Health News October 2019

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The Real Cost Of The Opioid Epidemic: An Estimated $179 Billion In Just 1 Year – NPR

Get Your Flu Shot Now, Doctors Advise, Especially If You’re Pregnant – NPR

Keeping Your Blood Sugar In Check Could Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk – NPR

The Placebo Effect Works And You Can Catch It From Your Doctor – NPR

Why U.S. Cities Are Banning New Fast-Food Drive-Throughs – NPR

DNA Tests for Psychiatric Drugs Are Controversial But Some Insurers Are Covering Them – NPR

When Efforts to Eat ‘Clean’ Become An Unhealthy Obsession – NPR

How Vaping Nicotine Can Affect A Teenage Brain – NPR

Don’t Force Patients Off Opioids Abruptly, New Guidelines Say, Warning Of Severe Risks – NPR

Community Health Workers Are Vital; Governments Should Be Paying Them – TIME

The Gene-Editing Revolution Is Already Here – TIME

To Get Perspective on America’s Broken Health Care System, Talk to a British Doctor – TIME

There’s ‘Scarce Evidence’ to Suggest Cannabis Improves Mental Health Symptoms, a New Research Review Says – TIME

How to Help Your Body Adjust to Colder Weather – TIME

The Price of Insulin Has Soared. These Biohackers Have a Plan to Fix It – TIME

Human Health Is in the Hands of Bacteria – TIME

Where You Live Should Not Determine Your Health Care – TIME

Suicide Is Preventable. Hospitals and Doctors Are Finally Catching Up – TIME

Is the Stethoscope Dying? High-Tech Rivals Pose a Threat to the Symbol of the Medical Profession – TIME

In a First, FDA Endorses Brand of Tobacco Pouches as a ‘Reduced Risk’ Alternative to Cigarettes – TIME

Here’s Why Domestic Violence Kills So Many Women and Children in America – TIME

The More Active Your Brain, the Shorter Your Lifespan May Be, a New Study Says – TIME

U.N. Find One-Third of All Children Under 5 Are Undernourished or Overweight – TIME

Are Time-Outs Harmful to Kids? The Latest Research Says Otherwise – TIME

Smoking Fewer Than 5 Cigarettes a Day Damages Your Lungs Almost as Much as Smoking a Whole Pack, Study Says – TIME

What It’s Like to Give Birth after a Uterus Transplant – TIME

These STDs Are the Most Common Infectious Diseases Reported to the CDC – TIME

Cutting Down on Sugary Beverages? Here’s What to Drink Instead, According to a New Study – TIME

Why the Women Most Likely to Die of Breast Cancer Have Gotten the Least Attention – TIME

How Neuroscience Could Explain the Rise of Addictions, Heart Disease and Diabetes in 21st Century America – TIME

The Sleep Habits That Can Improve Your Grades, According to a New Study – TIME

Is Melatonin Safe to Take Every Night? – TIME

Michigan company recalls popular apple varieties over listeria concerns – Fox News

Recognizing signs of autism: How a late diagnosis could delay crucial intervention – Fox News

Is it a sore throat or strep? How to tell the difference – Fox News

Chinese almond cookies recalled over undeclared milk – Fox News

An avocado a day could lower ‘bab’ cholesterol levels, study suggests – Fox News

Vaccine shows promise for preventing active TB disease – Fox News

Wisconsin company recalls 4,000 pounds of beef patties over metal contamination concerns – Fox News

Xanax recalled over ‘foreign substance’ concerns, FDA says – Fox News

CVS, Walmart pull select Johnson & Johnson baby powders over asbestos – Fox News

Meth driving overdose deaths in West, fentanyl still nation’s top killer – Fox News

Yogurt, fiber can lower lung cancer risk, study claims – Fox News

What causes nightmares? Here’s why you may be prone to scary dreams – Fox News

Vaping death toll hits 34 in US as CDC confirms over 1,600 illnesses – Fox News

Dr. Reddy’s recalls heartburn medication over cancer-causing ingredient – Fox News

