Health News September 2018

Important health topics being covered by reliable news sources:

Florida mom claims newborn mistakenly breastfed by another woman – Fox News 9/29/18

How fighting with your spouse can make you sick – Fox News 9/29/18

North Carolina residents should avoid Florence-affected waters, officials say – Fox News 9/29/18

That electric scooter might be fun. It also might be deadly – CNN 9/29/18

Only these 8 states require sex education classes to mention consent – CNN 9/29/18

Fitness studios go beyond the burn, into the realm of personal growth – Los Angeles Times 9/29/18

Dancing Through a Family’s Dark Times – The Wall Street Journal 9/29/18

Sloan Kettering Executive Turns Over Windfall Stake in Biotech Start-Up – The New York Times 9/29/18

More Evidence That Nutrition Studies Don’t Always Add Up – The New York Times 9/29/18

Boy Who Was Tongue-Tied Speaks for First Time – The New York Times 9/29/18

Whole Foods issues recall of tortilla chips due to ‘undeclared milk,’ FDA says – Fox News 9/28/18

Dad’s apology to parents of hospital-stricken kids goes viral – Fox News 9/28/18

American kids eating fast food more often, ignoring healthier substitutes, study says – Fox News 9/28/18

Sisters diagnosed with rare disease weeks apart recovering from brain surgeries – Fox News 9/28/18

‘Miracle’ baby who weighed under 2 pounds thriving 6 months later – Fox News 9/28/18

UK’s Pret chain vows ‘meaningful change’ after allergy death – Fox News 9/28/18

Court ruling keeps last abortion clinic in Kentucky open – CNN 9/28/18

Why your doctor wants to talk about guns – CNN 9/28/18

Breast cancer deaths set to rise in UK by 2022, new analysis finds – CNN 9/28/18

Blind woman saved her life by learning to swim — at 50 – CNN 9/28/18

AI robots are transforming parenting in China – CNN 9/28/18

New pediatrician guidelines emphasize value of playtime – Miami Herald 9/28/18

Health officials aim to increase flu vaccinations after last year’s severe outbreak – Chicago Tribune 9/28/18

Ebola Likely to Spread From Congo to Uganda, W.H.O. Says – The New York Times 9/28/18

Damaging a Man’s Good Name Versus Damaging a Woman’s Life – The New York Times 9/28/18

Today, Be Kind to Yourself – The New York Times 9/28/18

In the Nursing Home, Empty Beds and Quiet Halls – The New York Times 9/28/18

What Men Should Know About #MeToo: It’s About Them – The New York Times 9/28/18

In Hong Kong, Hepatitis E Strain Jumps From Rats to Humans – The New York Times 9/28/18

‘Take on an Empty Stomach.’ How Do You Know When Your Stomach Is Empty? – The New York Times 9/28/18

HHS head: Trump saved Obamacare – The Washington Post 9/28/18

‘Indelible in the Hippocampus Is the Laughter.’ The Science Behind Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony – TIME 9/27/18

Can American Men and Women Ever Really Be Equal? – TIME 9/27/18

Boy Scouts neckerchief sliders recalled due to high levels of lead – Fox News 9/27/18

Is your hospital bill accurate? – Fox News 9/27/18

Girls ‘ruin everything,’ school’s athletic director says, prompting backlash – Fox News 9/27/18

Gisele Bundchen says she suffered ‘crushing sense of anxiety,’ contemplated suicide – Fox News 9/27/18

Combined birth control may reduce ovarian cancer risk – CNN 9/27/18

Chemical pollution could wipe out half of all killer whale populations – CNN 9/27/18

Christmas comes early for toddler with terminal cancer – CNN 9/27/18

How to help survivors of sexual assault – CNN 9/27/18

Exercise may delay rare form of Alzheimer’s – Chicago Tribune 9/27/18

Expecting Women to Describe How Sexual Assault Affected Them Creates Barriers to Reporting It – The New York Times 9/27/18

Caffeine May Increase Pain Tolerance – The New York Times 9/27/18

Kavanaugh hearing is a teaching moment for teens – The Washington Post 9/27/18

The Case For Taking a Walk After You Eat – TIME 9/26/18

Mom’s warning about public bathroom chaning tables goes viral – Fox News 9/26/18

Man who lost hand in sausage-making ordeal cut off own arm – Fox News 9/26/18

Ex-Oakland Raiders linebacker Neiron Ball in medically induced coma after ruptured brain aneurysm – Fox News 9/26/18

