drops – CNN 5/31/17

Study reveals high environmental cost of tobacco – CNN 5/31/17

The importance of building children’s resilience – CNN 5/31/17

​Ohio Sues Five Drugmakers, Saying They Fueled Opioid Crisis –  The Wall Street Journal 5/31/17

Boost Your Workouts With Caffeine, Even if You Chug Coffee Daily – The New York Times 5/31/17

Hotels put bigger focus on fitness with in-room equipment – The Washington Post 5/31/17

More than a third of teenage girls experience depression, new study says – The Washington Post 5/31/17

New map tracks germs’ travels around hospitals – Fox News 5/30/17

​Lack of sleep may cause brain to ‘eat’ parts of itself – Fox News 5/30/17

Injury rates in young female athletes may be underestimated – Fox News 5/30/17

The healthiest way to improve your sleep: exercise – CNN 5/30/17

What you should know before buying sunglasses – CNN 5/30/17

​Napping, hula hoops or circus tricks: What would you try for a healthier you? – CNN 5/30/17

​Researchers amplify antibiotic of last resort hoping to halt superbugs – CNN 5/30/17

Not getting enough sleep? It could explain your weight gain – Miami Herald 5/30/17

​Energy drinks have no limits on caffeine levels. They should, say nutrition experts. – Miami Herald 5/30/17

Winning the doctor lottery can mean the difference between life and death – Chicago Tribune 5/30/17

Immunotherapy offers hope to certain cancer patients not responding to chemo – Chicago Tribune 5/30/17

Gyms are in a position to spot eating disorders — but actually helping is tricky – The Washington Post 5/30/17

Walking linked to improved brain function – Fox News 5/29/17

Does telling patients of possible side effects make them more likely? – Fox News 5/29/17

Celiac disease symptoms more likely to resolve in children – Fox News 5/29/17

Bumps that won’t go away sometimes signal more serious medical trouble –  Miami  Herald 5/29/17

​Just One Drink Raises the Risk of Breast Cancer -The Wall Street Journal 5/29/17

The Earliest Signs of Brain Damage in Athletes? Listen for Them – The New York Times 5/29/17

A Look at Major Drug-Pricing Proposals – The New York Times 5/29/17

Car Accidents Remain a Top Child Killer, and Belts a Reliable Savior – The New York Times 5/29/17

Gay and Transgender Patients to Doctors: We’ll Tell. Just Ask. – The New York Times 5/29/17

Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Trouble Bioterrorism Experts – The New York Times 5/28/17

Here’s how to help your allergic child deal with food bullying – The Washington Post 5/28/17

​20-somethings have twice the risk of getting colon cancer – Miami Herald 5/27/17

​Call for restrictions on ‘heat-not-burn’ cigarettes over cancer-causing chemicals – Fox News 5/26/17

Several non-drug options help with fatigue during, after cancer treatment – Fox News 5/26/17

College teaching veterans to heal each others’ mental wounds – Fox News 5/26/17

Ebola outbreak in Central Africa, officials scramble to control virus’ spread – Fox News 5/26/17

Does a microcurrent facial really lift your face? – CNN 5/26/17

Want to fight cancer? You can do it with these foods – Miami Herald 5/26/17

Cannabis drug reduced epileptic seizures in new study – Chicago Tribune 5/26/17

​Are We Now Ready for Ebola? – The Wall Street Journal 5/26/17

Where Will the Medical Misfits Go? – The New York Times 5/26/17

How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine? – The News York Times 5/26/17

Climate change is keeping Americans awake at night. Literally. – The Washington Post 5/26/17

U.S. death rate from Alzheimer’s rose dramatically over 15 years. Why? – The Washington Post 5/26/17

5 foods to boost your energy if you got a bad night’s sleep – Fox  News 5/25/17

​Safest recreational drug? Mushrooms – Fox News 5/25/17

What is botulism, and how does it kill? – CNN 5/25/17

Summer pregnancy may raise gestational diabetes risk – CNN 5/25/17

​Is chocolate good or bad for health? – CNN 5/25/17

Want more affection in your relationship? Have more sex – CNN 5/25/17

​When self-improvement is self-destruction: The 4 warning signs – Los Angeles Times 5/25/17

Study of U. of C. hospital germs may help all hospitals fight infections – Chicago Tribune 5/25/17

