Health News November 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Girl writes letter to Santa, asks for kidney on behalf of sick brother – Fox News 11/30/18

5 middle-school students hospitalized after eating THC-laced candies during gym – Fox News 11/30/18

EMT saves partner’s life after he suffers a stroke at the wheel: ‘It’s a true miracle’ – Fox News 11/30/18

UK mom dies from blood clot following breast surgery and tummy tuck – Fox News 11/30/18

How to ‘cheat’ on your diet witihout ruining it – CNN 11/30/18

You have two ages, chronological and biological. Here’s why it matters – CNN 11/30/18

Operation gives Wisconsin man with epilepsy new life – Chicago Tribune 11/30/18

Endurance exercise, not strength training, may slow aging – Chicago Tribune 11/30/18

South Korean Women Smash Makeup, and Patriarchy – The New York Times 11/30/18

Why New York Lags So Far Behind on Natural Childbirth – The New York Times 11/30/18

Trump administration offers states four ways to circumvent Obamacare rules – The Washington Post 11/30/18

Exercise Is Great. But Even Light Activities Like Walking and Housework Can Improve Your Health – TIME 11/29/18

Measles Cases Spike Worldwide Last Year Due to ‘Gaps in Vaccination Coverage’: New Report – TIME 11/29/18

New York hospitals to repay survivors charged up to $3,000 for forensic rape exams, AG says – Fox News 11/29/18

Police officer delivered baby on side of busy highway: ‘She showed up like an angel’ – Fox News 11/29/18

Woman’s allergic reaction to hair dye causes head to swell to massive size: I almost died – Fox News 11/29/18

Mom battling cancer while pregnant with twins finds bone marrow donor match – Fox News 11/29/18

5 takeaways from CNN’s investigation into rape kit destruction – CNN 11/29/18

26-year-old face transplant patient reveals new face – CNN 11/29/18

Measles cases surged globally in 2017 due to gaps in vaccine coverage, health agencies say – CNN 11/29/18

Congo Ebola outbreak is 2nd largest, 2nd deadliest – CNN 11/29/18

UK meets UN target in fight to end HIV epidemic – CNN 11/29/18

Suicide and drug overdoses push U.S. life expectancy down – Chicago Tribune 11/29/18

Screening or diagnostic mammogram? The difference could cost you – Chicago Tribune 11/29/18

Music therapy shows promise in kids with autism – Chicago Tribune 11/29/18

How to Prevent Nasty Stomach Bugs This Winter? More Bleach. – The New York Times 11/29/18

As Measles Surges, ‘Decades of Progress’ Are in Jeopardy – The New York Times 11/29/18

China Halts Work by Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes – The New York Times 11/29/18

You Don’t Want Fries With That – The New York Times 11/29/18

Blacks Are Less Likely Than Whites to Get Treatment for Heart Disorder – The New York Times 11/29/18

To Treat Eating Disorders, It Sometimes Takes Two – The New York Times 11/29/18

‘The Numbers Are So Staggering.’ Overdose Deaths Set a Record Last Year. – The New York Times 11/29/18

New tick species capable of transmitting deadly disease is spreading in the U.S. – The Washington Post 11/29/18

Trump’s latest move to lower drug spending pits patients versus insurers – The Washington Post 11/29/18

New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the Affordable Care Act – The Washington Post 11/29/18

A New Study Says There Are 5 Different Types of Problem Drinkers. Here’s What They Are – TIME 11/28/18

Doctors and Nurses Treat Gunshot Wounds All the Time. Now They’re Preparing for Active Shootings at Their Own Hospitals – TIME 11/28/18

France to reimburse citizens for condoms in an effort to prevent STDs – Fox News 11/28/18

Man’s split-second decision leads to life-saving kidney transplant: ‘All this was God’ – Fox News 11/28/18

Missouri nurse fired for refusing flu shot over religious beliefs, protesters claim – Fox News 11/28/18

Boy, 8, wakes from coma after fall from cliff – Fox News 11/28/18

Hawaii hospital hit with highly contagious scabies outbreak – Fox News 11/28/18

Chronic wasting disease spreads in Wisconsin: Should humans be concerned? – Fox News 11/28/18

Mom donates lifesaving kidney to son after snowboarding fall leads to shock diagnosis – Fox News 11/28/18