Not washing your hands after using bathroom worse than eating raw meat, study finds – Fox News

FDA calls for highlighted breast implant warnings, patient checklist – Fox News

Male enhancement supplement recalled over undeclared ingredient – Fox News

Antibiotics caused man’s drunkenness disease,’ report says: ‘No one believed him’ – Fox News

Study finds lead in 95 percent of baby foods: Dr. Siegal says parents should not worry – Fox News

Secondary infertility: Why it happens to couples who have already had successful pregnancies – Fox News

Kids in Kansas are eating vaping cartridges, drinking liquid nicotine, poison control center says – Fox News

Whole Foods recalls Dorset cheese over possible listeria contamination – Fox News

Facebook launches new tool to help you get health tests and screenings – CNN

Exercising before breakfast burns more fat, study says – CNN

A hot tub display at a North Carolina state fair may be the origin of a deadly outbreak of Legionnnaires’ disease – CNN

Paralyzed man walks using brain-controlled robotic suit – CNN

Bugs, rodent hair and poop: How much is legally allowed in the food you eat every day? – CNN

It’s not just opioids: What doctors want you to know about benzos – CNN

King Arthur Flour recalls some unbleached all-purpose flour for posssible E.coli contamination – CNN

Too much exercise could lead to bad decisions on what you eat and buy – CNN

Vaping-related lung injuries in the United States surpass 1,000 cases – CNN

Teen use of flavored e-cigarettes has continued to rise, report says – CNN

CDC anticipates US will maintain its measles elimination status – CNN

The Amazon wildfires are causing a spike in children’s breathing problems – CNN

Dads-to-be should stop drinking 6 months before conception for baby’s heart health, study says – CNN

If you use salt or baking soda to whiten your teeth, here’s why you should stop – CNN

The world will have more than 250 million obese kids by 2030, a new report warns – CNN

What tattoos really do to our bodies’ immune systems – CNN

At least 11 people have died from a rare mosquito-borne illness in the United States – CNN

The recent vaping deaths are bad. The long term toll will be even worse – Los Angeles Times

Measles infection causes ‘immune amnesia,’ leaving kids vulnerable to other illnesses – Los Angeles Times

I tried five over-the-counter hangover cures. This is what worked – Los Angeles Times

Kids and smoke exposure: Don’t buy masks. Do take these steps – Los Angeles Times

More kids who are severly obese should have weight-loss surgery, pediatricians say – Los Angeles Times

Fruity flavors lure teens into vaping longer and taking more puffs, study says – Los Angles Times

How to pay for ‘Medicare for all’ is only one of its many problems – Los Angeles Times

New drug overdose data capture earliest days of fentanyl’s deadly westward expansion – Los Angeles Times

Three doctors face medical discipline for vaccine exemptions, and more could be on the way – Los Angeles Times

When computers make biased health decisions, black patients pay the price, study says – Los Angeles Times

Price competition won’t fix healthcare. More cooperation might – Los Angeles Times

Virus may be culprit in AFM, the paralyzing, poliolike illness affecting kids – Los Angeles Times

Colleges received at least $60 million from OxyContin family – Los Angeles Times

U.S. twin births, long on the upswing, hit lowest level in a decade – Los Angeles Times

Health officials confirm first West Nile virus death in L.A. County this year – Los Angeles Times

Can DUI convictions help keep guns out of the hands of people prone to violence? – Los Angeles Times

The FDA tried to ban flavors years before the vaping outbreak. Top Obama officials rejected the plan – Los Angeles Times

Want happy, healthy kids? Spend more time with them, less money on them – Miami Herald

My shoulder popped out while playing basketball. How can I prevent this in the future? – Miami Herald

What you need to watch for with Botox injections — or how not to get droopy brows – Miami Herald

It’s time to remove t he stigma of anxiety, depression and mental illness – Miami Herald

