Health News November 2019

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How Best To Use The Few New Drugs To Treat Antibiotic-Resistant Germs? – NPR

Meditation Reduced The Opioid Dose She Needs To Ease Chronic Pain By 75% – NPR

Diagnostic Gaps: Skin Comes In Many Shades And So Do Rashes – NPR

Scrubbing Your House of Bacteria Could Clear The Way For Fungus – NPR

More Teens Than Ever Are Vaping. Here’s What We Know About Their Habits – NPR

From Lawn Mowers to Rock Concerts, Our ‘Deafening World’ Is Hurting Our Ears – NPR

The Science Of Scary: Why It’s So Fun To Be Freaked Out – NPR

Open Enrollment Is Here: 6 Tips For Choosing A Health Insurance Plan – NPR

A Majority of The World’s Teens Aren’t Getting Enought Physical Activity – TIME

Terrified of Climate Change? You Might Have Eco-Anxiety – TIME

How to Keep Alzheimer’s From Bringing About the Zombie Apocalypse – TIME

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Solve America’s Impending Mental Health Crisis – TIME

Here’s How Well the Apple Watch Can Detect Heart Problems – TIME

Vaping May Be Worse for Heart Health Than Tobacco Cigarettes, New Study Finds – TIME

Why Modern-Day Foragers Want You to Eat Weeds for Dinner – TIME

Food Addictions Are Real Addictions — And More and More People Are Getting Hooked – TIME

Running Can Help You Live Longer. But More Doesn’t Always Mean Better – TIME

Survey Says: A Majority of Americans Already Cite 2020 Election as ‘Significant Stressor’ in Their Lives – TIME

Juul Once Looked Too Big to Fail. Lawsuits and Federal Regulations Are Changing That – TIME

The Health Care Industry Needs to be More Honest About Medical Errors – TIME

Kidney Swaps Are Revolutionizing a Broken Organ-Donation System in the U.S. – TIME

The Real Reason Google Is Buying Fitbit – TIME

How Asthma Inhalers Are Choking the Planet – TIME

Democrats Need Rural Voters. Can They Win Them Over by Fixing Rural Healthcare? – TIME

Is chronic wasting disease in deer dangerous for humans? – Fox News

Cheese Nips recalled over plastic contamination concerns: FDA – Fox News

Suicide is leading cause of death in Ohio preteens, officials say – Fox New

Washington state bans vape products that contain vitamin E acetate – Fox News

Doctors call for ban on all vape, e-cigarette products amid deaths, illnesses – Fox News

What is a hemorrhoid and how can you get rid of it? – Fox News

Smoking marijuana may heighten risk of stroke, arrhythmia in young adults, experts warn – Fox News

Generation Vape: As Juul faces new suit, doctors worry over epidemic of e-cigarette-related student illnesses – Fox News

California sues Juul over e-cigarette ads, sales to teens – Fox News

FDA issues tuna fish warning amid illness outbreak investigation – Fox News

Transplant doctor rejects damaged donated lungs from chain-smoker – Fox News

Are kissing bugs dangerous? Here’s what to know. – Fox News

Oklahoma judge reduces penalty against Johnson & Johnson in opioid crisis lawsuit – Fox News

Supercentenarians live longer than others because of this, study suggests – Fox News

Cat food recalled over possible samonella contamination – Fox News

Cigarette use among US adults hits record low while vaping rates rise: CDC – Fox News

LASIK eye surgery should ‘absolutely’ be banned, says former FDA adviser who voted to approve procedure – Fox News

New law will fine parents in Germany for not vaccinating children for measles – Fox News

Sudden cardiac arrest briefly kills New Jersey man, 23; hypothermia used to prevent brain damage – Fox News

Woman temporarily blinded after excessive smart phone use, report says – Fox News

Undeclared Viagra ingredient triggers libido-boosting supplement recall – Fox News

Do you need your tonsils removed? – Fox News

These 6 jobs are linked to poor heart health for women – Fox News

Ezzo Sausage Co. recalls pizza toppings over listeria concerns – Fox News

Musical tinnitus: A case of the song that never ends – Fox News

Can you treat a UTI at home? – Fox News

Trump says forthcoming vape policy may raise age requirement to 21 – Fox News

Ground beef recalled after consumer finds plastic in product – Fox News

2 in 5 Americans have misdiagnosed themselves after searching symptoms online, survey finds – Fox News

Oklahoma group home residents hospitalized after insulin confused with flu shots: report – Fox News

Frozen smoked salmon recalled over potentially deadly bacteria contamination – Fox News

Arkansas company recalls 2 millions pounds of poultry over metal contamination concerns – Fox News

