Health News October 2017

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Trendy liquid nitrogen ‘Dragon Breath’ dessert hospitalizes 14-year-old girl – Fox News 10/31/17

7 things that might be causing your infertility – Fox News 10/31/17

Pain drugs in pregnancy tied to ADHD – Fox News 10/31/17

Don’t accidentally overdose on black licorice this Halloween, the FDA warns – CNN 10/31/17

FDA moves to revoke soy health claim – CNN 10/31/17

No surgery for smokers or the obese: Policy in UK stirs debate – CNN 10/31/17

Fisher-Price infant motion seat, PlanToys Baby Gym recalled – CNN 10/31/17

We love our Reese’s peanut butter cups. But candy corn — not so much. – Miami Herald 10/31/17

New device gives women a more comfortable mammogram – Miami Herald 10/31/17

Are you using the wrong skin cleanser? Here’s how to pick the right product. – Miami Herald 10/31/17

Going abroad? Tips on preventing Montezuma’s revenge and other travel ailments – Miami Herald 10/31/17

Months after childbirth, woman’s vaginal bleeding leads to rare diagnosis – Chicago Tribune 10/31/17

60 is the new 40: Cosmetic procedures for boomers and beyond are on the rise – Chicago Tribune 10/31/17

As Open Enrollment for Obamacare Begins, Confusion Reigns – The New York Times 10/31/17

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Stomach Cancer Risk – The New York Times 10/31/17

Let’s Hear It for Those With Low Libidos – The New York Times 10/31/17

Why cooks (and bakers) should give ghee a try – The Washington Post 10/31/17

Everything you need to know about breast cysts – Fox News 10/30/17

How bedbugs could be the culprit for anemia – Fox News 10/30/17

Recurrent concussions are down in high school sports – Fox News 10/30/17

Myths about baby sleep and SIDS, debunked by an expert – CNN 10/30/17

2,100 cities exceed recommended pollution levels, fueling climate change – CNN 10/30/17

Drugmaker set to profit from an opioid it said was unsafe – CNN 10/30/17

How #MeToo could move from social campaign to social change – CNN 10/30/17

Study links acetaminophen in pregnancy to ADHD, but experts question results – CNN 10/30/17

‘Detox’ from overly processed foods: Why and how to cut back – CNN 10/30/17

The 9 worst things you can do to your teeth – Los Angeles Times 10/30/17

What you need to know about the new shingles vaccine – Chicago Tribune 10/30/17

Fertility tests may not be best gauge of biological clock – Chicago Tribune 10/30/17

Managing the Storm of a Toddler’s Tantrum – The New York Times 10/30/17

Opioids on the Quad – The New York Times 10/30/17

New therapy ‘rewires’ the brain to fight depression – Fox News 10/27/17

Opioid crisis: Sellers tout prescription drugs on social media – Fox News 10/27/17

Sugar and cancer: Is there a link? – CNN 10/27/17

‘This is skid row’: What two current heroin addicts want you to know – CNN 10/27/17

Emergency declaration is key to curbing opioid epidemic, experts say – CNN 10/27/17

Watchdog group blasts study that suggests 80 percent of baby formula contains arsenic – Miami Herald 10/27/17

If a woman freezes her eggs, will her future babies be healthy? – Chicago Tribune 10/27/17

Marijuana users have more sex, study finds – Chicago Tribune 10/27/17

Experts concerned that HIV, AIDS may be poised for a comeback – Chicago Tribune 10/27/17

Diabetes detection dog knows when emergencies lurk: ‘His nose is always working’ – Chicago Tribune 10/27/17

The Governor Blocked Medicaid Expansion. Now Maine Voters Could Overrule Him. – The New York Times 10/27/17

One Last Question Before the Operation: Just How Frail Are You? – The New York Times 10/27/17

When the Make-Believe World Is All Too Real – The New York Times 10/27/17

Should I Get Revaccinated as an Adult? – The New York Times 10/27/17

The Opioid Epidemic: A Crisis Years in the Making – The New York Times 10/27/17

The emergency declaration was a start. Here’s how else Trump plans to combat the opioid epidemic – Fox News 10/26/17

5 early signs of lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore – Fox News 10/26/17