How young is too young to get Botox treatments for my skin? – Miami Herald

Ice tubs save athletes’ lives after heatstroke, so why don’t all schools have them? – Miami Herald

Almonds may be just what you need to minimize your wrinkles – Miami Herald

A drug-addled Floridian got sent to a drug-infested prison system. Like so many, he OD’d – Miami Herald

I have a pain in my right buttock. Is it safe for me to continue running? – Miami Herald

Should I have a facelift at age 39? – Miami Herald

The opioid crisis is hurting students, and now the School Board is suing Big Pharma – Miami Herald

Outcome Health to pay $70 million to resolve fraud investigation; feds say probe into individuals continuing – Chicago Tribune

What works best to treat depression? A new study put two approaches to the test. – Chicago Tribune

As vaping devices evolve, new potential hazards scrutinized – Chicago Tribune

A million-dollar marketing juggernaut pushes 3D mammograms – Chicago Tribune

The delicate issue of taking away a senior’s smartphone – Chicago Tribune

Humans’ ‘inner salamander’ capacity could regrow cartilage – Chicago Tribune

Is the stethoscope obsolete? More doctors are using high-tech devices that use artificial intelligence and apps to diagnose patients – Chicago Tribune

Pressuring kids to diet can backfire, damaging long-term health – Chicago Tribune

Many parents not following safe-sleep advice for babies – Chicago Tribune

No, elderberry syrup will not prevent the flu – Chicago Tribune

As vaping illnesses rise, so do pleas to quit-smoking help lines – Chicago Tribune

Building up ‘eccentric strength’ is key to staying fit on the slopes – Chicago Tribune

Poor hearing is bad for your health, but Medicare still doesn’t cover hearing aids – Chicago Tribune

As Wisconsin battles the opioid crisis, meth use sees a surge – Chicago Tribune

CDC study finds surge in suicide rates among young people – Chicago Tribune

What science has to say about these age-old health adages – Chicago Tribune

Hep-C infected kidneys do as well as uninfected organs after transplant, study finds – Chicago Tribune

More people are getting STDs. And more people are finding partners online. Are the two connected? – Chicago Tribune

Shorter people more likely to develop diabetes, study suggests – Chicago Tribune

Infantile spasms can make it look as if your baby is just sleepy. After ‘Hamilton’ actor Miguel Cervantes’ daughter died, here’s what parents need to know – Chicago Tribune

Vaping led to lung cancer in mice. Here’s what this means for humans. – Chicago Tribune

Reported suicide attempts among black teens have spiked since 1991, study shows, raising concerns about availability of mental health care – Chicago Tribune

Gene-based therapy helps fight advanced prostate cancer – Chicago Tribune

Why maintaining weight loss demands more than willpower – Chicago Tribune

4th person arrested in illegal Kenosha THC vaping business – Chicago Tribune

Mayo Clinic researchers link vaping illnesses to toxic inhalation — akin to breathing industrial fumes — after first-ever biopsy exams – Chicago Tribune

What college students need to learn about health insurance – Chicago Tribune

How cruise ship passengers should prepare for sickness or injury at sea – Chicago Tribune

The Link Between Diet, Exercise and Alzheimer’s – The Wall Street Journal

Novartis Trial of World’s Most Expensive Drug Halted Over Safety Concerns – The Wall Street Journal

Heart-Failure Deaths Rise, Contributing to Worsening Life Expectancy – The Wall Street Journal

FDA Committee Recommends Withdrawing Makena – The Wall Street Journal

When the Prescription for Teens Is More Social Media, not Less– The Wall Street Journal

Preterm Birth Treatment Isn’t Effective, Study Finds – The Wall Street Journal

Vaping Ban Raise Fear of Return to Smoking – The Wall Street Journal

Researchers Find Racial Bias in Hospital Algorithm – The Wall Street Journal

Facial-Recognition Software Was Able to Identify Patients From MRI Scans – The Wall Street Journal