What is IVF? How in vitro fertilization works and what to expect – Fox News

Beef tamales recalled after customer finds pork in product – Fox News

These states are the ‘fattest’ in the US, report finds – Fox News

Mann Packing recalls vegetable products over listeria concerns – Fox News

Salmonella outbreak linked to ground beef leaves 1 dead, 8 hospitalized, officials say – Fox News

Do I have salmonella? When to call the doctor – Fox News

Nestle recalls cookie dough batches over rubber contamination concerns – Fox News

Frozen raspberries sold at Aldi, Raley’s recalled over possible hepatitis A contamination – Fox News

Cystic fibrosis patients, doctors celebrate FDA’s ‘life-changing’ approval of new treatment – Fox News

Cleveland Clinic performs first ‘purely’ laparoscopic living donor surgery for liver transplant – Fox News

Trump’s White House meeting on vaping results in contentious debate – CNN

Massachusetts lawmakers vote to ban all flavored tobacco products and tax vaping devices – CNN

Half a million pounds of pork products recalled after anonymous tip – CNN

Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce again? – CNN

E. coli outbreak reported in romaine lettuce harvested from Salinas, Califronia, CDC and FDA say – CNN

Fight is not over, says winner of vaginal mesh implant court victory – CNN

More than 75,000 pounds of salad products are recalled after an E. coli outbreak sickens 17 people in eight states, CDC says – CNN

Hepatitis A outbreak ‘potentially linked’ to blackberries from Fresh Thyme stores, officials say – CNN

Urban dwellers who live near green spaces are less likely to die early, a new study says – CNN

New ‘smart skin’ may let you reach out and virtually touch — anyone – CNN

Vaping lung injury cases rise to 2,290, CDC says – CNN

Every 15 minutes, someone in the US dies of a drug-resistant superbug – CNN

Lung injury cases now at 2,172, CDC says – CNN

Cigarette smoking falls to record low in the United States – CNN

Using weed regularly raises the risk of heart problems for young people, studies find – CNN

Your hatred of heart-healthy veggies could be genetic – CNN

Every year, between 1,000 to 2,000 people get the plague — including about 7 in the US – CNN

Even a little running cuts risk of premature death, new study shows – CNN

China approves seaweed-based Alzheimer’s drug. It’s the first new one in 17 years – CNN

Some crowdsource their STD diagnosis on the internet. Here’s why that’s dangerous to everyone – CNN

Medical groups differ on when to start colon and rectal cancer screening. Here’s why – CNN

Some states allow opioid addicts to try medical marijuana. The federal government isn’t please – Los Angeles Times

Medicare new drug plan finder can steer you to higher costs – Los Angeles Times

Louisiana tried to help prisoners fight opioid addictions. Here’s why doctors objected – Los Angeles Times

U.S. shelves its plan to sharply cut nicotine in cigarettes – Los Angeles Times

After child deaths, doctors pressure Border Patrol to let them administer flu vaccines – Los Angeles Times

South Dakota’s governor defends ‘Meth. We’re on it’ campaign – Los Angeles Times

Juul wanted to revolutionize vaping. It took a page from Big Tobacco’s chemical formulas – Los Angeles Times

Think measles is no big deal? Talk to my patient J. – Los Angeles Times

Both old and new drugs may offer fresh ways too fight heart disease – Los Angeles Times

Study casts doubt on need for many heart procedures – Los Angeles Times

When pregnant women who abuse opioids are treated like criminals, their babies suffer – Los Angeles Times

A warmer world is an unhealthier place for children, doctors warn – Los Angeles Times

Statin use is up and U.S. cholesterol levels are down after controversial guidelines – Los Angeles Times

For young athletes, concussion risks of playing sports are still unclear, experts say – Los Angeles Times

27 gifts to buy the fitness fanatic – Los Angeles Times

Trump’s rationale for antiabortion rule was ‘blatantly’ false, judge rules – Los Angeles Times

Doctors report success in penis transplant for injured veteran – Los Angeles Times

Millennials’ escalating health problems raise economic concerns – Los Angeles Times

Judge voids Trump-initiated rule letting clinicians refuse healthcare services on moral or religious grounds – Los Angeles Times

Doctors use CRISPR gene editing in cancer patients, a first in the U.S. – Los Angeles Times

California blocks a hospital merger amid concerns about religious limits on care – Los Angeles Times

California’s strict vaccination law will have only ‘modest’ impact, study says – Los Angeles Times

If you have type 2 diabetes, you’re at much greater risk for fatty liver disease – Miami Herald

You are not alone when you have postpartum depression. How to get help. – Miami Herald