This town is like thousands that are vulnerable to contaminated water, with no fix in sight – CNN 11/28/18

Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce again? – CNN 11/28/18

UK leads Western countries in deaths from respiratory illnesses, study says – CNN 11/28/18

In some states, this birth month is linked to higher rates of ADHD diagnosis, study says – CNN 11/28/18

Males may be more likely to become addicted to gaming, say researchers – CNN 11/28/18

Halitosis: 10 reasons — and remedies — for your bad breath – CNN 11/28/18

HIV diagnoses at all-time high in Eastern Europe, report says – CNN 11/28/18

Two more blood pressure medications recalled for ingredient that might cause cancer – Miami Herald 11/28/18

For kids with autism, visiting Santa can be stressful. How one group is making it easier for families – Chicago Tribune 11/28/18

Here’s how you can meet the new U.S. exercise guidelines – Chicago Tribune 11/28/18

Californian was teased for ‘beer belly.’ It turned out to be 77-pound cancerous tumor. – Chicago Tribune 11/28/18

For Treating Severe Strokes, All Hospitals Aren’t Equal – The Wall Street Journal 11/28/18

Chinese Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes Defends His Work – The New York Times 11/28/18

The Best Foods for Athletes – The New York Times 11/28/18

Watching My Patient Die, Remotely – The New York Times 11/28/18

Study Warns of Cascading Health Risks From the Changing Climate – The New York Times 11/28/18

Online Cancer Information Is Often Unreliable – The New York Times 11/28/18

Five Tips to Make Traveling With a Food Allergy Easier – The New York Times 11/28/18

The millions of new yogis in the U.S. should use these tips to avoid injury – The Washington Post 11/28/18

Health insurance still costs too much. But Congress probably won’t fix it – The Washington Post 11/28/18

Teva’s Generic EpiPen Will Cost Just As Much As Mylan’s Authorized Generic – TIME 11/27/18

Sugary drinks pose greater diabetes risk than other fructose-containing foods, study says – Fox News 11/27/18

2 premature babies with bacterial infection die at NJ hospital – Fox News 11/27/18

FDA finds traces of heavy metals in kratom products – Fox News 11/27/18

Mold in dorms: What Should colleges do to protect students – Fox News 11/27/18

South Dakota reports first flu death of season – Fox News 11/27/18

Man suffers third-degree burns after vape pen explodes in pocket – Fox News 11/27/18

Belgium investigates doctors who euthanized autistic woman – Fox News 11/27/18

Cases of mysterious polio-like illness highest in US since 2016, causing concern – Fox News 11/27/18

This is how tear gas affects children – CNN 11/27/18

Louisiana is trying to keep medical marijuana medical. It’s harder than it sounds – CNN 11/27/18

Does your gut need probiotics after antibiotics? – CNN 11/27/18

Warning issued about sex-enhancement drugs sold in gas stations – Miami Herald 11/27/18

Are popular probiotics worth the hype? – Miami Herald 11/27/18

Busting deadly myths about getting a flu shot – Chicago Tribune 11/27/18

What you should know about the new flu drug, Xofluza – Chicago Tribune 11/27/18

Big Tech Expands Footprint in Health – The Wall Street Journal 11/27/18

Is It Healthy to Sleep With the Window Open? – The Wall Street Journal 11/27/18

Juul’s New Product: Less Nicotine, More Intense Vapor – The New York Times 11/27/18

Battle Against Ebola in Congo Pits Medical Hope Against Local Chaos – The New York Times 11/27/18

How Pollution Can Hurt the Health of the Economy – The New York Times 11/27/18

Countries vowed to cut carbon emissions. They aren’t even close to their goals, U.N. report finds – The Washington Post 11/27/18

The Trump administration takes another swing at lowering drug prices – The Washington Post 11/27/18

Workplace wellness programs work best when bosses buy into them – The Washington Post 11/27/18

More adenovirus cases revealed by University of Maryland following freshman’s death – Fox News 11/26/18

Trooper helps deliver baby after pulling over speeding van – Fox News 11/26/18

Mom of 6-week-old who died of meningitis issues heartbreaking warning – Fox News 11/26/18

Vietnamese pork rolls recalled after 4 hospitalized with listeria – Fox News 11/26/18

