Health News October 2016

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Another reason to put down your phone — especially when you’re outside – Miami Herald 10/31/16

​What Keeps Kids Up at Night? Cellphones and Tablets – The New York Times 10/31/16

Colombia Is Hit Hard by Zika, But Not by Microcephaly – The New York Times 10/31/16

Should We Be Scared of Butter? – The New York Times 10/31/16

The High Costs of Not Offering Paid Sick Leave –  The New  York Times 10/31/16

Is a Minimally Invasive Procedure Effective for Enlarged Prostates? – The Wall Street Journal 10/31/16

​Best Reasons to Stay Active as You Age May Be Psychological – The Wall Street Journal 10/31/16

Heart Attacks Are Linked to Patients’ Activity Level, Emotional State – The Wall Street Journal 10/31/16

Opioid pills ‘are like guns’: More than 13,000 children were poisoned  – The Washington Post 10/31/16

Drugmakers Turn Cheap Generics Into Expensive Pills – The Wall Street Journal 10/30/16

​Does the Flu Provide Better Immunity Than a Flu Shot? – The New York Times 10/28/16

New data shows a deadly measles complication is more common than thought – The Washington Post 10/28/16

The Cure for UTIs? It’s Not Cranberries – The New York Times 10/27/16

How a Run-Walk Strategy Might Help Your Marathon – The New York Times 10/27/16

​Teen Depression and Anxiety: What Parents Can Do – TIME 10/27/16

Want to get your kids to stop inhaling their food? Science has your back. – The Washington Post 10/26/16

Bloodsucking parasitic hookworms could help make millions of people healthier – The Washington Post 10/26/16

Mythology of ‘Patient Zero’ and how AIDS virus traveled to the U.S. is all wrong – The Washington Post 10/26/16

​Babies Show a Clear Bias—To Learn New Things – The Wall Street Journal 10/26/16

When Parents Divorce, the Children Get the House – The Wall Street Journal 10/26/16

Should the Food Industry Sneak Vegetables Into Food? – The New  York Times 10/25/16

The startling rise in oral cancer in men, and what it says about… – The Washington Post 10/25/16

Managing Driving’s Many Distractions – The  Wall Street Journal 10/25/16

Merck Drug Gets FDA Approval as a First-Line Lung Cancer Treatment – The  Wall Street Journal 10/25/16

Increasing CPR Training to Save Lives – The New York Times 10/24/16

New Reasons Not to Miss a Well-Child Visit – The Wall Street Journal 10/24/16

Neuroscientists show how tiny fibs snowball into big lies – Los Angeles Times 10/24/16

You can blame cigarettes for nearly 3 in 10 cancer deaths in the U.S., study says – Los Angeles Times 10/24/16

How drugs intended for patients ended up in the hands of illegal users… – The Washington Post 10/22/16

​Turns Out, Counting on Your Fingers Makes You Smarter – The Wall Street Journal 10/21/16

A Genetic ‘Chain Saw’ to Target Harmful DNA – The Wall Street Journal 10/21/16

How to get that winter body in time for parka season – The Washington Post 10/21/16

Yes! Foods may fight acne – The New York  Times 10/20/16

Here’s the latest advice from pediatricians for managing your kids’ screen time – Los Angeles Times 10/20/16

STD rates hit record high in U.S. as screening clinics close – The Washington Post 10/20/16

​Think it’s cathartic to run angry? Think again – The New York Times 10/19/16

CDC now recommends just two HPV vaccine doses for preteens – The Washington Post 10/19/16

There’s a breast microbiome, and it’s different in women with breast cancer – The Washington Post 10/19/16

Prediabetes doesn’t have to be a ‘doomsday message’: What you need to know… – The Washington Post 10/19/16

Can This High-Tech Bassinet Keep Sleep-Deprived Parents Sane? – The Wall Street Journal 10/18/16

There’s more than one way to lace your running shoes – and it matters… – The Washington Post 10/18/16

New Thinking on Concussion Treatment – The Wall Street Journal 10/17/16

Why Do Some People Have Inescapable Foot Odor? – The Wall Street Journal 10/17/16

Brain Cells That May Play a Key Role in Appetite – The Wall Street Journal 10/17/16

​Increased Division Over Breast-Feeding in Bed – The Wall Street Journal 10/17/16

New Approach to Promoting HPV Vaccinations – The Wall Street Journal 10/17/16

Regular Stretching May Boost Fitness of Those Who Can’t Exercise – The Wall Street Journal 10/17/16

