Health News November 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Human embryo experiment shows progress toward ‘three-parent babies’ –  The Washington Post 11/30/16

How to prevent wine hangovers – TIME 11/30/16

Should a simple fitness check be part of your checkup? – The New York Times 11/30/16

DEA bans a cousin of deadly synthetic opioid Fentanyl – The Wall Street Journal 11/30/16

Laughter is the best medicine to gauge social ties – The  Wall Street Journal 11/30/16

How to stop feeling guilty about everything – TIME 11/29/16

These 3 sports will help you live longer – TIME 11/29/16

Caffeinated gum is the latest energy booster in the athletic nutrition market – The Washington Post 11/29/16

White, rural drug users lack needle exchange programs to prevent HIV infections – The Washington Post 11/29/16

When the picky eater is a grown-up – The New York Times 11/29/16

Stroke rates rising in younger people –  The New York Times 11/29/16

Can’t get to sleep? Lay off the drugs – The Wall Street Journal 11/28/16

The benefits of being distracted – The Wall Street Journal 11/28/16

For better talk therapy, try napping – The Wall Street Journal 11/28/16

The healthiest things every 45-year-old should do – TIME 11/28/16

Zika surfaces in Texas, likely to be first local transmission – The Washington Post 11/28/16

Here are tips to manage your child’s tension, migraine headaches – Miami Herald 11/28/16

Baby boomers, relax. It probably isn’t Dementia – The Wall Street Journal 11/27/16

Playgrounds for an aging population – The Wall Street Journal 11/27/16

New tricks in canine cancer research may improve treatments for humans, too – The Washington Post 11/26/16

The Thin Gene – The New York Times 11/25/16

Eating whole-grain foods may be a plus for blood pressure – The Washington Post 11/25/16

Want to look younger? Wearing sunscreen is a critical first step – Miami Herald 11/25/16

For a healthy diet, be choosy about your cheese – The Washington Post 11/23/16

Learning to love the secret language of urine – The Washington Post 11/23/16

Many LASIX patients may wind up with glare, halos or other visual symptoms… – The Washington Post 11/23/16

Eli Lilly’s experimental Alzheimer’s drug fails in large trial – The New York Times 11/23/16

Moderate drinking tied to lower stroke risk – The New York Times 11/23/16

Born to move – The New York Times 11/23/16

The brain machinery behind daydreaming – The Wall Street Journal 11/23/16

Some Zika-caused defects don’t show up until well after birth – The Wall Street Journal 11/23/16

Slow start for soda industry’s push to cut calories – The Wall Street Journal 11/23/16

How to fit in some fitness amid the holiday hustle – The Washington Post 11/22/16

Worrying about getting older might be worse than actually getting older – The Washington Post 11/22/16

Normal head size at birth doesn’t rule out microcephaly, Zika syndrome after… – The Washington Post 11/22/16

Jogging the brain – The New York Times 11/22/16

Regular milk may beat low fat for kids – The New York Times 11/22/16

Calcium: pill or the real thing? – The Wall Street Journal 11/22/16

Why we need to urgently tackle Alzheimer’s disease -Miami Herald 11/21/16

Knee injury may be ACL tear and require surgery – Miami Herald 11/21/16

How to ease your anxiety as holiday season arrives – Miami Herald 11/21/16

What global disease threat worries public-health officials the most? – The Wall Street Journal 11/21/16

Research finds parenting style affects children in unexpected ways – The Wall Street Journal 11/21/16

U.S. Dementia rates are dropping even as population ages – The New York Times 11/21/16

The disturbing airborne allergen in schools that may be exacerbating your kid’s… – The Washington Post 11/21/16

How to have Thanksgiving dinner without a family blowout – The Wall Street Journal 11/20/16

Along the Autism spectrum, a path through campus life –  The New York Times 11/19/16

A tougher workout than a Stairmaster: the Stepmill –  The Wall Street Journal 11/19/16

Zika is no longer a global health emergency, W.H.O. says – The New York Times 11/18/16

How to run like a girl –  The New York Times 11/18/16

Landmark report by Surgeon General call drug crisis ‘a moral test for America’ – The Washington Post 11/17/16

Life and death in the United States, in two maps – The Washington Post 11/17/16

The Ebola outbreak may have been bigger than believed, with ‘invisible’ infection – The Washington Post 11/17/16

With an eye on hunger, scientists see promise in genetic tinkering of plants – The New York Times 11/17/16