Spinal-cord stimulators help some patients, injure others – Fox News 11/26/18

Baby who had spine surgery in womb thriving after birth – Fox News 11/26/18

Paralyzed bride walks down aisle 3 years after horrific accident – Fox News 11/26/18

The most dangerous place for women is the home, a new UN study says – CNN 11/26/18

15 takeaways from the US climate change report – CNN 11/26/18

Sky-high prices for air ambulances hurt those they are helping – CNN 11/26/18

Football affects youth brain development after just one season, study says – CNN 11/26/18

Why geneticists say it’s wrong to edit the DNA of embryos to protect them against HIV – Los Angeles Times 11/26/18

Pfizer publicly announces recall of muscle and menstrual pain wraps it yanked Oct. 2 – Miami Herald 11/26/18

Tips to help raise your teenager’s self-esteem – Miami Herald 11/26/18

Firefighters and cancer – Chicago Tribune 11/26/18

‘Panic parenting’ fear drives women to freeze eggs – Chicago Tribune 11/26/18

How many kids have autism? U.S. government measures 3 ways – Chicago Tribune 11/26/18

A Lab Tests Playing to Help Children With Autism – The Wall Street Journal 11/26/18

FDA Is Revamping Clearnace Procedures for Medical Devices – The Wall Street Journal 11/26/18

Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies – The New York Times 11/26/18

Social Security Runs Short of Money, and Ideas Fly on How to Repair It – The New York Times 11/26/18

Helping Teenagers to Be Safer Drivers – The New York Times 11/26/18

Probiotics Do Not Ease Stomach Flu – The New York Times 11/26/18

Excess Weight Increases Asthma Risk – The New York Times 11/26/18

Keeping your braian in tiptop shape – The Washington Post 11/26/18

Obamacare enrollment is lagging, despite cheaper options – The Washington Post 11/26/18

You’ve seen these uncommon fruits. Here’s what to do with them. – The Washington Post 11/26/18

Only romaine lettuce from certain parts of Calif. should be avoided, FDA says in new warning – The Washington Post 11/26/18

FDA approves ‘precision medicine’ drug for different cancers with same mutation – The Washington Post 11/26/18

College students fear mold in dorms led to Adenovirus death of University of Maryland freshman – Fox News 11/25/18

This City’s Overdose Deaths Have Plunged. Can Others Learn From It? – The New York Times 11/25/18

Texas woman dies after botched plastic surgery in Mexico: report – Fox News 11/24/18

Aerial Yoga Is How This Exec Stays Grounded – The Wall Street Journal 11/24/18

A Memory From Out of the Blue – The New York Times 11/24/18

Here’s How Long You Can Safely Keep Eating Your Thanksgiving Leftovers – TIME 11/23/18

Aunt’s heartbroken warning after teen’s accidental overdose goes viral – Fox News 11/23/28

Ebola in Congo now infecting newborn babies, UN says – Fox News 11/23/18

Mom of 3 expecting twins needs bone marrow donor to save life – Fox News 11/23/18

UK hospital on alert after drug-resistant superbug detected on wards – Fox News 11/23/18

Rare, fatal brain disease can be spotted in patients’ eyes – Fox News 11/23/18

West Africa’s first state-run rehab clinic lets addicts shoot up – CNN 11/23/18

Why you stayed in that unhappy relationship for too long – CNN 11/23/18

Flavor enhancer MSG is safe. Only avoid using if it makes you feel ill – Miami Herald 11/23/18

Commentary: Another reason not to ask a woman if she’s pregnant — cancer – Chicago Tribune 11/23/18

Which Type of Medical Scan Is Right for Me? – The New York Times 11/23/18

The times of day you burn the most calories – Fox News 11/22/18

6 ways your brain is tricked into holiday shopping – CNN 11/22/18

Fertility fraud: People conceived through errors, misdeeds in the industry are pressing for justice – The Washington Post 11/22/18

Here’s Why People Are Obsessed With Popping Pimples – TIME 11/21/18

Mom who survived internal decapitation makes ‘miracle’ recovery – Fox News 11/21/18

Global diabetes epidemic drives surge in insulin demand – Fox News 11/21/18

Life-threatening hookworm, believed eradicated from US, resurfaces in Alabama – Fox News 11/21/18