Anthem Lifts Profit Target – The Wall Street Journal

Advice to Give Women Blood Thinners After C-Sections Draws Fire – The Wall Street Journal

Biogen, Reversing Itself, to Seek FDA Approval for Alzheimer’s Drug – The Wall Street Journal

ACA Health Plan Premiums Set to Drop in 2020 – The Wall Street Journal

Novartis Lauds Launch of World’s Most Expensive Drug – The Wall Street Journal

As Court Case Imperils ACA, Some States Prepare a Contingency – The Wall Street Journal

J&J to Pay $117 Million Over Surgical Device Marketing – The Wall Street Journal

Doctors Urge Americans to Get Flu Shots Aid Fears Over Deadly Flu Strain – The Wall Street Journal

Researchers Say Vitamin E Likely Isn’t the Culprit in Vaping-Related Ailments – The Wall Street Journal

Trump Administration Invitation for States to Design Wellness Programs Draws Swift Backlash – The Wall Street Journal

Watchdog Faults DEA Response to Opioid Deaths – The Wall Street Journal

Studies Yield ‘Impressive’ Results in Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis – The New York Times

Mediterranean Diet May Help Ease Some Symptoms of Depression – The New York Times

Why Children (and Pregnant Women) May Want to Eat More Fish – The New York Times

Juul Knowingly Sold Tainted Nicotine Pods, Former Executive Says – The New York Times

How Walking Might Affect Our Sleep – The New York Times

U.S. Blames Drug Shortages on Low Prices and a ‘Broken Marketplace’ – The New York Times

Johnson & Johnson Says Recalled Baby Powder Doesn’t Have Asbestos – The New York Times

Before You Fill That Prescription, You May Want to Read These Books – The New York Times

‘But Mom, Video Games Are My Job’ – The New York Times

New TB Vaccine Could Save Millions of Lives, Study Suggests – The New York Times

When Your 200-Month-Old Can’t Sleep Through the Night – The New York Times

For Many Widows, the Hardest Part Is Mealtime – The New York Times

Is Crispr the Next Antibiotic? – The New York Times

How to Be a Better Friend – The New York Times

Sugary Drink Ban Tied to Health Improvements at Medical Center – The New York Times

It’s Halloween. Beware Urban Legends (and Cars). – The New York Times

Fiber in Fruits and Grains Protects Against Diverticulitis – The New York Times

Period-Tracking Apps Say You May Have a Disorder. What if They’re Wrong? – The New York Times

Should Family Members See Patients Die in the I.C.U.? – The New York Times

Fiber and Yogurt Tied to Lower Lung Cancer Risk – The New York Times

Why Isn’t There a Diet That Works for Everyone? – The New York Times

Using Technology to Close the Autism Job Gap – The New York Times

Using A.I. to Transform Breast Cancer Care – The New York Times

How Drinking Less Solved a Lot of Problems – The New York Times

America’s Air Quality Worsens, Ending Years of Gains, Study Say – The New York Times

Two Strains of Polio Are Gone, but the End of the Disease Is Still Far Off – The New York Times

Trans Fats, Bad for the Heart, May Be Bad for the Brain as Well – The New York Times

When the Menu Turns Raw, Your Gut Microbes Know What to Do – The New York Times

The Best Time to Take Your Blood Pressure Drugs May Be at Night – The New York Times

How to Break Out of the Children’s Menu Trap – The New York Times

The New Alzheimer’s Drug? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Yet – The New York Times

How Children Get Hooked on Sugary Drinks – The New York Times

After a College Applicant Hits ‘Send’ – The New York Times

In Search of Snoring Solutions – The New York Times

$260 Million Opioid Settlement Reached at Last Minute With Big Drug Companies – The New York Times