Bride paralyzed in boogie board accident days after Maui wedding – Fox News 9/26/18

Dad diagnosed with brain tumor during family trip to Universal – Fox News 9/26/18

Baby who lived just 9 days saves another through organ donation – Fox News 9/26/18

Britain leads way as teenage drinking falls across Europe – CNN 9/26/18

While America wages war on opioids, meth makes it comeback – CNN 9/26/18

Mediterranean diet could prevent depression, new study finds – CNN 9/26/18

Women are dying from backstreet abortions. But reforms to Malawi’s 157-year-old laws are stuck – CNN 9/26/18

Does microwaving food cause nutrient loss? – CNN 9/26/18

Britain leads way as teenage drinking falls across Europe – CNN 9/26/18

Third case of monkeypox reported in the UK, in health care worker – CNN 9/26/18

Why Australia’s famed gun control laws probably wouldn’t reduce shooting deaths in America – Los Angeles Times 9/26/18

Loyola scientists working to make cancer treatment safer, cheaper: ‘We shouldn’t be sitting on our heels waiting for someone else’ – Chicago Tribune 9/26/18

80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S., the highest death toll in four decades – Chicago Tribune 9/26/18

Young Cancer Patients in Poor Countries Get a Boost – The Wall Street Journal 9/26/18

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Pills You Don’t Use? – The Wall Street Journal 9/26/18

Kids’ Brainpower Tied to Exercise, Sleep and Limited Screen Time – The New York Times 9/26/18

Dozens of Doctors Who Screen Immigrants Have Record of ‘Egregious Infractions,’ Report Says – The New York Times 9/26/18

Are We Wired to Sit? – The New York Times 9/26/18

E.P.A. Places the Head of Its Office of Children’s Health on Leave – The New York Times 9/26/18

How alcohol causes blackouts and blocks memories – The Washington Post 9/26/18

Before you reach for that artisanal jerky, read this – The Washington Post 9/26/18

The Latest Thing Millennials Are Being Blamed for Killing? Divorce – TIME 9/25/18

Paralyzed patients take first steps after implant, intense rehab – Fox News 9/25/18

Researchers develop ‘world’s first’ Alzheimer’s treatment, study claims – Fox News 9/25/18

College football running back forced to retire over neck condition – Fox News 9/25/18

Georgia jury awards $31M over boy’s botched circumcision – Fox News 9/25/18

Hepatitis A outbreak in Massachusetts kill 1, sickens 64 others – Fox News 9/25/18

Garden sign seeking kidney donor yields 30 volunteers – Fox News 9/25/18

Gene editing could eliminate mosquitoes, but is it a good idea? – CNN 9/25/18

A dog lost part of her skull to cancer. So researchers printed her a 3D one – CNN 9/25/18

Hawaiian macadamia nut products recalled due to E. coli concern – CNN 9/25/18

Seattle will vacate more than 500 convictions for marijuana possession, saying they unfairly impact people of color – CNN 9/25/18

Syphilis cases in newborn babies reach 20-year high, CDC says – CNN 9/25/18

Life expectancy stalls for the first time in the UK — a sign ‘there is something seriously wrong’ – CNN 9/25/18

The DNA detectives who are hunting the causes of cancer – CNN 9/25/18

WHO concerned as Congo faces ‘perfect storm’ for Ebola to spread – CNN 9/25/18

Addiction could stem from ancient retrovirus, study suggests – CNN 9/25/18

The free activity trackers seemed like a good bargain. Then they began to burn wrists – Miami Herald 9/25/18

Why it matters that Weight Watchers pivots toward wellness – Chicago Tribune 9/25/18

Everyone is born with a hole in the heart. For some, it never closes. – Chicago Tribune 9/25/18

They Say Sexual Assault, Kavanaugh Says It Never Happened: Sifting Truth From Memory – The New York Times 9/25/18

Which Kinds of Foods Make Us Fat? – The New York Times 9/25/18

Cancer Center Switches Focus on Fund-Raising as Problems Mount – The New York Times 9/25/18