Can your iPhone tell if you’re depressed? – Chicago  Tribune 5/25/17

Fitness trackers largely inaccurate when counting calories, Stanford researchers say – Chicago Tribune 5/25/17

Half of U.S. Babies With Zika-Related Defects Were Born in New York – The New York Times 5/25/17

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane. It Can Be Healthy. – The New York Times 5/25/17

Get Married, Get Healthy? Maybe Not. – The New York Times 5/25/17

How a common meditation technique can help you eat more healthfully – The Washington Post 5/25/17

The House G.O.P. health bill would leave 23 million fewer people insured by 2026 – The New York Times 5/24/17

Gender-confirmation surgeries on the rise in US – Fox News 5/24/17

​A broken heart hinders your appetite – Fox News 5/24/17

Tracking Zika: Virus hit earlier than thought in Brazil, Florida – Fox News 5/24/17

​Graco recalls more than 25,000 car seats – CNN 5/24/17

Your kids actually want you to talk to them about sex – CNN 5/24/17

​Should the FDA prohibit filtered cigarettes? – CNN 5/24/17

​Trump’s budget cuts children’s health insurance program – CNN 5/24/17

The truth behind 4 ‘metabolism-boosting’ foods – Chicago Tribune 5/24/17

What you really need for a good night’s sleep – Chicago Tribune 5/24/17

​Popular new workouts target the body, mind and soul – Chicago Tribune 5/24/17

Two doses of HPV shot enough to prevent genital warts – Chicago  Tribune 5/24/17

How to protect yourself against vision loss, a growing problem – Chicago Tribune 5/24/17

High-Fiber Diet Tied to Less Knee Arthritis – The New York Times 5/24/17

Rare Gene Mutations Inspire New Heart Drugs – The New York Times 5/24/17

Marijuana extract sharply cuts seizures in severe form of epilepsy – The Washington Post 5/24/17

It’s not pain but ‘existential distress’ that leads people to assisted suicide – The Washington Post 5/24/17

Are you taking too many medications? – Fox News 5/23/17

​Not stretching? Companies will do it for you – CNN 5/23/17

How to talk to kids about tragic events –  CNN 5/23/17

A drink a day tied to higher breast cancer risk, report says – CNN 5/23/17

​What you need to know about ticks – CNN 5/23/17

Mindfulness is suddenly in our apps, classrooms, gyms and offices. Does it work? – Miami Herald 5/23/17

Like hunger or thirst, loneliness in seniors can be eased – Chicago Tribune 5/23/17

Warmer Weather Brings More Infections After Surgery – The New York Times 5/23/17

Why Chocolate May Be Good for the Heart – The New York Times 5/23/17

No food or drink will turn you into a calorie-burning machine. But these can help. – The Washington Post 5/23/17

Think you’re really different when you’re drunk? Maybe not – Fox News 5/22/17

​Teen saves mom’s life after science lesson on stroke – Fox News 5/22/17

​Ebola survivor’s blood could lead to future vaccine –  Fox News 5/22/17

Patient uses fat stem cells to repair his wrist – CNN 5/22/17

Five steps to help your child cope with anxiety – Miami Herald 5/22/17

How to spot the symptoms of teenage depression — and possibly save a teen’s life – Miami Herald 5/22/17

Did you hear that? News alerts are taking over our lives – Miami Herald 5/22/17

Pediatricians to parents: Stop feeding your kid juice – Chicago Tribune 5/22/17

A Global Health Scorecard Finds U.S. Lacking – The New York Times 5/22/17

The Worst Fat in the Food Supply –  The New York Times 5/22/17

The Science of Adolescent Sleep – The New York Times 5/22/17

In exam season, a look at the best brain-boosting foods – The Washington Post 5/22/17

Can Handling Money Spread Germs? – The Wall Street Journal 5/21/17

A Vital Drug Runs Low, Though Its Base Ingredient Is in Many Kitchens – The New York Times 5/21/17

To improve your diet, know these four food myths – The Washington Post 5/21/17

Five Secrets for Steadier Workouts – The Wall Street Journal 5/20/17

Eat more seafood for your health, right? Actually, it’s not that simple. – The Washington Post 5/20/17