Mom donates life-saving kidney to toddler son – Fox News 11/21/18

Boy’s watery eye leads to cancer diagnosis – Fox News 11/21/18

Family feels ‘cheated’ after 20-year-old’s sepsis death – Fox News 11/21/18

FDA approves a new drug for travelers’ diarrhea – Miami Herald 11/21/18

They’re learning to live with diabetes as a child or teen – Miami Herald 11/21/18

Say ‘So long’ to finger pricks, and ‘Hello’ to the latest ways to measure your glucose – Miami Herald 11/21/18

UM study testing whether Omega 3 and vitamin D can halt progression of Type 1 diabetes – Miami Herald 11/21/18

How getting off insulin changed her life – Miami Herald 11/21/18

Here’s what diabetics should eat – Miami Herald 11/21/18

More blood pressure and heart attack medicine recalled for impurity that can cause cancer – Miami Herald 11/21/18

You can never totally win against Type 1 diabetes, but you can fight for good life – Miami Herald 11/21/18

Celiac disease vaccine may make gluten-free diet a thing of the past – Chicago Tribune 11/21/18

Federal Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge – The New York Times 11/21/18

Regular Exercise May Keep Your Body 30 Years ‘Younger’ – The New York Times 11/21/18

Number of abortions in U.S. hit historic low in 2015, the most recent year for which data is available – The Washington Post 11/21/18

Free dietary advice might be as close as your local grocery store – The Washington Post 11/21/18

Here’s how Trump and Bernie Sanders agree on lowering drug prices – The Washington Post 11/21/18

How Some Stress Can Actually Be Good for You – TIME 11/20/18

Most Americans Spend Way Too Much Time Sitting Down. Here’s How to Avoid Being One of Them – TIME 11/20/18

Here’s What Eating a Thanksgiving Feast Actually Does to Your Body – TIME 11/20/18

This Is the Best Way to Prevent HIV, Expert Group Says – TIME 11/20/18

University of Maryland student dies from Adenovirus, 5 others sick, school says – Fox News 11/20/18

Sleep and exercise compete for people’s time – Fox News 11/20/18

Mom says painful breakup caused ‘broken heart syndrome’ – Fox News 11/20/18

Woman has massive stomach tumor removed after 13 years – Fox News 11/20/18

Couple weds days before bride’s cancer death – Fox News 11/20/18

Texas woman moved to hospice after botched surgery in Mexico, family says – Fox News 11/20/18

North Carolina chickenpox outbreak blamed on vaccination exemptions – CNN 11/20/18

Consumer group warns of ‘dangerous’ slime products and other hazardous toys – CNN 11/20/18

A healthier Thanksgiving in 8 traditional calorie-conscious courses – CNN 11/20/18

Treating diabetics’ wounds is critical to long-term outcome of patient – Miami Herald 11/20/18

Young people can be desensitized to peanut allergy through controlled escalating exposure: Study – Chicago Tribune 11/20/18

New Ideas to Fight the Flu – The Wall Street Journal 11/20/18

Do Not Eat Romaine Lettuce, Health Officials Warn – The New York Times 11/20/18

Task Force Calls for Offering PrEP to All at High Risk for H.I.V. – The New York Times 11/20/18

Breathing Through the Nose May Offer Unique Brain Benefits – The New York Times 11/20/18

How Can We Unleash the Immune System? – The New York Times 11/20/18

How Long Can People Live? – The New York Times 11/20/18

Why Are We Still So Fat? – The New York Times 11/20/18

Why Don’t We Have Vaccines Against Everything? – The New York Times 11/20/18

When Will We Solve Mental Illness? – The New York Times 11/20/18

Will We Ever Cure Alzheimer’s? – The New York Times 11/20/18

Essay: The Experiments Are Fascinating. But Nobody Can Repeat Them. – The New York Times 11/20/18

‘Enough Is Enough’: Science, Too, Has a Problem With Harassment – The New York Times 11/20/18

Have you scheduled surgery? Then you’d better start training. – The Washington Post 11/20/18

Criminal justice bill would free pregnant prisoners from shackles – The Washington Post 11/20/18

Everyone at high risk of HIV should be offered preventive meds, panel says – The Washington Post 11/20/18