Study finds arsenic, BPA and lead in baby food products – Fox News 10/26/17

Walgreens to begin stocking Narcan in pharmacies nationwide – Fox News 10/26/17

First test of anti-epilepsy surgeries in children shows dramatic benefit – Fox News 10/26/17

FDA approves intravenous version of Tesaro drug for chemotherapy nausea – Fox News 10/26/17

High cholesterol levels among US adults declining, CDC reports – Fox News 10/26/17

Equipping more kids for on-the-field success – CNN 10/26/17

Medical errors cost the country billions. Does the hospital or patient pay? – Chicago Tribune 10/26/17

‘Fat but Fit’? The Controversy Continues – The New York Times 10/26/17

Underweight Women at Risk of Early Menopause – The New York Times 10/26/17

The Facts on America’s Opioid Epidemic – The New York Times 10/26/17

Why Doing Good Is Good for the Do-Gooder – The New York Times 10/26/17

Female Genital Mutilation is not a ‘nick’ – Don’t let spin hide brutal reality as Michigan trial starts – Fox News 10/25/17

Alzheimer’s disease warning signs and prevention – Fox News 10/25/17

Judge allows parents to force-feed anorexic daughter – Fox News 10/25/17

Are intestinal parasites on the rise? These types might be – Fox News 10/25/17

Pesticides: How ’bout washing them apples? – CNN 10/25/17

How to handle your child’s Halloween candy sugar rush – Miami Herald 10/25/17

I survived cancer. So why was I so sad? – Chicago Tribune 10/25/17

How to replace pizza night with family fitness dates – Chicago Tribune 10/25/17

How to keep your teen driver focused on the road – Chicago Tribune 10/25/17

5 bite-size health tips for all that Halloween candy – Chicago Tribune 10/25/17

C.D.C. Panel Recommends a New Shingles Vaccine – The New York Times 10/25/17

The Battle of Brains vs. Brawn – The New York Times 10/25/17

Mindfulness for Children – The New York Times 10/25/17

Md. pot companies cleared, get licenses after probe of possible conflicts of interest – The Washington Post 10/25/17

Woman who ‘sweats blood’ a medical mystery for doctors – Fox News 10/24/17

CDC: America’s obesity epidemic is helping cancer make a comeback – Fox News 10/24/17

We must start now to provide mental-health care for our young caregivers – Miami Herald 10/24/17

Drop the phone: Tips for safe, smart texting – Chicago Tribune 10/24/17

Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: How to choose – Chicago Tribune 10/24/17

Teal pumpkins signal allergy-friendly treats on Halloween – Chicago Tribune 10/24/17

Arsenic Reductions in Drinking Water Tied to Fewer Cancer Deaths – The New York Times 10/24/17

The Symptoms of Protracted Dying – The New York Times 10/24/17

The Rules of the Doctor’s Heart – The New York Times 10/24/17

A healthier Halloween for kids, without cutting out candy? Yes, really. – The Washington Post 10/24/17

Opioid painkillers are killing thousands of Americans — there are alternatives – Fox News 10/23/17

Woman’s ‘missing’ IUD turns up in her bladder – Fox News 10/23/17

Listeria triggers major recall of veggies across US and Canada – CNN 10/23/17

Breast cancer genetics revealed: 72 new mutations discovered in global study – CNN 10/23/17

Why Type A people often struggle with weight loss programs – CNN 10/23/17

Families of young people with autism struggle with mental health needs – CNN 10/23/17

These four foods can help control your weight, boost your brain and protect your heart. – Miami Herald 10/23/17

He’s 60, has arthritis and wondering whether he should undergo a hip replacement – Miami Herald 10/23/17

Could a nose job make my breathing worse? – Miami Herald 10/23/17

Why do some doctors refuse to give women IUDs? – Chicago Tribune 10/23/17

10 things I wish I’d known about my breast cancer – Chicago Tribune 10/23/17

Donor eggs, sperm banks and the quest for ‘good’ genes – Chicago Tribune 10/23/17

Black children may suffer more severe eczema, but are less likely to receive treatment, study shows – Chicago Tribune 10/23/17