Fish Oil Drug May Reduce Heart Attack and Stroke Risks for Some – The New York Times 9/25/18

Appendicitis? Antibiotics May Be All You Need – The New York Times 9/25/18

Shingles Vaccine Shortages Result From High Demand – The New York Times 9/25/18

Should You Give Birth at a Birth Center? – The New York Times 9/25/18

Weight Watchers has dropped ‘weight’ from its name. But that’s not enough. – The Washington Post 9/25/18

The new Weight Watchers is all about ‘wellness.’ Critics say it’s ‘diet culture’ in disguise. – The Washington Post 9/25/18

Carb cycling adds a new spin to low-carbohydrate diet – The Washington Post 9/25/18

Rural Trump voters hurt most when states don’t expand Medicaid – The Washington Post 9/25/18

One in Three Older Americans Is Lonely. Here’s What Can Help – TIME 9/24/18

Children’s hospital drops gender markers from patient wristbands – Fox News 9/24/18

High school cross-country runner, 17, dies after she suffers apparent seizure during meet – Fox News 9/24/18

Man develops blister on finger during tattoo removal procedure – Fox News 9/24/18

China’s fentanyl exports targeted in bipartisan opioid bill – Fox News 9/24/18

New York woman claims laser treatment left her with blistering burns – Fox News 9/24/18

Teen with severe allergy died after eating baguette with hidden sesame seeds, family claims – Fox News 9/24/18

Girl, 10, gets safety pin stuck up nose – Fox News 9/24/18

New device offers hope for people with heart failure – CNN 9/24/18

Breastfeeding better for babies’ weight gain than pumping, new study says – CNN 9/24/18

Obesity to become leading cause of cancer in women – CNN 9/24/18

Are you tall? Better watch out for varicose veins – CNN 9/24/18

Company makes second massive drug recall in 8 days for possible microbial contamination – Miami Herald 9/24/18

Forward Motion disability dance fest a challenging treat – Miami Herald 9/24/18

Kavanaugh allegations renew debate over alcohol’s effect on memory — especially in teens – Chicago Tribune 9/24/18

Paralyzed people are beginning to walk with a new kind of therapy – Chicago Tribune 9/24/18

Teeth-straightening startups can be a cheap alternative to braces. But orthodontists have their doubts. – Chicago Tribune 9/24/18

Some students quit mental health medication when they get to college. Here’s why that’s so dangerous – Chicago Tribune 9/24/18

Amarin Surges on Fish-Oil Drug Data – The Wall Street Journal 9/24/18

High Hopes for a Gene Therapy Come With Fears Over Cost – The Wall Street Journal 9/24/18

Trial by Fire: Critics Demand That a Huge Sepsis Study Be Stopped – The New York Times 9/24/18

Giving Malaria a Deadline – The New York Times 9/24/18

Congratulations. Your Study Went Nowhere. – The New York Times 9/24/18

Have You Encountered Candida Auris? We Want to Hear From You – The New York Times 9/24/18

Trim and Fat? You May Still Have Heart Disease – The New York Times 9/24/18

‘It’s the culture war on steroids.’ Kavanaugh fight takes on symbolism in divided era. – The Washington Post 9/24/18

In this case, screens might not be bad for fitness – The Washington Post 9/24/18

Republicans are running from health care on the campaign trail — except for President Trump – The Washington Post 9/24/18

California kindergarten student can take cannabis to school, judge rules – Fox News 9/23/18

A Golf Obsession With Balance at the Core – The Wall Street Journal 9/23/18

Tiny Device Is a ‘Huge Advance’ for Treatment of Severe Heart Failure – The New York Times 9/23/18

Starring in That Drug Commercial? An Actual Patient – The New York Times 9/23/18

#WhyIDidntReport: Survivors of Sexual Assault Share Their Stories After Trump Tweet – The New York Times 9/23/18

Your ‘heart age’ may be a risk factor for early death – Fox News 9/22/18

9 common-sense safety tips for women who run — and everyone else – Los Angeles Times 9/22/18

New vegan milks, yogurts and more: You won’t miss the dairy – Los Angeles Times 9/22/18

Dam breach sends toxic coal ash flowing into a major North Carolina river – The Washington Post 9/22/18