How surgeons stay focused for hours – The Wall Street Journal 11/16/16

2 ways to make the most of your workout, no apps or trackers required – The Washington Post 11/16/16

Pessimism may be bad for your heart – The New York Times 11/16/16

For a sprained ankle, physical therapy no better than self care –  The New York Times 11/16/16

How exercise might keep depression at bay – The New York Times 11/16/16

Options for periods include cups and special underwear – The New York Times 11/15/16

11 strategies for getting through the holidays without weight gain – The Washington Post 11/15/16

Drug combo reversed plaque buildup in heart patients’ arteries – The Washington Post 11/15/16

Studies show little benefits in supplements – The New York Times 11/14/16

‘Night owls’ may face special challenges – The New York Times 11/14/16

Not getting enough out of running races? Walk – The Washington Post 11/14/16

Simple strategies to prepare your special-needs child for holiday travel – Miami Herald 11/14/16

Study suggests Celebrex isn’t riskier than rival pain drugs – The Wall Street Journal 11/14/16

Physical fitness leads to mental fitness – The Wall Street Journal 11/14/16

Zika virus mosquito possibly spreads Dengue in same bite – The Wall Street Journal 11/14/16

Study suggests West Nile virus is deadlier than expected – The Wall Street Journal 11/14/16

New statin guidelines: Everyone 40 and older should be considered for drug… – The Washington Post 11/13/16

Researchers have found a surprisingly powerful effect of sleeping more – The Washington Post 11/13/16

Surprising new findings about pain relievers taken by ‘everyone on the planet’ – The Washington Post 11/13/16

Have a seat? No, I’ll walk – Miami Herald 11/12/16

HIV test on USB stick could be start of consumer revolution in disease… – The Washington Post 11/11/16

Schools step up efforts to fight opioid abuse –  The Wall Street Journal 11/11/16

Putting addiction-prevention program into action – The Wall Street Journal 11/11/16

Empathy by the book: How fiction affects behavior – The Wall Street Journal 11/11/16​

A study tests the safety of women using abortion pills sent by mail –  The New York Times 11/10/16

At the frontline of the opioid epidemic, but unable to help – The New York Times 11/10/16

High Triglycerides tied to Pancreatitis risk – The New York Times 11/10/16

Why the latest cancer drugs may not be as successful as they seem – TIME 11/9/16

Breathe. Exhale. Repeat: The benefits of controlled breathing – The New York Times 11/9/16

These five plants don’t just look good — they improve your health, too – The Washington Post 11/9/16

Teens who vape are more likely to become teens who smoke — and smoke more often – Los Angeles Times 11/8/16

The Smart Way to Argue With Your Young Teen – The Wall Street Journal 11/7/16

Scientists Identify Potential Zika Treatment for Pregnant Women, Fetuses – The Wall Street Journal 11/7/16

You Took an Emotional Risk, Now What? – The Wall Street Journal 11/7/16

After a suicide attempt, the risk of another try – The New York Times 11/7/16

A super-early dinner can burn more fat: study – TIME 11/7/16

Zika vaccines are growing more promising – TIME 11/7/16

Here’s why teen STDs are hitting all-time highs – TIME 11/7/16

Temper tantrums: How you can stop and prevent your child’s disruptive outbursts – Miami Herald 11/4/16

Every year of smoking causes DNA mutations that make cancer more likely – Los Angeles Times 11/3/16

Putting Sugary Soda Out of Reach –  The New York  Times 11/3/16

The Effects of Zika on Babies’ Brains Go Beyond Microcephaly – The Wall Street Journal 11/3/16

The Ebola virus mutated to better infect humans during the 2014 outbreak – The Washington Post 11/3/16

Fitness  Trackers Might Help Us Live Longer (if Only We Use Them) – The New York Times 11/2/16

Raising a Trilingual Child – The Wall Street Journal 11/2/16

​Does eating fat make you fat? This doctor says no. –  The Washington Post 11/2/16

This is How Many More Calories You Eat When You Skip Sleep – TIME 11/2/16

Americans Blame Obesity on Willpower, Despite Evidence It’s Genetic – The New York Times 11/1/16

Infections, Not Antibiotics, May Be Tied to Childhood Obesity – The New York Times 11/1/16

Letting Children Always Win Is a Losing Strategy – The Wall Street Journal 11/1/16

We Really Are Losing Sleep Over the Election – The Wall Street Journal 11/1/16

Science Says This Is the Best Motivation to Exercise – TIME 11/1/16