Multiple students sickened during Thanksgiving prayer in school gym, Florida fire officials say – Fox News 11/19/18

Vietnam War veteran goes for last motorcycle ride – Fox News 11/19/18

Colorado woman claims hospital removed healthy kidneys – Fox News 11/19/18

Nearly 100,000 pounds of beef recalled over E. coli concerns – Fox News 11/19/18

Newlywed struck by polio-like illness after coming down with cold on honeymoon – Fox News 11/19/18

The health hazards from wildfires can linger – CNN 11/19/18

Prenatal exposure to air pollution linked to autism risk, study says – CNN 11/19/18

Doctors start movement in response to NRA, calling for more gun research – CNN 11/19/18

Why women have to work harder to be promoted – CNN 11/19/18

New report explores what total abortion ban means in the Dominican Republic – CNN 11/19/18

Fake psychiatrist prompts UK investigation of 3,000 foreign doctors – CNN 11/19/18

One-third of US parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids this season – CNN 11/19/18

Malaria on the rise in more than 13 countries, experts warn – CNN 11/19/18

Person in Miami-Dade infected with mosquito-borne dengue, health department confirms – Miami Herald 11/19/18

Thanksgiving should be a model for families sharing meals together – Miami Herald 11/19/18

Salmonella contamination in turkey is widespread and unidentified – Chicago Tribune 11/19/18

An underused strategy for surge in STDs: Treat patients’ partners without a doctor visit – Chicago Tribune 11/19/18

Her Exercise? Picking Up Everyone’s Litter – The Wall Street Journal 11/19/18

The Fight Against Malaria Has Reached a Standstill – The New York Times 11/19/18

The Case Against Appendectomies – The New York Times 11/19/18

Why Standing Desks Are Overrated – The New York Times 11/19/18

Omega-3s May Lower the Risk of Preterm Birth – The New York Times 11/19/18

When a College Student Comes Home to Stay – The New York Times 11/19/18

The spin instructor’s ‘love yourself’ approach didn’t motivate her. So what would? – The Washington Post 11/19/18

Express Scripts takes on rebates in plan it says will lower drug prices – The Washington Post 11/19/18

Experimental treatment helps 2 out of 3 peanut allergy sufferers, study finds – CNN 11/18/18

New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows ‘Lifesaving’ Potential – The New York Times 11/18/18

Tests Showed Children Were Exposed to Lead. The Official Response: Challenge the Tests – The New York Times 11/18/18

California’s Fires Wrecked Its Air Quality: Here’s How to Protect Yourself – The New York Times 11/18/18

FDA warns against honey pacifiers after Texas infants hospitalized with ‘rare’ illness – Fox News 11/17/18

Need for speed: The quest for the world’s fastest humans, without an engine – CNN 11/17/18

What parents should know about the ‘huge epidemic’ of vaping – CNN 11/17/18

Curious about all the CBD-infused products you see? – Los Angeles Times 11/17/18

How Californians Are Breathing in the ‘New Abnormal’ of Epic Fires – The New York Times 11/17/18

Ohio House Passes Bill to Criminalize Abortions of Fetuses With a Heartbeat – The New York Times 11/17/18

Experts: Children at risk of lead poisoning in Chattanooga – Fox News 11/16/18

Man’s runny nose was actually leaking brain fluid – Fox News 11/16/18

Boy who lost legs to meningitis as a newborn learns to walk on prosthetic limbs – Fox News 11/16/18

Should US doctors screen for alcohol abuse? – Fox News 11/16/18

Dad fighting for life after West Nile virus diagnosis – Fox News 11/16/18

A cancer survivor thought she’d never run again after losing her leg. Now, she’s training for a half-Ironman – CNN 11/16/18

Beijing issues rare public warning on ‘serious’ swine fever crisis – CNN 11/16/18

Sucking your baby’s pacifier might protect them from allergies, study says – CNN 11/16/18

Could fitness ‘snacking’ be your secret weapon this holiday season? – Los Angeles Times 11/16/18

A gut bacterium as a fountain of youth? Well, let’s start with reversing insulin resistance – Chicago Tribune 11/16/18

The Price of Cool: A Teenager, a Juul and Nicotine Addiction – The New York Times 11/16/18