Do I still need to wear sunscreen in the winter? – Miami Herald

Here’s how to stave off the holiday weight gain – Miami Herald

He used to taste everything. Prediabetic chef learned how to cut back sugar, salt and fat. – Miami Herald

More than half of Hispanic adults are projected to get diabetes. Here’s what you can do – Miami Herald

They’re underdosing insulin to lose weight. It’s a risky game diabetic girls are playing – Miami Herald

She thought losing a lot of weight as a diabetic was a good thing. She was very wrong. – Miami Herald

‘I’m drinking diet soda, so it’s OK to have cake’ — the problem with artificial sweeteners – Miami Herald

Technology is quickly changing how to treat patients, often kids, with type 1 diabetes – Miami Herald

Which Medicare prescription plan is right for you? – Miami Herald

Training for a marathon? It’s best to build up your miles gradually to avoid injury – Miami Herald

If you have been seriously injured, seek out a plastic surgeon while you’re in the ER – Miami Herald

Flavor bans multiply, but mentol continues to divide – Chicago Tribune

Why are insulin prices so high for U.S. patients? – Chicago Tribune

Common muscle relaxant could pose mental dangers for seniors – Chicago Tribune

Dealing with arthritis pain? Keep moving, or it might get worse. – Chicago Tribune

Lung cancer report a mixed bag of good and bad news – Chicago Tribune

Is my kid too young for contact sports? Advice still unclear. – Chicago Tribune

More proof that working out may help reduce symptoms of depression – Chicago Tribune

Alzheimer’s treatments: What’s on the horizon? – Chicago Tribune

Record number of Legionnaires’ cases in 2018 risk lives, cause cleanup headaches – Chicago Tribune

For some cancer patients, monitoring symptoms can extend their lives – Chicago Tribune

After calorie counts go on fast-food menus, orders dip a bit – Chicago Tribune

Ending childhood abuse and other damaging experiences could reduce up to 21 million cases of depression, 1.9 million cases of heart disease, CDC finds – Chicago Tribune

Compression garments can ease lymphedema. Covering costs? Not so easy. – Chicago Tribune

Windy, humid days could bring more pain – Chicago Tribune

Rising number of workers are short on sleep, especially in certain fields – Chicago Tribune

Drinking triggers brain changes that teach you to want more alcohol, researchers find – Chicago Tribune

For generation Juul, nicotine addiction happens fast and is hard to shake – Chicago Tribune

Takeda’s Dengue Vaccine Shows Promise – The Wall Street Journal

Senate Panel Presses FDA Nominee on Vaping Flavors Ban – The Wall Street Journal

Trump to Convene Meeting on Vaping – The Wall Street Journal

Hospitals Push Back on Price-Disclosure Rule – The Wall Street Journal

Generic-Drug Approvals Soar, But Patients Still Go Without – The Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers Slam Trump for Delaying Proposed Vaping Restictions – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Delays Decision on Possible E-Cigarette Restrictions – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Administration Unveils Transparency Rule in Hospital Pricing – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Panel Backs Expanding Use of Fish Oil Drug – The Wall Street Journal

Superbugs Toll Worse Than Thought, CDC Says – The Wall Street Journal

These People Got the Flu So You Won’t Have To – The Wall Street Journal

Trump to Meet With Vaping Industry as E-Cigarette Policy Nears – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Sues HIV Drugmaker Gilead Over Patents – The Wall Street Journal

A New Strain of HIV Is Recorded Under Group That Caused Pandemic – The Walls Street Journal

FDA Expected to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes Except Tobacco, Menthol – The Wall Street Journal

A New Approach to Gene Therapy — Now In Dogs, Maybe Later In Humans – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Will Tap Texas Doctor to Lead FDA – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration Delays Rule Forcing Hospital-Cost Transparency – The Wall Street Journal

What Consumers Need to Know as ACA Open Enrollment Starts – The Wall Street Journal

Trump’s F.D.A. Nominee Sidesteps Questions About Banning Flavored Vaping Products – The New York Times

A Do-Anywhere Full-Body Workout – The New York Times

Fitting in Family Fitness at the Holidays – The New York Times

The Zen of Weight Lifting – The New York Times

Practicing Gratitude, for a Change – The New York Times

How to Get Your Running in During the Holidays – The New York Times

Sleeping Fewer Than 5 Hours a Night Tied to Bone Problems – The New York Times

The Brain Benefits of Reading and Writing – The New York Times

For Some Children With Autism, Dance Is a Form of Expression – The New York Times