Be Humble, and Proudly, Psychologists Say – The New York Times

When Teen Drinking Becomes a Disorder – The New York Times

Steps to Prevent Dementia May Mean Taking Actual Steps – The New York Times

The Silent Heart Attack You Didn’t Know You Had – The New York Times

Marijuana and Vaping: Shadowy Past, Dangerous Present – The New York Times

W.H.O. Continues Emergency Status for Ebola Outbreak in Congo – The New York Times

Parents Should Limit Sports Participation for Children, Trainers Say – The New York Times

Juul Suspends Online Sales of Flavored E-Cigarettes – The New York Times

Brain Stimulation Shows Promise in Treating Severe Depression – The New York Times

Why Lifesaving Drugs May Be Missing on Your Next Flight – The New York Times

In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer – The New York Times

Being Young, Active and Physically Fit May Be Very Good for Your Brain – The New York Times

Medicare Shopping Season Is Almost Here – The New York Times

Regeneration: A Miracle, Against the Odds – The New York Times

My Teen Lied to Me. Was I Right to Ground Him? – The New York Times

After Hospitals’ Donation to New York Democrats, a $140 Million Payout – The New York Times

New York Says End of AIDS Epidemic Is Near – The New York Times

Income Drops in Young Adults Tied to Midlife Cognitive Deficits – The New York Times

A Mysterious Sleeping Disorder That Turns Life Into a Waking Dream – The New York Times

Johnson & Johnson Reaches $20.4 Million Settlement in Bellwether Opioid Case – The New York Times

U.S. Judge Temporarily Blocks Georgia Abortion Law – The New York Times

Hysterectomy May Raise Depression and Anxiety Risk – The New York Times

Meat’s Bad for You! No, It’s Not! How Experts See Different Things in the Data – The New York Times

Food High in Vitamin A May Help Ward Off Skin Cancer – The New York Times

Drug companies could be on the hook fro billions more to mitigate the opioid crisis – The Washington Post

Kids are losing health coverage despite the strong economy – The Washington Post

Officials confirm THC oil is linked to vaping deaths — but they can’t regulate it for safety – The Washington Post

Congress couldn’t get the top Obamacare chief to detail what happens next if the law’s struck down – The Washington Post

Trump and Pelosi are still working on a drug pricing deal despite impeachment drama – The Washington Post

Obamacare is getting more affordable under the Trump administration – The Washington Post

Cancer patients have steep expenses beyond treatment. This rock band is trying to help. – The Washington Post

Voters want 2020 candidates to debate health care — not just Medicare-for-all – The Washington Post

Impeachment inquiry lowers — but doesn’t kill — chance for drug-pricing deal – The Washington Post

For the first time in decades, EPA is overhauling how communities must test for lead in water – The Washington Post

Trump is bringing back the mandate to buy health coverage — but just for immigrants – The Washington Post

Trump administration aims to ease anti-kickback rules for doctors and hospitals – The Washington Post

Here are all the ways a court could stymie Obamacare – The Washington Post

Why are to-do lists popping up on Instagram and making us feel like underachievers? – The Washington Post

‘You can this!’ Breast cancer support campaign shows power of handwritten letters – The Washington Post

How food companies use packaging to fool you into thinking an item is healthful – The Washington Post

Before you pay extra to join a concierge medical practice, consider these questions – The Washington Post

Never exercised in your life? It’s not too late to start — and benefit. – The Washington Post

Apples keep you healthy, carrots help your eyes: What science says about such folk remedies – The Washington Post

Chronic pain is a huge problem nationwide. It’s time fro fresh approaches. – The Washington Post

Keep eating your ‘current’ level of red meat? A dietitian weighs in on that disputed study. – The Washington Post

Trump will issue an executive order to help attack Medicare-for-all – The Washington Post

Now there are just six opioid companies on trial – The Washington Post

There’s mounting evidence that expanding Medicaid made people healthier – The Washington Post

Could your town use an outdoor gym? This group wants to help install them nationwide. – The Washington Post

Hunching over screens is hurting your back. Can wearable tech pull you out of a slump? – The Washington Post