West Nile virus cause of New Jersey man’s death, health officials say – Fox News 9/21/18

Alcohol abuse kills 3 million a year, most of them men: WHO – Fox News 9/21/18

These flea and tick medications for pets are causing seizures, other neurological issues, FDA warns – Fox News 9/21/18

Michigan girl’s organs help save 6 others after fatal ATV accident – Fox News 9/21/18

Barbie-inspired blogger overcomes anorexia after eating disorder nearly killed her – Fox News 9/21/18

Pennsylvania girl with diabetes dies after blood sugar drops during sleepover, family says – Fox News 9/21/18

Mom diagnosed with 2 cancers given weeks to live – Fox News 9/21/18

300,000 sign petition backing bus driver who slapped child, 12, for running into street – Fox News 9/21/18

1 in 20 deaths globally is a result of alcohol use – CNN 9/21/18

Rate of Americans living with Alzheimer’s expected to double by 2060 – CNN 9/21/18

Memories that last: What sexual assault survivors remember and why – CNN 9/21/18

Keeping your brain fit, by a USA Memory Champion – CNN 9/21/18

Deaths on college and high school football fields are a rare — but reliable — tragedy – CNN 9/21/18

Ongoing outbreak of rare eye infection found among contact lens wearers – CNN 9/21/18

New UHealth center takes on fight against Alzheimer’s – Miami Herald 9/21/18

Cancer survivor, 86, leads breast-knitting campaign – Chicago Tribune 9/21/18

Eczema tougher to treat in black patients – Chicago Tribune 9/21/18

U.S. Probes Drugmakers Over Free Services – The Wall Street Journal 9/21/18

The Couple Who Helped Decode Dyslexia – The New York Times 9/21/18

Workers Overdose on the Job, and Employers Struggle to Respond – The New York Times 9/21/18

How Long Do I Retain Immunity? – The New York Times 9/21/18

In 1960, about a half-million teens took a test. Now it could predict the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. – The Washington Post 9/21/18

In #Metoo era, Congress isn’t prioritizing Violence Against Women programs – The Washington Post 9/21/18

Michael Phelps Opens Up About Retirement and Mental Health Awareness: ‘I Struggle Through Problems Just Like Everybody Else’ – TIME 9/20/18

Pet Store Puppies Are Linked to Drug-Resistant Infections In People – TIME 9/20/18

Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Are Killing So Many Young Americans That the Country’s Average Lifespan Is Falling – TIME 9/20/18

Are Pistachios Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say – TIME 9/20/18

Virginia poultry plant investigated after 50 workers sickened with rare infectious disease – Fox News 9/20/18

Boy with severe dairy allergy died after classmate put cheese down his shirt: report – Fox News 9/20/18

Zika virus targets brain cancer in vaccine study – Fox News 9/20/18

Surgeon denies negligence in removing woman’s healthy kidney – Fox News 9/20/18

Globally, losing the fight against cancer and other chronic diseases – CNN 9/20/18

A judge sided with transgender workers in a Wisconsin health insurance fight – CNN 9/20/18

FDA concludes examination of Parkinson’s drug – CNN 9/20/18

Ground beef producer issues recall due to deadly E. coli outbreak – CNN 9/20/18

Puppies to blame for drug-resistant infection in 118 people – CNN 9/20/18

Celebrated food researcher to step down after research is questioned – CNN 9/20/18

57 Detroit schools have high levels of lead and copper in drinking water – CNN 9/20/18

Parents, stop feeling so guilty about TV time – CNN 9/20/18

Just one in 10 English people will be smokers by 2023, study says – CNN 9/20/18

Kicked out of assisted living: What you can do – CNN 9/20/18

Over four decades, an ‘inexorable’ epidemic of drug overdoses reveals its inner secrets – Los Angeles Times 9/20/18

The cream and spray might help your itch. It also might have a microbial contamination – Miami Herald 9/20/18

Heights, flying and more: How virtual reality therapy can help with intense phobias – Chicago Tribune 9/20/18

Medtronic to Buy Mazor Robotics for $1.6 Billion – The Wall Street Journal 9/20/18

Sloan Kettering’s Cozy Deal With Start-Up Ignites a New Uproar – The New York Times 9/20/18