People love probiotics, but do they really help? – The Washington Post 5/20/17

Italy votes to make vaccines mandatory – Fox News 5/19/17

Researchers consider Zika virus for brain cancer treatment – Fox News 5/19/17

Instagram worst social media app for young people’s mental health –  CNN 5/19/17

Pool party poopers: CDC warns of parasitic infection, toxic gas – CNN 5/19/17

Weight loss can be tied to when, not just what, you eat – CNN 5/19/17

When Race Spectators Are Not So Well Behaved – The New  York Times 5/19/17

America’s love-hate relationship with the fidget spinner: Is technology to blame… – The Washington Post 5/19/17

Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration’s hiring freeze – The Washington Post 5/19/17

Patients fare worse with older doctors, study finds – Fox News 5/18/17

Surgeons plan to use hepatitis-infected hearts to slash wait for a transplant – Fox News 5/18/17

When it comes to attractiveness, your smell and voice play a role – CNN 5/18/17

Can psychology influence the way we recycle? – CNN 5/18/17

Superbug C. auris grows to 122 cases across 7 states, CDC says – CNN 5/18/17

C-section scars can be psychological too: ‘What did I do wrong?’ – Chicago Tribune 5/18/17

The Self-Medicating Animal – The New York Times 5/18/17

​‘An embarrassment’: U.S. health care far from the top in global study – The Washington Post 5/18/17

Women with advanced breast cancer are surviving longer, study says – The Washington Post 5/18/17

How many US high schoolers binge drink? – Fox News 5/17/17

New potential for marijuana: Treating drug addiction – CNN 5/17/17

​Fitted tees, shorty shorts: Sending the wrong message to girls? – CNN 5/17/17

Experts measure food waste not in dollars or tons, but by calories, vitamins and… – Los Angeles Times 5/17/17

​New study says cyclists shouldn’t worry about sexual dysfunction – Chicago Tribune 5/17/17

Moving More After a Concussion – The New York Times 5/17/17

To Raise Better Kids, Say No – The New York Times 5/17/17

Why poor workplace posture can lead to pain (and what to do about it) – The Washington Post 5/17/17

Energy drinks may be risky for people with genetic heart condition – Fox News 5/16/17

Why fitness (not just how much you exercise) matters in cancer risk – Fox News 5/16/17

The new front line in opioid abuse fight: public restrooms – CNN 5/16/17

Don’t dismiss moles, melanoma risk just because you have dark skin – Chicago Tribune 5/16/17

Steroid Shots Do Little for Knee Pain of Arthritis – The New York Times 5/16/17

Yogurt May Be Good for the Bones – The New York Times 5/16/17

‘Internet abortions’ may be safe option where procedure is restricted, study… – The Washington Post 5/16/17

Confused about what’s healthy? A new nutrition survey shows you’re not alone – The Washington Post 5/16/17

Gravity blanket is Kickstarter darling, but health claims are suspect – Fox News 5/15/17

​Busy brain not letting you sleep? 8 experts offer tips – CNN 5/15/17

Sun protection: The difference between UVA vs. UVB and why it matters – Miami Herald 5/15/17

​Experts warn summer will bring more ticks, deadly Powassan virus – Chicago  Tribune 5/15/17

Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying From 9 Diseases – The New York Times 5/15/17

When the Immune System Thwarts Lifesaving Drugs – The New York Times 5/15/17

Strategies to Navigate the Emergency Room – The New York Times 5/15/17

​Keep these healthy snacks at your desk to stave off midday hunger – The Washington Post 5/15/17

Frozen burritos recalled over listeria fears – CNN 5/14/17

What You Need to Know if You Have Breast Implants – The New York Times 5/14/17

​’Grey death’: The powerful street drug that’s puzzling authorities – CNN 5/13/17

New Ebola outbreak declared in Democratic Republic of Congo – The Washington Post 5/12/17

10 foods that can help prevent diabetes – Fox News 5/12/17

​Are potatoes healthy? – CNN 5/12/17

Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin. Here’s how – Los Angeles Times 5/12/17

