Scientists in Wuhan, China, where the COVID-19 outbreak began, have been continuing to study the novel virus. Recently, they’ve found the genetic markers for the virus in airborne droplets that are smaller than one-ten-thousandths of inch in diameter, which are called aerosols. These droplets were discovered in the air in two hospitals inside the city.

This finding was previously found in laboratory experiments, but this is the first time that it was found in a real-world setting. These types of droplets are put into the air by breathing, talking and coughing. They can stay suspended in the air for at least two hours, which means that they can be inhaled by individuals that walk through the area. What is currently unknown is whether or not these droplets contain large enough pieces of the virus to infect a person who inhales them or if they’re just fragments of the virus.

While scientists are trying to help further understanding of COVID-19, many people throughout the world, including President Trump, feel that China is at fault for the pandemic. These individuals believe that the Chinese government mishandled the initial outbreak and tried to cover it up and hasn’t reported accurate information. As a result of this coming to light, many people feel that should be an investigation into what actually happened. If the findings indicate what is suspected, it’s felt by some outside the country that they should pay for damages caused by the pandemic. Obviously, Chinese officials dispute these claims.

During this time, some experts feel that China is trying to take advantage of the struggles that the United States, who is their main rival, is having. Currently the US is dealing with the virus and the fallout from the virus, such as unemployment in unprecedented numbers and the economic impacts this is causing. In the eyes of Chinese officials, this is an opportunity to gain a better status in the world.