Will Science Ever Give Us a Better Night’s Sleep? – The New York Times

Dread the Holidays? Feasting Together Might Actually Help – The New York Times

Stain Drugs Not Linked to Memory Decline in Study – The New York Times

How to Survive the Holidays – The New York Times

When Mental Illness Is Severe – The New York Times

Apple to Ban Vaping Apps From Its Store – The New York Times

To Drive Down Insulin Prices, W.H.O. Will Certify Generic Versions – The New York Times

Infants and Toddlers Eat Too Much Sugar, Researchers Say – The New York Times

Apple’s Reach Reshapes Medical Research – The New York Times

Getting a Handle on Self-Harm – The New York Times

Shifting the Focus of Breast Cancer to Prevention – The New York Times

To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic – The New York Times

Texting While Walking Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Stop. – The New York Times

Another Reason to Take Your Blood Pressure Drugs: Lower Dementia Risk – The New York Times

Patient Care Is Wrenching: A Psychiatrist, a Nurse and a Doctor Bare All – The New York Times

Virginia Doctor Performed Hysterectomies Without Consent, Prosecutors Say – The New York Times

Poor Sleep May Be Bad for Your Heart – The New York Times

Cannabis-Based Medicines Approved for Use in England and Wales – The New York Times

Experts Back Mandatory Bike Helmets but Not All Cyclists Are Sold – The New York Times

With Medical Bills Skyrocketing, More Hospitals Are Suing for Payment – The New York Times

‘No Longer a Disease for Our Moms and Grandmas’: Women on Early Breast Cancer – The New York Times

A Retirement Community That Comes to You – The New York Times

Who Owns H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs? The Taxpayers, U.S. Says – The New York Times

Juul Ends E-Cigarette Sales of Mint-Flavored Pods – The New York Times

Wash Your Hands in the Kitchen and the Bathroom – The New York Times

The Lonliness of Frontotemporal Dementia – The New York Times

Avoid Burnout Before You’re Already Burned Out – The New York Times

The Right Kind of Exercise May Boost Memory and Lower Dementia Risk – The New York Times

Why Didn’t She Get Alzheimer’s? The Answer Could Hold a Key to Fighting the Disease – The New York Times

Making Meaning Out of Grief – The New York Times

Sleep Can Be Good for Your Salary – The New York Times

Why Was My Doctor Visit Suddenly So Expensive? – The New York Times

He Wanted Cold Medicine, but CVS Rejected His Puerto Rican ID – The New York Times

Statins Tied to Risk of Skin Infections – The New York Times

China Effectively Bans Online Sales of E-Cigarettes – The New York Times

Congress might buck its promises to reduce health-care costs – The Washington Post

Paid family leave gets its moment at the Democratic debate – The Washington Post

Not sure about Medicare-for-all? Visit Canada. – The Washington Post

New Trump Rule to make more health care rates public – The Washington Post

Seven research-backed tips to make the most of family meals, no matter how often they happen – The Washington Post

Why this orthopedic surgeon insists women should ‘sit like a man’ – The Washington Post

Study shows that ‘extraordinary’ level of exercise does not damage the heart – The Washington Post

Want to cut down on animal products but just can’t give up bacon? Reducetarians won’t judge. – The Washington Post

Giving in to arthritis pain will only make things worse. Here’s how to keep moving. – The Washington Post

Tens of thousands of Americans are about to lose their association health plans – The Washington Post

U.S. to lose thousands of health-care workers if ‘dreamers’ must leave – The Washington Post

Trump calls Medicare-for-all ‘socialism.’ Doctors once said the same about Medicare. – The Washington Post

Here’s why Walgreens may be in more legal jeopardy in opioid lawsuits – The Washington Post

At height of crisis, Walgreens handled nearly one in five of the most addictive opioids – The Washington Post

Deep brain stimulation is being tested to treat opioid addiction – The Washington Post

Medicaid work requirements were defeated at the ballot box last night – The Washington Post

Want to cut down on animal products but just can’t give up bacon? Reducetarians won’t judge. – The Washington Post

Giving into arthritis pain will only make things worse. Here’s how to keep moving. – The Washington Post

Her anti-migraine hacks include avoiding red wine and wearing sunglasses 365 days a year – The Washington Post

Medicare-for-all would virtually erase the massive health insurance industry – The Washington Post

Trump makes it official: U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate accord – The Washington Post

Passing Medicare-for-all would be a huge challenge. But 2020 Democrats are making it a campaign centerpiece. – The Washington Post

EPA to scale back federal rules restricting waste from coal-fired power plants – The Washington Post

Obamacare marketplaces open for enrollment today in somewhat healthier shape – The Washington Post

Beyond bread and beans: Getting enough fiber when you have a food intolerance – The Washington Post