Which Came First? The Behavior Problems, or the Poor Sleep? – The New York Times 10/17/16

The drug industry’s answer to opioid addiction: More pills – The Washington Post 10/16/16

Here’s Why You Should Pay Your Children to Eat Their Vegetables – The Wall Street Journal 10/16/16

Assisted-Suicide Fight Moves to Colorado – The Wall Street Journal 10/16/16

For safety, women should take these steps while running alone – The Washington Post 10/15/16

Obesity and Diabetes Tied to Liver Cancer – The New York Times 10/14/16

By adding an antibody to HIV treatment, researchers send virus into ‘sustained… – Los Angeles Times 10/13/16

Opioids May Interfere With Parenting Instincts, Study Finds – The New York Times 10/13/16

Prostate Cancer Treatment Can Raise Dementia Risk – The New York Times 10/13/16

People are so stressed by this election that the APA has coping tips – The Washington Post 10/13/16

More than half a million heart surgery patients at risk of deadly infection – The Washington Post 10/13/16

One Driver Can Prevent a Traffic Jam – The Wall Street Journal 10/12/16

How Exercise May Turn White Fat Into Brown – The New York Times 10/12/16

How to Be Mindful on an Airplane – The New York Times 10/12/16

Majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer after screening mammograms… – Los Angeles Times 10/12/16

Sure, ‘eat the rainbow’ — but don’t pass over these paler foods – The Washington Post 10/11/16

Blood pressure meds could raise your depression risk – 10/11/16

When Do You Worry About a Picky Eater? – The New York Times 10/10/16

Coke and Pepsi Give Millions to Public Health, Then Lobby Against It – The New York Times 10/10/16

​​Doctors Can Predict If Antidepressants Will Work For You – Yahoo News 10/10/16

Brain Exercises Don’t Live Up to the Hype, Researchers Say – The Wall Street Journal 10/10/16

When Patients Take Too Many Pills, Doctors Deprescribe – The Wall Street Journal 10/10/16

​Study Sees Link Between Allergies and the Infant Gut – The wall Street Journal 10/10/16

Drugs Didn’t Help My Child With His ADHD – Redbook 10/10/16

How do online symptom checkers compare to a doctor’s diagnosis? – CBS News 10/10/16

The Gray Gender Gap: Older Women Are Likelier to Go It Alone – The New York Times 10/7/16

Why Is Fish Good for You? Because It Replaces Meat? – The New York Times 10/7/16

Does eating your biggest meal at dinner make it harder to lose weight? –  The Washington Post 10/7/16

Human life span will probably max out at 125 – The Chicago Tribune 10/7/16

Disgusted With Losing? Learn From Experience – The Wall Street Journal 10/6/16

Perdue Farms Eliminated Antibiotics From Chicken Supply – The Wall Street  Journal 10/6/16

​Don’t let stress derail your weight goals: 6 ways to get hormones to… – The Washington Post 10/6/16

U.S. Traffic Deaths Up Sharply in First Half of the Year – The Wall Street Journal 10/5/16

FDA Warns on Hepatitis C Drugs – The Wall Street Journal 10/5/16

The Pill Makers Next Door: How America’s Opioid Crisis Is Spreading – The Wall Street Journal 10/5/16

Why believing in miracles could be hazardous to your health – The Chicago Tribune 10/5/16

‘It’s not in your head’: Striking new study links birth control to depression – The Washington Post 10/5/16

This is what can happen if an e-cigarette blows up while you’re using it – Los Angeles Times 10/5/16

​You probably weigh less now than you will all year –  The Washington Post 10/4/16

Why Watching Silly Cat Videos Is Good for You – The Wall Street Journal 10/4/16

FDA warns against the use of homeopathic teething tablets and gels – The Chicago Tribune 10/4/16

Are Your Child’s Bones Strong Enough? – The Wall Street Journal 10/3/16

Martial-Arts Move May Lessen Impact of a Fall on Hip – The Wall Street Journal 10/3/16

Childhood Cancer Research Looks at Genetic Origins – The Wall Street Journal 10/3/16

Infectious diseases: hand-foot-and-mouth disease – Miami Herald 10/3/16

10 causes of aging skin — and what to do about it – Miami Herald 10/3/16

How caffeine could help slow Parkinson’s disease – Medical News Today 10/3/16


Mosquito Protein Could Help Keep Dengue Virus in Check, Research Shows – Scicasts 10/3/16

More Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Found in Miami Beach – The Wall Street Journal 10/1/16