She Couldn’t Quit Smoking. Then She Tried Juul. – The New York Times 11/16/18

Air Quality in California: Devastating Fires Lead to a New Danger – The New York Times 11/16/18

A Juul Case for $5,000? – The New York Times 11/16/18

Debunking Stereotypes Around Veterans and PTSD – The New York Times 11/16/18

Rapid Cure Approved for Sleeping Sickness, a Horrific Illness – The New York Times 11/16/18

From Gene Editing to A.I., How Will Technology Transform Humanity? – The New York Times 11/16/18

Salmonella contamination in turkey is widespread and unidentified as Thanksgiving approaches – The Washington Post 11/16/18

Progressive Democrats ready to push ‘Medicare for all’ with new House leadership – The Washington Post 11/16/18

Woman loses eyes, part of brain to rare fungal infection months after dream wedding – Fox News 11/15/18

Doc: 2 boys killed in NJ outbreak were in ‘irreversible shock’ when they arrived at hospital – Fox News 11/15/18

‘Batkid’, now 10, cancer free 5 years after ‘saving’ San Francisco – Fox News 11/15/18

Houston company recalls nearly 7,000 pounds of chicken salad – Fox News 11/15/18

Norovirus outbreak reported at shelter for Camp Fire evacuees – Fox News 11/15/18

These jobs have highest suicide rates in the United States, according to the CDC – CNN 11/15/18

19-year-old dies after inhaling deodorant spray to get high – CNN 11/15/18

Combat climate change by cutting beef and lamb production, report says – CNN 11/15/18

To protect your lungs from wildfire smoke, the mask you wear matters – Los Angeles Times 11/15/18

Tennis elbow ‘treatments’ bring little relief: Study – Chicago Tribune 11/15/18

Hospital Chain Settles U.S. Antitrust Suit – The Wall Street Journal 11/15/18

F.D.A. Seeks Restrictions on Teens’ Access to Flavored E-Cigarettes and a Ban on Menthol Cigarettes – The New York Times 11/15/18

Q&A: The ABCs of E-Cigarettes – The New York Times 11/15/18

What to Know About Getting a Flu Shot This Year, No Matter Who’s Paying – The New York Times 11/15/18

Blacks Are Twice as Likely as Whites to Experience Sudden Cardiac Death – The New York Times 11/15/18

Green Burials: At the End of Life, Thinking Outside the Coffin – The New York Times 11/15/18

Scandals Catch Up to Private Chinese Hospitals, After Fortunes Are Made – The New York Times 11/15/18

Tackling Cancer Anxiety – The New York Times 11/15/18

Data-Driven Medicine Will Help People — But Can It Do So Equally? – The New York Times 11/15/18

Hyperemesis: Is your pregnancy nausea more than morning sickness? – Fox News 11/14/18

Cyclist biking across US to raise money for childhood cancer dies in accident – Fox News 11/14/18

Utah boy accidentally swallows fidget magnets while hiding toy from brother, family says – Fox News 11/14/18

US officials report a record number of tick diseases – Fox News 11/14/18

Man whose wife died after collapse at hospital gets apology – Fox News 11/14/18

Midnight sun, lime juice left man with purple ‘zombie’ skin – Fox News 11/14/18

Oregon hospital removes gender designation from patient ID bracelets – Fox News 11/14/18

Here’s Why You Get More Acne in the Winter — And How to Fix It – TIME 11/14/18

Are Smoothies Healthy? Here’s What the Experts Say – TIME 11/14/18

Her kidney donation now could save her granddaughter’s life later – CNN 11/14/18

How lessons from Rwanda could help China fix its myopia crisis – CNN 11/14/18

London’s low-emission zone ineffective in improving child lung health, study says – CNN 11/14/18

Death of 13-year-old fuels debate over Muay Thai kickboxing competitions – CNN 11/14/18

For some cancer patients, precision medicine offers hope — and possibilty of financial ruin – CNN 11/14/18

Blood pressure medication recalled for impurity that might cause cancer – Miami Herald 11/14/18

‘All calories are not alike’: Cutting carbs instead of calories keeps weight off, study says – Chicago Tribune 11/14/18