Do Hand Sanitizers Really Cut Down on Illness? – The New York Times 5/12/17

Dance Mom – The New York Times 5/12/17

Young HIV patients experience near-normal lifespan – Fox News 5/11/17

What it’s really like to have a home water birth – Fox News 5/11/17

​What snacks to eat for better sleep – CNN 5/11/17

​New hepatitis C infections triple due to opioid epidemic – CNN 5/11/17

The alarming rise of female genital mutilation in America – CNN 5/11/17

New to supplements? Here’s what you need to know – Chicago Tribune 5/11/17

Hope for first drug against lymphedema – Chicago Tribune 5/11/17

What Spain Gets Right on Health Care – The New York Times 5/11/17

With bird flu surging, U.S. needs to do more to prevent possible pandemic… – The Washington Post 5/11/17

​Oh, Baby! How can you get pregnant using an IUD? – Fox News 5/10/17

Weight-loss procedure makes stomach into ‘accordion’ without surgery – Fox News 5/10/17

​Common painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack, study says – CNN 5/10/17

Medication slashes crash risk for drivers with ADHD, study finds – CNN 5/10/17

New baby monitors offer high-tech peace of mind, and questions – Chicago Tribune 5/10/17

Noisy Knees? Arthritis May Be in Your Future – The New  York Times 5/10/17

We’re Bad at Death. First, We Need a Good Talk. – The New York Times 5/10/17

How to use a foam roller to transform body, posture – Chicago Tribune 5/10/17

College campuses to receive opioid antidote in battle against addiction – Fox News 5/9/17

Think it’s weird when parents read to babies? Think again – Fox News 5/9/17

Parental burnout: It’s really a thing – CNN 5/9/17

When exercise shifts from a healthy habit to an unhealthy addiction – CNN 5/9/17

Stretching longer isn’t always better – CNN 5/9/17

The surprising benefits of talking to yourself – CNN 5/9/17

G.O.P. Bill Could Affect Employer Health Coverage, Too – The New York Times 5/9/17

Designing for All Abilities – The New York Times 5/9/17

​New safety risks detected in one-third of FDA-approved drugs – The Washington Post 5/9/17

Don’t worry if you’re a worrier … it could be good for you – Fox News 5/8/17

Experts streamline guidelines for treating osteoporosis – CNN 5/8/17

When moms get depressed, their kids pick up on it — even infants – Miami Herald 5/8/17

Sun safety today essential to protect children’s skin in the future – Miami Herald 5/8/17

Percentage of teens and children hospitalized for suicidal thoughts doubled from…  – Chicago Tribune 5/8/17

How you should be exhaling – Chicago Tribune 5/8/17

Untreated vision problems plague U.S. preschoolers – Chicago Tribune 5/8/17

You Can Exercise With a Spear? – The Wall Street Journal 5/8/17

A Medicare Drug Incentive That Leads to Greater Hospitalizations – The New York Times 5/8/17

Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong – The New York Times 5/8/17

You Can Take Steps to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk – The New York Times 5/8/17

When it comes to vitamin supplements, more isn’t always better – The Washington Post 5/8/17

Hindu nationalists try to engineer ‘genius’ babies in India – The Washington Post 5/8/17

U.S. life expectancy varies by more than 20 years from county to county – The Washington Post 5/8/17

Here’s a (partial) list of all the pre-existing conditions the GOP bill may not cover – CNN 5/6/17

That moment you realize you can’t work out like you used to … – Los Angeles Times 5/6/17

Does Fizzy Soda Help an Upset Stomach? – The Wall Street Journal 5/6/17

​Health Act Repeal Could Threaten U.S. Job Engine – The New York Times 5/6/17

​A Second Drug Is Approved to Treat A.L.S. – The New York Times 5/6/17

​‘Mail my body to Paul Ryan’: An extremely morbid way to protest the GOP health… – The Washington Post 5/6/17

​Is it better to shower at night or in the morning? – Fox News 5/5/17

​A dumbbell workout to tone all of your trouble zones – Fox News 5/5/17

Are you wearing sunscreen wrong? – Fox News 5/5/17

​Pre-existing conditions: Pregnancy, sleep apnea could make you pay more – CNN 5/5/17

​Is pizza healthy? – CNN 5/5/17

Stopping the opioid crisis in the womb – CNN 5/5/17

15 yoga poses to heal your whole body – Chicago Tribune 5/5/17

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill – The New York Times 5/5/17

House Passes Measure to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act – The New York Times 5/4/17

Bystander CPR, defibrillation cuts long-term odds of death, brain damage – Fox News 5/4/17

WHO to explore biosimilar drugs in effort to make treatments available in poorer countries – Fox News 5/4/17