‘Latent’ Tuberculosis? It’s Not That Common, Experts Find – The New York Times 9/20/18

Biosafety Reforms Still Lagging at Military Labs – The New York Times 9/20/18

Exorbitant Dental Bill? Medical Insurance May Cover Some of It – The New York Times 9/20/18

Daytime Sleepiness Tied to Brain Changes of Alzheimer’s – The New York Times 9/20/18

Hospital Food You Can Get Excited About – The New York Times 9/20/18

Raising Awareness of BRCA Mutations – The New York Times 9/20/18

I’m a Veteran With PTSD. The Medication I Take Makes Dating Difficult. – The New York Times 9/20/18

The ‘game-changing’ technique to create babies from skin cells just stepped forward – The Washington Post 9/20/18

In Senate battle, Democrats’ focus on health care is giving them an edge – The Washington Post 9/20/18

Does Thinking Burn Calories? Here’s What the Science Says – TIME 9/19/18

Texas woman charged after allegedly tying kids to car seats – Fox News 9/19/18

Moms who breastfeed first child for at least 5 months likely to have ‘more children overall,’ study suggests – Fox News 9/19/18

Swimmers warned after diarrhea-causing parasite confirmed in Illinois public pool – Fox News 9/19/18

Michigan schools report viral meningitis cases across several districts: report – Fox News 9/19/19

Georgia boy, 4, treated for rabies after mom shoots raccoon dead in porch attack – Fox News 9/19/18

The ‘dunce robots’ of Japan will help children learn – CNN 9/19/18

She rode her bike to 183 mph and broke a cycling record that stood for 2 decades – CNN 9/19/18

Flying insects could carry microplastics through air, study finds – CNN 9/19/18

Top South African court OKs private use of cannabis – CNN 9/19/18

Low testosterone, or ‘male menopause,’ no longer just for older men – CNN 9/19/18

Yogurts deceptively high in sugar, study finds – CNN 9/19/18

Is ‘precision medicine’ the answer to cancer? Not precisely – Chicago Tribune 9/19/18

Kidney Stones Are More Beautiful Than You Might Think – The New York Times 9/19/18

Faster. Slower. How We Walk Depends on Who We Walk With, and Where We Live. – The New York Times 9/19/18

How to Help Teenagers Embrace Stress – The New York Times 9/19/18

When Family Members Care for Aging Parents – The New York Times 9/19/18

Apple Watch Series 4 Review: Faster, Bigger, With a Promise to Be Healthier – The New York Times 9/19/18

Cutting carbs could lead to premature death, if you replace them with the wrong things – The Washington Post 9/19/18

Obscure provision in House opioids’ bill could restart war on drugs – The Washington Post 9/19/18

The Scientific Secrets to Preventing Jet Lag – TIME 9/18/18

These Are the Four Big Personality Types, According to Science – TIME 9/18/18

Syphilis cases up 44 percent in California county – Fox News 9/18/18

Michigan resident infected with deadly mosquito-borne illness, health officials say – Fox News 9/18/18

Minnesota health department reports ‘third travel-related case of measles’ in less than 6 weeks – Fox News 9/18/18

California boy, 1, bitten by rattlesnake at daycare, dad claims – Fox News 9/18/18

Virginia woman severely burned in vape device explosion: report – Fox News 9/18/18

Planned Parenthood boss wanted doctors to reveal their funding and views on abortion — despite doing neither – Fox News 9/18/18

Turmeric behind woman’s liver problems? – Fox News 9/18/18

Is air pollution tied to higher dementia risk? – CNN 9/18/18

Eating junk food tied to higher risk of numerous cancers – CNN 9/18/18

Hurricane cleanup: How to stay safe when returning home – CNN 9/18/18

E-cigarette warnings to arrive in high school bathrooms nationwide – CNN 9/18/18

Middle-age drinkers more concerned about reputation than health risks, study says – CNN 9/18/18

12 dead babies found stuffed in boxes and plastic bags in a Kenyan hospital – CNN 9/18/18

Pig poop and coal ash a real concern for people in Norht Carolina floods – CNN 9/18/18

Injected drug may be new weapon against gout – Chicago Tribune 9/18/18

She was only 11, but her mom knew something was terribly wrong – Chicago Tribune 9/18/18