Your baby isn’t sleeping through the night? Relax – Chicago Tribune 11/14/18

Ginkgo Supplement Was Ginkgo-Free, U.S. Watchdog Finds – The Wall Street Journal 11/14/18

When Hospitals Merge to Save Money, Patients Often Pay More – The New York Times 11/14/18

How a Low-Carb Diet Might Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight – The New York Times 11/14/18

There’s a Stress Gap Between Men and Women. Here’s Why It’s Important. – The New York Times 11/14/18

Diet, Not Age, May Account for Rising Blood Pressure – The New York Times 11/14/18

Very Brief Workouts Count Toward 150-Minute Goal, New Guidelines Say – The New York Times 11/14/18

Grief as My Guide: How My Sister Made Me a Better Doctor – The New York Times 11/14/18

The Future of Aging Just Might Be in Margaritaville – The New York Times 11/14/18

20 Americans Die Each Day Waiting for Organs. Can Pigs Save Them? – The New York Times 11/14/18

‘Rapid release’ Tylenol gelcaps are slower to dissolve than cheaper tablets, study finds – The Washington Post 11/14/18

FDA chief defends crackdown on e-cigarettes despite conservative criticism – The Washington Post 11/14/18

Health dangers of undercooking a Thanksgiving turkey – Fox News 11/13/18

Mom criticized for breastfeeding 9-year-old says daughter ‘naturally self-weaned’ – Fox News 11/13/18

Texas woman on life support after trying to get plastic surergy on nose in Mexico, family claims – Fox News 11/13/18

Health department pours bleach on soup meant for homeless, cites lack of permits, food safety concerns – Fox News 11/13/18

Electrical pulses in neck could be early warning sign of dementia – Fox News 11/13/18

At least 150 people who ate at North Carolina restaurant at risk for hepatitis A – Fox News 11/13/18

Man’s flesh-eating bacteria infection potentially linked to bathroom renovation – Fox News 11/13/18

As more cases confirmed, CDC says evidence suggests ‘viral association’ for AFM – CNN 11/13/18

Ban freakshakes containing ‘grotesque’ levels of sugar, say campaigners – CNN 11/13/18

Are the celery juice health benefits real? – CNN 11/13/18

Juul to eliminate social media accounts, stop retail sales of flavors – CNN 11/13/18

All adults should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use, new guidelines say – CNN 11/13/18

How to talk to your kids about online hate speech – CNN 11/13/18

From Lady Gaga to Beyonce, Spotify playlist raises awareness for rhythmic CPR – Chicago Tribune 11/13/18

Doctors Revolt After N.R.A. Tells Them to ‘Stay in Their Lane’ on Gun Policy – The New York Times 11/13/18

Juul Suspends Selling Most E-Cigarette Flavors in Stores – The New York Times 11/13/18

Papua New Guinea Is Rich in Resources but Poor in Health – The New York Times 11/13/18

Run a Marathon. Then, Quickly, Another. – The New York Times 11/13/18

Experts chase the cause of a paralyzing childhood disease spiking this year – The Washington Post 11/13/18

McCain’s Obamacare vote isn’t why Republicans lost the House – The Washington Post 11/13/18

Winter squash: What to know before serving these seasonal stars – The Washington Post 11/13/18

Woman bit by shark nearly lost foot to flesh-eating bacteria – Fox News 11/12/18

British tourist dies after contracting rabies from cat bite in Morocco – Fox News 11/12/18

US has highest rate of drug overdoses, study says – CNN 11/12/18

Cancer surpasses heart disease as leading cause of death in many US counties – CNN 11/12/18

Ebola outbreak worst in history of Democratic Republic of Congo – CNN 11/12/18

Birdwatching for peace of mind and better health – CNN 11/12/18

Do what you love and live longer, the Japanese ikigai philosophy says – CNN 11/12/18

Disabled kids and adults are doing some amazing things through these two programs – Miami Herald 11/12/18

New federal exercise guidelines: Move more, sit less, start younger – Chicaog Tribune 11/12/18

A ballet of ‘living hell’: Ex-dancer recounts her battle with anorexia – Chicago Tribune 11/12/18

FDA Considers Making Food Labels Disclose Sesame to Help Allergy Sufferers – The Wall Street Journal 11/12/18

The War to End All Measles – The New York Times 11/12/18

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