Stricter Gun Laws Tied to Fewer Firearm Injuries After Gun Shows – The New York Times 10/23/17

To Mend a Birth Defect, Surgeons Operate on the Patient Within the Patient – The New York Times 10/23/17

The Cookie Crumbles: A Retracted Study Points to a Larger Truth – The New York Times 10/23/17

Buckle Up a Helmet to Save a Life – The New York Times 10/23/17

Pediatricians’ New Germ-Control Advice: Bring Your Own Toys – The New York Times 10/23/17

Exercise should be fun — you already have more than enough work to do – Fox News 10/21/17

Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Helps Call the Shots – The New York Times 10/21/17

Surprisingly simple way boost your flu shot’s effectiveness – Fox News 10/20/17

Backyard chicken coop trend linked to spike in salmonella cases – Fox News 10/20/17

Toxic tensions in the heart of ‘Cancer Alley’ – CNN 10/20/17

More phthalates banned in children’s toys by US government – CNN 10/20/17

Can you teach a cell new tricks? Diabetes research aims to do just that. – Chicago Tribune 10/20/17

Long-term disability insurance gets little attention but can pay off big time – Chicago Tribune 10/20/17

U.S. abortion rate falls 25 percent, but procedure is still common – Chicago Tribune 10/20/17

Neglecting iron can lead to low energy – Chicago Tribune 10/20/17

During Labor, Lie Down – The New York Times 10/20/17

Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive? – The New York Times 10/20/17

New Study Casts Doubt on Diagnosis of Adult-Onset A.D.H.D. – The New York Times 10/20/17

Once-a-month shot for opioid addiction works as well as daily medication, study finds – Fox News 10/19/17

Man’s artificial hip infected with ‘rabbit fever’ – Fox News 10/19/17

Brain may know your dead after you die, study suggests – Fox News 10/19/17

Kids under 9 spend more than 2 hours a day on screens, report shows – CNN 10/19/17

Can’t hear? Try a game – CNN 10/19/17

Who’s most at risk of head injury in youth football? – Chicago Tribune 10/19/17

Everybody is exhausted: Stress and social media are taking their toll – Chicago Tribune 10/19/17

A woman’s dog died, and doctors say her heart literally broke – Chicago Tribune 10/19/17

Women Are More Likely to Address High Blood Pressure – The New York Times 10/19/17

Ebola’s Legacy: Children With Cataracts – The New York Times 10/19/17

Cancer linked to breast implants is on the rise – Fox News 10/18/17

Managing diverticulitis with diet – Fox News 10/18/17

Washington state judge rules in favor of supervised injection sites – Fox News 10/18/17

What the future holds for fitness technology – CNN 10/18/17

Diabetes pill might replace injection to control blood sugar – Chicago Tribune 10/18/17

What can be done about hot flashes? – Chicago Tribune 10/18/17

F.D.A. Approves Second Gene-Altering Treatment for Cancer – The New York Times 10/18/17

Lack of Sleep Tied to Diabetes in Pregnancy – The New York Times 10/18/17

Concussions in Teenagers Tied to Multiple Sclerosis Risk – The New York Times 10/18/17

A dietitian’s four favorite foods that are high in good fats – The Washington Post 10/18/17

After losing a son to opioids, one dentist is fighting to change how his profession deals with addiction – Fox News 10/17/17

Prescription opioid abuse rising in UK – Fox News 10/17/17

Breast cancer survivors share what surprised them most about their diagnosis – Fox News 10/17/17

How ‘Sesame Street’ can help children cope with traumatic experiences – CNN 10/17/17

Nutrition expert can help save your life – Miami Herald 10/17/17

2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off – The New York Times 10/17/17

A Diabetes Monitor That Spares the Fingers – The New York Times 10/17/17

Can Fathers Have Postpartum Depression? – The New York Times 10/17/17

The many reasons you need iron in your diet – The Washington Post 10/17/17

Why Americans with MS are going to Russia for treatment – Fox News 10/16/17

Doctor’s research could buy time for snake bite victims – Fox News 10/16/17

Fentanyl, synthetic opioids claim top spot for US overdose deaths – Fox News 10/16/17