​Letting a baby play on an iPad might lead to speech delays, study says – CNN 5/4/17

A not-so-sweet new way to test for pee in pools – CNN 5/4/17

16 US children hospitalized with gunshot wounds each day, study says – CNN 5/4/17

Dangerous opioid combo ‘gray death’ is latest mixing trend; authorities issue warning – Chicago Tribune 5/4/17

If Life Has You Down, Do a Handstand – The New York Times 5/4/17

House to Vote on Health Bill: Will Republicans Be Able to Repeal Obamacare? – The New York Times 5/4/17

Foot pain is common and excruciating. Here’s how to treat it. – The Washington Post 5/4/17

What is in the Republican health-care bill? Questions and answers on preexisting… – The Washington Post 5/4/17

Financial assistance to help breast cancer patients pay their bills – Fox News 5/3/17

​Some common antibiotics may slightly increase risk of miscarriage – Fox News 5/3/17

​Overcoming opioids: When pills are a hospital’s last resort – Fox News 5/3/17

​How a wellness coach changes your mind – CNN 5/3/17

Experts warn of increases in tick-borne Powassan virus – CNN 5/3/17

From freezing lows to adrenaline highs: Why go ice swimming? – CNN 5/3/17

​Medical Examiners Skip Some Autopsies, As Opioid Crisis Mounts – The Wall Street Journal 5/3/17

CDC Finds Bacteria for Legionnaires’ in Cooling Towers Across U.S. – The Wall Street Journal 5/3/17

​The BMX Bikes Getting Teens Back on Two Wheels—or One – The  Wall Street Journal 5/3/17

Measles outbreak sickens dozens of Minnesota Somalis who avoid vaccine – Chicago Tribune 5/3/17

New research shows how yoga can help heal girls who suffered childhood trauma -Chicago Tribune 5/3/17

$8 Billion Deal on Health Bill, House G.O.P. Leader Says ‘We Have Enough Votes’ – The New York Times 5/3/17

Child’s Play Is Good for All of Us – The New York  Times 5/3/17

What to know about ‘sound baths,’ an ancient wellness practice gaining steam… – The Washington Post 5/3/17

Malaria on rise in US as travelers return with disease – Fox News 5/2/17

Are cholesterol, saturated fat less important to heart disease? – Fox News 5/2/17

Cocaine’s effects: Highs and harms –  CNN 5/2/17

Experts’ favorite walking workouts – CNN 5/2/17

​New breast cancer study will assess controversial ‘watchful waiting’ approach – Chicago Tribune 5/2/17

Magic diets don’t change behavior. Tips to lose, keep off weight – Chicago Tribune 5/2/17

Brazil Yellow Fever Outbreak Spawns Alert: Stop Killing the Monkeys – The New York  Times 5/2/17

The Phones We Love Too Much – The New York Times 5/2/17

Patients Who Rely on Obamacare Protections Are Worried – The  New York Times 5/2/17

I’m a professional dietitian. I still fell victim to the allure of the wedding diet. –  The Washington Post 5/2/17

Life expectancy improves for blacks, and the racial gap is closing, CDC reports – The Washington Post 5/2/17

Preexisting conditions: How ACA coverage would change under the House GOP… – The Washington Post 5/2/17

After vacation, woman learns her rash is a worm under her skin – Fox  News 5/1/17

Osprey recalls 87,000 child backpack carriers – Fox News 5/1/17

​Does fasting on alternate days work? A new study weighs in – CNN 5/1/17

A generation of heroin orphans – CNN 5/1/17

A great running shoe makes a difference – Chicago Tribune 5/1/17

Should Hearing Aids Be Sold Over-the-Counter? – The Wall Street Journal 5/1/17

​How the Brain Makes Us Do It – The Wall Street Journal 5/1/17

Trump Administration Unwinds Some School Lunch Standards – The Wall Street Journal 5/1/17

New diploma? New job? Here are 4 healthy habits to start right now. – The Washington Post 5/1/17

​Why your ‘organic’ milk may not be organic – The Washington Post 5/1/17

For Bad Backs, It May Be Time to Rethink Biases About Chiropractors – The New York Times 5/1/17

Clues to Zika Damage Might Lie in Cases of Twins – The New York Times 5/1/17

Come On In. The Water’s Fine (Mostly). – The New York Times 5/1/17