Fertile females smell better to men, study shows – Chicago Tribune 9/18/18

To Help Alzheimer’s Patients, a Care Center Recreates the 1950s – The Wall Street Journal 9/18/18

Why Your DNA Is Still Uncharted Territory – The New York Times 9/18/18

High-Dose Folic Acid Does Not Prevent High Blood Pressure of Pregnancy – The New York Times 9/18/18

Excess Weight Gain or Loss During Pregnancy Tied to Child’s Heart Health – The New York Times 9/18/18

Senate passage of ‘gag clause’ ban is just a tiny step to lowering drug prices – The Washington Post 9/18/18

Unable to get to the grocery store? Here’s what you need to know about online shopping and delivery services – The Washington Post 9/18/18

People Like You More Than You Think, a New Study Suggests – TIME 9/17/18

Overdose deaths up in NYC; fentanyl most common substance identified, report says – Fox News 9/17/18

‘Trail to Zero’ horseback ride raises awareness for veteran suicides, provides therapeutic relief – Fox News 9/17/18

Tennessee nurse wrote herself prescriptions for thousands of opioids, document reveal – Fox News 9/17/18

Watchdog slams safeguards for foster kids on psych drugs – Fox News 9/17/18

To avoid overdoses, some test their heroin before taking it – Fox News 9/17/18

Hurricane Florence could leave deadly diseases, illnesses in its wake: A look at what to watch for – Fox News 9/17/18

This is why people hesitate to report sexual misconduct – CNN 9/17/18

‘The Maria Generation’: Young people are dying and suffering on an island with a highly uncertain future – CNN 9/17/18

Household disinfectants could be making kids overweight, study says – CNN 9/17/18

Air pollution particles found in mothers’ placentas, new study finds – CNN 9/17/18

More than 2 million U.S. middle and high school students have vaped marijuana, study finds – Los Angeles Times 9/17/18

Here are tips to keep your kids engaged at school – Miami Herald 9/17/18

How to manage your kid’s back-to-school stress – Miami Herald 9/17/18

Discreetly tracking down sesx partners to stop a surge in STDs – Chicago Tribune 9/17/18

Flu protection without an injection? A prototype of how to fight the next pandemic – Chicago Tribune 9/17/18

She Collects Marathons Between Deals for Microsoft – The Wall Street Journal 9/17/18

Low-Dose Aspirin Late in Life? Healthy People May Not Need It – The New York Times 9/17/18

The Risks to Children From Adults Who Smoke – The New York Times 9/17/18

Don’t Use Infant Walkers – The New York Times 9/17/18

Merger of Cigna and Express Scripts Gets Approval From Justice Dept. – The New York Times 9/17/18

The Quest to Create and Perfect an Artificial Heart – The New York Times 9/17/18

New Approach to Breast Reconstruction May Reduce Pain and Weakness for Some – The New York Times 9/17/18

A Nobel Laureate Asks What Makes a ‘Disordered Mind’ – The New York Times 9/17/18

Can Paying for a Health Problem as a Whole, Not Piece by Piece, Save Medicare Money? – The New York Times 9/17/18

For Kids With Concussions, Less Time Alone in a Dark Room – The New York Times 9/17/18

Senate passes sweeping opioid package – The Washington Post 9/17/18

Senators to vote on opioid package. But big hurdles remain. – The Washington Post 9/17/18

You’ve been told how many minutes of aerobic exercise to do weekly. What about strength training? – The Washington Post 9/17/18

My two brothers killed themselves — Here’s my advice to others who’ve lost loved ones to suicide – Fox News 9/16/18

Last year the flu was deadly. Here’s how you can fight it now – Miami Herald 9/16/18

Innovations in Newborn Care – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

Wearable Health Monitors: Do They Work? – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

Cancer Coaches Help Guide Patients During and After Treatment – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

Cartilage Damage? Now There Are Some Alternatives – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

How Sound Affects Our Health – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

The Secret to Retaining a New Skill: Learn, Exercise, Sleep – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

Urban Sprawl May Be Bad for Your Health – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

Health-Care Providers Look Beyond Medical Issues – The Wall Street Journal 9/16/18

When a Sore Throat Becomes a Death Sentence – The New York Times 9/16/18

The lurking health risks of Florence – Fox News 9/15/18

#fitspo: This 66-year-old bombshell can do 37 burpees in a minute – Los Angeles Times 9/15/18