‘Magic mushrooms’ might ease depression symptoms – Fox News 10/16/17

Here are ways to help your children after they witness traumatic events – Miami Herald 10/16/17

The footstool: A simple step to help relieve constipation – Chicago Tribune 10/16/17

7 Million American Men Carry Cancer-Causing HPV – The New York Times 10/16/17

Raising Concerns About a Widely Used Test to Measure Fertility – The New York Times 10/16/17

How a Healthy Economy Can Shorten Life Spans – The New York Times 10/16/17

Choosing the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin – The New York Times 10/16/17

Horse therapy program for veterans with PTSD needs donations – Fox News 10/13/17

Energy drinks: What are the health risks? – Fox News 10/13/17

In Early Results, Shorter Treatment for Tuberculosis Proves Effective – The New York Times 10/13/17

The Benefits (and the Catch) of Health Savings Accounts – The New York Times 10/13/17

Things Boys Could Learn at Girl Scouts – The New York Times 10/13/17

Wringing Cash From Life Insurance – The New York Times 10/13/17

How Do People Die From Diabetes? – The New York Times 10/13/17

Sorry, pumpkin spice latte. You’re not the only way to indulge this holiday season – Los Angeles Times 10/12/17

Trump to Scrap Critical Health Care Subsidies, Hitting Obamacare Again – The New York Times 10/12/17

Cancer Humor – The New York Times 10/12/17

A Condom-Maker’s Discovery: Size Matters – The New York Times 10/12/17

Why I Almost Fired My Doctor – The New York Times 10/12/17

Child and teen obesity rates soar globally, WHO reports – Fox News 10/11/17

Should you get genetic testing for the breast cancer gene? – Fox News 10/11/17

Many ex-opioid addicts credit ‘ibogaine’ with cure, but it’s illegal in US – Fox News 10/11/17

Foiled in Congress, Trump Moves on His Own to Undermine Obamacare – The New York Times 10/11/17

What Half-Marathons Teach Us About Running a Marathon – The New York Times 10/11/17

High Blood Pressure in Midlife Tied to Later Dementia – The New York Times 10/11/17

Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? – The New York Times 10/11/17

Cold Carriers, You’ve Been Busted – The New York Times 10/11/17

Got 10 minutes? You can do this workout. – The Washington Post 10/11/17

How a generation of young athletes became addicted to heroin – Fox News 10/10/17

Doubtful Science Behind Arguments to Restrict Birth Control Access – The New York Times 10/10/17

Epidurals Do Not Prolong Labor – The New York Times 10/10/17

Confused by the many yogurt options? We can help you sort them out. – The Washington Post 10/10/17

New drug to protect infants from whooping cough shows promise – Fox News 10/9/17

Men’s and women’s brains react differently when helping others, study says – CNN 10/9/17

The Latest on Lice – The New York Times 10/9/17

New Blood Pressure Guidelines for Children – The New York Times 10/9/17

Can the U.S. Repair Its Health Care While Keeping Its Innovation Edge? – The New York Times 10/9/17

Can nose surgery keep me from breathing right? – Miami Herald 10/8/17

Banned ingredients in these weight-loss pills could raise blood pressure — and worse – Miami Herald 10/8/17

Male sexual boost pills recalled for containing same ingredients as Viagra and Cialis – Miami Herald 10/7/17

As Cancer Tears Through Africa, Drug Makers Draw Up a Battle Plan – The New York Times 10/7/17

The dangers of using ‘home remedies’ for serious illnesses – Fox News 10/6/17

Are any weight loss supplements considered safe? – Fox News 10/6/17

Beyond just birth control: Rollback leaves some women fearful – CNN 10/6/17

Fighting fatigue? Here are 6 easys ways to recharge your personal batteries – Los Angeles Times 10/6/17

Out-of-pocket costs often keep pricey new cholesterol drugs out of reach, study finds – Miami Herald 10/6/17

A bump after shoulder injury can mean you tore your ligaments, which can be serious – Miami Herald 10/6/17

About 40 critical medicines may run short due to Puerto Rico’s power outage, FDA says – Miami Herald 10/6/17

Go ahead an order another slice of cheesecake – Chicago Tribune 10/6/17

Researchers Predict a Quarter-Million New Cases of Breast Cancer in the U.S. – The New York Times 10/6/17

Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth Control Mandate – The New York Times 10/6/17

Is There Any Reason Not to Get a Flu Shot? – The New York Times 10/6/17

Why America Needs Foreign Medical Graduates – The New York Times 10/6/17

The Never-Ending Battle Against Sport’s Hidden Foe – The New York Times 10/6/17

Do you have liver damage? – Fox News 10/5/17

Zika vaccine shows promise in early human trial – Fox News 10/5/17

Cigna to stop covering most OxyContin prescriptions – CNN 10/5/17

Ah! My kid is having a tantrum, and I want to scream – CNN 10/5/17

The health benefits of eating seasonal — and 10 ways to start – Chicago Tribune 10/5/17

Blood thinners can come with dangerous side effects – Chicago Tribune 10/5/17

How to Stop Bleeding and Save a Life – The New York Times 10/5/17

In a First, Gene Therapy Halts a Fatal Brain Disease – The New York Times 10/5/17

Price Matters, in Patients’ Minds – The New York Times 10/5/17

The totally unsexy path to healthy eating (and why we’re not following it) – The Washington Post 10/5/17

CDC: 40 percent of cancers linked to obesity, overweight – Fox News 10/4/17

Some US women travel hundreds of miles for abortions, analysis findsreds of miles for abortions, analysis finds – CNN 10/4/17

How a ‘madman’ hopes to spark conversations about mental illness – CNN 10/4/17

Las Vegas concert shooting puts many at risk for PTSD – Chicago Tribune 10/4/17

ACLU sues over FDA limits on abortion pill access – Chicago Tribune 10/4/17

Bill to Rescue Children’s Health Program Hits Snag in House – The New York Times 10/4/17

10 ways to prepare for a fall full of healthy eating – The Washington Post 10/4/17

A mother refused to follow a court order to vaccinate her son. Now she’s going to jail. – The Washington Post 10/4/17

Doctors thought a woman had cancer — but it was just a reaction to an old tattoo – The Washington Post 10/4/17

Sleep positioner pillows could cause babies to suffocate, FDA warns – Fox News 10/3/17

Migraines to cluster headaches: The most painful headaches you could ever have – CNN 10/3/17

Outdoor playtime might help kids’ eyesight – CNN 10/3/17

Breast cancer death rate drops almost 40 percent, saving 322,000 lives, study says – Chicago Tribune 10/3/17

Failure to vaccinate is likely driver of U.S. measles outbreaks, report says – Chicago Tribune 10/3/17

I’m dying of brain cancer. I prepared to end my life. Then I kept living. – Chicago Tribune 10/3/17

Brain surgery for Parkinson’s changed my life, but now my symptoms are back – Chicago Tribune 10/3/17

Home remedies: relief from hemorrhoids – Chicago Tribune 10/3/17

With Affordable Care Act’s Future Cloudy, Costs for Many Seem Sure to Soar – The New York Times 10/3/17

Saunas May Be Good for Blood Pressure – The New York Times 10/3/17

Personal Genetic Testing Is Here. Do We Need It? – The New York Times 10/3/17

Poor Sense of Smell May Signal Impending Dementia – The New York Times 10/3/17

Should you use protein powders? It’s complicated. – The Washington Post 10/3/17

How to teach children about gender equality – CNN 10/2/17

This early human ancestor is to blame for genital herpes – CNN 10/2/17

Ditch the headlines telling you what to eat, not to eat. Here’s how to live healthier. – Miami Herald 10/2/17

Stressed out by Irma and its aftermath? That can have a big impact on your skin – Miami Herald 10/2/17

After eyeball tattoo, model is partially blind, in ‘excruciating’ pain – Chicago Tribune 10/2/17

Study questions placenta eating, citing potential harm – Chicago Tribune 10/2/17

Managing Head Trauma in Children – The New York Times 10/2/17

The Global Siren Call of Fast Food – The New York Times 10/2/17

Replacing Faulty Heart Devices Costs Medicare $1.5 Billion in 10 Years – The New York Times 10/2/17

Good Vegan, Bad Vegan – The New York Times 10/2/17