Bullied teen speaks out about suicide prevention – Fox News 9/14/18

Cruise ship doctor’s error led to worker’s arm amputation, lawsuit claims – Fox News 9/14/18

Missouri mom stole dying daughter’s meds: police – Fox News 9/14/18

Mississippi girl, 3, won’t let rare bone disorder stop her from dancing – Fox News 9/14/18

Florida veteran, 93, survives flesh-eating bacteria – Fox News 9/14/18

3 die of breast cancer after receiving organs from same donor: report – Fox News 9/14/18

The small Spanish town using art to tackle mental health stigmas – CNN 9/14/18

FDA finds another impurity in recalled heart drug – CNN 9/14/18

Food, supplements and a first triathlon – CNN 9/14/18

Best predictor of obesity might be your ZIP code, says new report on overweight America – Chicago Tribune 9/14/18

Should obese women try to control weight during pregnancy? Yes, but here’s the catch – Chicago Tribune 9/14/18

Obesity continues to worsen in the U.S., no states report a decline – Chicago Tribune 9/14/18

Highland Park woman, first-time filmmaker shines light on binge eating in Chicago-set film – Chicago Tribune 9/14/18

Untested treatments and $695,000: One family’s battle to keep daughter with brain cancer alive – Chicago Tribune 9/14/118

Bills mount for breast cancer survivors – Chicago Tribune 9/14/18

What Consumers Should Know Before Sending in a DNA Kit – The Wall Street Journal 9/14/18

First-Aid Training Expands to Mental Health – The Wall Street Journal 9/14/18

For Elderly Women with Breast Cancer, Surgery May Not Be the Best Option – The New York Times 9/14/18

What Foods Should I Avoid to Prevent Kidney Stones? – The New York Times 9/14/18

Maryland lawsuit aims to uphold ACA’s constitutionality – The Washington Post 9/14/18

Swedish regulator ends investigation of birth control app – Fox News 9/13/18

Hurricane Florence could flood manure pits, contaminating drinking water, experts warn – Fox News 9/13/18

Hunter undergoes face transplant after tragic accident – Fox News 9/13/18

Ohio town celebrates Christmas early for toddler dying of brain cancer – Fox News 9/13/18

Where Australia stands on abortion – CNN 9/13/18

Love and heroin don’t mix: how these newlyweds survived a harrowing romance – CNN 9/13/18

Want to be more productive? Try skipping the schedule – CNN 9/13/18

Paddling to be allowed at Georgia school to punish some students – CNN 9/13/18

Eat this, not that: New FoodSwitch apps helps you shop for healthier options – Chicago Tribune 9/13/18

A historic adult-to-child lung transplant saved their daughter, who’s now a thriving teen – Chicago Tribune 9/13/18

Children of sperm donors find their half siblings and demand change – Chicago Tribune 9/13/18

Are Eggs Bad for You? Two Scientists Square Off – The Wall Street Journal 9/13/18

Top Sloan Kettering Cancer Doctor Resigns After Failing to Disclose Industry Ties – The New York Times 9/13/18

Serena’s Not Alone. Women Are Penalized for Anger at Work, Especially Black Women. – The New York Times 9/13/18

The Abortion I Almost Forgot – The New York Times 9/13/18

When Your Child Believes Meat Is Murder – The New York Times 9/13/18

The rate of people without health insurance is creeping upward – The Washington Post 9/13/18

The Placebo Effect Is Real, and Scientists May Be Able To Predict Who Responds – TIME 9/12/18

Which Exercise Burns the Most Calories? Here’s What Science Says – TIME 9/12/18

Apple Watch will call for help if you fall – Fox News 9/12/18

Lab test may identify dangerous gene mutations, study finds – Fox News 9/12/18

Football player with cerebral palsy scores first touchdown against rival town – Fox News 9/12/18

Man’s painful bacterial infection linked to pet cat – Fox News 9/12/18

Free tuition at medical schools can improve health care – Fox News 9/12/18

What you should do with your pets during a hurricane – CNN 9/12/18

After valsartan recall, study offers ‘modest reassurance’ on short-term cancer risk – CNN 9/12/18

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